Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rome does WHAT?


What did you think when you read that headline that was on Yahoo Tuesday evening? thought "even in Catholic ROME they're dissing the tree?"   Who wouldn't think that?

But, it's misleading.......what Rome's complaining about is a "conical structure more reminiscent of the Egyptian obelisks that adorn the Eternal City's many historic squares than of the traditional symbol of the Christmas holiday."  A picture of it is HERE.   Who wouldn't take that down? :-)

Rome's mayor wants a traditional Christmas tree up instead.   I guess the CHRISTMAS tree isn't actually unpopular, but it's THAT tree that's unpopular.  Who'd know if they didn't click and read the story?  Then, of course, some of you have heard of that idiot Lincoln Chaffee's continuance of the "Holiday Tree" term as if any other holiday's represented BY a tree?   You can't make this stuff up. 

Take out Rome's conical white monster and give me a tree like the one in this picture!  (Oh, no need to give me a tree like that one...that IS my tree for 2008 :-)



Always On Watch said...

I love that photo of your Christmas tree. Makes me sigh with envy!

Here in this household, we had to give up our big, traditional Christmas tree because of Mr. AOW's hospital bed in the living room. We do have a small fiber optic tree, but it doesn't hold any ornaments.

As for Rome's conical white monster, I find it a parody of what a Christmas tree should be. Who came up with that terrible idea?

sue hanes said...

Z - I'm glad they are taking down the White Cone-Shaped Tree.

By the way Z- I have a rather Patriotic-Looking Heart Shaped Ornament- kinda like our Flag- identical to yours- hanging on my tree.


Joe said...

Why anybody gives ANY credance to Yahoo "News" is beyond me.

They are cheap, lilly-livered, yellow-bellied sap suckers on their best days.

Anonymous said...

It was an ugly tree for sure. It was like an obese obelisk.

Lisa said...

It looks like Obama's dunce cap

Ticker said...

Lisa, it's not large enough to fit the "narcissist in chief's" head.

Lisa said...

lol Ticker,I hear that.

Z-I love your tree,it's so Christmassy

Z said...

Joe, that's exactly my point about Yahoo news.

Lisa, thanks.
Not feeling much up to a tree this year, though I did decorate the first two Christmases without my husband ...because his kids were here. It feels weird this year that they're coming after CHristmas...Ms Z is on a sailing trip and it cuts too close to Dec 25 and my stepson's coming mid Feb for 3, it's just me. Of course, I'll be busy with friends and family but it's not the same somehow...not here at my house! :-) Maybe it'll give me some good quiet time to reflect on the real meaning of CHristmas.

Darn, the other stuff's much more FUN :-)