Monday, December 12, 2011

Romney's bet

I've been wanting to blog on this and finally will because I just heard Whoopi Goldberg agree with me (alert the media!)    Yes, she did.  And it's regarding Romney's offering a $10,000 bet to Perry the other night in the Republican debate.  When I heard it, I thought he must be very serious about being right (and he was right) in his assertion for the bet.  When I really feel right, I'll jokingly say "I'll bet you a thousand dollars!" or even "a MILLION dollars" because it shows in the large amount I'd never seriously bet that I know I'm right.

We all know Romney's a rich man.  Even Whoopi said that's no surprise and why do people care?   And I have to give her credit because she's right there, too.   The large bet is only fodder for leftwingers who are looking for the slightest reason to demean Romney......and the rich.    Even GOPers were ribbing Romney about the bet and saying he's "out of touch" 

It's just another example of mischaracterizing for ideology...or for political hacks.  Thanks, Whoopi...sometimes, I have to admit, you tell it like it is and are fair.



sue hanes said...

Z - For me this post is about rich people running for President.

I have spoken out about that before and well - Rich People Are
People Too. :)

They shouldn't not be allowed to run for President just because they are rich - but we should take care that they don't BUY the Presidency - like happened when John F. Kenndey ran for President and - Joe Kennedy bought him the Presidency.

course Joe Kennedy was smart - he said son I don't want to buy any more votes than I have to

Ducky's here said...

Take the bet, Rick. It's a quick 10 large.

But don't let Governor Olympics give you the shine and try to pass of the edited second edition of the book.

Z said...

No, Ducky, Romney was right, as my post says.

Sue...I never heard that story about JFK. (I'm not surprised, of course, that more wasn't made of that for the Kennedy family.. WOW)
I think the Obama promises were kind of buying votes, too, don't you?...
We have so many videos of Americans wondering where their goodies are now that he's in office and they're not getting what he promised.

Chakam said...


True, true. But neither you or I could actually come up with a million dollars, making the joke work. I mean, it's a million dollars, after all.

Romney probably has 10K in his However, briefcase for just such an occasion. This makes him look a bit ridiculous in a believable way.

Just a thought. I'm not voting for him, so he can tell the world he wears pink women's panties for all I care. The media is having a hoot with it, though.

Silverfiddle said...

I don't understand the brouhaha either. It was a good way to tell Perry to put up or shut up.

Z said...

Chakam, don't worry; the left will come up with pink panties on Romney if he gets the Republican nod.
I'd vote, as my dear friend Brooke recently said, for a HAM SANDWICH against Obama.

Silverfiddle....exactly. But, BOY, did the left and even some anti-Romney GOPers take it and ran with it. And I had to give credit to WHoopi, who's not always quite as fair as she was here!

Ducky's here said...

I'm not sure Perry loses, z. In the first edition Romney states support for the mandate. It's been edited out of subsequent editions.

All politicians buy votes, well with the possible exception of Ron Paul.

The rest are puppets of the oligarchy with very few exceptions.

sue hanes said...

Z - Those were the days when nobody cared as much what Rich
White Powerful Men did.


But now we care, don't we.

and we aren't gonna let them get away with stuff like that now

It's called Blogger Awareness.

: )

sue hanes said...

I don't know - Z.

I voted for Barack Obama because I liked him.

I think that we voted an Afro-American into the Presidency was a good thing for America.

I know someone who was in Europe at the time of Obama's election and a couple of Europeans just came right up to him and shook his hand - they were proud of our country.

Now we need to make them Proud of Us again.

As far as his policies go - I have to be honest - I'm a Liberal and a Feelings Person.

I leave bashing his policies up to the Smart Conservatives.

Anyway - I think it's time we got a Woman in there - what do you think?

show these rich old white m*n that have ruled our country for too long that we mean business

Always On Watch said...

Romney made such a bet? Are you kidding me?

Does the Mormon church approve of such wagering?

Always On Watch said...

Joe Kennedy did pull a lot of strings to get JFK elected. And, yes, some money was involved.

Remember West Virginia in the 1960 National Election?

I wish that I could recall where I read that information. It was in a book recently published, I think.

Z said...

Ducky, While I'm no fan of Huff Post, I tend to think they wouldn't hide the truth any time they can slam Romney....
I don't really care; I think they're all not the right person.
But I'd vote for any one of them over Obama.

Sue, that's anecdotal; the Europeans I know were incensed that Obama had the gall to campaign for our presidency in Europe and even asked to speak at the Brandenburg Gates, which no politician but German Presidents and CHancellors can do. Occasionally.

