Wednesday, May 11, 2011


            Yes or No?  and WHY?



Dan said...

My Mom, who has always detested Gingrich, told me recently that she likes what he is saying. I've always looked at my mom to get a feel for how people are being affected by the 24 hour news cycle. I think this bodes well for him. I'm not sure I would vote for him in the primaries, but I sure wouldn't have to hold my nose to vote for him in the general. At least hatred for the country is not his starting point.

beamish said...

He should be on a Republican administration's short list for Secretary of State.

That's all I'll say for now.

Ducky's here said...

There must be a reason to consider this embodiment of family values, let's see ... he isn't Trump.

I'd start by pounding on his affairs with staffers.

soapster said...

No. Because he's a neo-con and then of course there's this.

Bd said...

'Like what he's been say?' I here hypocritical drivel like one week Obama should invade Lybia and the next he criticizes him for doing so.

Otherwise he does have the lying GOP hate speak down pretty good.

FairWitness said...

Good morning dear lady, Z!

Make mine an emphatic YES!!!!!

We have already joined his campaign and contributed twice before he made his announcement yesterday.

Never mind his prior personal mistakes! He has the plan and the leadership qualities we need to restore our nation!

President Newt Gingrich has a nice ring to it!

I am so happy today!

Z said...

I'm not a fan, though he's smart and does love this country.

I will say that I'm listening to the liberals divulging information from Osama's journal "hit America, hit small towns, get the most people you can kill.............recruit blacks and hispanics (he must watch a lot of our news because he knows the victimhood the left has perpetrated on both makes them ripe for hating America and wanting Americans dead).."

I wonder where this administration and "journalists" will stop telling terrorists around the world Osama's final wishes; it would be quite a homage to his memory to carry a big one out as he's laid out and we've broadcast.
I wonder what other country'd be that stupid? I know Gingrich wouldn't have been.

Ducky, when you consider Clinton and the Kennedys, John Edwards, etc... as a Dem, I wouldn't go there.
By the way, since you GOogled, you apparently didn't look into the sites with "Gingrich AFFAIRS" because it looks like, when compared with the guys above, he's a poster boy for fidelity (and he isn't)
By the way, if Family Values is your best nasty little shot, we're doing okay with Gingrich....and here I wasn't a fan. Maybe I'll reconsider.

soapster, that commercial about did me in for Newt, no doubt about it. He'll have as much explaining to do about that as Romney will with the horrid Obama-like health care he implemented.
(By the way, I'm hearing from doctors that they're taking no new patients, they're stopping ANY insurance.....they can't give patients drugs because Medicare's stopped covering it's HORRID, and they tell me that's in anticipation of Obama Care...the little weenies NOW are sorry they voted for CHANGE, they didn't think they'd be losing their practices and being told how to treat their's just awful, and it isn't even HERE yet...thanks democrats.....)

BD...situations change, that's a pretty weak criticism, but keep pitchin'. "GOP HATE SPEAK"? Got any tapes of MSNBC about Bush?
Have you heard COMMONS, the Obama's big "poetry" hero!? Some message to our kids across the nation, huh?
Democrats must never criticize, it opens them up to such easy retribution...

Z said...

FW, well, that's nice to hear!
He certainly has some very good points, that's for sure.

Like Dan (above) said "at least hatred for the country is not his starting point!" Great line.

You'll have to keep reminding us why you support him(Smile!) I'd love to feel as excited as you do about ANYBODY who's running.......

The Born Again American said...

I must say that Gingrich doesn't hold back and isn't afraid to call a spade a spade... Please, no racial overtones intended... He will certainly have my support should he get the nod, but I'm not ready to say he's my top choice... Whom ever it is, losing in 2012 is simply not an option...

Ducky's here said...

z, I'll happily "go there". The man is disgusting.

You can straw man with the Democrat examples but that's just this little Coke vs. Pepsi game that's being played.

But expect a move back to something like a moderate center. The people have seen the Tea Party and they've had it. The Paul Ryan budget that even John Boner (R - Tanning booth industry) can't peddle has clinched it.

