Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hillary had ALLERGIES?

HERE is a piece telling us that Hillary Clinton had her hand over her face probably to suppress an allergic cough.   I had been thinking that nobody in their right mind could look at what was going down without having his or her hand over her mouth in amazement, eyes wide, etc.  I'd have been holding my breath for every SEAL I saw taking his life in his hands....and I'd certainly be amazed to see Osama shot in the head if it's true that the SEAL who did it had a camera on his head piece and it was captured THAT 'up close and personal' for the whole bunch back at the White House to witness...

What's the point to Hillary's explaining it was an allergy?   Does she possibly think it shows weakness?  Why?  It seems odd she'd need to explain a moment that could have been just sheer concern and shock at probably seeing the first person she'd ever seen killed right before her eyes?

Isn't the allergy explanation a tad odd to you?  (so cough already, who cares?)



cube said...

I don't care what Hill says, it doesn't look like she's repressing a cough or a sniffle. She looks like she's seeing something she wasn't prepared to see. The problem her feminist mind is having is that it looks like she's the only one in the room that's been affected by the sight and it makes her look WEAK.

In her head it's OK to be weak, but it's not OK to be perceived as weak.

Anonymous said...

I think we should be careful about assigning human attributes to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Common Sense said...

Bin Laden is dead, killed by the United States Military. A President of the United States sends in the experts and tells them to kill anything that moves; he wanted total success and got it. Yet some try to find whatever they can to criticize, it’s really unbelievable.

We should all be very proud of everyone envolved in this historical event.

OK to criticize this operation, wrong to criticize the Afghanistan and Iraq operation, I don’t get it. Is it really because ones a Republican and one is a Democrat? What ever happen to being an American?

To many Democrats and Republicans and not enough Americans, IMO.

We got him!!!!

the real anon said...

Panetta has said that the cameras went off (coincidentally) for 25 minutes and they didn't see what went down. They only saw the approach to the compound. So it would make sense that Hillary was surpressing a cough. I do wonder what they were watching that would make obama sit in a corner and look like a little boy who just soiled his pants.

Anonymous said...

I'll say...there's just some occupations that women don't belong in.

Cops, firefighters, combat troops, submarines, aircraft carriers, Head of Homeland Security or Sec of State.

Her sitting there surrounded by guys who probably wanted to yell out...WTF...get that bastard and other healthy male expletives have to stifle them cause there's a female present?

Hell....I'd bet none of them could even let out a decent fart so as not to offend her Thigh-ness!

Relax ladies. Just look at the mess Nappy, Clinton and "Half_bright" have made of our country since we decided to go AA in government.

Thank God it was an all male Seal team...they don't have to lower their standards or the toilet seats in training.
Or be distracted having to protect her from getting killed, captured or worse.

Hillary...the old hippy....sitting there in a situation war room watching a live kill?

She was probably stifling a barf.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News...

"New Petition Favors Replacing Congress with SEAL Team Six
Elite Unit Gets Post-bin Laden Bounce

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – In a startling measurement of public opinion since the successful mission to kill Osama bin Laden, Americans in record numbers are signing a petition to replace Congress with SEAL Team Six, the elite unit that took out the al-Qaeda madman."

Scotty said...

The link is from The Blaze, I posted it on my blog too. 'Bout sums up the whole operation!

Pris said...

"Her sitting there surrounded by guys who probably wanted to yell out...WTF...get that bastard and other healthy male expletives have to stifle them cause there's a female present?"

Imp, I read a book years ago titled Bloodsport, about the Clinton years when Bill was Governor of Arkansas.

Trust me when I say, no one has to watch his language around Hillary. From what I read, she can outfoul the best of 'em.

I do not say this out of admiration for her btw. Class is not the Clintons' strong suit. Never was, never will be.

Z, all they had to say about Hillary's appearance in the picture, is, "she was anxious for our special ops team".

That would at least be believable.

Z said...

Cube....I think it made her look human, but maybe Mustang's right!

Common Sense, I think it's a curiosity that Hillary would need to explain her hand over her face! Don't you? :-)
Who the heck is taking away from the 'get'? Quit looking for the negatives here and you might have more fun!
Did you go on your Indonesia trip?

the real anon...thanks for coming by. Not that I think it's so imperative that we hear every detail (I often post that it's better we don't because we seem to be giving Al Qaeda primers on what not to do since we expose what they did wrong....) ...but did you hear Jay Carney today say how proud he is of the White House for getting clarification? All they've been doing is release conflicting reports so I"m wondering when the clarification enters into it.

See, PRIS? That's what I thought! Anyway, who CARES why she had a hand over her face? Every explanation is completely plausible to me....
The only reason I brought this up is the WHY? WHO CARES? It's fascinating that she'd have to say a thing about it.

Scotty, I'll take a look..thanks.

Imp...Replace Congress with SEALS? Don't tease me...PLEASE, GOD!

By the way, I'm not sure you'd hate Ann Coulter as Sec of Defense! I heard her last night say "They'd be begging for waterboarding if I were in charge of Gitmo!" SHe cracks me up!

Common Sense said...

We leave Saturday. My wife and family members are in the air coming into Santa Monica from England tonight.

Common Sense said...

Have you heard about the house for sale in Sullivan Canyon? A CM Design, you should buy it.

It's one of his best.

Z said...

CS, have a good time.
I love my home, but thanks for the lead.

Anonymous said...

"By the way, I'm not sure you'd hate Ann Coulter as Sec of Defense!"

Hmmmmm...I should have clarified that Ms.Z. There's a reason why good conservative women like her, Palin, Bachman, never wear short skirts too!

But I won't tell ya here..LOL

Bd said...