I also don't believe in voting for color or gender for presidency. We have to vote for someone who can get us out of the mess. I'm not sure we can ever get out of the debt we were put in these last 3 years.

"Feelings" is what's got America in trouble, Sue. It's what's making us weak and subservient to countries which are pushing US around now. Fear of our power and might and appreciation for all we've done for Europe in the past is a good thing; that's gone. And that's very dangerous.

Z said...

Aow...good point! I don't know how the Mormons look at betting, but if they hate it, I'm impressed with Romney :-)

Thersites said...

Romney'd bet exemplifies everything that's wrong with a Romney candidacy. Romney can only think in terms of money. He should have bet Perry an "endorsement" promise and ten future campaign ads.

Z said...

Thersites, I use "I'll bet you.." when trying to make a point, etc.
That sure doesn't mean I only think in terms of money! :-)

beamish said...

Rick Perry lost the debate by showing up for it (as usual).

I thought it hilarious that Rick Perry showed up to badmouth TARP bailout spending when he as chairman of the Republican Governor's Association was its biggest cheerleader. That's the sort of brazen hypocrisy I've come to expect from Tea Party "conservatives" ::cough cough::

Flailing at Gingrich over advocating Heritage Foundation-backed individual mandates as the chief "Republican" cheerleader of Hillary Clinton's socialized medicine proposals in 1993 makes Rick Perry look like an ass clown.

As far as Romney's bet and the contents of his book, it just reminded me of a prior debate where Herman Cain wasted his question for Romney going on about how many pages of details he had to read to understand Romney's plans compared to his 999 coloring book, and Newt Gingrich immediately followed up Cain's indolence with a question for Romney citing page numbers and quotes from the same plan.

I took Romney's bet as Rick Perry's cue to pack it up and leave the debate to serious candidates.

Z said...

Perry comes off like an oaf.

sue hanes said...

Z - The thing is - I am what I am.

I would be no good to myself or anyone else if I tried to be other than what I am.

I'm not stupid - but anyone that reads my comments can see that I do not have the intellectual capacity that many commenters do.

That's just the way it is.

But Z - someone has to have 'feelings' - can't we mix it up a little?

Some do the feelings thing and the others do the intellectual part.

That would work.

It's called working together -



beamish said...

Perry comes off like an oaf.

I'd not be so charitable with Perry. He comes off as someone who wanted Al Gore to become President in 1988.

Thersites said...

That sure doesn't mean I only think in terms of money

It does if the bet IS for $. It could have been for something completely different... honor, pride, a silly picture... but it wasn't.

Romney is a one dimensional candidate. The "bet" proves it.

Thersites said...

The loser of a bet should have to mow the winner's lawn in his wife's best dress. Now THAT is an authentic American bet.

Z said...

Thersites, nothing personal, but that's ridiculous to me. I also say things "Man, wouldn't you just like to pinch his head off his neck?"
That doesn't make me a murderer.

My GOSH..imagine if he'd said "gee, Rick, I'll bet mowin' yer lawn that .." :-)
Of course, Perry'd then have used that to remind everyone that Romney's rumored to have hired illegal gardners (as if nobody else does)..

Beamish "Oaf" doesn't seem charitable to me.

Sue, of course feelings are necessary, but when we have liberal teachers and parents not giving grades so little kids won't feel badly, or not keeping score so nobody gets hurt, and nobody going to awards banquets unless they won so they won't feel demoralized, you can't have the kind of America we had.
Nobody here's asking anybody to be what they aren't.

sue hanes said...

Z - Since you mentioned Whoopi - this is only partly offtopic.

I loved her in Ghost. But I especially like to think back to one of her early movies called Jumpin' Jack Flash.

That was a good one.

sue hanes said...

z - Actually I do remember when he campaigned in Europe - and I'm thinking - Whoa - what's goin' on here.

Z said...

Sue, both those movies are fun, definitely.
And yes...campaigning in Germany!! ??

sue hanes said...

z - I do agree with you about not
voting for color or gender.

But sometimes an election is a Groundbreaker - as with Obama - and his being the first Afro-American President.

I truly believe that America needed that - but now we need to move on.

And I think that should the right person appear - we could do the same for Women - and then move on.

After that - anyone can be President of the United States.

sue hanes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...

A $10k bet proves Romney is a nothing but a blue blood and completely out of touch with average Americans.

Actually it proves Romney has confidence that Rick Perry isn't willing to lose $10,000 over his illiteracy.

beamish said...

Beamish "Oaf" doesn't seem charitable to me.

Sugar-coated, perhaps?

beamish said...

I say that because I've got a habit of calling blithering idiots "blithering idiots."

beamish said...

