Saturday, December 17, 2011

YOU are PRESIDENT starting January, 2012 (okay, 2013.....somehow, we have to survive a whole other year)

First, let me congratulate you on your amazing victory! 

Now that the revelry has died down........What would be the FIRST THING you would do to get this economy rolling again?



beamish said...

Dontcha mean January 20th, 2013? ;)

I would implement the plan that got me elected...

The AFL-CIO will be named as a domestic terrorist organization, their assets frozen and seized, and its members hunted down and destroyed as such. ;)

net observer said...

I can't wait to hear these.

I wouldn't have any short-term fixes. Frankly, I'm not even sure what a legitimate government solution would look like, long or short term.

But I would first clearly define the fundamental problem: America has yet to fully accept the economics of the 21st Century. Technology, in so many instances, has forever altered what used to be a surefire middle-class trajectory. (Like the post office, for example) "Global Marketplace" is no longer a trendy buzz term. It's the reality.

Ergo, future generations have to be more skilled in the areas that matter and less dependent overall. There's no "getting around" this.

It's ironic how high-tech makes our lives so much easier while simultaneously creating a rather ruthless environment for those with the least sought-after skills. THAT is the ultimate problem in my opinion.

I recall a lecture from one of my professors back in the 80s when he offered a partial definition of conservatism versus liberalism.

"Liberals believe in revolutionary fixes. Conservatives believe in evolutionary fixes. Liberals want to fix the problem right then and there. Conservatives want to make sure the problem never comes up again."

"Liberals say, 'We must provide immediate assistance and comfort to that single teen mom NOW because she needs help NOW!' Conservatives say, 'We need to bring an end to that culture that encourages single teen moms in the first place.'"

Based on those definitions, I think a conservative-based government solution is the most logical one. Our education systems must point young people in the most marketable directions first (and don't flinch about it). That doesn't necessarily mean "high-tech" skills exclusively. Skilled labor like carpentry is great path, too.

I recently read that Asian-Americans have the lowest unemployment rates among all the major racial groups. That's not surprising, of course. But another similar statistic was especially compelling: The unemployment rate among Asian-American HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUTS is 8.8%, while the rate for high school dropouts overall is almost double that at 14.3%.

Surely there's a lesson to be learned there. If I had to guess, it has something to do with the cultural values of that community, particularly with respect to education, family, etc.

Like Stanley Crouch often says about black education (paraphrased): "There are already successful private schools producing excellent students with less money. Why can't the public schools just do what they do?!"

In truth, I don't know of any specific "spur-the economy" directive I could confidently put forth as president. But if we as a country could coalesce around a solution based on the above premises, I'd probably go with it =)

sue hanes said...

Z - It's all about jobs.

People need to have jobs to earn money so that they can live their lives as they want to.

And people need to have jobs so that they can work - something that brings on self respect.

Anonymous said...

One of my first decision would be a bonus based remuneration for Congress people and myself based on economic indicators. Also if no budget is passed, Congress paychecks are on hold.

Then I get rid of the income tax and replace it with a system with strict budget allocation. People will pay a justice tax that will finance the federal justice system. a military tax, etc... All federal agencies have their own tax/fee and money collected goes directly in their budget. And nothing can be moved. It makes them more accountable and under pressure, like real businesses. For that I ask Congress to modify the Constitution. In this amendment, all federal agencies' budgets must be balanced. If a deficit occurs, they have 3 years to fix it or they're closed. Like a business!

Then I make social security optional for people who want to opt out.

Chakam Conservative said...


Funny you should ask this. It was dinner conversation recently at my house.

I'd like to reel it back to before my win, when I was making my case to be the next American President. Of all the questions that are not asked of these candidates is this one, which I completely believe in:

"What would your role be, as President, according to The US Constitution, and not according to popular opinion or political machinations?"

Do you now how many candidates, much less how many Americans, cannot answer this question? We have all been swept up in myth that Presidents are rock stars and our great leaders and they can do anything they promise us during their campaigns. Nuts. Hence, this GOP Presidential campaign is rife with 'gotcha' sound-bites, lots of smiling, fake hand-shakes, and general nonsense. Of all the candidates, I know Ron Paul could answer that question, and probably Gingrich. But I'm not sure about the rest of them. I know Obama couldn't answer it. Anyhoos...

