Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bikers ROCK!

PLEASE WATCH THIS  ...... You'll want to cry and be sick at the same time.
What kind of country tells a kid he can't fly the flag to school on his bicycle 'citing safety concerns'?  Is that what we do, hide our flag because someone, probably from another country, doesn't like it?   Hopefully not.
What should be done is for people to rally and support the young boy..........there's amazing footage here in the linked video which will make you very proud.........Those bikers ROCK!...And thank goodness so many across the country are supporting him.  (those are California bikers, by the way :-)   "The flag will stay there and I WILL RIDE"  God bless that kid!

What do you think of any country which allows a school to tell a child not to fly his country's flag?  Oh, ya, I forgot, we also allow kids not to have to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance, what was I thinking?  I keep thinking this is still America and leftwingers haven't entirely ruined it yet....silly me.

OH! I just found THIS VIDEO which doesn't have the story but does have the fabulous sights!  ENJOY!

 So, what do you think of those bikers!?  YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  (I guess you can tell how I feel about them!)



Anonymous said...

Here's my answer to this. This is happening all over the country. We are indeed waking up.

Punks and "professors" better take cover.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree … refreshing. The LSU video is uplifting, too. I have no doubt the school’s rationale is to prevent Moslem terrorists from attacking the school. To my knowledge, this has never happened. So the question then becomes, “How is displaying pride in America dangerous under any circumstances?” My argument is just the opposite. If we remain united behind our symbol of liberty, only an idiot would attack us in the future.

As for thee LSU video, I expect some knuckleheads will complain that Mr. Haas lost his right to free speech. Not true. No one prevented him from speaking his mind. But the rest of us have free speech rights, too … So yes, this is great news. I just hope Americans are able to look in more than one direction at a time because the people who would destroy America are coming at the conservative right from so many different directions. Our friend AOW reminds us with her motto we must remain Semper Vigilans.

Z said...

What I've pointed out a few times here is that Yahoo's homepage only keeps certain headlines up for hours and hours and hours...they're almost always anti-Conservative headlines that make a Republican look's fabulous free advertising against the Right, let's face it, like Chinese water torture for all to read over and over again as they open their homepage and scan the headlines.

What's astonished me is that Yahoo STILL has "Bush Praised President Obama after Call on Bin Laden"

I find it fascinating that it's so important for leftist Yahoo to keep up a headline where their dreaded (and I thought diminished enough by the left's hate over the years?) Bush praises PRESIDENT if they want more and more people to see that "Even BUSH praised Obama" as if that's a huge wonderful thing.

Also, the use of PRESIDENT OBAMA is unusual in this case as they usually just say OBAMA in headlines...

kind of nice to see Bush might be still more something to fear than the left lets on...they like "the cowboy inarticulate mess's" praise :-) Who knew?

Always On Watch said...

A wonderful story. I bet that boy felt an even greater surge of patriotism with those bikers accompanying him.

Z said...

the BUsh headline finally disappeared.......maybe they read geeeZ :-)

AOW, the kid was crying in appreciation, so touched by the support.
Of course, he wants to go into the Air Force, risking death for his country; as if we can afford to lose patriotic people, and they're the ones we DO lose because they're the ones who will fight for America. man

Bd said...

While the corporatists are stealing the future of the middle class this superficiality is what outrages the right. Lol!

Sam Huntington said...

Corporatism is “running a state by large corporations.” Now unless I’ve missed something in the past two years, communists control the White House and Senate. The lead communist, aided and abetted by a communist House, gave away hundreds of billions of dollars to companies who should have been forced into bankruptcy, and worse, obligated the American taxpayer to replaying trillions in foreign debt. This is the price of nationalizing private enterprise, and interfering with the “invisible hand” of free market economics. Meanwhile, BD thinks corporate executives are running the country—which is part of Soros’ mantra. Nothing better demonstrates how irrational the communist left is … and prima facie evidence that they are in fact, brain dead.