Now, in the few remaining debates until Rick Perry drops out of the race, all Mitt Romney has to do is press Rick Perry on the bet.

It should be "easy money" for Perry to win if he's got anything of substance to back up his assertions about Romney's book.

But substance and leftism have never been partners.

Romney should tell Perry to take the bet or drop out of the race with the rest of the losers.

queenish said...

...because it's very important that Romney humiliate Perry and his Tea Party supporters by rubbing his money in their faces.

beamish said...

...because it's very important that Romney humiliate Perry and his Tea Party supporters by rubbing his money in their faces.

He could lower the wager to your EBT card, FJ. It still wouldn't produce a Teabagger candidate with substance.

beamish said...

..or a spine.

queenish said...

Like Newt? Or a PETA conservative like Santorum?


queenish said...

No beamish, we're holding out for Bob Dole Lite.

Romney in 2012. Because its' his turn!

beamish said...

Romney in 2012. Because its' his turn!

Spoken like Glenn Beck's #1 fan.

beamish said...

"Mitt Romney is my #1 candidate" - Herman Cain, 2008

"We have to support Romney to keep John McCain from getting the nomination!" - Dana Loesch (St. Louis Tea Party organizer), 2008.

Keep working that pole, lefty.

queenish said...

Still fantasizing about poles, beamish?

No surprise there...

beamish said...

"Michelle Bachmann wants me to be her Vice-President." - Donald Trump, 2011

Turn out the lights, the Tea Party's over...

beamish said...

Still fantasizing about poles, beamish?

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger... or in your case, just wounded and whining.

queenish said... the establishment RNC must have forgotten who has to pay the light bills.

“The problem isn’t too little money in political campaigns, but not enough.” - Newt Gingrich

queenish said...

...and in your case... harder. :)

beamish said...

Still wounded, still whining.

Does your script ever change, FJ?

Lisa said...

that was my sentiments too Z,all knowing he was just trying to make a point that he was right.
Of course the media are attacking that statement because Obama pretty much corrupted people into thinking the rich are evil and greedy.
Anyway Romney could have redeemed himself right there by saying $10,000 to your favorite charity.
Oh the after thought of it all

beamish said... the establishment RNC must have forgotten who has to pay the light bills.

Yeah, let's get Rick "the TARP bailouts are awesome" Perry and Michelle "I made $1.6 Million defrauding the Minnesota foster care system" Bachmann to drum up Teabaggers for that.

Don't forget to spell your signs right.

-FJ said...

Geeeesh, beamish, why don't you and your girlfriend get a room or something. You're really stinking up the place.

queenish said...

Perry and Michelle "I made $1.6 Million defrauding the Minnesota foster care system"

Is that all? What did Newt make from FANNIE and FREDDIE again? Was it $1.6 million or $1.8 million?

And how many other clients did he have, again?

queenish said...

But then, FANNIE & FREDDIE are only into TARP and the US taxpayers for $226b so far... so what's another $1.6 million?

queenish said...

Newt's cut???

Newt's fair share???

beamish said...

Geeeesh, beamish, why don't you and your girlfriend get a room or something. You're really stinking up the place.

Don't worry. Everyone loves the smell of your bullshit, from whatever sock puppet a gutless little far-left Naderite worm like you chooses to employ.

Me, I'm content with reducing you to intellectual fraud. All the time.

beamish said...

Maybe someone will spot you several dozen IQ points so you can compete with little ol' me, FJ.

Now run along and change your sock puppet, dearie.

queenish said...

Wasn't Newt in Congress and acting as either Speaker or Minority Leader from '92-5 whilst the Clintonista's modified the CRA so that FANNIE/FREDDIE would have to start buying subprime paper?

Sounds like one of Newt's brain-f*rts, if you were to ask me.

Pris said...

The nit picking that goes on after these debates doesn't touch on the important issues, one whit!

I don't care if Romney bet ten million! Everyone knows it wasn't a serious bet. He was making a point.

The media picks up on this unimportant remark and makes a mountain out of a molehill, and everyone falls in line. Amazing!

Obama wasn't rich was he. But, he had rich connections. In fact the very people now derided by the occupy jerks, are the people who backed Obama, plus I'm sure foreign money as well.

His fund raising was never investigated, but, McCain's was.

I vote for whomever is closest to the policies I support, and a candidate who is direct and doesn't use smoke and mirrors to win.

Is there a perfect candidate? No! We have to accept that. We also have to realize that if Obama get's re-elected, the hammer will come down even harder on us.

I'm sick of the nitpicking and the media's tabloid approach in such a serious time for our country.

