Thursday, December 15, 2011

The school WINTER program?

A friend whose son attended a private Christian preschool where I teach my Wee Americans class once a week approached me yesterday.   She said that her son was in his new school's program that morning.  I'm not sure what the public school called it but it wasn't called the "Christmas Program."  Of course, it's in December, just before school breaks, I guess? :-) ...Anyway, she wanted to tell me they'd sung two songs.   I knew they wouldn't be "Hark the Herald" or "We Three Kings" but I at least hoped for "Frosty the Snowman" or "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer?"  But, no............

"They sang IMAGINE and LEAN ON ME," Amy said with a smile that read "can you believe THAT?""Imagine there's NO HEAVEN... it's easy if you try!" (Oh, do try, what a glorious secular future you'll have by imaging there's no heaven...heh heh)
"Lean on me when you're not strong...and I'LL BE YOUR FRIEND"   (I'll even be forced to pay your mortgage  if you play your cards right :-) WHY NOT?)

Please pay attention to your public schools, friends.........NOBODY expects overtly Christian messages at public schools, that's not why I posted this (but wait for my lefties who won't read this far...just wait for their comments :-).....I posted it for the fact that even secular, cheerful,  fun songs...aren't being sung anymore, (someone might be offended by Rudolph?) children are singing.IMAGINE and LEAN ON ME instead!  (Wait, what if someone's offended that they didn't sing about Rudolph?)   I said to my friend "They might as well have stuck COEXIST bumper stickers on those poor little future-secular socialist heads"     

She added that two little six year old boys went back down the aisle after the show holding hands......a very natural thing for little kids to do, right?   Amy's husband leaned toward her and said "I guess that's part of their new diversity program they told us about,"  which cracked her up and me, too, when she told me!    Yes, it was innocent, but can't you just hear the teacher?  "Johnny, do you REALLY REALLY LIKE little Gary?  Well, that's can hold hands with him and you can even marry him some day if you like!  That is if you haven't decided you want to wear girls clothes and use the girls room here at school by the time you're seven, but that's okay, too!  if Gary doesn't mind"    God, what a world..........:-)




Always On Watch said...

"Imagine" and "Lean on Me," huh?

I guess that the school is determined to remove any connection at all with Christmas.

The song "Imagine" includes the words "Imagine there's no heaven, no religion too." Apparently, in secular eyes, heaven and religion interfere with loving one's fellowman. Pfffft.

And those two songs are old, old, old. Are we now in some kind of time warp that glorifies and promotes the 60s? It seems so.

Silverfiddle said...

I hate those sanctimonious "Coexist" bumper stickers. We do coexist in this country.

The smug liberals need to take it on the road to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Preaching coexistence there would actually mean something. Maybe they could do some womens' rights and homosexual activism while there.

tha malcontent said...

No kidding Geeez, what did you expect from today's Democratic's, or should I say Liberal's or should I say Progressive Party, the party of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi,the party who are all is anti-God, anti Religion and anti-family. A party where our own Vice President calls the opposing party "Domestic Terrorists", and Racist,only because we dare to disagree with their Socialist policies. A party where the Animals from Occupy Wall Street Protesters are good and the peaceful Tea Party Movement is bad.
A party who's President paled around with KNOWN DOMESTIC TERRORISTS, and a Racist Preacher. If that makes us rebellious, then so be it.

Chakam said...

Jesus = bad.

Santa = good.

Lennon and Lenin = good.

Birth of The Savior = bad.

Jesus Christmas = bad.

Believing in some North Pole recluse who has elves as his slave labor and making gifts for only the kids that are GOOD = insane.

Debbie said...

All this makes me nauseous and it gets worse each year. Those who speak the loudest seem to have their way and this country is pulling away from God as a scary rate.

Right Truth

Anonymous said...

I'll say it again: the progressive party intends to destroy this country through our children.

It's working.

And, like those Palestinian hags on 9/11/01, Ducky must be dancing in the streets.

Joe said...





Sorry to yell...I'm all worked up.

Brooke said...

