Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catholic University and Muslim students

If only Hannity would have let the Muslim representative, Ibrahim Ramey, speak more......this was ridiculous.   Far more effective than talking through whatever he was trying to say would have been to let him speak and try to present any valid reasons for why Muslims are attacking Catholic University.  This shouldn't even be a matter of opinion....There is NOTHING that supports the Muslim students who want Catholic icons taken down from every room so they can pray  without being offended (Hint: close your eyes, that would work).  
They don't even need to be accepted into a private Catholic university and are lucky to have been so.  Did they enroll to create these problems?  Is infiltrating and demanding and taking to court institutions, some of which might not have the money to fight, the underlying goal?    If only  the Muslim could have sunken himself, but Hannity and Jay Sekulow are so passionate on this subject they didn't allow him much time.  SO, we only saw Mr. Ramey smugly, sarcastically smiling to himself as if he knew better, probably silently praising allah  that, in the unceasing din of Hannity and Sekulow's passionate words,  he'd not had to come up with support for the ridiculous claims.  There IS NONE.



Ducky's here said...

Old news, this is going nowhere or has there been some development?

Ducky's here said...

Interesting that he mentions Boston College, the crucifixes are up and they ain't coming down.

This is a tempest in a teapot.

Z said...

Of course this is old news... My post has my personal take on it and that's why it's there, of course.
And the video's not been seen by many.
If it were a tempest in a teapot, it wouldn't have rec'd the press it did and it wouldn't be here.
Sorry to disappoint you.

Ducky's here said...

It would also be appropriate for Hannity to retract since no Muslim student or student group has made any complaint.

A good demonstration that the media does a lousy job in America across the spectrum.

Z said...

Ducky, I blogged on this when this first came out and I was the one who said no muslim kid had complained. I'm not sure that's true now.

But I stand by the information I'm presenting today.
Did you listen to the video? Did you hear the Muslim say that no student has complained? Wouldn't that be the first thing he'd have said? Ya, I think so.

Gee, sorry this upsets you so much.

I just asked you at Silverfiddle's blog what it is you personally don't think Americans understand about Islam. I'd love to hear that. Thanks so much.

Sadly, British news sometimes tells us AMericans what our news doesn't:

By the way, here's what Banzhaf has to say:

“They do have to pray five times a day and to be sitting there trying to do Muslim prayers with a big cross looking down or a picture of Jesus or a picture of the Pope is not very conductive to their religion.'

I'm thinking closing their eyes might help.

OH, yes, Ducky...they're pushing. Imagine before 9/11 when we never heard Muslim students couldn't learn with dirty feet, too. imagine

Chakam Conservative said...

Ramey is an ambulance chaser at best. From what I remember, it is not the Muslim students who filed this "complaint", but it is all on Ramey.

Typical liberal. I can see him now, "Hey, Muslim students! Don't you know your rights are being trampled upon by all those crucifixes and mentions of that Jesus fella! You are obviously being oppressed and discriminated against. Good thing I'm here to fight for you!", and the students looking at him like he was an idiot, saying "What complaints? We know this is a Catholic University. What are you talking about?"

Liberalism: Fomenting victimhood for the benefit of all victims (or those we will declare as victims, that is) Now give us some federal money or we'll sue!

Silverfiddle said...

Excellent point, Z!

Sometimes is is better to let someone talk, and end up hanging themselves, than it is to harangue them.

sue hanes said...

Z - I say let's put Religion where it was originally meant to be - in the Heart of each Person - you know - like in a Personal Relationship With God.

Jan said...

"Did they enroll to create these problems? Is infiltrating and demanding and taking to court institutions, some of which might not have the money to fight, the underlying goal?"

Z, I think that is, precisely, what they have in mind.

Why else would they choose those particular universities, considering that they are so devout toward their own religion, and consider adherents to other religions, infidels?

It makes no sense, otherwise.

Brooke said...

My husband and I can't stand Hannity because he shouts down people. Its just chaos.

Did those students enroll in a Catholic school to cause problems?

You bet your butt they did, it's a private school and they KNEW what they were getting into. If it's such a problem, let them enroll in a secular school. Or a madrassa...