It's a distraction from the real issues facing us, and that's what they want. To humiliate all the Republican candidates, one by one.

So, excuse me if I don't fall into line. Z is right, what Romney said is no big deal.

Sue, if I were you, I'd try having feelings for America and our children's future.
And whether we'll survive the far left, and their efforts to takeover the greatest country the world has ever known!

That's where my feelings are.

Z said...

I have no problem deleting this whole post...
you 'friends' seem to not give a damn what I think or want here at my own personal blog and I'm tiring of it.
You both have blogs; go use them.

beamish said...

I'm sorry if what you read on the internet causes you a mental breakdown, FJ.

Think your boss will buy it again?

Z said...

Pris, the double standard is getting worse all the time, isn't it.

Obama can do no wrong... Republicans do. Constantly.

But, we have to remember indoctrination and that this whole trend wasn't suddenly invented without a healthy, strong 'net' of people who'll buy anything that promises no wars (cuz it's always all our fault!), free tuition, low mortgages, etc etc. THey're THAT dumb and they vote.

queenish said...

I thought that the "Republican Revolution started in '94... evidently Newt once fancied himself QUITE thefinancial melt-down enabler...

"In 1995, as a result of interest from President Bill Clinton's administration, the implementing regulations for the CRA were strengthened by focusing the financial regulators' attention on institutions' performance in helping to meet community credit needs.

"These revisions with an effective starting date of January 31, 1995 were credited with substantially increasing the number and aggregate amount of loans to small businesses and to low- and moderate-income borrowers for home loans. These changes were very controversial and as a result, the regulators agreed to revisit the rule after it had been fully implemented for seven years. Thus in 2002, the regulators opened up the regulation for review and potential revision. Part of the increase in home loans was due to increased efficiency and the genesis of lenders, like Countrywide, that do not mitigate loan risk with savings deposits as do traditional banks using the new subprime authorization. This is known as the secondary market for mortgage loans. The revisions allowed the securitization of CRA loans containing subprime mortgages. The first public securitization of CRA loans started in 1997 by Bear Stearns. The number of CRA mortgage loans increased by 39 percent between 1993 and 1998, while other loans increased by only 17 percent.

"Other rule changes gave Fannie and Freddie extraordinary leverage, allowing them to hold just 2.5% of capital to back their investments, vs. 10% for banks. By 2007, Fannie and Freddie owned or guaranteed nearly half of the $12 trillion U.S. mortgage market.

queenish said...

Why would FANNIE/FREDDIE pay Newt Gingrich $1.8 million dollars for "history consultations"... unless they needed his silence on a little bit of history?

queenish said...

I wonder if Newt was shaking FANNIE/FREDDIE down...

mommy needs a higher credit limit at Tiffany's.

A few weeks before Mr. Gingrich filed for divorce, he called his political aide and friend Mr. Carter to talk about his marriage. Mr. Carter said he and other friends had been worried that the marriage was falling apart. Mr. Gingrich told him why he wanted a divorce. "He said: 'She's not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of a President. And besides, she has cancer.'

Hmmm, I always wondered where the "cancer" stories originated...

beamish said...

Why would FANNIE/FREDDIE pay Newt Gingrich $1.8 million dollars for "history consultations"... unless they needed his silence on a little bit of history?

Dunno. Why would they finance a house you can't afford?

queenish said...

"Nobody out assholes me"

...except for the Queen of Assholery.

beamish said...

wounded and whining... again. LOL!

Got anything else, FJ?

FairWitness said...

Ten grand is chump change! Romney opponents and Dems are manufacturing outrage!

beamish said...

Ten grand is chump change! Romney opponents and Dems are manufacturing outrage!

Really, it is chump change. I made close to three grand flipping cheap AMR stock over the past weekend, off a $1,500 buy-in and a few low-calorie burning mouse clicks. Got out, doubling my initial high-risk cash investment before the bottom fell out.

Timing is everything.

Still, if Perry can't produce substance for his smack talk, or $10,000 to concede that he can't, why is he wasting our time?

Anonymous said...

"It's called Blogger Awareness."

And perhaps it's hypocrisy awareness also Sue. Of the top 15 richest members of Congress....2/3's are Democrats. With Kerry leading the pack with a net worth of $194 million to $750 million.

Nice to see that they're so in touch with the "working man". Obama himself is a millionaire too....maybe a small one...but the majority in this country would take that condition in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

"Obama can do no wrong... Republicans do. Constantly."

I agree. And they do make fools out of themselves constantly with faux pas like this. It advances the stereotypes that Republicans are fat rich old Newt.

