Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Media disses a nice job: Chelsea Clinton ..and TOPPS (Please give!)

HERE is an article and a video of Chelsea Clinton's debut on "Rock Center with Brian Williams" (whatever that is) on CBS.  The video below is just Chelsea's report (with only a five second ad you have to sit through before you see the video).  Make sure you read the linked article to see the critics' ridiculous reviews.

I never watch the network news, but somehow I did happen on her interview with Williams about her appearances coming up on his show.  She is soft spoken, intelligent, has an excellent vocabulary, and has a very thoughtful presentation as she speaks.   And the critics are dissing her. 

Meanwhile, the news headlines on Yahoo last night and today are all over the fact that Katie Couric has split up with the boyfriend she's lived with for the last five years.   Katie, perky and bubbly and horribly biased, has been the media's darling so they think it's important that America knows and cares about her live-in lover? WHY?    And they diss Chelsea Clinton?

I'm not a fan of the Clintons, and I will admit Chelsea has traits of her mother, but this is about being fair and supporting a young woman who seems to have a heart for helping others.  Personally, I thought her presentation about Miss Dove and a group she founded called TOPPS was interesting, refreshingly well presented (it was about the GROUP not the journalist, imagine that?), and it helped to change my mind about sending money to a  ministry group in Africa helping little children there (which I'd written a phone number down this morning for so I could call and donate) to sending money to AMERICAN children, the TOPPS program, helping little children HERE in THIS country.

Chelsea might start a trend for television news.......thoughtfully, professionally presenting information while keeping herself out of the story.  What a novel idea, huh?

I think she did an excellent job and can only get better as she warms to the cameras.  I just hope she keeps the demeanor of what appeared to be humility and true interest in helping others....

Help TOPPS this Christmas........give a card to your loved one and write inside how, in their name, you contributed to this outstanding, worthwhile group. (just look at those adorable faces in the video and consider only $10 if that's what you're most comfortable with.  I certainly can't send much more than that.  And listen to the teen aged boy whose family won't talk to him, but Miss Dove does, and see how clean cut and articulate and good a young man he seems to be because SHE HAS CARED!)

And GOOD JOB, Chelsea....let's hope you start a trend in television broadcasting.  America  would benefit.



Pris said...

The media is such a joke. Their criticism about Clinton's style, or lack of it, says it all.

Her story is legitimate, and from what I can tell, she seems sincere.

For the media, it's always style over substance. Considering the fact they are readers, and not necessarily knowledgeable, perhaps they should hold their fire, and try not to be so petty.

I know, that's asking too much, isn't it?

Z said...

Pris, I'm glad you agree.
I just did send a small donation to TOPPS; it's an amazing story and, sadly, every town needs a group like that. GOod for them.

Yes, she has substance over style...so the media and other critics have to diss her. Imagine if she was the daughter of a conservative? It would have probably been far worse.

Anonymous said...
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Z said...

leave it to a liberal to not see that conservatives here are behind Clinton's class and dignity. ;-)

FOX?? What do they need Chelsea for? OH, it just dawned on me why she's being dissed: It creates a lot more publicity than raves would have. Everybody will want to see HOW BAD she's doing...and the liberal networks, failing so miserably in the polls need that and will do ANYTHING to get viewers. Thanks, Liberaldude, for once, you enlightened. seriously...finally.

Lisa said...

I was going to say the same thing Z that programs like that should be mandatory in poor areas. The most it can do is improve the lives and futures for those children . It would sure be better than the status quo we have now of liberal policy continuing to throw money at it without a plan.
I am glad that this was aired and thank you for posting it. Miss Dove is an amazing individual. I hope this organization grows to enormous proportions.
We need to help our country before it's too late.
I will definitely pass the word around on Topps and the amazing Miss Dove.

Z said...

thanks so much, Lisa.
LOOK at those wonderful little faces...their lot in life isn't their fault and to think a child doesn't eat between lunches is pretty unbelievable. But, not unbelievable to some.
Imagine creating recipes from whatever the state gives them? that's SAD.
I wonder how many of those children have a mom and dad living with them.....and that's not the child's fault, either.

Leticia said...

She did an excellent job. Every city and town need a lot of "Miss Dove's."

According to friend of mine who happens to be a teacher at my boys' school told me that many of her "babies" are only getting one meal a day and that meal is at school.

This breaks my heart. My family isn't wealthy by any standard, but at least my boys get three meals a day.

This is America and children shouldn't be going hungry. I know that people beg us to give to Africa or some third-world country, but the need is here in our own country as well. And we need to care for them as well.

God bless our precious little children.

Z said...

Leticia, I had put down a phone number for donating to a missionary group in ANgola which is doing marvelous things and then I saw this video about Miss Dove when I was researching the info for this post and I thought 'Z, put your money where your mouth is, you're always saying we need to give HERE first, and voila!" So, I did, today. No more Angola. Maybe another time.