My first official act, as President, to fix our economy would be:

Pay cuts and benefit cuts for all Federal workers, to include Congress and myself. Serving is a privilege, not an entitlement package. We are to be servants, not pop culture heroes or media-worshiped idols.

By reducing my personal wages as President, I would be showing the American people I'm not in it for the money. (I would ask for 100K a year, for a family of four.) I am in it for proper Constitutional governance.

It's a small start, but one that would hopefully instill strength into my intentions as President.

Gundey said...

He's not even a hair on their collective asses!

Joe said...

I really like CC's idea, as it sends an entirely different message from DC.

My first move would be to seek the abolishment of the Department of Education.

I would then abolish 71% of all government bureaucracies.

I would completely privatise the Post Office (UPS and FedEx are doing pretty well)and Amtrack.

I would return the Senate to represent the states, as originally intended by the constitution.

I would seek to abolish 80% of federal regulations regarding actions of corporations and a starting point.

I would return the presidency to a presiding entity with substantially less power to make national decisions without congressional approval.

Those are probably some of the reasons I will never become president of the USA.

Z said...

Beamish, 2012 was just wishful thinking. We really can't survive another year, anyway, so let's all pretend this nightmare was over in a month!

Z said...


I want to thank Mustang for having sent it to me; it really got me excited about our economy for the first time in three years.
Things COULD happen which would turn us around.....and to hear Democrats excited about this, too, made me feel better about them, too.

Silverfiddle said...

Wire brush the federal government down to constitutional bare metal, burning down the fetid libraries of impenetrable bureaucratic dicta.

Anonymous said...

Great video.

I recently bought a made-in-america computer desk. Heavy duty stuff and I love it. Great quality product. Not one flaw for a product that you need to assemble. The made-in-america stamp made me buy it even though it was more expensive than other products.

Z said...

SF "Wire brush"...sounds very good to me.

FB...good for you!
Imagine if everyone got behind the info in the video?
I remember hearing Trump recently saying he hates to buy from CHina but it's so much cheaper...and so badly made.
Sadly, if he took anything like this project over, we'd be hearing about Trump and not BUYING AMERICAN. This needs to be grass roots...and the very best of grass roots was those buyers immediately calling MADE IN AMERICA companies and purchasing that stuff.
Sure beats the 'grass roots' of peeing on doorsteps and breaking laws like the OWS, huh?

Z said...

GREAT input, everyone..

Net said his prof taught that "Liberals believe in revolutionary fixes. Conservatives believe in evolutionary fixes. Liberals want to fix the problem right then and there. Conservatives want to make sure the problem never comes up again."

This is why liberals are so revered and conservatives are maligned. Immediate gratification's what's kicked this awful can down the economic road for far too long.
It'll take VERY tough cuts and VERY tough belt-tightening of every sort to help America's future; and the liberals STILL want to give to illegals, give fed money to the poor, pay for tuition, keep welfare alive....

We understand that people need help and we need to address it but not on the federal level.
It's a hard sell to a voting populace many of whom have been taught in school to keep their palms out for the freebies.

How do you win an election telling people "Look, we need to CUT and we need to DENY...because this country's going to hell if we don't fix things now!"??
versus "We'll just keep borrowing from CHina so we have the money to play WONDERFUL GIVERS"


Fredd said...

Yeah, I'm with Sue: I would mandate a job be provided for everyone.

And while I'm at it,I also decree that there shall be a chicken in every pot.

Signed this day into law,

President Fredd Knucklehead

Ticker said...

Ten things would be on my list in the following order:

Number 1. Seal the boarder with Mexico and use the military to do so.( realize it or not, we are in a war in that part of our nation and it needs to come to a quick completion.)

2. Accept no Bill from congress with attachments. All Bills must be "stand alone" and meet the Constitutional requirements for spending. That would balance the Federal Budget immediately.

3 Eliminate foreign aide to all countries except those who stand by us through thick and thin

4.Change Social Security based on the Australian model of Superannuation.