BB-Idaho said...

NO: I'm not a fan. He loves his country:
"Gingrich avoided the Vietnam War through a combination of student and family deferments. (He married one of his teachers at age 19.)"
[while he was chasing
deferments, I enlisted
regular Army]
He loves his country so much that he claims it caused him marriage problems:
"His second wife, Marianne, revealed to Esquire last year how the former speaker had presented his first wife with the terms of their divorce while she was in the hospital recovering from surgery for uterine cancer in 1980."
"In 1999, over the Mother’s Day weekend and on the same day his second wife had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Gingrich informed her he had found someone else.
In fact, he had reportedly been having an affair with Callista Bisek for six years."
At least John Edwards admitted disgrace and departed. Newt has some
big time baggage, IMO.

tha malcontent said...

No, because I don't want to see these old rehashed retreads in the race.
Thats one reason why we lost last time. We need new fresh blood. Someone with the guts to do to the Libs, exactly what they do to our candidates.
Destroy Them

tha malcontent said...

Well by reading what BB-Idaho said, I would have to guess that he didn't vote for Bill Clinton....

~Leslie said...

If Gingrich is the best the GOP can come up with, we are doomed.


Anonymous said...

Malcontent just hit the Vee ring. Those dimwits on the left who will help the religious right castigate Gingrich for his assumed lack of marital fidelity are the same dimwits on the left who thought that Clinton’s White House sexual peccadillo was “no big deal.”

Maybe 3,000 years from now the dimwits on the left will be right about that; so why the double standard?

gramma2many said...

I think he is a very intelligent man. I like what I hear coming from his mouth. I do not like that he has been a part of the inside the beltway crowd for so long. I am undecided. Of course if he wins the nomination, I will vote for him. I would vote for Barney Fife before I would vote for"O" though.

Z said...

oH, GAD, Newt came back from Blogger Computer Hell! WHO KNEW?
but NO COMMENTS and we had such good ones.............maybe Blogger didn't like an intelligent discussion from Republicans on the pros and cons... :-)

Gramma, I'd vote for Jack the Ripper by now.!!!

Pris said...

I'd vote for Newt. He ran an excellent campaign for the contract with America, and we won big and they followed through with it.

So, I think he's got his finger on the pulse of America, and I think he's very comfortable with it.

I sure would enjoy seeing Obama with his hands full, debating Newt.

Yes he has personal baggage, and he's already willing to confront it. The country's in serious trouble, and I think that will overcome almost anything else.

Chuck said...

I'm a no for the primary. Obviously if it's him and Osama, I mean Obama, I take Gingrich in a heart beat.

I think he's a little toxic with the public so he would be a squandered chance to beat Obama.

As to the primary, I can't get past his global warming bit with Pelosi.

Z said...

I'm with you, Chuck...

David Wyatt said...


Mark said...

NO! Too much baggage. The Liberal State run media will have a field day with him.

We can't fight the vast amount of misinformation, spin, and lies they will spew.

Conservatives can only fight back with the truth.

Liberals are not so constrained.

Z said...

I'm with you so far, Newt.

Pris said...

As far as I'm concerned, I think, when the left has no venom for a "conservative" candidate, it's because that's who they'd prefer to run against.

Even with our choosing our candidate, we're willing to allow the left to pick him/her too?

Oh well, they already control the agenda with obfusation, lies, class warfare and race, might as well just let them choose our candidate as well, is that it?

Misinformation, or lies can be used against anyone.

When we have a President, who'll say Republicans might want a moat, with alligators in it at the border, he'll say anything, no matter who our candidate is.

There is no "safe" candidate, unless it's safe for them.

Z said...

Well, Pris, as you know, I often say that the bigger the liberals and whining, the more they're scared of a Conservative contender, that's true.
Sadly, I'm not sure it's all misinformation about Newt.
That Pelosi commercial wasn't misinformation, that's for sure.
Let's hope he can pull this saying we aren't nuts about Newt doesn't mean we'd vote.....for.........

I can't even bring myself to say it :-)