I wish Mitt hadn't been so flippant and arrogant without thinking before hand what silly ammo he's given the left....another detached rich man...unlike the rest of us.

Stupid move Mitt.

net observer said...

Okay, Z, we're in agreement for a change =)

I was quite surprised when I heard the hubbub over Romney's bet. I almost want to say this was a media creation.

Their rationale was very strange: "We don't wanna upset the Americans who aren't doing so well during these hard times."

So, it's a problem to make a bet like that while the unemployment rate is at 9%, but when it drops to 5%, suddenly, it's NOT a problem?

It's like, even a $20 bet sounds profligate to someone who can't afford to $20. But that bet would have been okay since more people can afford to lose $20.

Most of those candidates tend to wear suits that I'd love to grab but can't afford at the moment (Bachmann excluded). Maybe they should all dress a la Michael Moore so they don't offend me.

In this hip-hop age of 20-something males sporting platinum necklaces and 20-something females shelling out $300 for torn jean shorts (I met one last year), Romney seems pretty tame.

(That was a good debate, btw)

Chakam said...


I would make for an excellent grassroots common-man candidate, as I am neither a millionaire nor do I come from privilege.

I balance my checkbook. I have a solid family budget for household expenses and the like. I eat leftovers, I can food (as in putting food into glass jars for Winter), I am responsible for health insurance and vehicle insurance and house insurance, I also am a stay-at-home father taking care of two children under 3. I face, daily, the rigors of responsible living and preparing for the future both financially and spiritually.

I have no criminal record, no past indiscretions involving sexual escapades with men or women, have not been an out-of-control drug abuser, I have served in the military honorably, and my neighbors like me.

I have an above average IQ, I am not unawares of how politics has raped our nation, and I do not flinch easily when challenged.

I have no need for large amounts of money, since I have learned well how to live comfortably under my means. Money only makes a person more of what they already are, to be sure, and it can be a blessing or a curse, depending. If given a large amount of cash, I would disperse it to friends and family, to get them closer to being fully out of debt. Money holds no allure for me, since I am content as I am.

I would deftly handle the liberal media AND the conservative media by being open to them and seeking to hide nothing. Of course, every public appearance of mine would be recorded for the purpose of true historical filing. The first time someone misquotes me, I would simply say, "Roll tape", and show the world how wrong the person is who is trying to misquote me. This would eliminate the whole, He said this..." trap.

I would be the perfect candidate for President.

Z said...

Imp, I think NET has it right on this one........

Chakam...I'd vote for you! :-)
And thanks for your service.

sue hanes said...

Chakam - Do you think that you are the Leader we have been waiting for?

The Chosen One?

If so - we will rally behind you and get you elected the next Presdident of the United States.

But if you are President - who's gonna take care of the kids?

sue hanes said...

Z - 'Sue, if I were you, I'd try having feelings for America and for our children's future'

Does anyone else think I don't have feelings for America - and for our children's future?

because I thought I did...

still - I could be wrong

Chakam said...


I would do my job as defined by the US Constitution. I would provide a strong face for America when dealing with other nations, and I would keep Congress in check. I would not seek to be a media darling, or some highly-vaunted role model. I'm just a man. Nothing more.

I would neither be a rock star nor a pop culture idol. I would not be on more magazine covers than all previous President combined. (I couldn't beat President Obama in that category!)

I would take an immediate pay cut, asking for only 1oo,000 dollars a year. My bride would not need an entire crew as her assistants, and the biggest luxury I would ask for would be an Italian Chef for the White House Kitchen.

As First Family, we would do our own laundry, decorate our own Christmas Tree, cook for ourselves (I would have the Italian Chef for BIG dinners), buy our own clothes, wash our own vehicles, and treat the Secret Service guarding us like family and not like slaves.

My bride speaks French, and I speak Italian, Spanish, and some German, so translators wouldn't be needed.

There is only one Chosen One, and I ain't Him.

My kids would be ministered to by my bride, since if I became President, she would be more than happy to stop working and return home as full-time Mom.

Hey, are you looking for work? Maybe you could be my online presence manager? I could always use a solid person to keep my face online as much as possible. :)

Of course, you'd have to drop that whole 'liberalism' thing you got going...

Kidding, just kidding!

Z said...

Sue, I don't remember saying that, but if I did, I in no way would ever insinuate you don't have feelings for children or our country...
I quickly looked and don't see it, but maybe I did??

Net, I'm glad you agree with me on this. I like to think of you as fair.

Chakam, I'd vote for you!
I have to admit the president's situation IS huge enough that he does need staff and assistants and I'd hate to see you do your own laundry, but I'd definitely join Sue in voting for you :-)