Monday, May 16, 2011


This is a GOOD THING.  He can say what he wants to now and he can hold to the fire feet which have never experienced that until lately.  And he's not afraid of anything. 
This is what go so many Conservatives excited.  Finally, someone who wasn't mincing words, who was less into the politics of everything and more into trying to find solutions, good or bad.

The article says:  "Trump promised supporters he would continue to voice his opinions "loudly" and "shape our politicians' thoughts" heading into 2012."

I hope he continues.....our politicians on both sides need to wake up and address, as honestly and aggressively, some of the things Trump was concerned about.

And, of course, the TRUMP EGO can't leave without adding........."I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and ultimately, the general election," he said.

Actually, I think he could have.  I really do.   But, his ego and the maliciousness of the Conservative-hating media which doesn't seem to be able to even listen to anything they can't understand or don't want to understand, would have done him in.  He's not going away...........he scared the Left to DEATH;  it's time someone did.



Chuck said...

I think his function is to raise hell. This is where I see Palin, not able to run for president but able to keep Obama's feet to the fire.

Plus, they give the fowl of the world someone to attack so they can deflect attention from Hussein Obama.

beamish said...

Every circus needs a sideshow.

He didn't scare the left to death. On the contrary, HE IS THE LEFT.

At the least, he's been nothing but useful to the left, and will continue to be useful to the left.

Instead of conservatives getting to debate Obama, now they'll have to debate Donald Trump's antics. Answer questions about Donald Trump's "opinions" and ignorance.

Hopefully, conservatives will give the standard "I wish Donald Trump the best and hope he responds to his medication well" answer and marginalize this publicity seeking numbskull quickly.

Z said...

Ya, beamish, in the meantime we'll be running milk toasts like Pawlenty and Daniel and hoping to win. Good luck!
I like someone who'll expose the WH thuggery and ridiculous least Trump doesn't screech like Palin does.

Of course Trump held Obama's feet to the fire....he scared him to death or his media wouldn't have come down so hard on Trump.
Thankfully, what does Trump care?
May he continue to do exactly what he was doing......just not saying the F word at public events. WHat a classless thing that was to do.

Chuck, I like some Republican to FINALLY raise's about time.

Anonymous said...
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Z said...
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Pris said...

Mustang, since we have a spoiled narcissist in the WH, all those others you mention are still preferable.

If we start picking these candidates apart piece by piece, we'll be stuck with the greatest threat to our freedom we have ever known.

There will be mistakes made. In fact, Obama does it pretty much every time he opens his mouth.

I'm not a purist. I understand these are politicians staking a claim. President Reagan had an 11th commandment: Don't criticize a fellow Republican.

We haven't even begun yet. the memory of the electorate is very short. Could we please let the show go on, before we cancel it?

Btw, Julius Caesar was betrayed and murdered by one of his own!

Z said...

Pris, Mustang deleted his comment and I deleted mine to him........
Thanks for your comment, still says a lot and it's largely how I feel and I know Mustang will vote, too, and it sure won't be for OBAMA!

Z said...

Pris, I've got to say your point about not criticizing our own is a good one and I feel moved to remind us all that Dems RARELY do that.
It's astonishing....they're monolithic and yes-men to their chief.
Lieberman was about the only one who really stood apart proudly because his integrity couldn't go along with the bunch.

I go to parties where liberals are and they're all just "yupping" the whole time "Obama's terrific, Bush sucks"...on and on.
Republican dinner parties are people discussing the merits of one bill or the other; one person or the other. it's a fascinating juxtaposition, really.
I don't know why this is......but it's the truth as I've seen it...

I just remembered standing in a buffet line at a friend's party and telling some fellow I'd met before something about a conservative platform that was being dissed by the Left and how I thought it was wrong of them to diss it ...he said he thought I was right but "I just can't bring myself to vote Republican"...
ANother time, a dear black friend said "Z, I agree with you on all that, but honey, I just have to vote with my people and vote Democrat"

and she's BRIGHT! geeeeZ

This is a function of the media and professors who have lost all integrity and simply put leftism above common sense and the good of AMerica.

The Born Again American said...

It's a great day, Trump quits and Gingrich commits suicide...

