Wednesday, December 14, 2011


If you could produce a new television show......reality (God forbid, but let us hear your reasons!), news, sitcom, talk would you like to do it?   Who might you have doing the news? Would it be from both sides of the political spectrum or only one (like CNN does? heh!  I just had to get that in!).  What kind of format?  What messages might you like to present in a sitcom and do you think they'd be welcomed by the public?  Who would you like to see on any talk show, political or not?

I'm eager to see what you'd like to do.........thanks!


Silverfiddle said...

Wow, that's a big question. I would banish all hollywood "news" as well as the personal psychodramas that seem so popular.

I would get foreign news from the CNN International show World Reports (I think its called, where local people submit reports), and have western experts all along the spectrum attempt to put in in context as it pertains to us.

Besides that, I would focus almost exclusively on what is happening in our government, in light of our laws and the constitution

George said...

This is something we have joked about at work on many occasions. Ours would be a sitcom dealing with the things happening here in our office.
Ours would not be like "The Office". No interaction with the camera, but would include all of the stupid things that happen here.
Personally I'd like to see a real non-biased news show. We have conservative biased "news" just like most of the mainstream media is biased otherwise.

Ticker said...

I would resurrect Edward R. Murrow , Walter Winchell,to do the news along with Paul Harvey for commentary. People who were REAL journalist, not just some 'pretty boys/girls" who can't really read and comprehend but sure love to put in their own agenda regardless of facts.

There would be no 24 hour news BS with the same stories lasting approximately 30 to 60 secs each being repeated over and over and over adnauseum.

Local news would be just that, LOCAL reported as it happened not the way some wannabe anchor person wanted it to happen and without their agenda being thrown in. Who gives a crap what they think! If you get paid to report the news then do so and until you are hired to do commentary shut up.

The rest of the day on radio would be music, oldies preferably from the days when music was real music and not a bunch of noise that sounds like some pre-pubescent kid putting his hand under his arm pit and pumping to push air out and make noises that sound more like noises being emitted from the lower regions of the body mixed with spitting and groans of constipation being emitted. If it "rapped about slapping yo ho or yo momma or offing a cop it wouldn't be aired period. Give me a song about some poor old boy being left by his girl friend and him sitting "popping a top" and crying in his beer.
A good mix of classical would be offered on FM as well for those who prefer such.

TV would return to shows that present values and tell a story of what failing to take responsibility brings, in other words the truth and to some PC BS. History would be told with out the PC agenda being used to re-write it. In other words PBS and a lot of other "changers" would be out of business and for dang sure wouldn't be supported by tax payers.

Bring back Ed Sullivan, Ted Mack and forget BS like "Who wanna be a star" where the winners are fixed and ones with little or no talent win, or dancing with stars who can't dance.

Hollyweird clebs news would be left to the grocery store tabloids where they belong. Who gives a rats butt about who is humping who and who got arrested for shoplifting in HOLLYWEIRD.

Don't like what I am presenting? Get yourself some re-runs of Rachel Madcow or Dancing with stars and watch to your hearts content.

BB-Idaho said...

I'm workin' on it; not sure whether to call it 'In Depth Behind The News'...or 'So You Think
You Can Drink. Takes place in the back room of a bar, say International Falls, MN. Cozy
big table with, oh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Maddow, Fareed Zacharia,
some stiff upper lib BBC dude,
Tom Brokaw and, what-the-heck ol
Huckabee. The menu is chatter and
a constant stream of martinis, Irish Cream, Screwdrivers - name yer poison. This will drive a conversation based on
uninhibited dizziness; the winner
would be the one who consumed the most liquor and could still complete a sentence. The following
week would roster a new guest list while the current week dries out in the International Falls drunk
tank. I figure a run of, well...
a couple weeks....

Ducky's here said...

A reality show.

Each week three wealthy suburbanites would race to see who could first get their car out of Pat's Tow impound yard.