Giving credit where due, BD is —if anything— consistent: anyone interested in preserving our Constitutional rights is superficial. Simply amazing.

Bob said...

I think it is cool when a bunch of 50 year old men jump on their cycles and support the rights of kids to attach the American Flag to their bicycles. What is not cool, but dim witted, is the school administration forbidding a child/student from doing anything that is non-threatening, and has nothing to do with the school or the student's performance.

When a school administrator strays into the political realm, they cancel any qualification they might have had as an educator. They are fair game for being fired.

As the the weekend is here, I am going to go out and slaughter some of that grass I have been watching grow all week. Have a good one.


Bob said...

OK. I have just discovered that blogger does not allow me to use HTML tags to make a link. Not sure why. Another Blogger difugalty.

So, how do I put a link into Blogger comments? The instruction tell me that I can use HTML tags, but they do not work.

Hayden said...

Expressing that concern about the preservation of the constitution is a superficial aim can be translated in the same way as: to be concerned about the safety of one's home or family is also superficial...

If we haven't the sense to preserve the Constitution of the United States, we might as well hand over the whole country to the likes of the communists (and people like BD)... oh wait, we already are.

The enabling of the de-constructors of the country needs to stop and this little boy and the group supporting him are just the type of people to help bring back a sense of pride and normalcy we need in this country.

beamish said...

getcher motah runnin... head out on da highway...

Louis H. said...

Bob, I can show you if you send me an email

Pris said...

This is super. One boy made a huge difference for all the country to see. Just think of the youth in this country, rebelling peacefully, taking this country back.

A great example.

Btw, I love those bikers!

beamish said...

While the corporatists are stealing the future of the middle class...

When are the United Auto Workers going to release their new line of Cadillac perfumes?

Bd said...

Wow Sam, you MUST be a Glenn Beck watcher with those distorted views.

Z said...

"Bd said...

While the corporatists are stealing the future of the middle class this superficiality is what outrages the right. Lol!"

Don't look now, BD, but the "corporatists" are who HIRE the middle class. But good try :-)
And, oh, yes...patriotism and love of country IS a 'rightwing thing'...sad commentary on your type, isn't it? I was worried it might offend you to see the flag. sorry.

SAM...thanks, I just saw your answer after writing mine above...well done. By the way, has the White House EVER EVER been run more like a CORPORATION with all the negative connotations the left puts on corporations than this one? Only it's a COMMUNIST CORP, as you say...TOO MANY CZARS, , TOO MUCH avoidance of any transparency...calling ALL THE SHOTS, telling others what they can and can't do...astonishing.
And the left can't see that...even more astonishing, isn't it.

Z said...

Bob, your link doesn't work! DO You have a blog or DON'T you???
Good luck with the grass!

Hayden, well said; and we supposedly have a CONSTITUTIONAL PROFESSOR as a president! Has he READ IT? :-)'re cracking me up now!
You should be lucky enough to learn something from Glenn Beck. Oh, I forgot; the leftwingers have maligned him with such obfuscation that you can't allow yourself to see another point of view because "HE CRIED!" :-)
No offense, but that's a little pitiful, isn't it?
I don't KNOW a Conservative who doesn't look at all sides of TV and News.. you should try it, you'll be better rounded and more able to vote intelligently...really! :-)

Karen Howes said...

Awesome story.

These nannying safety fascists need to be put in their place.

Z said...


WHat country do you know would ever deny a kid the opportunity to display his country's flag in the classroom because one kid was bothered by it? THIS is how far our left has gone in destroying any semblance of decency. OUR tax dollars pay for that kid who's bugged by our flag and he stays in school? Are you kidding me? Check this out:

Z said...

Bob, I did get into your link ...

But only after a friend who'd got into it yesterday found her link and emailed it to me.
Your links here are still not working..sorry about that!

Bd said...