5.Make Congress what it was intended by the founding fathers. In other words a limited lawmaking body as set forth in the Constitution and return all the other powers that have been usurped by Congress back to the States as set forth in the Constitution. That would also do away with the need for a full time Congress. This would also bring us back to how the Senate was intended to be elected:Article I, section 3, "The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each state, chosen by the legislature thereof for six Years; and each Senator shall have one Vote."

6. Eliminate the IRS and change the tax code to a flat rate tax that can not be changed by whim of fools who wish to raise it in order to spend more ( see item 7 above since that takes care of spending and the need for higher and higher taxes.)

7. Eliminate 99% of the EPA regulations and eliminate the department putting enforcement of what few laws are still on the books and necessary (which would be very few)back in the hands of the Departments and or States that had original oversight on them to begin with.

8 Eliminate the Department of Education and return the responsibility back to the States where it belongs.

9 Return Medicaide to the States. They can do what they wish with this unconstitutional piece of legislation.

10. Withdraw from the UN and demand they leave the country within 30 days. Sell the building to private enterprise. Collect all parking tickets of so called diplomats or freeze their assets until paid. They are not citizens so no violation of law would be in effect.

Elimination of the Dept of Homeland Security would also be on the agenda the first year. That would also eliminate TSA and other useless bureaucracies created or controlled by this useless agency.

Before attempting any of this I would pray that I had a Congress who would support the efforts above and that the people had the good sense to elect representatives that they knew would be supportive of the agenda which I laid out in order for them to elect me in the first place.

sue hanes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ducky's here said...

I would make the tax code more progressive. Tax payments should be more consistent with the amount of wealth possessed.

I would deal with the waste in the health insurance system.
First repeal the health insurers antitrust exemption. Then require that health insurers be non profit and if they don't get the message implement single payer to make sure they compete on a non profit basis.

Get rid of the nearly 20% vigorish on the insurance premium dollar that produces absolutely nothing.

Z said...

Fredd, I thought you'd gone MAD! :)
SOMEBODY will pay those salaries...don't worry!
CHina, perhaps?

Ticker, "just let EVERYONE on the plane!"...or??

Ducky, no they 'Shouldn't'...that's YOUR take.
And non profit health insurers...WOW. That'll go over big :-)

The most important thing re healthcare is getting costs doubt about that.
And PLEASE leave our doctors alone. Nobody who's got that much expertise and saves lives should be only getting $300 for a full hysterectomy anymore.
They reckon we'll need 90,000 more doctors in the next few years and that's definitely not going to happen with Obamacare's "promises">>so many are going to retire, too! The best of the best. ugh. And he even had medical students hoodwinked. imagine

Ducky's here said...

What does health insurer's profits have to do with doctor's, z.

I said nothing about the payout, only the insurer's profit.

Do you think they should have antitrust exemption? It's one reason why all this noise about tort reform is nonsense. Insurers for malpractice maintain obscenely high premiums through monopoly pricing.

Why do conservatives champion procatices which cause the problems they wish to correct?

Always On Watch said...

I see that, as I expected, Duck has weighed in on the side of redistribution of wealth.

In order for our economy to be viable again, we need employment opportunities that are NOT on the government dime (correction: taxpayers' dime) and a tax code that encourages both investment and businesses.

Ticker has excellent ideas in his lengthy comment.

As the Boomers get older and older, we absolutely must has changes in Social Security and Medicare. Otherwise, those two programs alone will pull our government budget's balance sheet further and further into the red. The aging Boomers are the elephant in the room!

Z said...

Ducky, obscenely high premiums for even more obscenely high malpractice rewards. Where do you think the money comes from when people win many millions for health care accidents?

As for doctors; I wasn't addressing you, I'm talking in general.
All I'm hearing in the business now is doctors retiring if Obamacare takes hold....young doctors worried about their futures. It costs plenty to run a medical practice and some people just don't understand that many young doctors are making about $100K a year after their costs and their medical schooling payments.

I'm tired of hearing redistribution nonsense. This isn't about isn't FAIR and societies have NEVER succeeded running on FAIR.