I would hope that any family would have at least the $3.00 which to buy a lot of pasta....but, maybe not.
I worry that it's a matter of parents and that their cell phone and flat screen come before food. I hope I'm wrong.

sue hanes said...

Z - I have no comment about Chelsea Clinton - and her new job -because I've known for a long time what I think about her.

No Z - for me this post is about you.

A good, decent and fair person.

Rita said...

Z and Lisa: You can't mandate these kinds of programs. You wanna know why? Because then they are ran by bureacrats who are not in it because they care.

If we could only clone people like Ms. Dove.

My two beautiful nieces were placed into foster care. I'm sure some foster care families do it because they care, but sadly too many do it for the money.

Thankfully for my two precious nieces they already had parents who wanted to adopt them before they were taken away from their drug-addicted mother. My niece and her husband were blessed that the girls were "fast-tracked" into adoption since they were considered "hard to place" since they were siblings.

You can't mandate Ms. Dove, only God creates caring people that will do anything and everything for the less fortunate.

As to Chelsea. I think she did a great job. At the very end, she seemed just a bit stiff, but I have no doubt even that hint will be erased by the next segment she does.

I'm impressed.

Lisa said...

Good point Rita I just wish they could take all that money they trow into failed chools and use it to pay people to mentor.
Yes Ms Dove is truly authentic.

Ticker said...

Chelsea did a great job in her presentation, trouble is she was not endorsing leftist program operated by a bunch of weenies in the government in order to keep folks down on the plantation. Had she been endorsing such a program I am sure they would be singing her praises instead of dissing her.

As long as the left is able to continue the "war on poverty" which was lost years ago we will continue to have kids going hungry because of lazy, shiftless parents who have no ambition and no desire to do anything other than "spit out babies" for welfare payments . They will not take care of their children becasue they feel the gubermit should do it and not interfere with their parteee time all on the tax payer dime.

More programs such as TOPPS are needed. My daughter ran such a program through the Boys and Girls Club in a small town near Ft Bragg NC about 13 years ago. Kids came in hungry each day . Not only were they fed but they were also taught to make simple meals. Due to lack of funding the program folded after Erin left.

I help fund such a program here in the area where I live and am glad to be able to give what little I can. I'd love to be able to totally fund the program.

Z said...

Ticker, I'd love to do that, too.
I had an idea a few years back of joining together latch key kids and retired grandparents.....so kids could go to a home after school and get homework help, love and cookies from a retired person! Helping both the child and the older person, I think.
I had all kinds of ideas and then INSURANCE rears its ugly head. LAWYERS would have to get involved. What if a child fell in that person's house? My feeling is they sign a paper saying they won't sue, but apparently I've been advised that isn't enough.

This is a big problem...I thought it was a great idea! You know, having grandpas come to public schools and play ball with a bunch of boys, or coach... good, huh?

Rita, I think mandating would be wrong, you're very right about that. But, I just know there are MANY Miss Dove's in our great country and it could work!
I've heard many foster parents are in it for the money. I'm glad your nieces got lucky.

Chuck said...

This is the new media, style over substance

Rita said...

Z: I LOVE your idea of retired grandparents and latchkey kids. Sadly we don't get as much time as we'd like to have with our grandkids and since I never got to have children of my own, I thrive for the time we get with our grandkids.

I think the insurance thing is crazy. If a kid gets hurt, it should be covered under the homeowner's insurance.

The only (sadly) scary part is....if a child (or one of their parents) falsely claim abuse. Or EVEN worse, if the retired grandfather was someone like....Sandusky.

We live in such a sick society.

The older niece was 6 when they removed her from the home. We all let her talk freely about her "biological" mother (as she now calls her) and the drugs and the stealing. It's harder for her since she remembers so much more than her baby sister. But she just turned 10 and they have both adjusted amazingly. Kids are resiliant and thankfully most of them can trust again, when they feel safe.

Chakam said...

If I'm serving lunch at a soup kitchen and along comes Harry Reid or Alan Colmes and stands beside me serving needed food to those who simply cannot do for themselves, I would care less that they are liberal jackasses.

What would matter is the real service being done. No press. No soundbites. No politics.

The media is simply wanna-be writers who can't get a book deal, and ugly people who can never make it to Hollywood. There's no journalism. It is a matter of being able to read a teleprompter. Oy.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy.

Just Oh boy.

Anonymous said...

"because I've known for a long time what I think about her."

Tell us please...we'll share pleasantries on clinton.

sue hanes said...

I don't think so Imp.

You see this is a time when we need to stop 'bashing' for bashing's sake - just to satisfy our own inner need to do so.

I knew even before I watched the clip on Chelsea's reporting that it would be caring and professional.

How could it be otherwise for she was raised by parents who gave her only the most protected and loving care.

The Clintons were criticized for many things - and in some cases rightfully so - but NOBODY has ever touched them on their parenting.

