Friday, May 20, 2011

Money and honesty

I love this guy's'll want to READ THIS, it'll give you hope. (real hope)


cube said...

Good for him. I grew up thinking most people would be honest and return the money, but nowadays I see the honest people as a small minority.

Z said...

right, cube....who'd have even thought we'd have to give kudos for being honest?

Leticia said...

That is really amazing! Most people would have pocketed it and never said a word.

It would have been a very tempting to keep it. Considering the economy and mountains of bills and car repairs.

But in the end, I would have given it back. I wouldn't want to answer to God for that, no way.

Z said...

Plus, Leticia, how hard that old guy'd worked to save and give it to his family!
who could keep it?
yet some would, I guess.

Brooke said...

Wow. I think I'd have a heart attack while counting that money!

What a great guy to return that! They say 'what goes around comes around', and I hope he's got lots of good in his future.

Ducky's here said...

Honesty and greed have been part of the human tragedy for some time.

It's nice to publicize acts of honesty but that doesn't mean they are any more unusual today.

Z said...

Ducky, I believe they're far more unusual today or people wouldn't react with such surprise and pleasure, obviously.
By the way, there's been greed and honesty since the beginning of man.

Brooke, I do, too!

beamish said...

I don't know that I'd return the money if I found it hidden in my home by the previous owner. Someone that can die forgetting about $40,000+ in their attic to will to their children when they die probably wasn't all that great a person anyway. I wonder how close that family was... daddy-o has loot stashed away for... nothing. I wouldn't want to be the father someone never had...

Nah, that cash would be spent quicker than you can say "gold bubble."

Z said...

Beamish! it does seems strange that he'd have squirreled away that much money; you have a good point.

BUt I couldn't enjoy even a moron's hard earned money!!
I guess that's why I could never be a liberal, come to think of it!

beamish said...

Well, I'd never actually steal the money from the guy for personal gain, which puts me out of the left-wing camp.

But as far as I'm concerned, without a will describing amounts and locations of caches of treasure, if I moved into that house and found it, it's finder's keepers. The old guy's intent was to screw his family, who am I to dishonor his apparent wishes?

He left that money for whoever found it.

Hopefully something good comes from this guy giving away money he found to people the money was intentionally hidden from - storing up his treasures in heaven and all that - but I could live with God putting me in a house with an attic full of money I can claim as my own without batting an eye. I'm sure any adverse tugging on my conscience could be warded off after six porterhouse steak and wine dinners in a week.

beamish said...

Now, if I found a lost wallet or purse on the street, I'd turn that in to the police.

But if I found a pile of unmarked money on a sidewalk... penny dime or thousands of dollars - that's mine.

Chuck said...


right, cube....who'd have even thought we'd have to give kudos for being honest?

I think you said it all right there

Z said...

beamish, would you take the cash from the purse first? :)

FairWitness said...

Character; doing the right thing when no one is watching & nobody would know.

Pris said...

Mr. Pris and I would have returned the money. It belonged to the former owner's heirs, will or no will.

Neither of us could have had a good night's sleep again if we'd kept it.

I do hope the children of the former owner gave this couple a nice reward for returning it.

beamish said...

beamish, would you take the cash from the purse first? :)


I wouldn't even open the purse to find identification in it. Just turn it in as is. Let the cops deal with the inevitable "wheres my $gazillion I had in my purse" question.

My cynicism is well-nurtured.