Ticker said...

Love the idea BB IDAHO. Only problem is O'Reily would probably become more of a jackass than he already is :>)

beamish said...
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net observer said...

That's a HUGE question.

After a few minutes of thought, I'm tempted to say a talk show that objectively delved into the world's economy; how and why it works; how and why it doesn't work, etc.

Ultimately, a panel discussion, with insightful audience Q&A, that could make fundamental, serious, detailed, honest and non-partisan sense of this "crisis" we are purportedly experiencing, as well as the solutions.

I've heard a few Niall Ferguson interviews of late. I'd love to have someone like him moderate the show. But I would want his fellow panelists to range across the philosophical spectrum -- but not too, too much.

I would aim for a C-SPAN-ish tone (i.e., respectful, no shouting matches, no cheap shots, no futile attempts to be funny or throw red meat to your followers) combined with an Internet-like "anonymous commenters" tendency (i.e., blunt, little or no concern for political correctness, Chris Christie-esque).

More broadly, I would love to see a news network with a similar orientation.

beamish said...

"These Predator drone airstrikes on America's enemies are brought to you by Mountain Dew, official soft drink of the United States Air Force."

In today's episode, US Army Sergeant Killroy has flown his Raven UAV over a valley, where Taliban fighters are concealing weapons in a truck convoy of harvested poppy plants and radioed for air support.

Meanwhile, in Montana, US Air Force Captain Spiffley sits behind the remote controls of a Predator drone, guiding Hellfire missiles to Sgt. Killroy's target via satellite communications from 8,000 miles away.

Later, we'll see Lance Corporal Mersless lead his team of Marines to kill, or if necessary, capture the remaining terrorists.

Stay tuned for America's most popular reality show... "When the Gloves Come Off"

Anonymous said...

My ideal show would be to take all leftists and send them live in North Korea for a year and film them all along.

I suggest we send Ducky first.

Anonymous said...

Another would be to send people who talk so much smack about the US and glorify Europe to a country like France.

We'd put them first in the burbs of Paris and ask them to move up the ladder. We'd give them 1 year.

A bit like Survivor in an urban environment.

Jan said...

So many things come to mind, that it is hard to choose, but one I'd like most to do would be titled something like: "But, Here's What Really Happened."

I would have a particular event in history, for instance, discussed by a group of people, each telling his version of what he has been taught about it, or believes about it. Then, after everyone has said what they have to say, the moderator would say, "But, here's what really happened." Then the actual facts would be disclosed, in every detail.

I wouldn't include any kind of show business event, or anything to do with a celebrity, unless it directly affected the health and well being of the average citizen.

I might consider having the viewers submit a request for a particular discussion.

I'm not sure who I'd have as the moderator...that would take a lot of thought to come up with just the right one...but Monica Crowley, I would consider.

sue hanes said...

Z - Since you mentioned CNN I really like them - but they need more variety - and to stop obsess on things.

I don't thing messages should be sent through sitcoms - but rather they should just be for entertainment.

I like Politicians - mostly - but what I really like is Piers Morgans show when he does one on one and you get to hear how people were into drugs, alcohol, etc. but then they somehow straightened their life out.

To tell you the truth Z - I've never thought about producing a tv show.

Rita said...

Mine would be called, "History is REAL". I would find people like our Rome tour guide, Jason Spiehler who made the visits to the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Pantheon feel like we stepped back in time.

And get someone as equally knowledgable for Israel's history (WITHOUT A BIAS SLANT).

I visited the National Archive years ago and on display was a handwritten letter from Benedict Arnold to George Washington. I was fascinated.

I got straight A's in history, but I didn't learn anything. They teach places, events and dates. They never taught history as if it really DID happen.

I hated history in school, I love it in real life.

When Rome Ruled the World was fairly good, I was shocked when my 9-year-old grandson was transfixed by the show. He said, "They don't teach us this stuff in school."

Rita said...