Sadly, I do believe this.

My daughter's band recital is tonight. They are actually going to play some Christmas songs, and even the dradle song.

I was really surprised!

Z said...

Aow, they sure are old. But, they sure teach a lesson to our kids...what a sad one.

SF....aren't they irritating? Andyes, we DO coexist here better than most places, but that's not enough to the left for some reason... least leave our children out of it. At least have parents concerned enough that they ask why more cheerful, happy songs weren't sung for children at a "Winter" awful.
You're right in all you say.

Chakam....hopefully, some parents teach their little ones what they need to know. That's why my Christian preschool is such a treasure and so respected in the community. It's fun, it's amazingly good academically, and the children have a grounding of Christ in some of their lessons, etc...

Debbie, and we're doing virtually nothing because the left's cowed us into submission on it. THey humiliate too hard when confronted with traditional values.

Mustang; he surely must be.

Joe, I am, too, but what do we do but blog? We have to do something more.

Brooke, I'm so glad about that!Enjoy!

nicrap said...

Imagination dead, imagine. ;)

Pris said...

Z, this is the next step in the indoctrination process. It's been a gradual decline in the observation of Christmas.

First, as far as songs go, it was no more Silent Night, but Rudolph or Frosty the Snowman, and Jingle Bells.

Then no more Christmas trees, etc. Now it's no longer Christmas, or even this time of year.

I'm curious, is your friend going to complain to the school? Tell them she's offended, and downright angry, or is she going to shrug and watch, as her child is "re-educated", and taught values which most parents would see as undermining their family's values?

Rita said...

Did I read this right? It was a private CHRISTIAN school and they sang those two songs?

I can tell you I've been surprised that our local public schools still have Christmas programs and start them with a prayer ending, "in Jesus' name, we pray." GASP.

A couple years ago the elementary school daugther of a friend of mine got in trouble at school (in another public school district).

They were to write an essay about the holidays. Then the teacher wrote on the board the words that would not be allowed on the essay. You can guess the banned words included, Christmas, Jesus, etc, etc. The little girl was so irritated that she wrote her essay using every single banned word. Teacher contacted the Principal. Principal called the mother. Mother read the Principal the riot act. Surprisingly, the school backed down quickly.

When I related that story on my family's website, the best response came from my Indian "nephew" (we met him when he was getting his masters at Purdue University and he and his entire family became part of ours). Saumil is a Jain.

His response, "Even here in India we call it Christmas. Damned idiots."

Chakam said...


His response, "Even here in India we call it Christmas. Damned idiots."

LOL! I am so stealing this and putting it on my blog! Brilliant!

Ticker said...

"Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you a man."

That was the Jesuit motto, attributed to Francis Xavier, the co-founder of the Jesuit Order. The implication is that the best opportunity to indoctrinate a person in a lifetime of belief and devotion to religious dogma is when they are young.

The progressives have taken this and using it to develop little robot progressives who will never think for themselves and can be controlled via the dogma that they has been crammed into their young brains. Eliminate all references to God, the Constitution, morality and you have a perfect progressive who believes that the government is to be worshiped and is the answer to all things. Destroying Christmas is just a starting place.

Hitler said: "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future." and we know the results of his ideology.

Chakam said...

Woodrow Wilson:

"The purpose of a university should be to make a son as unlike his father as possible."

So, Wilson's motive as is the motive of education today, is to tear fathers and sons apart, resulting in a fatherless generation. We are seeing this fruit today.

Consider that of all the names God could have chosen, He chose the name of Father. Even now, as He desires us to walk as sons of His, the enemy comes in to seek to make us spiritual orphans, living under the lie of self-empowerment and enlightenment, casting dispersions upon God Himself as a failure.

Tedious. So, so tedious. This is not about politics at all. It has been, and ever shall be, a spiritual issue.

Z said...

Rita, NO, this is in a PUBLIC School...he'd graduated from our Christian preschool 2 years or so ago :-)
I love your story about that little girl standing up for herself and her faith.