Z said...

Chakam, actually, it's a guy named Banzhaf. Imagine his doing this? And Ramey jumps on board to make Christians look bad.
Did you hear when Hannity mentioned Muslim countries and how they KILL non muslims,...he tries to cover that up with "We're not talking about America!"

Ramey's been trained well.

Jan and Brooke; with ALL the universities in this country, Muslims suddenly seem to feel that Catholics are the best because I just read that Muslim enrollment is going up very quickly and very CATHOLIC schools.
Many are bending, by the way.
THey need the money.

Schools, country, media; I believe Muslims$$ are counting on our neediness to sound our final death knell.

Ticker said...

That's Hannity's problem. He doesn't know when to shut his mouth. Bill O'Riley runs a close second in the area of big mouths. If both of them would shut up long enough and allow these fools to talk they would soon hang themselves because all the seek is an audience.

Yes and of course this is all a ruse to tear down any vestige of Christianity

Z said...

I'm not a fan of O'Reilly's and know that Hannity's show is combative now (they actually have liberals on it, and that's what CNN for pure caaaaaaaaaaaaaalm), but they've both done a huge service in bringing the conservative side to the AMerican public. Nobody can deny them that.

Z said...

Ticker, check this out:TEBOWING KID SUSPENDED

Anonymous said...

Really, you have to turn to Hannity, the chronic liar to keep your outrage up?

Scotty said...

Ticker, check this out:TEBOWING KID SUSPENDED

When I see things like this, Matthew Chapter 6 always comes to mind.

Mat 6:3 But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,

Mat 6:4 so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

Mat 6:5 "And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full.

Mat 6:6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

Jus sayin'

Chakam Conservative said...


Jesus prayed publicly quite a bit. Would you point Him to His own Scriptures to correct Him?

John the Baptist was known for making folks quite uncomfortable with his unrelenting preaching. Will you show him these Scriptures as well?

If Tebow is seeking to draw attention to himself, then my Father will surely deal with him for such arrogance. But consider this:
Paul says that he knows of those who preach Christ out of selfish gain and vainglorious ambition, but it is no big deal, as long as Christ is being preached.

Look it up in The Scriptures.

Tebow is doing nothing inappropriate. If Tebow is guilty, then so is Jesus and John the Baptist and Moses and Elijah and....

Scotty said...

Jesus prayed publicly quite a bit. Would you point Him to His own Scriptures to correct Him?

Nope, because He WAS Jesus AND God. And, aren't those the very words that Jesus said?

John the Baptist was known for making folks quite uncomfortable with his unrelenting preaching. Will you show him these Scriptures as well?

Nope, because he was a Prophet sent of God.

Then what do YOU suppose Jesus meant when he said those versus. You act like it was something that I said.....those are the words of our Savior.

So, address what Jesus said, not what I said.....

Chakam Conservative said...


By your comments made you are implying that Tim Tebow is being religious in his actions, and exemplifying the warnings of Jesus from The Scriptures.

Prove it. Prove that Tim Tebow is being fraudulent or self-seeking, or violating The Scriptures by showing thankfulness and gratitude to God my Father.

You simply cannot, for who knows the hearts of men but God my Father alone?

Again, even if Tebow is lying and being vainglorious, what matters is that Christ is being preached. Didn't you find that reference in The Scriptures from when I commented before?

Scotty said...

By your comments made you are implying that Tim Tebow is being religious in his actions, and exemplifying the warnings of Jesus from The Scriptures.

Nope, that's YOU trying put a motive behind what I copied and pasted.

I merely put those Scriptures there as a thought to ponder.

Ticker said...

Careful with the jus'sayin', it's a registered and copywrited name ;>)

Guess I will forgive you since you are a friend.

yep i read the story today. Talk about a real jerk... The kid was only doing what a great role model does. I'd rather have a kid Teabowing and meaning it than acting like the punks who cross themselves , lift a finger to the sky in the game and then beat their girlfriend or wife to a pulp on Monday.