Just now read the other comments. Frogburger is a GENIUS.

And maybe Jan and I should combine our ideas.

Ticker said...

hmm guess some folks didn't like shows like Father knows best, the Nelsons, even Bonanza, all of which taught valuable life lessons.

FB, love your show idea and the idea of sending the leftist and ducky to survive in the real world, not the utopia that they dream that these places are.

Ducky's here said...

Beamish, why not just line a bunch of Muslims against a wall and let members of the studio audience pick the automatic weapon of their choice?

Guaranteed 40 share.

Premier after the Super Bowl or the Iowa caucus election results.

net observer said...

Rita's idea might be #1. Unbiased, politically incorrect, "let the chips fall where ever" historical drama.

It could possibly become the most incendiary show ever.

It kinda reminds me of an idea an old college buddy passed on to me: "American history from the perspective of non-Americans". Anything from the American Revolution to the Civil Rights Movement. I would watch that, too.

Anonymous said...

FB, love your show idea and the idea of sending the leftist and ducky to survive in the real world, not the utopia that they dream that these places are.

No, not the real world. The world the claim is a lot better and more just.

Leticia said...

So many ideas, but I must admit FrogBurger's idea rocks!

Unbiased news reports would be very refreshing.

Kid said...

I don't think I could top the Onion, so I'll just pick that as my ideal model.

Z said...

these are all so good I don't know where to start!!

SF....World Report isn't bad. Deutsche Welle is the very, very best. I remember so many times, living in Munich and Paris, watching news with Mr. Z, and saying "I'm not understanding that part...what do they think about it?" he'd say "It's the news, the journalists don't say how they feel there."

Bravo. But, it's dead boring, too. I 'learned' more about East Timor in May 1999 than I ever wanted to know. Still, they cover EVERYTHING and that is important, not just what affects US.

George, Yes, we need non-biased news, for sure. I'd like to hear some about your office! Sounds great!

Ticker..if ONLY we could go back to "News at six, film at 11" many times have I whined about that here? Great idea.
I'm not sure America could take good, clean entertainment like Sullivan or Carol Burnett anymore; they've become pawns of "okay, that was REALLY what? What's NEXT for racy?"
this is a horrifying thing for our society.

BB...I LOVE THAT IDEA> Get them all drunk and let 'er rip!! :-)
Gad, that would REALLY be something! (no sharp instruments in the room, I hope!..which is what Mary Matalin and James Carville told my friend Rich Galen when he asked how they can live together..."no sharp instruments!"!!)

beamish....the left's tied our gloves on so tight they won't even let us defend our own lands anymore.

FROGBURGER WINS! I would LOVE to see leftists have to go live where they envy :-)


Jan! EXCELLENT idea...really, really excellent. I'm not a huge Crowley fan but I think she'd be very good at what you're suggesting...really very thought provoking...and look, you've got Rita and Net and me all ready to watch! SIGN IT UP! :-)

Sue, the problem with Piers Morgan, besides his amazing bias, is that those celebs are lionized for their drug use and drinking. MILLIONS of people get clean but we have to hear how celebs did? I think it's just another way to show their egos.
Have you ever seen Bob Beckel on FOX? The leftist? He can't wait to interject something about his drinking and drugging if that makes a man of character!
You're right about sitcomes, I'm very tired of slams to the Republicans's stupid and free ads for the DNC, frankly. As is the network news, of course.

Rita, they don't teach ANYTHING in schools anymore. My cousin's son's going to Pepperdine and said that his American History class barely mentioned the REVOLUTIONARY WAR or the CIVIL WAR, imagine? Not enough time to get in GREEN and DIVERESITY topics and don't forget showing how condoms fit on bananas!

THanks, everybody..super!

Z said...

Kid, is the Onion a TV show or an internet site? You like the humor there, or??

Leticia, isn't that a great idea of FB's?
I knew I'd get good input but the comments above really blew my mind because so many of them would be SO excellent

Kid said...