I love that line from the Indian,'s sublime. Man, how sublime. But, NOT IN AMERICA, where 87% celebrate CHristmas in SOME way or the other :-)
Well, it's sort of like big box stores calling Christmas trees holiday trees; you have to question why they're placating the approx 5% who don't celebrate Christmas and ticking off the rest of us.

Ticker, AMEN to that. It's why I do what I do at my preschool. We talk about famous Americans, learn the Pledge, and remind them that even Johnny APpleseed's only book he traveled with was the Bible and that Betsy Ross met Geo Washington in church :-)

Z said...

Chakam, it's hard to find your blog easily..

your profile which shows when I click on your name here says My Blogs..."Conservative Guild" but when you click there it says there's no blog.
Over to the left it says MY WEB PAGE and I finally found you DO have a blog!
Maybe you could write on that "Conservative Guild doesn't have a blog here" area that you do, and show the correct link?
You should be read more :-)

Rita said...

Feel free Chakam. My nephew is flying out the day after Christmas to visit his Indian "brother" and his family. I finally met his wonderful parents and wife last year when they came to my sisters for a visit. They, like Saumil are our family. It seems strange how you can sometime instantly connect with people from the other side of the earth and feel like you've known them all your lives.

When I had to leave, amid the hugs of goodbye, Saumil's mother said, "When can you come out to visit?" World travel to them is like walking next door. Unfortunately to me it seems to only be a dream.

sue hanes said...

Z - I was up late last night and up early today so I'm in no shape for serious comments. :)

Maybe later.

But the thing I liked best about your post is:

heh heh

i've been thinking for some time now about using it in my posts


Jan said...

"Tedious. So, so tedious. This is not about politics at all. It has been, and ever shall be, a spiritual issue."

Chakam, truer words were never spoken...but 'they' will never see it that way.

It's very clear from this passage of scripture, though:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:12 KJV

Z, it's very sad, what is happening in our schools, and if it continues, I hate to think where it will end.

I just don't understand how they think that taking away every vestige of what Christmas is all about can be good...but then the way 'they' think, and the way 'we' think is worlds apart, isn't it?

Z said...

Jan "I just don't understand how they think that taking away every vestige of what Christmas is all about can be good"

You have to wonder, don't you.

Odd, my Jewish friends, upon my asking them, have all said they loved singing CHristmas songs in public school...they love trees and some had them in their homes, they loved the music in the department stores...they LOVED it.

SO, what's this really about?
REALLY..what is it about?

85% of American profess some kind of CHristianity yet stores are dissing the CHRISTMAS tree for HOLIDAY tree. Dissing 85% of their possible buyers. WHY?

Those poor cheerful are IMAGINE and LEAN ON ME. THey're dupes and their parents are the dupers.

Jan said...

"Odd, my Jewish friends, upon my asking them, have all said they loved singing CHristmas songs in public school...they love trees and some had them in their homes, they loved the music in the department stores...they LOVED it."

I know, Z...I remember your saying that, before, and was relating it to someone the other day.

I, too, have Jewish friends who feel the same way, including the former President of a synagogue.

If they don't get offended, why should anyone who professes to be a Christain be offended?

And certainly, those making profit from it should not mind.

To me, for a business to ban it, it is rather like cutting off your nose, to spite your face, as the old saying goes.

The real reason for banning all things Christmas goes much deeper than we even want to think about.

BTW...part of our Christmas celebration includes a "Happy Birthday, Jesus" cake. :)

Rita said...

I've been fortunate enough to work and become friends with two brilliant Hindu women from India.

Both of them came from the classic arranged marriages, one who never met her husband until their wedding day.

Both of them didn't actually "celebrate" Christmas, but put up Christmas trees in their homes, gave their children Christmas presents and were never offended by any displays of Christianity, including some prayers at some Christmas parties. They both would bow their heads respectively (as did my atheist friend).

THAT, my friends is co-existing. Likewise, if I was ever part of their religious traditions, I would not be offended, but rather be fascinated in learning more.