Taking money from a harder worker is not FAIR.

Why do socialists champion practices which have never worked and only serve to make everyone mediocre??
Why does excellence scare the left so much.

AOW, the aging boomers are here and here to stay; they're not the elephant, they ARE the room.
Caring for us all is an impossible situation I don't see a solution to...I just know that screwing our grandchildren for debt to China isn't the answer.

Bob said...

The first thing I would do would be to thank God for the unusual opportunity to right a nation, and then would go to the American people and ask for their support in the efforts ahead.

I would order immediate executions of the EPA, Agricultural, Commerce, Labor, Energy, and Education Departments. All they do is write checks, and there are other, more efficient agencies that can handle this, like the Treasury Department.

NASA would be forced into a zero based budget situation, and all Federally funded academic research would be stopped.

An immediate release of drilling permits, and a reduction of drilling regulations would be enforced. I would stop all alternate energy subsidies because they have not made alternative energy sources any more efficient or economical.

I would lower taxes on all income classes, but would enforce the principle that everyone would have to pay. There would be no more net-negative tax payers in the system.

A new tax system would be in the offing. I would support the FAIR Tax, or a flat tax similar to Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan. It may sound simplistic, but it is light years better than what we have, now.

I would suggest a constitutional amendment to halt the popular election of US Senators, and restore the system invented by the founders of our great nation.

I would eliminate corporate tax on goods for export. This is one of the greatest job killers in the history of the nation.

I would propose a law that would add tariffs to imported goods in exactly the same percentages that the exporting countries levy on our goods. When China sees this "mirror" levy, they would think twice about adding tariffs. Essentially, they would trigger their own tariff increases.

I would make a little YouTube speech to the American and Iranian peoples that if Ahmadinejad does not return my drone, I will kick his ass, and rub his face in his own vomit.

I would appoint Charlie Daniels poet laureate for his [sic]semenal work, "The Devil Went Down To Georgia".

Z said...

Bob, FANTASTIC.....laughing out LOUD here :-)
in his own vomit!" :-0)

"Run boys, run!" would be MY moniker for our foreign policy...right?!!

On the serious side...why the corporate tax on goods for export? What possible plus to our economy??

Z said... the way..."Like Stanley Crouch often says about black education (paraphrased): "There are already successful private schools producing excellent students with less money. Why can't the public schools just do what they do?!"

THat's VERY true.....many excellent schools, mostly for minorities, all across the nation, doing a MUCH better job than the public schools.

Did you see my post below about TOPPS and MIss Dove? MY GOSH, that video ROCKS. THere need to be many more Miss Doves, too.
The odd thing is that I think there's an old black/white movie with Jennifer Jones as Miss Dove. Yes, I just GOogled it...about an old woman school teacher looking over her years as an old maid school teacher who helped many kids...odd coincidence, I guess.

I sent money to TOpps and will again when I can.

Jaime Escalante ROCKED here in LA (Stand and Deliver)...there was the FREEDOM WRITERS movie with Hillary Swank which was true and which was all about inspiring kids...there's a woman in Chicago, I beleive...maybe her name's Marla something? She runs a stellar school for mostly Black kids, I think.

They do it on DONATIONS...which is what Republicans would like to do, encourage private giving...

but, instead we're stuck blogging and whining and watching indoctrination happen and kids flunking. awful

BB-Idaho said...

"about an old woman school teacher looking over her years as an old maid school teacher who helped many kids...odd coincidence, I guess." T'would be my Mrs. except she's not an old maid yet. She retired some years back, but volunteers at a local elementary.
They asked her to up her hours and would pay for her to tutor reading.
The buget fell through, but she upped her free hours. Because teachers care more about kids than
money. Some doctors care more about patients than money as well:
my virology professor daughter sees a lot of them in her courses.
..stuff it, John Galt! :)

Rita said...

You mean AFTER I spent a few hours screaming, "What in the HELL have I done?" I have no clue why ANYONE would want that job.

Repeal Obamacare, unwind health insurance being tied to your job, allow insurance companies to compete across state lines.

