Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bush and 9/11....from the mouths of the kids he was reading to

UPDATE MAY 5:  Some kids had never heard of Osama bin Laden....American school children didn't know who he was or what he had done.  HERE is an article on that.  What are our teachers teaching?  Is this more agenda-driven nonsense?   Is it more 'wussifying' our children, protecting them from ugly truths they must know to grow up to stand up for America, protect her in times of war?   What excuse could you imagine that so many children didn't know about him?  

On the other hand, here is my original post from yesterday:
The KIDS WITH GEORGE BUSH ON 9/11.........a very moving, very redeeming article on the attitudes of the children Bush was reading to on the morning America was hit....and how they came to view Osama bin Laden because of Mr. Bush's reactions and words that fateful morning.

THIS is a must read........for all of the leftist media which put him down for not rushing out and taking control immediately, for the naysayers who felt he did everything wrong, and for those of you who instinctively felt he did the right will want to read the article.   I also want to give credit to TIME MAGAZINE (wait, I have to stop grinding my teeth first :-).. well, credit where credit is due, right?

God bless George Bush and God bless America.



Anonymous said...

Wow ...

So after ten years of the left criticizing Bush behavior on 9/11, a major leftist spokesman recants and “gives credit where due.” I’ve been holding my breath for about 15 years waiting for the media to demonstrate integrity and impartiality. What a relief it is to breathe again.

Bob said...

George Bush always tried to do the right thing, and his actions on 9/11 reflect that characteristic. This nation would be a lot better off with G W Bush than a clueless community organizer in the White House.

BTW, I understand that UBL is still dead.

Leticia said...

Wow! Is right. That just touched my heart that those young children remembered and carry that memory of our wonderful President.

God bless President Bush, he wasn't a perfect president, but he did a fantastic job!!

Thank you for this breath of fresh air.

Brooke said...

From the mouths of babes indeed.

The teacher of that classroom, admittedly a long term Democratic voter who did NOT vote for GWB has even given an essay about what a wonderful job he did that day, and how she thought he always tried to do the right thing.

Z said...

Leticia, isn't it fresh air? That's why I just had to post it when a friend brought it to my attention.!

It's so nice to bring GOOD NEWS to geeeZ from time to time.....those kids learned so much from watching BUsh...I loved that.

Mustang, surprising, isn't it!

Bob, STILL? (good!)
and yes, Bush tries to do the right thing so much he isn't even cashing in on appearing with Obama at Ground Zero when Obama asked him to...WHat other politician wouldn't have JUMPED at the chance? Answer: none!!

Z said...

Hi, you have that essay?? Was it mentioned in my link and I missed something?

Z said...

this is so important a post I may leave it up for much of tomorrow, too.
It's about darned TIME people see that our kids can learn by good examples, not just indoctrination. This man Bush didn't stand up there and do politics, he tried to protect children, and they got a great lesson from it.
huge, in my book.

Pris said...

This is such a great example of how important role models are, and why even though a young child may not quite understand, an impression is made.

As they grow, they harken back, and begin to understand, and it is forever cemented in their memories, and lessons are learned.

IMO, children are always tuned in, whether they say anything or not. They don't miss much, that's for sure.

President Bush understood that. With all he had to deal with, he did what he knew he should. He probably could read those faces in the classroom, and tried to ameliorate the fear and confusion he saw. He did the right thing.

It took a few moments of his time, but for those children, those moments will last a lifetime.

Bd said...

What a load of crap. Bush couldn't move cause he was crappin' in his pants. He knew something was coming, he had the warnings. The magnitude of the attack was a jolt.

Joe Conservative said...

Bd has no children.... thankfully.

Z said...

Pris, so beautifully said, thanks very, very much. you of the mind that many are.."they KNEW we were going to be hit and maybe by PLANES!" meaning, I guess, that you'd have preferred they shut every airport down for as long as possible terrorism stopped? How would that have worked?
Bush did the right thing...he could have dashed out and been Super Man to please the libs, but that's just not smart.


Everybody: Please watch O'Reilly...Whoopi GOldberg calling Bush stupid and worse in 2005 and now says "one must NEVER slam a president because the world thinks badly of us, then!"

Two things: hypocrite and lack of integrity.
Isn't what WE THINK more important than what the world thnks, Whoopi? WOW

To say nothing of the fact that all the libs disdained waterboarding as TORTURE but now are admitting it played a big part in this hit.
OBL was on a board when they lowered his body into the water, from what the reports say: the ultimate in waterboarding.

Chuck said...

You are all missing the point (Bd is obviously missing some meds).

There was no right response for Bush. If he had jumped up and ran out of the room, he would have been a war-mongering mad man.


He was attacked for not landing in New Orleans but attacked for going to Ground Zero to pay his respects.