And Chelsea Clinton - even when she was as young as three - has always been recognized as what is called 'scary bright' - to put it another way - extremely intelligent.

I've no doubt we'll be hearing more from her in the future.

Chakam said...


I would only say about Chelsea's character that she had to become who she is because of the fact her father is a publicly known adulterer.

I can't imagine what that feels like, knowing that everyone you deal with knows about your father, some cigars, and a chubby intern named Monica Lewinsky.

Parenting skills? Come on. Maybe parenting skills in what not to do.

California Girl said...

Like Mother like Daughter.

Z said...

Sue, by the way, thanks very much for your comment, I appreciate it.

Chakam..Imp..and ALL:

I know Chelsea's roommate in college's family (staunch Republicans in D.C.) and I can't tell you how badly she took Clinton's adultery.
I don't want to say more here; but I will say the girl suffered mightily....and that's almost first-hand information. I don't feel able to say more.

I could never imagine dissing anyone for what their family is. Is she liberal? Yes. Is she from privilege? Yes. Will she push an agenda? Probably.
I'm talking about her demeanor here and how she gave information calmly, unegotistically, and caringly......that's new and that's good in any journalist.

sue hanes said...

You are welcome Z.

sue hanes said...

Z - Suffering makes the character stronger - if the person survives.

But it has got to be the strong family ties that the Clinton family has - and the love that they showed Chelsea when she was growing up that saw her through.

And that is what really counts.

Z said...

Sue, I'm sorry Chelsea had to go through what she did. Usually, it's our parents who try to keep down the suffering any life will go through.

And I had to delete your comment to Chakam. I don't want profanity here; you might tell me again that F*** y** isn't what I thought it was, but that's just silly.
thanks...none of us is stupid.

Chakam said...


So at what point did I belittle Chelsea because her father is such a scumbag? I did quite the opposite, which you would have seen had you actually read what I wrote.

If Chelsea has any strength, it is directly because her parents failed so miserably.

Care to try again?

Bob said...

It's sad that a young, intelligent woman has to depend on the popularity of her father whose legacy is oral sex in the Oval Office.

Chelsea needs to do her own thing. I am sure she is very capable, and can achieve things on her own. So far, public appearances don't work for her.

Anonymous said...

"If Chelsea has any strength.."

She would never trade it for the privileges that have been showered on her.

No matter how bad or good she might be....it matters not. She'll sail through life on others accomplishments.

Still Think things are fair?

sue hanes said...

Chakam - Now who's calling who a Scumbag?

sue hanes said...
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sue hanes said...

Z - Really?

You are sorry that Chelsea had to go through what she did?

Chakam said...


Please reel in Sue before she gets her feelings hurt.

@Sue, Bill Clinton is a scumbag. He's a sex offender. He's an adulterer. He used our Oval Office to stick cigars into a woman's vagina that did not belong to his WIFE. He is a scumbag, and unworthy to be called a man.

Deal with it. History has recorded his sins against the American people for violating his Oath of Office, AND for breaking the marriage covenant he has to Hillary.

Telling me to F-Off only makes YOU look foolish, Sue. You. Not me. Check yourself before you realize I'm not some limp-wristed liberal touchy-feely wanna-be man. I'm a Conservative, a father, a husband, and a Veteran. I do not tolerate rudeness. Especially online rudeness.


"Fair" is a liberals word. I believe in justice, meaning that I prefer being just, myself, and never fair.


I apologize for my harshness. I will accept your rebuke if you offer one and seek to be a nicer person.

Z said...

Sue, first, I don't let ANYONE use that word at my blog. I delete you for *'s and then you type the whole word out?
I'm not that 'cool', Sue...stop it. And do you think using that word to one of my honored commenters is any less repugnant to me than if you'd used it TO me (again)?
Honestly, I've never said this quite so straight; but I'm sick of your moods here. You hold people emotional hostage, throw bombs, then whine and swear when they lob it back at you and it finally explodes. Stop it, please. If you're in that mood, go comment somewhere else.

And what the heck do you mean questioning me about CHelsea's feelings? You think ANYBODY'd be glad for a young college student to be that humiliated by her father and so publicly? She cried for WEEKS, SUe, you want the details I know? She spent HOURS on the phone with him every day BAWLING. And I know more but what I"ve just divulged shouldn't be any surprise to anybody.

Do you REALLY think people who are conservatives would be happy any young woman would be so humiliated? MY GOD, you sure buy into the media crap.

Z said...

Chakam, allow me to apologize for not having caught that earlier...I don't allow that language here.
I could say a lot more, but that's it for now.

I respect how you're handling all of this and am sorry to have your experience here at geeez so unpleasant.

Please stick around....I very much enjoy your company.

Z said...

I'd like to say another thing and then I'm finished with this thread..

I am not a fighter and I only ask for people to be kind to each other, respect each other, and understand that other opinions......are part of this world (notice I didn't say "should be respected" :-)!!

I don't like the tone here lately and I want it stopped ...