Hi Z. Maybe the Onion are on some Cable channel, but I don't think so. I've only seen them on the net.

Here's a recent example Sorry for the advert in front but it's not long.

beamish said...

Beamish, why not just line a bunch of Muslims against a wall and let members of the studio audience pick the automatic weapon of their choice?

One, because my little sister is a Muslim, and two, mass executions are so left-wing.

beamish said...

Frogburger's got the best TV show idea by far.

"Next on 'So You Want To Be A Utopian,' Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins fight in the streets of Pyongyang over a dusty egg shell for dinner.."

Z said...

Beamish "mass executions are so left-wing"

so true, and SO funny.

Z said...

KID, that is HILARIOUS! Given so seriously and such outrageous information...I loved it, was laughing within two seconds.
thanks for that; I'd never seen that stuff! SO many good lines in only those few minutes! xx

Kid said...

Z, Plenty more out there on
Just go there and type The Onion in the search box. They have a great act.

Glad you enjoyed. xx

Kid said...

PS - "Mass execution so left wing." Maybe the best line I've read all year. hahaaa

Z said...

Kid, read my sidebar on my front page......see Beamish's others ;)

Bob said...

I like the Don Imus format. Get a few nere-do-well guys and gals, give them some freedom in what they say, and bring on the guests. I (of course) would be the anchor/moderator figure since I can send Morse code and have a telegraph key.

Talking about figures, there would need to be a couple of very nice, classy ladies. Blonds are fine, but I am partial to brunettes. Maybe there should be at least three women; an Hispanic, a black, and an asian. Maybe they could sing, too.

For male diversity, there would be a black Catholic priest, a Korean Baptist minister, and a Chinese Rabbi. Throw in a white Methodist, and we would have the races covered.

I would get somebody like Craig Ferguson to read the news. Come to think of it, an unintelligible Scottsman would be perfect for that job, and everybody could chime in trying to interpret what Scotty just read.

I would deliver the economic news, and would try to get some of the President's clueless economic advisors on the show so my crack squad (not the smoking kind of crack) could get in some good gutter sniping practice.

Good idea, Z. Very creative to have people relate their musings.

Anonymous said...

I'd want to see "Lady Hoggers" chasing fat , rich, corrupt, lifer pols through the flats of Texas in 110 degree heat. And Barney in the background ( actually I'd like to see him as a hood ornament ) squealing like the guy in Deliverance.

That would be a great show.

Anonymous said...

"I'd ban all networks who make it their business to lie and spread propaganda."...

You are such a deranged idiotic douche bag... consistently. I suppose you don't include CBS, ABC, NBS or MSNBC in that group do you. You really need mental help....lay off the xanax. Better yet....OD on it.

Z said...

Bob, I used to be a great fan of Imus but have cooled somewhat....except I DO sometimes put him on at 3 AM L.A. time and watch for a while if I'd awakened and can't get right back to sleep!
I have a REAL hard time with Dagen but adore Bernard! (usually)

I'm very happy Charles is gone...For years I regarded him as Imus' Greek Chorus "yup, Don.." "you're right, Don.." "what you said, Don.."
Very sad when Fred died.

I'm glad you liked the idea; I sure do appreciate everyone's musings...weren't they good!?

Imp :-)

Z said...

Imp, I had to delete libdude...I hate to have everyone see how uninformed and ideological he really is.
Anybody who considers FOX to be more biased than any other just hasn't watched it and still they comment :-)
(very silly, really)
Have you EVER seen CNN with a Republican on their payroll? :-) FOX has many liberals...and really ideological libs.
They even have Juan WIlliams now, after the lefties thought he'd strayed too far from their plantation. How disgusting of them.

WomanHonorThyself said...

I shall get back to ya Z!..way too many

Leticia said...

Yeah, I have to admit his idea was brilliant. It would be something to see.

Kid said...