And then I would take our power back by drilling HERE and NOW. And I mean power in both senses of the word. The minute we announce we're drilling, the middle east becomes a lot less important.

Ticker said...

We don't need TSA, a government boondogle to check who gets on a plane or not. A private company would do the job much better and without the "power" that these jackasses think they have because they have a uniform with TSA, de guberment they will quickly tell you. Government is not supposed to be in the business of airport security so take them out of it.
Of course I have a perfectly logical way of dealing with those who would attempt to board with a bomb. All passengers must pass through a small enclosed booth before boarding the plane. If they have a bomb, it goes BOOM and you hear "clean up on Gate 2". Now did I clear that up? :>)

BB-Idaho said...

Great idea by Ticker "All passengers must pass through a small enclosed booth before boarding the plane. If they have a bomb, it goes BOOM and you hear "clean up on Gate 2". Now did I clear that up? :>)" ..presumably some sort of microwaves or thermosensors would be involved.
(we need be careful of penile implants pacemakers, breast implants, titanium hip replacements
and those metallic gidgets the kids
wear in their noses, tongues, ears
and eyebrows....whattheheck, go for

Z said...

BB...."Because teachers care more about kids than
money. Some doctors care more about patients than money as well"

The private high school I'm involved with has young teachers who wouldn't take more money if they had to leave. I know that for a fact.
You're right; many teachers teach not for the money.
Doctors too, of course...
But, we see teachers picketing in front of students with horrible signs for all the kids to see, we see them swearing in front of kids to make points........sadly, the loud ones get the press.

Doctors have to make good livings..they've worked VERY hard in school and have huge medical bills and then we expect them to support families on not much. Plus, work at nights, etc....
it's tough.
But, yes, there are heroes like your wife all over America...not getting the media's attention enough.
There are parents who donate tons of things to schools that need them, too, and time.

By the way, in my opinion, this is the COnservative way...give, help, just do what you need to do. Don't rely on the government.

RITA.."You mean AFTER I spent a few hours screaming, "What in the HELL have I done?" I have no clue why ANYONE would want that job."

Bingo! I was waiting for his answer! Who, indeed?

TICKER: sorry that BOOM! thing can't happen; I've liked that idea since I first saw that email:-)
My fear is that terrorists are infiltrating our TSA and will infiltrate private security companies too. If they can infiltrate our military..

Z said...

Sorry, Libdude...until you lose the idiotic Occupy fist and stop insulting, you're GONE :-)

byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Go do your homework now, okay?

Ticker said...

Net, your outlook on education is right on the money. For too long the emphasis has been on College graduation and skill oriented programs have been ignored. Wonder why we ship all the jobs overseas? No one in this country has the skills to do the job anymore. They all went to college and majored in Women's studies, Underwater basket weaving, Art History, Sociology, and Sports Management(what ever the heck that amounts to) I have friends who own companies that actually produce a product but they can not find people to do the jobs they have. Some have gone to semi-automation, which means fewer workers are needed and some have just closed up shop and retired. It's time to take the idea that all need to go to college and put it out to pasture and put some emphasis on skilled jobs that can be used to produce a product. Getting rid of the useless Dept of Education would be a great first step as it would do away with the foolish idea of No Child Left Behind. Sorry but some need to be left behind and then allowed to proceed at their own level and ability instead of dumbing down the system for the rest of those who should be achieving at a higher level but won't and can't because the system doesn't recognize such. The system rewards mediocrity so as not to hurt the ego of those who can not achieve at a high level.
Your idea would indeed change the economy and the attitude of the nation.

Ticker said...

The reason we have the infiltration thing is because it is politically incorrect to PROFILE certain groups of people. That is what is needed to stop the infiltration. We had little infiltration in the days before it became Politically Incorrect to profile groups of individuals and stop them from even staying in this country long enough to infiltrate anything much less the government or government. agencies.

Ducky's here said...

They all went to college and majored in ... Art History


Tick Tock, I managed to make it through Rhode Island School of Design and the required art history courses In fact, RISD has one of the most intense freshmen years in the nation. You get weeded out early.

My guess is that you would have been back on the bus to momma in a month.

Have you checked out what a good graphics designer makes? Museum curators are pretty well paid also.