Earth to Z: Bush had more 'Czars' than Obama and coined the term.

Too bad the 'corporatists' aren't hiring the middle class. They are squeezing them instead.

'Communists?' Really? C'mon, you can do better than this.

But go ahead, keep carrying water for those who are out to screw average Americans.

Z said...

BD....Yes, Bush had czars...they were started by FDR (Big surprise)..

Obama's number is still higher after only 2 1/2 years!! My gosh. And, of course, the term 'czar' is questionable...only in this socialist gov't is it more appropriate.

Yes, COMMUNIST ...okay, I'll take that back and say "wannabe communist"....Okay..'socialist'...
ya, what this government is doing is certainly that.

Tell us again who IS hiring the middle class? Mama/papa businesses? :-)

Bd, thanks for coming by again.......always good to see the workings of the liberal 'mind'.... some of us don't think it's 'superficial' to deny a kid the right to draw the flag and put it on his desk. SOrry you have a problem with that. Can you tell us WHY?

Hayden said...

There are times when someone is so emersed in idiocy and blind dedication to a lie that not even a dozen psychiatrists can save them. But do get help, BD ... you are serioiusly delusional.

Louis H. said...

Nice try BD ... but no Cuban cigar. You are a communist, and using Alinsky 101 won't work here. You proudly claim to be a progressive ... which is one in the same as a communist. Charlatan!

Z said...

hi,Louis and Hayden...thanks.

I just wish more people understood definitions; so many leftwingers still consider the Right 'fascist'!

Apparently, love of country's old fashioned and disgusting to some people...there isn't any need to keep trying to educate re the Alinsky/Communism/Socialism of this government, why BOTHER? I'm hoping to REALLY offend them with the Memorial Day post I just put together from information I kept getting and figured I'd better put it together now!

Here's a problem I see: The left maligned FOX before it even went on the air; I remember hearing CNN talking dismissively about it and thought "it's not even ON yet, what's it about?".
Since then, it's been INSULT BECK, GO THRU PALIN'S TRASH AND ANNIHILATE HER, ROMNEY'S "TOO MORMON", RAND PAUL is "another Perot", The "TEA PARTIES ARE ASTRO TURF" , "NEWT'S A WOMANIZER" could go on and ON and on...all to discourage and obfuscate.
So when people like BD hear that stuff, they give no serious thought to Beck, for example, who has NEVER EVER been able to be refuted..! Instead, the leftwingers got him off the air; which is really a GOOD thing because he can do much more now than he could before...and he's going to be working with KIDS so they can wake up from the awful leftwing indoctrination somehow...

ANYTHING on the Right is condemned, baggage is exaggerated, warnings are given to turn people it's very easy to insult the GOP, the Tea Partiers...

while we see John Edwards, Clinton, Kennedy, Wm Jefferson, Obama, Byrd (K*K recruiter), JFK, given pretty much free passes....and our media covers even the lies of Obama! UNREAL!! And people who heard the truth from the Right still voted for him!

we're racist because we believe Black America shouldn't be looked upon as 'less than'...we're stupid because we're on the side of LIFE, we're anti immigration because we're tired of supporting those who break in and hate this country and live on us,'s amazing.

not much we can do but TRY to wake people up.

Z said...

I'm listening to CNN, "do Conservatives have a FUNDAMENTAL FEAR OF RAP" I swear, they said that.

But here's a fabulous example of what I just said about obfuscation:

Jon Stewart talked about the atrocious decision to put COMMONS at the WHITE HOUSE honoring his 'poetry' :-) Kill cops, etc etc.

Ya, so Stewart says "are we really doing this again? What's the big deal?...Commons, the GAP model, COmmons the ..." And he listed a list of perfectly silly, benign examples of COMMON. NEVER addressing the problematic stuff. It's SO TYPICAL.

OH, they're quoting BILL MAHER as the authority now...apparently, we're all RACIST for not wanting COMMON honored, too! You can't make this stuff up.

