Thursday, December 1, 2011

Send photos to Republicans?? WHY?

What the heck is THIS?  "Show the Candidates what they need to see in Iowa?"  WHAT?  Here are the first paragraphs of the linked article which goes on to say how people can send in their pictures:

Yahoo News wants you to show us what the Republican presidential candidates need to see as they prepare for the Dec. 10 presidential debate in Des Moines.
Take a picture of what the candidates need to understand about your life. Is there a business in your town that is struggling (or flourishing)? A school that is hurting for teachers--or a group of students who should be emulated by the rest of the country? A public works project that was successfully finished with stimulus money?  loved one who has been searching for work?We've set up an Election 2012 Flickr group to collect and share the photos.Please include the city and state where the photo was taken, and a short description (250 words or less) of why the candidates need to know about it.

Get the sentence I put in blue?  No bias toward Obama's platform, right? :-)

I don't know who is hosting this Des Moines debate and I don't know when it is, but the people behind this photo idea don't say how the candidates will SEE the pictures they 'need to see'......are they going to be shooting them onto walls around them?  giving them books of pictures?  Implying every school hurting for teachers is the Republican's fault?  Every loved one searching for work is their fault?   Or just suggesting these are things that need fixing? 
Why not send the pictures to OBAMA IN WASHINGTON?    RIGHT?


Always On Watch said...

A high tech twist on demagoguery.

And the power of visual media is effective. **sigh**

beamish said...

Hmmm. I could show them a picture of the local Chrysler plant and its union workers drinking beer and smoking pot on their lunch break before Obama bailed Chrysler out and they tore the plant down...

sue hanes said...
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Silverfiddle said...

Sounds like a lefty project looking for propaganda material...

Beth said...

In just about every instance, I would say the government getting OUT OF THE WAY would help any problem people are facing.

WomanHonorThyself said...

2012 can't come soon enough Z!

sue hanes said...
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Z said... know how those behind this will make it look. It's ONLY the Republicans' fault.
Oh, the media will add "if they don't WANT to look at the pictures, this country KNOWS WHY!" unbelievable.


sue, only a liberal would think this is a good idea. Most mature adults don't need pictures of a tornado's damage to know it happened and how bad it was.

And yes, I didn't know we had 97 mph winds; must have been in the high deserts or something.
But we sure did have wind last night, that's for sure. I'm looking out the window seeing nothing moving, so maybe it's passed. thanks.

Silverfiddle; what else COULD it be?

Beth...those were the days.

Bob said...

I need some help with getting pictures. It is important to me that the GOP candidates understand the social and economic consequences of their proposed policies. I think these photos have already been taken, and are in somebody's archives, somewhere.

Here is my list.
1. Picture of a Depression era soup line - This is to remind candidates of the consequences of government stimulus programs. Even FDR's massive public works programs did not significantly reduce unemployment during the Great Depression.

2. Picture of dog butt - This will emphasize Obama's world view, i.e., if you are not the lead dog, your view of the world is severely limited.

3. Picture of The Normandy American Cemetary and Memorial - This will remind the GOP candidates of the real price of freedom.

4. Picture of Occupy Wall Street protesters in action - We all need to remember what stupid people look like in their natural state.

5. A picture of a holocost concentration camp - This will remind the candidates of the ultimate destiny of the contrived idea of social justice so dear to left-wing ideology.

Is this what Yahoo is looking for?

Fredd said...


All the photos that we send to Washington DC c/o Barack Obama would be used against conservatives:

1. They would certainly note the address or origin of the photo, to include on an enemy's list for later retribution, TBD.

2. They would circulate the photo within their war room and other liberal think tanks as to how best exploit the nature of the photo, in favor of liberals and/or Obama, and against conservatives and/or Republicans.

We need not provide the enemy any more material to be used against us. Let them dig it up themselves.

Any and all photos would never, EVER motivate Democrats or Obama to develop policies to alleviate any issues, they would only use them for political purposes, purposes that will most certainly be detrimental to the U.S.

cube said...

No bias at Yahoo, eh? I think photos of what's wrong should be sent to the White House addressed to the presidential imposter in chief.

cube said...

BTW Z, I left you some late Thanksgiving comments at your food blog. I hope you get a chance to glance at them.

Chuck said...

Maybe we could send these photos of the unemployed and of failing schools to local politicians?

Oh, wait, those local pols in areas where this is occurring are Dems.

Pris said...

What came to my mind as I read this ridiculous idea, is a first grade teacher telling her class;

"Now children, I want you all to bring pictures of yourselves to class tomorrow, so we can make a scrapbook. Won't that be fun?"

Give me a break!!

Z said... question was more rhetorical ... the WH is more deserving, however, of pictures than the Republican candidates are say "they would only use them for political purposes"...which is exactly my point:

Why are they sending them to our candidates? To make more trouble.

It's become so bad lately I'm dreading next year's onslaught of lies and exaggeration..

Chuck...well said :-)

Cube, I'm glad you agree with my last sentence...and I'll see my blog in a minute, thanks.

Pris, isn't it NUTS? SO political, and OH, will the left take great glee in doing this; when they should be sending to the White House, of course.

Ducky's here said...

The debate is being moderated by Donald Trump. Don't miss this sideshow.