Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Bachmann CHALLENGED by 8 year old"

Do you see the content in the very short video as a 'challenge' by a kid to an adult? 

The little boy's put up by his mother to tell Bachmann "My mommy's gay and she doesn't need fixing", this is the media, suggesting nobody can have a differing point of view on same sex marriage without their suggesting an 8 year old 'challenges' her?  How's that a 'challenge?' 
Michele Bachmann simply isn't allowed her opinion, or?   And then the short article HERE says that Bachmann a 'bye bye' as the mother and son walk away.  Well, the mother turned around so fast and dragged her son with her that nobody could have got anything else in, but it's good negative copy for Bachmann, isn't it.
And, please...I don't need any nutty leftwinger lectures on same sex marriage.  I don't CARE what the left thinks;  I just wonder why others can't have another opinion and not get ridiculed?   The fun never stops.



Chuck said...

I love how the left constantly throws their kids out to score political points. I guess when you don't think unborn children are human then you don't have a lot of respect for the ones that have managed to make it into the world.

Ducky's here said...

No reply, Michele?

Chuck said...

Ducky, through the twisted mind of a liberal, shows the whole point of this encounter.

She doesn't reply so an 8 year old got the best of her.

She replies and she is arguing with an 8 year old.

Liberals, they're all mental.

Lisa said...

I bet that kid had no idea what he was talking about.

Lisa said...

good one Chuck and oh so true.

Rita said...

I saw this video with an incredibly stupid headline on HuffPo. The video clearly showed the mother had her agenda and the boy was not comfortable.

I'm no fan of Bachmann, but to label this as if she was speechless because of this 8-year-old boy is simply not what the video reflected.

As soon as the obnoxious mother made him say HER speech, she whisked him off so fast that Bachmann had no time to react, much less reply.

And even if the nasty broad had not whisked her kid away so fast, what could Michele have said?

It was a pure stunt by a horrible mother using her son as a tool for her own agenda.

I found the video disgusting.

Anonymous said...

"I bet that kid had no idea what he was talking about." he's able to understand the situation. He probably thinks shes..."happy"?

Then I wonder...who's bio does the kid belong to?

beamish said...

"My mommy's gay and she doesn't need fixing"

"Ask your mommy about her blue waffle."

Anonymous said...

Yep ... we obviously need more queer parents.

Pris said...

Why does an adult have to use her young child to make her point? For God's sake, let children be children.

This disgusts me.

Anonymous said...

"Why does an adult have to use her young child to make her point?"

Cause everything about the "progressive" disgusting? And the kid is a political statement to be used for the queer agenda? The little poster boy of Gay "moms"?

Z said...

It's all very sad...yes, Chuck, as if an 9 yr old got the best of an adult.....that's the whole point of Yahoo's headline.

And to use a child who could barely get the words out...and then to yank him away before Bachmann could say anything and just ended up saying to their backsides "bye bye......?"

What hurt me, too, was the sweetness with which Bachmann told the boy she still couldn't hear him "You're too far from my ears" was something like what she said as she tenderly pulled him closer.......and then the SLAM, the adult sentence his frigging mother couldn't bring herself to say. A typical liberal loser chicken.

Beamish, I'm afraid to ask.....maybe I'd better not? :-)

beamish said...

Don't google it until you have a 32 gallon vomit bag on hand ;)

Anonymous said...

"the sweetness with which Bachmann told the boy she still couldn't hear him..."

From a woman who's mentored and raise 23 ( ? ) foster kids herself? And this LBGTABATAAFGGGAT...whatever...has what compared to MB?

Sick..hateful Gays.

This is why they want to adopt raise them under the queer banner, political ideology and as examples....of gaydom. Then America thinks it's all so cool...cause we're all so "hip" ducky.

Lisa said...

"This is why they want to adopt raise them under the queer banner",

Or this

sue hanes said...

Z - Looked to me like a setup.

Michelle Bachmann trhing to be nice to a little boy.

It's not the little boy's fault.

It's the d*psh*t mother.

I hate setups.

Z said...

Imp......the video shows she's so sweet to him, only to be led into a stinking setup..and then the mother hasn't the nerve to stand up and argue for herself and splits immediately...leaving the lefties to ask "why didn't Bachmann say anything?" :-)

Lisa..that's horrifying. Sure, why not adopt kids and use them as little whores, right? How HORRID.

Lisa said...

I know isn't it awful Z. Those poor kids.

Silverfiddle said...

Liberals are shameless, and cowardly wieners, getting the children to do their dirty work

Anonymous said...

Only the left can find value in a debate with a child.

It's because they're sick.

Or maybe it's because they get an ego boost from debating with a child.

And, unlike peeps like Ducky, we don't need an ego boost for our intellect.

Leticia said...

Wow! What a mom! Puts her eight-year-old to speak for her. Did you see that' woman's face. Yikes! She was already ticked off before she pushed her son in Michele's face.

Liberals will stoop to anything, including using their children to do their own dirty work.


Z said...

Libdude, to save you from further humiliating yourself, I am going to keep deleting you.
You need to learn to read the posts and the comments and try to THINK THINGS THROUGH and not just regurgitate the leftist pablum you buy into. It's positively scary.

You don't have to thank me.....I'm not a fan of your silliness, anyway, so it's no skin off my back to delete.

Joe said...

What really bothers me about all of this is that the media fails to realize how wrong it is that an 8 year old is commenting on his mother's sexual orientation. Michelle Bachmann did what any responsible adult should do if a child approaches you and makes a statement concerning something sexual in nature...avoid it!

Z said...

Joe, so well said. That's how decent Americans handled these things all these years but it seems that one side of our populace delights in forcing young children to grasp ways of life which are far too difficult to understand...I suppose some homosexuals believe that if children are on board, the gay adult is vindicated.
It's upsetting because it's such a lie and so unhealthy.

Leticia said...

Joe, you nailed it!