He was attacked for not sending enough troops to Iraq and attacked for sending too many troops to Iraq.

He was attacked for not keeping us safe on 9/11/201 and he was attacked for spending the next 7 and 1/2 years keeping us safe.

Liberalism is a mental disorder, you cannot analyze it - just try to treat it. I have always favored electroconvulsive therapy but there are other modalities.

beamish said...

Does "Bd" stand for "brain dead?"

Anonymous said...

"Does "Bd" stand for "brain dead?"'s an abbreviation...there's five letters between the "b" and the "d" that are missing.

Game on.

Z said...

Great comments! Chuck, you're is an illness...

Did you see the video of Pelosi slamming Bush in 2006, saying that it doesn't matter now if they never catch OBL because it "wouldn't make a difference anyway" and they should have got him, blahblahblah..
then the video of her yesterday raving about Obama's amazing actions in getting Osama?

Or Whoopi Goldberg saying that I put in the comment just above yours?

O'Reilly is right when he says he hates to see ideology of the left be more important than the truth;
they can't just admit that enhanced interrogation worked...oh, MAN, no. Keep up the agenda, keep up the's awful.

Z said...

By the way, I watched a little of two muslim women on CNN tonight...only to see one of them say "Now that Osama's dead MANY MUSLIMS ARE READY TO MOVE ON...!!! MUSLIMS ARE READY TO MOVE ON??!!! Catch how she can't even say MOST MUSLIMS? THEY're ready to just MOVE ON now after 9/11...!!!

And the other woman said she was SHOCKED that people were celebrating at Ground Zero "on hallowed ground" when the muslims couldn't even build a mosque near there because they were told it's ON HALLOWED GROUND" "We should remember how horrible 9/11 was and be reverent there!" Unreal.
Talk about creepy relativism or something..

The other night I heard plenty of BUSH SET IN PLACE WHAT FINALLY CAUGHT OSAMA and I was thinking "oh, come ON, this is Obama's catch"....but all I'm hearing the last day or so is that it's true about Bush, confirmation that what he kept in place DID help nab this monster.....interesting.

Anonymous said...

If there's anyone I'd love to see'd be whoopi followed by pelousy.

Bd said...

Ah yes, the personal insults begin by those who can't deal with the other points of view. How....righty of you, lol!

By staying in the school Bush endangered the lives of all the children in the building. Who knew that perhaps there could be an attempt on the President? His handlers were at fault but Bush had the look of terror in his eyes. He was frozen in fear.

Z said...

BD...I'm sorry if your feelings are hurt...all we do here is try to get to the truth and have some fun; Here you come, a liberal who insists on coming to an avowedly and proudly conservative blog and saying things like this:

"By staying in the school Bush endangered the lives of all the children in the building"

Was Florida being attacked or you just expected him to take everybody off the planet so we'd be extra sure nobody else would get hurt? Sort of like blaming Bush for knowing airports might get hit...I always wonder if you libs expected him to close every airport for the duration of terror threats? Seriously, is that it?
"can't deal with the other point of view?"

Really? How're you doing in accepting ours? :-) :-)

WomanHonorThyself said...

He has alot to be proud of Z!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

By staying in the school Bush endangered the lives of all the children in the building.

You are really reaching. You know that don't you?

Z said...

Jen, had YOU ever heard that before? I sure hadn't!
Maybe the kids should have been told not to wear polyester in case there's a fire, too, huh? :-)

WHT...we ALL have a lot to be proud of in how Bush handled it, don't we!

Anonymous said...

By this logic, every President who travels outside of the WH endangers everyone he comes in contact with. Is the POTUS supposed to remain in the oval office 24/7?

Bd said...

Not an over reach. No one knew what was coming next on 9/11. It wouldn't have been far fetched to think the WTC attacks might have been a diversion and an attack on the President's life was next. No one knew if there wasn't a plane headed directly for the school as he was reading My Pet Goat.

Z said...

bd, it's ridiculous, but you keep believing that....if it keeps your anger level high.

Z said...

watching the news this morning a little, I'm getting fairly convinced that the media's working on their version of how this hit was illegal and a mess.
They're talking about how SEALS forgot a tape measure so they could measure bin Laden's height....the news is carrying a lot about the helicopter part left behind that will be a treasure to our enemies, how barely anybody who got killed was armed....
Do any of you think we've gone so far down that this great success will soon be regarded by the left as wrong?

ALSO...Afghanistan civilians are now saying they're worried that America will leave now, before the country's safer and ready to 'grow up'....I found that interesting. The left keeps saying we're occupying and encroaching on them, but they want us there. What's up?

cube said...

Kids who were in elementary school when 9/11 happened felt a fear akin to those people who lived through Pearl Harbor. Am I surprised that many of them jumped about in jubilation when they heard that OBL was killed? No.