What was your major?

Rita said...

So, what do I WIN? What do I win?

I mean there IS a prize for getting the right answer, right??

Chakam Conservative said...

From Silverfiddle:

"Wire brush the federal government down to constitutional bare metal, burning down the fetid libraries of impenetrable bureaucratic dicta."

Brilliant! Z, if I can, may I nominate this comment from SF as best comment on this thread?

Z said...

Ducky, don't be such a freakin' elitist. Do you know how may Art History majors work as waitresses and sales people? VERY few work in ART HISTORY or the arts, period.
And, truly, in comparison with biochemistry, trust me, art history's not too tough.

Rita...I'm the one that gets the prize for your excellent answer! Your being here is a good prize for me! :-)

Chakam...absolutely, SF is one of the best! If you like that,
I might suggest you read Beamish's comments on my home page... much of the top right...amazing stuff, too :-)

Anonymous said...

"The more business regulated itself, the less need there would be for government to act to insure competition.

It could therefore concentrate on its twin tasks of economy and of improving the national structure within which business could increase profits and investment, raise wages and provide better goods and services at the lowest possible prices."


Joe said...

If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve (Pat Paulson).

I have decided to drop out of the race and back Ticker. 100%.

I just wish he would add: Send Ducky to the funny farm.

Rita said...

When I first started as a consultant five years ago I had a conference call with the third-party project manager. When I asked him to go over the project plan in detail, he recited his resume and all of his certifications.

I said, "That's great, now can we go over the project plan?" He was canned from the project two months after I started.

I'll take drive, intellect and confidence any day over fluffy degrees and someone who has to puff up their chest to prove their ability.

Dave Thomas was a high school drop out.

Anonymous said...

Some good ideas here. I like the idea of not allowing a bill to contain a ton of unrelated junk. A bill should ought to be for one single purpose.

As far as Ducky's ideas, I'm curious to know what's the average net profit margin of insurance companies, Ducky? Can you find the number for me? Thanks

Anonymous said...
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Z said...

Joe, how about the VP slot? :-)

Rita...great story. I remember my husband sneering when a client or one of his own company people hired Mackenzie ...."My gosh," he'd say, "these people are all talk and no action. We could do that work in house for much less money, much quicker, and much better."

Who's Dave Thomas? Is that Wendy's??

FB...they've been trying this for get NO PORK on any bills, but it just won't happen. I remember Obama promised this, too (heh heh)

Rita said...

Yep, Dave Thomas started out working for KFC and years later founded Wendy's.

And google Chris Gardner. Started with Dean Witter without a college degree. Evenutally becaming a multi-millionaire with the sale of his business Gardner Rich & Co.

Joe said...

If I can't have the top spot, I don't want any spot at all.

And because of his platform, I will throw my complete support behind ticker.

I will somehow manage to resist the urge to put myself through the pressure of the office, the glass window, the constant criticism, the heavy-duty responsibilities and the requisite golf games of the presidency.

I yield to Ticker.

Anonymous said...

Tax the wealthy ar the rate that Reagan taxed them. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

"Tax the wealthy"

He says while fisting.

Yup...that's a libturd loon solution. Go ahead..and I hope they leave the country while leaving all you parasites to gorge on each other.

Anonymous said...

Tax the wealthy ar the rate that Reagan taxed them. Problem solved.

Did you do the math? B/c unfortunately it doesn't solve the problem.

The problem is so big that the only way to solve it is to print money unfortunately. Or increase taxes on *everyone*.

Just to remind you we have 14T in debt. Add the interest to it and, unless you're an utter moron or haven't done a lot of math, that it's hard to cover by "stealing" people's money.

Assuming there are 135M taxpayers (filing a return), its over 100k for each to pay the debt.

It ain't pretty liberaldude. So simplistic solutions ain't going to fix it.

Kid said...

Repeal obamacare. Hundreds if not thousands of CEOs testify that obamacare is the biggest impediment to them hiring people because of the open ended liabilities. It's in the news, you can find this on the web, unless you're liberaldude, in which case you can't find your butt with both hands.