Teabow is not a self serving individual but simple a very humble individual with strong faith and makes no bones about it. He doesn't have to wear it on his sleeve, nor does he have to talk about his faith all the time. He walks the walk as well as talking the talk when given the opportunity.

Z said...

liberaldude :-)
List some lies, okay? thanks.

Z said...

Scotty, it seemed to me that you were making an allusion about praying in public, too,...but I guess there are all sorts of opinions on that.

My gut feeling is Tebow's the real thing and honorable........and the thought of kids following him like that is gratifying and hopeful.

TICKER: "just sayin'?"
Do you know how many times I read "geeeez" from other commenters?
We have to copyright out names !! :-)

Chakam Conservative said...


You're lying to me and to the readers of this comment thread. We all saw what you wrote in relation to a person mimicking Tim Tebow's knee-down prayer stance. You used specific Scripture speaking about not being like the hypocrites who pray publicly, but instead we should pray in secret.

Dude. Just admit it. You were caught and have been busted. I took none of your words out of context, but instead drew them out into the open with pointed questions you could not answer. It's okay to be embarrassed. You tried to use The Scriptures to slam someone you do not know, and it has backfired on you. No worries, Scotty. These things happen. What will matter is what you do with all this from this moment on.

Z said...

Just a little Off TOPIC:

I just heard Ron Paul say some of the most naive stuff I have EVER heard come out of any candidate's mouth. He doesn't even listen to the others' very valid points about foreign policy.

"they'd bomb Switzerland if all they were doing is go for the West"?? WHAT? REALLY, RON?

OH, man....I was very disappointed. I'd actually (other than foreign policy) started thinking he wasn't so far off on some subjects.
I think he's bright and well meaning and loves this country but some of his comments tonight were so short sighted and uninformed it blew my mind.

Scotty said...

You're lying to me and to the readers of this comment thread.

What a bit of irony. You can read into my heart.

Don't be a dope. Ticker knew what I was addressing. Go back and read the link about what the kids did..

I love people like you that just can't wait for the next event to get offended about.....

Call me a Liar? Don't even bother to address me any Longer. What a fine example of a "Christian" you are!

Chakam Conservative said...


Seriously. You're embarrassed you got confronted. You tried to use The Scriptures to imply Tim Tebow was putting on an act, and no one is buying it, so you began to lie about your motives. You began to backpedal and stutter.

The Pharisaical attack on my Christianity is amusing and juvenile at best. So I'm a bad Christian because I called you out into the open? I'm a bad Christian because I challenged your usage of The Word to bring derision upon someone you do not know, in full view of God my Father and all of us?

Tim Tebow prays publicly. You use Scripture to imply only hypocrites pray publicly. Then you backpedal. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

"Did they enroll to create these problems? Is infiltrating and demanding and taking to court institutions, some of which might not have the money to fight, the underlying goal?"

Of course they do. They're no different than the Mafia extorting legitimate businesses to meet their "VIG", payoffs. With them it's through intimidation, PC idiotic demands, lies and the threat of being labeled and accused of "Islamophobia".

It's wise to be "Islamophobic". It's not an "irrational"'s a well founded awareness that these mutts only goal is to force their scummy, low rent political theology down out throats, use our laws to create Sharia...furthering our loss of freedom and undeniably desiring Islamic domination in America. And furthering their goals in the US.

It's a Lying, murdering, slave culture that's a death warrant for America as we knew it. And TLC, CAIR and every other organization that has capitulated to CAIR's Armani suited gangsters of allah...won't stop.

I say...MUCK FUZLIMS...they suck...Fascists, racists murdering 3rd world scum that finds a home in prisons...where all of them should be anyway.

"The political correctness of this country has gone way to far. We are so blinded by fear of possible violence from extremists for insulting Islam that we have completely lost touch of the constitution. A private Catholic school is in no way obligated to compromise their beliefs because a few people were upset about a crucifix. The same goes for Christian students that attend a Muslim university. The constitution does not protect your feeling; it protects your rights."


How many damn times do we read of some islamic meatball that takes a job at Target...and now wants prayer rooms and refuses to handle taylor ham? How many times do we see a company like Disney hire one of these hags...and now that want to be accommodated to wear their head gear....when they knew damn well what the dress code was when they were hired?