Someone on CNN is now saying that we white folks need to grow up and realize a lot of people in America's experience is NOT the "Lee Greenwood, I love to be free" America. Sad, isn't it. I like rap! Do I have to be black for that? :-)
"republicans want bullets that kill cops...It's fascinating" I swear I just heard that on CNN.

and people listen to this crap

Z said...

apparently, the COMMONS song ends (one of them!) with "Do the right thing"'s a "story", he's not a bad guy!

Why didn't they release all that before the controversy? And ,oh, the disgust and giggling at the end of the piece...
they even said that after the Rodney King thing "cops and REPUBLICANS had to turn police into victims".


MK said...

That is pretty cool.

And i have to ask, would the school have been so safety-conscious if the kid had been carrying an indian flag, what about the mexican flag, some african one, a commie flag perhaps.

Maybe someone can find out, i'd like to see them muster the balls for it.

Bob said...

OK. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. My old HTML instructor would have flunked me. I was leaving out the "http://" from the link address.

Spurious Missives

Z said...

MK, I think this is about hispanics or muslims attacking if they see a flag, but I could be wrong; not a safety issue of the flag being in his line of sight or something....
If your take on it is the right one, you're so right about how fast the school would have reinstated the MX flag.

Bob, great, there it is! Except are you going to have to do that each time or can you connect it to your screen name?

Jan said...

while we see John Edwards, Clinton, Kennedy, Wm Jefferson, Obama, Byrd (K*K recruiter), JFK, given pretty much free passes....and our media covers even the lies of Obama! UNREAL!! And people who heard the truth from the Right still voted for him!

I know, Z, and speaking of Senator Ted Kennedy, I wonder why we never heard much about his collaboration with Russia to undermine President Reagan?

At least, I know I didn't hear anything about it on any of the news channels....just happened upon it one day while looking for something else.

It's easily Googled, but here's one link, in case BD, or anyone would like to check it out.

"Senator Ted Kennedy cooperated with the KGB, Soviet leaders to undermine Reagan"

I may have posted this link before, but if I did it was before some of your new 'commenters' started hanging around, anyway. :)

Z said...

Jan, Bd would just keep on denying.........

Pris said...

Bd, what we have in this administration, is a mixed bag which adds up to being a tyranny.

The mixed bag encompasses socialism/communism, and fascism, rolled into one.

It is communism which nationalizes industry and is run and owned by the government entity, such as healthcare. This was done against the will and consent of the people by the administration and one party in congress, which are one in the same.

Fascism controls private business but doesn't claim it as a government entity. Such as the recent order from the administration to Boeing, a private company, that they may not move part of their business to So. Carolina.
Another is the moratorium on private oil companies against drilling for oil.

The difference between socialism and communism is only a matter of degree. IMO, the term socialism just sounds less threatening, but the result is the same. The tyranny of the state.

Obama has gone so far as to call tax cuts, government spending, which translated means, individuals' and companies' money belong to the government.

America is not a democracy, it is a representative Republic, and the consent and will of the people must be adhered to.

So, you can call it what you want, you can fight over semantics, but a tyranny dictates the rules, and right now, that is what is taking place.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Z: I don't have a fundamental fear of rap -- of course, however, rap takes little if any vocal or musical talent -- I have, however, a fundamental hatred of THUGS and the Thug Culture that rap purposely promotes. You can see the results -- in DEATHS -- in any big, Leftist-run city in our nation.


Z said...

BZ, I kind of like rap, always have...i like the beat of most of it.
You're right, it's not RAP, it's the THUGS and some of the lyrics......
gee, pardon us, American leftwingers, if we don't think it's a good idea to rap about killing cops..etc.

CNN's piece about how "Republicans promote COP KILLING BULLETS" just cracked me UP. I guess those bullets only gravitate to CAR 54s??? :-)