Eliminate the following departments:

Energy, Education, HUD, and a host of others.

Specifically to education, now under state and local control, the local communities will have the power of yea or nay at their local schools. Say goodbye to administrators making 250k a year and teachers that want to teach politics instead of what they're supposed to.

Any departments or programs deemed necessary by the states will become state responsibility and fully funded by the state or not.
No federal assistance.

Eliminate the federal guarantee of student loan repayment.

Seriously ratchet down the EPA, making it a suggestive power organization rather than autonomous legislative body.

Seriously ratchet down the State Dept.

Eliminate the Fed and replace it with a computer that is mandated to grow the economy at 2% a year and has Zero power to bail anyone out.

Eliminate all bailouts. Back out of the GM and Chrysler bailout programs as soon as humanly possible.

Deregulate on a massive scale.

Fire everyone in oblabber's administration including all federal prosecutors.

Cancel, in all likelyhood, most of oblabber's executive orders.

Expunge organizations like acorn or it's hybrid reincarnations.

Make photo ID a national requirement to vote.

What I'd really like is to amend the constitution so that you have to have actually paid property taxes, or more income tax than you got back in this year in order to be able to vote.

Make it law that the individual has the option of joining a union or not, even in unionized shops.
This opens up by extension, the ability for the business owner to negotiate directly with the employee, compensation in all forms versus the union. The business owner doesn't charge union dues, so let the competition begin.

No aid money to countries that cannot show definitively that the majority of that money went to help the populous. Say goodbye to freeies, Egypt, Pakistan, Haiti, Iran, and many other places.

Immediately cease providing Free Military protection to anyone.

If France wants to spend their money of social programs and little on defense then our protection if necessary will be provided on a cost plus basis which will include serious benefits and compensation to military members and their families.

Short of being advised of high security confidential information, that's enough for the first day no?

Kid said...

Now that I've read the comments, Joe has some great ideas. I'd go with all of those.

And in fairness, repealing obamacare requires fixing the heathcare cost situation in America.
I would do so by immediately eliminating all frivolous lawsuits, and assigning maximum benefits for various medical claims. Lose a leg, get 500k-or whatever. If you're depressive to the point of being suicidal and you take our pill that is helping millions of other people you don't get 8 billion dollars as an award. Just to illustrate the concept.

You know, One hospital in Texas was paying 100 million a year Defending itself(not paying out awards, just defending itself) from frivolous suits. Few years ago. Texas banned frivolous lawsuits and their legal costs went from 100 million to 2 million. 98% reduction in legal costs. Cast that across the country and watch the cost of medical care drop considerably.
Also remove these idiotic restrictions of insurers not being allowed to operate across state lines.

Finally, make it so any law imposed by congress will also be applicable to congress members. Watch how far that one gets us.

I don't mind congress people getting some benefit if they uphold the constitution and truly act For the people. I'm guessing it's not a cakewalk in congress with all of the influences of some really high dollar concepts. As in physically dangerous for they and their families.

And while we're on that subject, and since it seems like 50% of federal liability is due to theft and fraud, how about we declare theft and fraud against federal tax payer monies as a threat to national security and put the military and the FBI on the case.

Let's see how long Mr Goomba (no not you Nicki) keeps raking in the millions.

We are being stolen blind as a country ya know. ?

Lisa said...

Such great ideas here,especially the ones who told off Duckey and Libdud .
I'd repeal everything that happened starting JAN 20, 2008.

FairWitness said...

Sign an Executive Order for a 48 month moratorium on all regulations ordered during the preceding 48 months by EVERY Cabinet, US Government Agency or Presidential Executive Order. Then go to work with Congress to repeal every damn thing passed during Obama's & Pelosi-Reid's reign. Then, repeal every Executive Order by BHO. Then, abolish the Department of Energy, Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency. Then work with Congress to cut taxes for all taxpayers and RAISE taxes for ALL those citizens currently paying nothing! Then I'd tell Iran that they have one week to surrender and give up their nuclear program or we will WIPE THEM OFF THE MAP! The same goes for the "Palestinians" -- they either cease their terrorism against Israel and everyone else or they face the wrath of America!