Z, it is a phenomenon - the libtards.

Are they put on's or are they really that retarded. Yes, I mean retarded.

Combination of both I'd say but libdude really believes what he/she spouts imo.

You've Seen This Right? Facts and Information Do Not Matter Any More...

sue hanes said...

Z - The thing is - though - is that I like Piers Morgan.

and you know how I am when I like somebody...

sue hanes said...

Z - I never watch Fox.

Z said...

Kid, yes, I had seen that...
And, we can all see what the Leftwingers have our schools, through the media..psychological warfare/ brainwashing/indoctrination. It's very sad.
Some Conservatives are very defensive about FOX, for example, because the left's been so witheringly nasty about it... I remember watching CNN before FOX went on the air and them talking about an all-conservative cable channel and how disturbing that they were all geared for it before it came on.
Then, when FOX was SO SO much more balanced than CNN (with liberals on regularly, with both sides given in almost all segments, etc.) and the ratings are SO SO much higher than CNN's and all the networks, the left has just ramped up the lies and people who don't watch do believe them.

The bias I see in Wolf Blitzer is amazing.......but they don't BILL him as an editorialist so people think he's news, smart, and truthful :-)
Bret Baer is every bit as newsy as Blitzer and honestly does give BOTH SIDES of most arguments, has BOTH sides of the aisle interviews, etc.

WHy go on here? People still won't listen.

Sue, 'how you are'...I just don't see how anybody can like someone even when hearing truthful and quite bothersome things about him and not care. But, maybe that's just me.
If I hear repulsive behavior like I've told you about Maher, for example, it would make me think twice of my allegiance. YOu don't...fine!

sue hanes said...

Z - It's not that I don't believe you - but when I believe in someone I don't let secondhand gossip get in my way.

If you give me the name and address of the person who has said
all this I will fly out there after the Holidays and listen to her side of it.

And while I'm there maybe we could have Lunch - and play some duets.

: )

and thanks for not kicking me off...yet

Kid said...

Z, Wolfey "Can't they keep the birds away from the airports" Blitzkreig, and Allen "Can't they test the landing gear before they take off" Colmes, does not a balanced informational source make. Respectfully.

Fox news bothers me. Frankly,I haven't found any source of information other than research to be worth much.

Interestingly, O'hannity and guest were ragging on Ron Paul this evening as I listened to the only 10 minutes of the hannity show I lesten to - 5:05 PM to 5:15 PM as I drive home form work.

I have no problem that they have any problem with any candidate. But it seems O'hannity has his biggest problems with Bachmann and Paul. AND, he disguises it and denies it through the way he verbalizes his show. But it is there in a big way.

I smell subversion if you ask me. Add Ann Coulter to the mix who absolutely loves mittens and her first pick Chris Christie, that has no problem with oblabbercare and the globalclimate thingamabob.

I honestly wonder WHO is out there for Conservatism. I don't see anyone. Really.

Z said...

Sue, I never thought you didn't believe me. I'd feel better about your adoring Maher if you didn't believe me. That young woman had no reason to lie.

Kid, I heard COulter talk in person recently and, trust me, she does NOT like Obamacare or the lies about warming, etc.
I think you're right....right now, all the pundits are all over the map. I hear good things about Newt then I listen to Romney-lover Hugh Hewitt and hear negative things about Newt; I listen to Coulter who ADORES CHristie and I wonder how she can adore him when he's taken certain stances (I've heard about in the mainstream media) and she addresses those things and tells the truth about why he really doesn't take those stances...
I hear all SORTS of things and my head's spinning.
I like some things about ROn Paul but his foreign policy of leaving every foreign country and all is just too naive; as if we haven't enemies?
I like Bachmann, I think she's really smart and hasn't a snowball's chance in hell of winning.
Sadly, it's Newt and Romney right now. God forbid it's Newt because THERE IS NO WAY THAT MAN COULD WIN.