I respect them enough to never try to "convert" them to Christianity. Every Indian I know was educated in a Christian school in India. They respected the religion, but maintained their own. I can respect their religion, want to learn more about it and still never waver in my own faith.

At least in my experience, the only ones complaining about being allowed to say a Christian prayer in public are American liberals.

I especially love it when they inaccurately state that separation of church and state is part of the Constitution.

Last time I had a liberal friend say that, he was absolutely sure I was wrong. A 20 second google search and he lost his argument.

After he read the actual wording of the first amendment, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" I asked him this question.

So, if the high school valedictorian is prevented from saying she thanks her savior in her speech, aren't they violating the first amendment by denying her the free exercise of her religion?

Score a BIG point here. He agreed with me. I made him promise that the next time he heard one of his liberal friends saying there can be no praying in schools, that he would correct them.

Z said...

Jan, you say "The real reason for banning all things Christmas goes much deeper than we even want to think about."

I think there's something big afoot and that teachers and store owners aren't in on it but political correctness have taken over their minds so much they actually believe what they hear and act accordingly.

I think , however, something is big and it's been coming and I suppose much of it is the communist way of thinking that we can't allow GOD to overcome THE STATE,right?

Rita...good score there, girl! It's funny what liberals will learn when actually shown facts.
Wait till you see my video post for tomorrow; it ROCKS. It must become a primer for high school/college students.
At the least, I'm asking people to show captive kids at CHristmas gatherings this year (HA!)

Z said...

Rita, by the way, if ANY of your Indian friends even hints at desiring to know more about CHristianity, get them ANY Ravi Zacharias fave apologist next to Lewis.

Z said...

actually, get them his autobiography ...WALKING FROM EAST TO WEST, I believe is the wording.

Jan said...

Z..everything you said, exactly!

I love the 'captive audience' idea, too.

Guess what the word verification for this comment happens to be?



Z said...

Jan, that's a good one.

Conservatives..the UNdem :-)

Rita said...


My Indian friends (Hindu and Jains) probably know a vast amount more of the teachings of Christianity than I do of their faith.

I make my faith no secret, but just let my actions (hopefully) speak for themselves.

My Jain nephew I referred to earlier surprised us when we landed in Venice. He was traveling from Amsterdam to Dubai for work and knew our schedule and the place we were staying. The trip to Italy was for my 50th birthday.

The shock of seeing my sweet nephew unexpectedly in a crowd at the vaporetto station was the highlight of the tour.

During our stay in Venice, we visited several basillicas. I watched my favorite Jain nephew as he quietly knelt in the pew and prayed.

I know what I have to believe for my own faith, I let all others find their way as I trust the Lord that he will find the path for those precious souls.

But I will note your suggested readings because I can always learn more.

Rita said...

*He*, not he.

Z said...

Rita, I'd never in a million years offer something to anybody without their asking...that's why I said if he 'hints' to you he's interested. I'm sorry if I gave the wrong impression.
We don't know others' hearts and we're not judges, either.
I only meant that, since Ravi is an Indian man raised there and a very devout Christian, this would be the book were I asked, particularly by an Indian.

Lovely about train station meeting..what a shock!

We were in our Bangkok Hotel when my husband said let's go down to the lobby....we walked through the large area and suddenly a man put the paper he'd been reading up at his face into his lap and it was our bestman from Munich and his wife was sitting waiting to surprise me not far away. IN BANGKOK? VENICE? Nothing more fun than seeing good friends in a totally different surrounding!

Rita said...

OH Z. I didn't think you were suggesting I impose my beliefs on my friends of different faiths.

As I said, I have to trust that He will find a path for truly wonderful people like my Jain family.

In all honesty, I think we mortals have so very little understanding of the Lord's world.

As my former boss said after he had laid clinically dead for 6 minutes and witnessed the other side. "There are some things we cannot know here on earth."

Z said...

Rita, that guy was right.
And I'm glad that's not what you meant; I should know you better by now xxx

David Wyatt said...

Z, I appreciate you. I tell you, good ol' Silverfiddle & Joe hit the nail slam right on the head!