What surprises me is that the crowd near the white house had identical US flags at very short notice. What is up with that?

cube said...

Of course GWB deserves credit for this USA victory. Unfortunately, it's too little too late.

Z said...

cube, the flags were there immediately, weren't they. And at Ground Zero, too..another commenter mentioned that and it IS weird, I must admit. I don't carry a flag in my car, that's for sure...I couldn't come up with one that quickly and get anywhere in that short a time..
But wouldn't people in the crowd admit it if anybody was passing them around? from the WH?

Did you see my update on the post regarding all the children who'd never heard of bin Laden?
I'd have thought that an event THAT BIG might be covered in every classroom across America and that the perpetrator would be discussed ... in negative terms, maybe? :-) Hopefully? Or is the ugly truth now thought to be too cruel for the new American? After all, we don't allow kids into awards ceremonies unless they won, so they won't feel badly...and we don't keep SCORE anymore because that might take from their self esteem....
maybe teachers today think it's just too much to show children there's real evil in the world, that we could be defeated by that evil so we need to toughen up?

Z said...

Now the Pakis are warning US? :-)
"The Pakistani army also warned that it would review its military and intelligence cooperation with Washington if the United States carries out any more similar raids. Earlier, the government had warned of "disastrous consequences" if the U.S. staged a similar attack on its territory."

If they won't allow more raids after such a successful one, I guess that's the ticket to understanding where their loyalties are, huh?
Maybe they'll take us to THE HAGUE (if our ultra left does not) and win.

Z said...


I"m beginning to rethink my original opinion that they should not be shown.
Lindsay Graham (believe it or not) just said something that also made sense:

The same people who couldn't wait to get Abu Ghraib photos published for the world to see how "cruel" we were to the prisoners there are the same ones telling us we should never show the bin Laden photos .... I thought that was interesting.

Since we went in and endangered the lives of our SEALS by doing so (instead of bombing the whole fortress), maybe we should show a picture..just one...and be done with it?

It's a tough call. It's not like people will be more upset at us for showing it, tho I originally did think's not like the people there aren't used to violence and the pix of the Saddam Hussein boys were apparently effective in shutting naysayers up when they were published...

Graham made an excellent point about Abu Ghraib...and the typical hypocrisy.

cube said...

Z, I have numerous American flags at my house. One large one waves outside my house with a light that comes on when it gets dark. I also have smaller ones of different sizes. If I were to run out and gather at an event, my chosen flag wouldn't necessarily be the same size as those of my fellow gatherers. I would assume a plethora of different flags being waved.

The identically sized flags was more evident at the white house crowd than those gathered at the 9/11 site.

I may be wrong, but I don't recall the 9/11 crowds having identically-sized flags during their events. I don't think there is a big conspiracy behind this, but with this administration, I have a hard time believing the information they put out for me to accept blindly. This is still bothering me.

Ticker said...

BD loves to fictionalize, as do all leftist. It makes them appear to be so "above" everyone else in their thinking. However fiction is fiction and nothing to be believed at all even if it does make you feel good. So BD if it makes you feel good to believe the fiction created by you and other leftist about the occurrences on 9/11 then by all means continue to do so but give it a rest since the people in touch with reality, not fiction, really don't give a rats ass what you feel because (note I said feel not think because the "left" seldom thinks about anything) truth trumps your fiction.

Anonymous said...

Not an over reach. No one knew what was coming next on 9/11. It wouldn't have been far fetched to think the WTC attacks might have been a diversion and an attack on the President's life was next. No one knew if there wasn't a plane headed directly for the school as he was reading My Pet Goat.

May 5, 2011 5:27 AM

I can't argue with someone who uses this kind of reasoning. I'm suddenly reminded of why I stopped trying to convince liberal haters of anything.

-FJ said...


Z said...

Cube, you are so right. I keep a large flag for American holidays in a closet and have very very small ones in my kitchen in a little 'pot' on a baker's rack.
Nothing the same size.

How COULD this not have been contrived...

BUT.......if the WH did pass them around, I was thinking earlier, so what? I mean, it IS celebratory and doesn't really build Obama see what I mean?
Conspiracy theories can abound but passing flags around doesn't strike me as essential part of that. I'd be curious that nobody'd say THEY PASSED FLAGS OUT because I'd have trouble believing there weren't a LOT OF REPUBLICANS in any crowd chanting USA USA USA! :-)

Pris said...

We've come a long way since "drop drills" in schools haven't we?

We all knew who represented the threat, and none of us liked the Soviet Union! We hated the communists, and loved America. But, in those days political correctness was not in vogue, and we were not dissuaded of this opinion.

There were missiles with nuclear warheads pointed in our direction, and we all knew it. We didn't care if all Russians weren't bad. If those missiles were launched what difference would it have made if that was true?