My biggest concern is how Republicans will have to eat their words about what they said about their fellow candidates when they're forced to support them for the nationals...but that always happens in politics and I suppose they'll get through that...though with a media so IMMENSELY in the bag for lefties, it's going to be tougher for the Republicans.
The media ignores the foibles of Obama and the rest of 'em.

Chakam said...


I would do as another commenter suggested and round up a buncha sniveling liberals who hate America, send them to North Korea, Iran, or Venezuela for a year, and film it.


Rita said...

Great great topic Z.

I got my accounting degree at night, while working my way up in that greedy bankster industry.

One of the last classes I took was World History from 1900 to current. The professor was a devout Libertarian. I was in my late 30's. That was my first experience about being interested in history. I had never been taught that the US did not join in WWII until VERY late in the game. I was fascinated about the details of WWII and even the professor's opinions. He didn't force his opinions on the tests, but his take made the class one of the best I had taken. Whenever I watch a documentary on WWII, I can still hear that Libertarian opining about how dropping the bomb on Hiroshima actually saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Pretty profound for a Libertarian viewpoint, at least as I understand it, from a Ron Paul stance.

As to the media, I find no one knows more, can out smart or win any argument with Charles Krauthammer. That man is a amazing. I like Steve Hayes too, he's bright, not up to Krauthammer's speed, but sharp. And he looks good too. ;)

Z said...

Chakam, that was an excellent idea for a documentary, but I fear the documentarians would have to share their food and other little niceties with those destined to learn what living in socialism or communism's really like :-)

Rita, I think Krauthammer's brilliant too and that Hayes is very cute :-)

Something you might find fun is that while living in Paris, I sent in something to the Wall St Journal column James Taranto writes and suddenly emailed me... I think that's how it worked, anyway, it's been a while and I can't quite remember how this happened..
Anyway, there I was suddenly finding myself answering his questions about living in Paris, etc etc...we emailed back and forth, real time, for about an hour! He's a super guy. Some years later, I emailed him something at his site and he wrote right back saying yes, he did remember me, and how was I, etc.! Very sweet guy.

Another is Christopher Caldwell, who works for the Weekly Standard...with Hayes, I think. I don't read that much anymore, but Caldwell is a very good writer and I think he's still with them?

Z said...

by the way, Rita...loved your email and will respond tomorrow ...xx

sue hanes said...

Z - Now what I'd like to do here is after I meet Bill Maher - and I do hope that happens before too much longer with my advanced age and all :) - well I think it would be fair to get his side of the story. After all - when he seduced the eighteen year old girl(s) - was the other party actually party to what when on between the two of them in the room?


Then - after hearing Bill's side of the story -and maybe some of the sordid details :) or :( I will decide whether Bill Maher is in fact worthy of my adoration.

or if in fact he is really the monster that some say he is

Fair enough Z?

beamish said...

I just wish that whenever Jim Talent is quoted badmouthing Newt Gingrich they would identify the fact that Jim Talent is currently working as an advisor to the Mitt Romney campaign.

I like Jim Talent, but damn. A little less these days.

Z said...

Sue, I've said too much already on that....I don't care a bit how much you care about him. good luck with that.

sue hanes said...

Why thanks Z.

Kid said...

Z, I'll just ask one question. How does having Americans and military in other countries keep anyone from attacking us ?

Personally, I think 99% of State Department activities is money laundering as well.

Regards Coulter. I look at it this way. I'm smarter than most libtards, so I COULD pretend to join the dark side, making case after case against the evil rich, the useless repubs, etc, and sell a lot of books.

I haven't cast final judgement on her, just keeping my mind open to the idea.

And hannity was ragging on Ron Paul again tonight on the radio over things that were printed in his newsletter from back in the 80's - how meaningless drivelish is that?
Nobody cares about that except morons who we can't expect to make an intelligent decision anyway. :)

Z said...