Leticia said...

Trump had some great ideas but also too many liberal views for my taste.

Don't overlook Hermain Caine. This guy has what it takes to get this country back to its roots, or close to it.

Silverfiddle said...

I like Herman Cain, too Leticia!

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...
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Z said...

Ducky, I had to delete you. Remember, it's my blog and I'm not taking that idiocy or anything remotely near those insults from you anymore..believe me.

I KNOW the left will probably win 2012...I know you'll have your freakin' socialist nightmare'd E Germany work for them?
We're doing all we can to keep this country together and you'll need to find another place to haunt and insult because we've got a job to do here.

Bob said...

Gonna miss The Donald. I did not like him, but he was entertaining. OTH, the strongest ones left are Gingrich and Romney.

I don't see Palin as a serious candidate, right now, although if she were to run she would be hugely popular.

Bachman may run, now, but she has a long way to go to convince people to vote for her.

Pawlenty? I am not enamoured with the guy. Nothing against him, though.

I still like Gingrich, albeit I have not been keeping up with all the stuff going on. Newt is by far the most intelligent guy in the race, including the bum in the White House.

beamish said...


You got your "Im in!" Obama 2012 sticker yet?


So the best defense against "thuggery and ridiculous actions" will be to rally around a pro-choice, serial bankruptcy declaring Manhattan limosuine liberal that isn't even running for President.

By the way, if you're going to use the term "milquetoast" incorrectly, at least unclench my teeth by spelling it right. :P

Bd said...

Obama pwned Trump then got Osama. Trump is history and so are his lies.

beamish said...
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beamish said...

the pressing issues of the day

Anonymous said...

This "election" will be about...Entitlements.

This election will not be about America or the Tea party or what's right about America.

This election will be about the Juan Williams and the Geraldo Rivera's idea of America.

Open borders....amnesty for the most undeserving segment of America that has the most grievances...those who escaped the crud, the mud, the corruption by illegally entering want to echo those failures here.

With the blessings of the socialists, secessionists and the party of slavery...democraps.

Z said...

Beamish, I've spelled it that way and been teased about it...both work.
I figured if people didn't know what I was writing, I'd make it easier :-)
And yes, I'd take ANY slightly Conservative candidate over Obama. Sad, but true.

Imp, that's exactly right and that's all I write about lately; it's entitlements.

beamish said...

Donald Trump is entitled to turn off the TV when a Geico commercial comes on.

Mark said...

Trump is not a Conservative. I would never vote for him...unless he was running against Obama. In which case it would simply be a decision between two pathological narcissists. I'd have to go with the one who isn't trying to destroy the country.

But, I'm glad he's not running. Almost anyone else would be better.

Mark said...

I'm wondering which Geico commercial he's talking about. There are literally hundreds like those stupid caveman commercials and many others but I think several of the ones with the Rod Serling/Robert Stack impersonator are pretty funny. In fact, my favorite is the one with the former Marine drill instructor/therapist. If all therapists conducted therapy that way there would be fart less people who think they have psychological problems.

BTW, I would never buy insurance from Progressive since the CEO of Progressive is George Soro's partner.

cube said...

Trump was fearless until the MSM turned on him when it looked like he could challenge the Won. Much as the internet and talk radio has cut into it, the MSM still wields
formidable power. The GOP candidates are in fear of that power.

Z said... Geico and NO PROGRESSIVE, that's for sure.

Cube, The Republicans are running scared of the mainstream media; they get slammed over the slightest thing and the Left doesn't.

Did you see Jon Stewart on O'Reilly last night, with his head in his hands over poor O'Reilly, "such a nice guy and I feel sorry you have to DO THIS.."? Ya, do this, like tell ALL sides.
O'Reilly handled him beautifully for a change; "this is a different viewpoint, that's all..."

Time and time again FOX has liberal consultants on and all sides discuss the issues, but THEY're the "poor guys"? I guess if you don't walk lockstep, you're a loser?
It kind of surprised me because as much as I don't admire Stewart much, he had appeared to be FAIRLY open to other opinions ..he showed a lot of that liberal "can't think outside the box" last night and will never win any respect from me.