Thursday, May 26, 2011

Netanyahu........this video is worth the watch

The information about Arabs in Israel is not known by many......I hope some of you take the time to watch this; it's short and he gives some excellent answers to questions from the public:

May he and Israel stay safe from those things he so well enumerates are a threat to them and the world.



Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

How refreshing to listen to a true statesman who actually knows how to deal with issues and can speak frankly and all without a tele-prompter.
Straight talk without spin and in a most gracious way. I say we bring Israelis and Bibi here and send all liberals and democrats there and tell them "good luck and good riddens".
It would be a nice change to have a leader who is actually concerned about its country's well being.

Bob said...

Why can't the United States have a leader like Netanyahu? The man is a natural leader, brilliant, and doesn't suffer fools like Obama, lightly.

Barack Obama is setting our civilization back a hundred years. We need to excise that cancer from our body politic.

Spurious Missives

cube said...

I've long been a fan of Netanyahu's statesmanship. I wish we had a few leaders like him here in the US.

Joe said...

Theirs is a leader. Ours is a child.

Louis H. said...

I think not every Arab has rights under Israeli laws. Some Arabs go to the market, and when they return home again, a Jewish family is residing in their house.

Some of these Arabs are Moslems, some of them are Christians … but that shouldn’t matter, yes?

Jewish people have no right to confiscate homes that have been in Arab families for 800 years.

Z said...

I would love to have proof that Arabs go shopping and come back to find Jews living in their house. Please link something. That's within Israel, of course.

No, it makes no matter whether those Arabs are Christian or Muslim, of course not. What's fair is fair and Israel's boundaries today are fair according to laws and the blood spilled fighting for it.

I wonder why these people called Palestinians are so hated by Jordanians, etc .... I don't believe they can live anywhere other than their territory that was given to them and Israel. I know Jordan killed thousands of them, and I'm sure you know that, too.
Why haven't rich Arabs from Saudi Arabia, etc., helped the people referred to as Palestinians? Israel can grow oranges the size of watermelons and they say the Palestinians are impoverished (who live outside Israel)...though I have seen quite busy, successful-looking souks frequented by well dressed Arabs.

The Armenians were thrown out of their homes (and 1.5 million were subsequently massacred) by Muslims and Kurds moved in and practically ate the still-warm breakfasts and helped themselves to beautiful linens, furniture, musical instruments; it all became theirs. Is that fair? of course not.

The Jews lived in that area far more than 800 years, by the way.

Bd said...

57% of Israelis agreed with Obama's plan. Not the edited version that Fox plays to get their minions stirred up with lies, the whole thing.

Z said...

They're scared. I know many Israelis who would give up lots of land just for peace. They've told me they hate the idea but they're scared, they've actually been in bunkers in their homes listening to missiles...what do you expect of them?

What's sad about the Obama plan is he must think that, suddenly, Arabs will stop killing Jews because Israel's smaller! How I wish that were true.
It's naive, but you can't blame Israelis for hoping....
Netanyahu knows differently....he's on the ground, he's fought for Israel, he knows exactly what's up.

So WHAT that 57% would go along with the appeaser? :-)

I won't go into your ridiculous FOX comment. Every chance you get.... Ya, and Suzanne Malveaux and Fred Zacharias and Wolf Blitzer are REAL UNBIASED NEWS!!!
You're hilarious :-)

Jan said...

Fantastic video,'s just too bad that there are still some who just absolutely refuse to see, or hear, the truth, and refuse to do any research of their own...preferring to get all their 'facts' from news networks, and commentators, who may or may not, know the truth, but still report in a very biased manner.

Did you know that the PA will now pay salaries to terrorists imprisoned in Israel? And guess whose money helps pay those salaries? They will be paid from funds and donations from other countries, including the United States.

How about it, BD? Are you even going to bother to read the linked article?

Maybe you don't mind your tax dollars going to reward thugs and murderers, but I'd much prefer mine going to some of the poor, deserving, citizens of our own country, who could use a little help, right now.

Bd said...

Z;said they've actually been in bunkers in their homes listening to missiles.

Yeah all those missile the Palestinians have, Lol! You crack me up!

Bd said...

And Jan, did you know that aid to Israel is a line item on our budget?

Anonymous said...

@BD: I wonder if you are intentionally obtuse, or if you are suffering from some debilitating disease, such as encephalitis. Palestinians have been steadily lobbing Qassam missiles into Jewish neighborhoods since 2006. You can’t be so stupid not to know that; you’re as dense as Sue.

Jan said...

BD...of course I know that the US gives aid to Israel...but at least Israel is our ally.

But what has that to do with the fact that I don't want my money going to pay terrorists' salaries who are imprisoned in Israe?

And why do you find Z's statement about the bunkers and missles so amusing?

Why not give us a few legitimate links to help us understand your point of view, if you are convinced that you are right?

Z said...

oh, my God, BD....I've emailed with people hunkered down in bunkers in Israel when I lived in France ...during attacks.
You aren't really that just can't be.