Kid, I'm not sure but it seems to me that having a strong defense and being in other countries is a threat to enemy countries to leave our allies alone......that's worked in the past.
Our power's gone with Obama, and we can ill afford much, this is a perilous time and I do think that we should take soldiers from abroad and put them at our borders but we don't have the will to keep illegals out and they will financially break us and change so much about us that we won't be AMerica anymore.
As you know, we welcome legals because they want to be Americans; this new crop is compromised largely by those wanting to be here but not be America. BIG difference and an important difference, in my opinion.

What's Paul's opinion of our ridiculously NOT clamping down on illegals and on our borders?

Z said...

Sue, please; I've tried very hard and acquiesced many times...but I'm done. I'm really done and you made that choice, didn't you.

Kid said...

Z, Well, I'll say having our power deployed to the point of being ready to respond is 100% I agree with you.

As in Carrier Battle groups sailing around the Persian Gulf and having our Nuclear Subs deployed around the world such.

Having military troops in barracks in Lebanon, or Iraq, or Germany, or any other locale serves virtually no purpose to our defense in my opinion. And in some cases that is just sticking our finger in someone's eye. Not that I totally resist that :), but still.

Even in 1941, the high command of Japan knew that they were only awakening a sleeping giant in the then isolationist America.

If you were Iran, would you really shoot one or two of your less than 10 Nukes at us? Knowing that even one of our nuclear subs could blanket the entire livable space in your country with 3 million degree pop tarts? And why would you nor not, either do that or not based on whether we had troops on the ground nearby to your borders?

Not coming at you Z, but I simply don't get the manpower on the ground in various locales. And I'm not sure what you mean by having the military deployed around the globe either. Maybe we agree ?

Z said...

I'm not that sure, either, Kid, tell you the way or the other.

I will say those in Munich actually miss our large base there; there were good people spreading good will and wonderful American carnivals, etc...they were very sorry to see it closed down.
I think there's a lot of PR power to bases like that.......

I think we're so losing it that anything we say on these blogs isn't really valuable, anyway. We've lost American credibility, we've got an appeasing president, we have a whole party welcoming in illegals to screw us over and then saying Republicans hate foreigners.
I don't know how you fight this.
I don't know how America can ever be the country we knew.

Kid said...

Z, I know many smart people who have given up saying "It doesn't matter who is in power".

I can't really argue with them.

You know what I think? I think the A* politicians have kicked the can down the road for decades and now there simply isn't any road left to kick the can to.

I've heard from more than a couple sources that Very Soon, we won't even be able to pay the interest on our debt. Like a couple years.

The people who FUBARed things have enjoyed their luxurious retirement from politics on our trillion dollar coin and are long gone, replaced by even more worthless politicians, who even if they had the will, do not possess the intelligence to guide America out of its current funk. Funk at each and every level. Funk that can't even be removed because the funk is now a budget item, committed to and promised each election cycle and tied to unemployment statistics and other nonsensical metrics that no one has the guts to pronounce useless. So, it's all a put on now. Just like in the banana countries.

And obama isn't the problem. The problem are all the pathetic dependent bastids supporting the idea.

Anyway, we can be non-isolationist and still project a presence that causes idiots to pause before planning to do us harm Without having our sons and daughters living in hell holes as moving targets for vermin like the muslims.

I think the world would be better for knowing what life is like Without our presence for a while.

Z said...

Heck, Kid "I think the world would be better for knowing what life is like Without our presence for a while."

I'd just like to feel our presence HERE again for a few minutes, tell you the truth! All I hear is divisiveness, greediness, entitlement, ...
insults, misinformation, lies...

it's tough out there; I never thought this would happen. Not here.

Kid said...

I feel exactly the same way. And it didn't happen by accident.

beamish said...

And obama isn't the problem. The problem are all the pathetic dependent bastids supporting the idea.

That kind of talk'll get leftists calling you a "Grandma killer."

Kid said...

And a Racist :)