Merry Christmas you heathen scum.

Scotty said...

The Riverhead teens were apparently just trying to tap into that trend, with Carroll saying that the group only intended to throw down one-kneed touchdown salutes, "out of respect for Tebow, and because Tebowing is the new thing to do."

Do you REALLY think that was an appropriate thing to do at a public school during class changes?

Out of respect for Tebow? That's hardly in line with the spirit of Matthew 6.

With some 40 members of the student body Tebowing, one could imagine that the halls would be plenty crowded.

40 members wasn't just a person giving thanks to God in the "Tebow" manor.

Go back and look at my original post. I highlighted the link that Z put up....I said NOTHING about what Tebow does or doesn't do.....YOU made that connection NOT me!

But I let you babble on. Just to show you the fool!

So spare me, you're little insights as to what you think I'm thinking...

Chakam Conservative said...


"Fool"? Hmmm. Please read Matthew 5:22, if you would be so kind.

Good evening, Scotty. I'm done here.


Thanks for allowing me to comment on this thread!

Z said...

goodnight, folks

sue hanes said...

Imp - 'Muck Fuzlims'

Z - You disallowed my comment directed to Ch*k*em that read
F*** *** saying the 'we are smarter than that' - yet did not blink an eye at Imp's Muck

Playing favorites, Z?

Oh that's right - this is a Conservative Blog.

Joe said...

One of the gripes I have with conservative talk show hosts is that they often do not allow the "guests" to complete an answer before they jump in to shout them down.

As has been pointed out, if they would just be allowed to finish their points, they will expose who they really are and afford the host ample opportunity to refute them AFTER they have finished.

Hannity and Levin are especially bad about this. This kind of impoliteness does not help our cause and does not speak well for the interview skills of the host.

Z said...

Sue, PLEASE don't come back to this blog; STOP telling me how you're so into it and stop emailing me. Your 'friendship' is one with thorns and it doesn't work with me. I've tried so hard not to let you have it, and I'm still restraining myself....but I am truly SO tired of your nasty remarks and demeaning comments.

Imp is wrong in saying things like that but he's never ever been quite as aggressive or self-serving as you are. You goad him and then you whine. Enough's enough.

Please....STOP...I'm done!
I want peace and I don't need you here telling me how to run my blog.

Yes, it's could have a lot to learn, but learn it somewhere else, please.

I don't wish you harm, I just don't want your insults anymore!

And oh, yes,...I DO play favorites. Definitely.

Joe, the worst part is as you say; give a liberal enough talking time and he'll look like a real dope in no time. We don't let them have enough rope.

sue hanes said...

Z - I will come back to this blog as often as I wish.

You can stop me from doing so by setting up your automatic comment deleter.

You have too many friends Z if you cannot survive the 'thorns' from someone who cares about you.

You can delete my emails too - without reading them.

But you cannot stop me from attempting to reach you.

sue hanes said...

And Z - What are you holding back?

I have asked you to 'let me have it.'

Why don't you go ahead and do just that?

Are you so honorable that you won't?

Or is letting me have it just an empty threat?

Z said...

Sue, friends don't throw thorns.
I can't block anybody or I would, believe me.

Z said...

Sue, what?

Good night.

sue hanes said...

Z - Then delete me.

I won't mind - after all the times I have deleted myself.

They don't call me the Great Deleter for nothin'.

Goodnight, Z.

xxx ( :

Rita said...

"I am the first lady of the land, I have a right to cover my face."

Brooke said...

It seems, Z, that you not only have a troll, but now a bonafide stalker as well.

You can report abuse to Blogger, if I am not mistaken.

Z said...

Brooke, I'm getting emails suggesting what you are after they've read this stuff.
I'm trying to avoid it.

sue hanes said...

This is what is called bullying in its lowest form.

Z said...

Sue, I'm not arguing with you, I really don't care, but you take the cake insofar as mentioning bullying

What do you call this from you?

"Why don't you go ahead and do just that?

Are you so honorable that you won't?

Or is letting me have it just an empty threat?"

What the hell is the MATTER with you?