And if we had questions, we asked our parents. They paid attention and knew how we thought, and what we were doing. They were the authority in our lives, not our teachers.

Now, we're supposed to behave belly up in a submissive pose as if there is no threat. Pretend the "good" islamists make a difference. Do they?

If we're attacked again, are we to think well, many are dead, but, there are "good" islamists. Does that solve the problem? Hell no.

This is what's going on in our schools. If we don't talk about it, or learn about the enemy, we can pretend nothing will happen.

Hate the enemy? Oh no, we musn't feel that way. Pretend, deny, and remain ignorant.

Live in a virtual world, and if that attack becomes a reality, shock and dismay will take hold, and we'll be told we have to try harder to be friends with the enemy.

This is the insanity of leftist ignorance, because they hate America, and our enemy is an enemy because everything bad is our fault.

So parents, just ignore what's being done to your children. As long as they get good grades and go to a respected university, that's all that matters.

Oh, and don't be surprised when you don't recognize your children anymore. You gave them up long ago, when your careers and material goods became more important than knowing what was being done to your kids.

Z said...

Pris, I SO wish you were dead wrong, but you're so right.

I was talking to a friend the other day who said her girlfriend's children's teacher asked her to review something in their text book and the mother nearly fainted from the awful negativity toward America IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL TEXT....

PARENTS DON'T SEEM TO CARE (I'm generalizing because I know some who do, but.......) How could this be happening?

WHY are liberals SO BENT ON SLAMMING THIS COUNTRY? WHY is the ACLU donating 8.5 million to defending KSM? WHY are we allowing the American flag to be taken down at Gitmo? (Wait till my post tomorrow ;-)
WHY is Obama killing our economy by going so far into debt with unfriendly countries?
WHY don't kids have to stand for the Pledge?
I could go on and on....
A MILLION more on the list.

WHY, Liberals, is it so necessary to get our kids to have America? WHY?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it looks like this good thing (killing OBL) is also subject to PC bulls--t.

I just didn't think it would happen.

I'm wondering how people are responding to the media's manipulation of this event. Will we put up with being told how to think?

I'm also surprised to see so many libs turning against the President and his administration.

Anonymous said...
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MK said...

That's the retarded left for you, they'll peddle lies about American imperialism and what not, but refuse to tell people about a mass-murdering scumbag who murdered their fellow countrymen.

beamish said...

"Does "Bd" stand for "brain dead?"'s an abbreviation...there's five letters between the "b" and the "d" that are missing.

Game on.






beamish said...

Not an over reach. No one knew what was coming next on 9/11. It wouldn't have been far fetched to think the WTC attacks might have been a diversion and an attack on the President's life was next. No one knew if there wasn't a plane headed directly for the school as he was reading My Pet Goat.

So your final answer is that it's "concievable" to people outside yourself that al Qaeda might have logistically and tactically planned for months the hijacking of a passenger jet to loiter and crash into wherever the President might be on his itinerary on the fly instead of crashing into pre-planned fixed targets like the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and the White House?


Be honest. No thought actually went into your reply, did it?

I know the left is never going to send us a genius to debate, but do they have to send the people that blame Bush when they can't find their car keys?

beamish said...

Yes, it looks like this good thing (killing OBL) is also subject to PC bulls--t.

I just didn't think it would happen.

I'm wondering how people are responding to the media's manipulation of this event. Will we put up with being told how to think?

The only thing PC about me is my preference of computers (ba dump bump)

As I said down yonder in the other thread, and elaborated further on my blog...

"Put me in the "show me Osama's damned death picture" camp. My computer monitor needs new desktop wallpaper. I'll the image on coffee mugs and t-shirts. I'll wallpaper my friggin' apartment with it.

After the last near-decade of humilating Americans at the airport, even to the point of molesting innocent children boarding airplanes to keep up the appearance that we're not profiling Muslims for terrorism, and releasing photos of coffins of our fallen returning from Iraq and Afghanistan for the gleeful propoagandists on the left and in Islamofascist circles, after al-Jazeera TV aired the entirety of the Daniel Pearl beheading video throughout the Middle East, one of the last things I could muster giving a F about is sensitivity to Muslims. Do they believe Osama Bin Laden represented Islam or not?

Show us Osama Bin Laden's splattered brains. If it inspires outrage and threats from the Islamic world, send SEAL Team 6 to shut them up."

Now, I cringe a bit when the anti-Islam rants go over the top, as my sister is a Muslim and I think alienating an entire religion is just counter-productive (i.e. cooperation from Muslims helps in Iraqand Afghanistan...) As I used to say, "Bush can say Islam tastes good with a beer and makes you sexy all he wants, as long as he's killing terrorists."

But enough is enough. Any Muslim offended by images of a dead terrorist ought to be shamed and ostracized for it, if not investigated further for terrorist sympathies.

Thersites said...