Oh BFD, anyone in he would be aghast at the carnage she was witnessing. If not, you're not much of a human being.

And really? This is what you have to complain about?

Want national security? Vote Dem!

Always On Watch said...

Didn't Obama say that he didn't see the moment of OBL's kill?

I note that Obama seems to be watching something intently. And his facial expression also seems to be one of glaring.

Obama also looks like the smallest man in the room and hardly Presidential. Hell, Hillary looks more Presidential than Obama does in this photo.

I think the expression on Hillary's face is one of concern/worry more than anything else. But, hey, what do I know? It is allergy season here in the D.C. area.

Anonymous said...
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Z said...

I don't think you're reading my comments, bd? Or are you just not comprehending?

This isn't about defense, this isn't about conspiracies...this is wondering (as I've said numerous times already ) WHY ANYBODY WOULD FEEL THE NEED TO EXPLAIN A HAND OVER ONE'S MOUTH.

Who CARES? ARen't there more important things to discuss?

"Want national security? Vote Dem!" what planet are YOU living on? GAD. tell ME why she'd CARE to explain!? Maybe you have some insight :-)?? And yes, if they're not looking at killing, they're sure concerned about something? I like to think they're worried sick about our SEALS getting out alive.

Z said...

Will this administration EVER SHUT THE HELL UP?? EVER??? Is this to show THIS WAS A GOOD "GET"????
Why reveal ANYTHING in the supposed bin Laden 'treasure trove of information'? WHAT IS GOING ON with these people?

Sam Huntington said...

I think BD is right. Thank goodness for leftists like Bill Clinton and Jaime Gorelick.

What great Americans they were; served us well. Unless you happened to be in the twin towers on 9/11 ...

beamish said...

Perhaps Hillary Clinton was mulling over in her mind that just a few weeks ago her State Department doled out millions of dollars to a guy pretending to be a representative of the Taliban.

I think it's safe to say she was the most clueless person in the room.

Want national security? Vote Dem!

Bwhahahahahahahaha WTF?

Why? So missions to pull the trigger on terrorist leaders like bin Laden get scrubbed 4 out of 5 times?

So North Korea can build a nuclear weapons program with nuclear reactors a Democrat President (Clinton) gave them?

So domestic energy resources can remain untapped and undeveloped so we're gambling upon South American and Middle Eastern stability?

So the dollar is weakened to the point the international community wants to dump it as a reserve currency?

So you can get molested at the airport to stave off the perception that we're actually looking for Islamic terrorists?

Be serious. Of all the things Democrats excel at failing at, fforeign policy and national security tops the list.

Anonymous said...

Damn...beamer....ur a genius.

Hell...that was better said than if...if....Patton said it.

Good damn on you.

Z said...

SAM, but don't you know 9.11 happened on Bush's watch and 'they knew airports might get hit' I guess the left thinks he should have closed all airports till the end of terror threats, maybe in the year 2033 if ever, right? :-)

Anonymous said...

"you're not much of a human being."

Nor was OBL...GFU...BFD.

Do you think warfare is a hug kiss and a shrug ya dope? I bet your video games in Mom's cellar are more violent. Even CSI or HBO carnage would send a tinkle down your leg, wouldn't it?
How old are you anyway? 12? 13?

BTW...dems know how to start them...R's now how to finish them and clean up your mess.

Where the hell is "Major" to respond to this...twerp?

Bob said...

I don't know why Hillary can't have allergies. I am allergic to her. On the other hand, when I first saw the picture I got the idea that she was somewhat surprised at the goings on.

Z said...

Bob...sure she can have allergies.

I'm obviously not getting my point across; I"m sorry..


It seems perfectly normal to me if she has an allergy and it seems perfectly normal if she was seeing someone die before her eyes, or holding her breath until our SEALS were safe....

WHAT's the big deal?? WHY did she make a story of it?

Anonymous said...

"I'm obviously not getting my point across; "

You got your point across, just fine. I was being a bit tongue in cheek (cheeky?) with my comment and I apologize for making dumb comments.

I believe the hand over mouth was a reflex, not an allergy. That's not the way we teach people to cough in public places.

Hillary was just as deceitful as ever.

MK said...

It's becoming crazy now, the picking and prodding. I actually thought that since obama was black and a democrat, these racist leftards would be rejoicing over his win. Instead they're carping about a hand here a back side there.

I can't believe this is even a news story.

Chuck said...

She's in a room full of libs, she probably has bigger stones than half the men.

Z said...

SO KoolBob is BOB and you're building a political blog? There was only the framework for something and I had "DONE" on my computer so I guessed more wasn't coming up on the screen? Let me know!

MK, It is becoming crazy.
come back and see my next will NOT BELIEVE IT!!

Chuck, amen to that !

FairWitness said...

Hi Z, I think Hillary showed the seriousness of what was happening. She was probably scared out of her mind for the Navy Seals. Plus, there are very few women, of any political persuasion, who have seen actual combat and killing. I'm sorry but that doesn't show weakness, GeezMen, it's lack of ever having experienced that. That doesn't disqualify her from her job. I thought it was human.

Her explanation of allergies? It's her typical disingenuous nature. She just can't tell the plain truth when she'd rather tell a perfectly idiotic lie. She is a fool for trying to explain away her horror. She should have told the truth, that what she was seeing was tough stuff and she had reacted to it.

Why the heck can't the Clintons ever just talk from their hearts? So disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Well, according to CNN, Hillary Clinton “ran with our heads down” from the plane to avoid a sniper at the Tuzla Air Base in Bosnia … so we’re talking about a woman with battlefield experience.

Oh, wait … that story was a pure crock of excrement.

Oh, wait … leftists don’t lie. She misspoke.

Bob said...

Z: I was checking the blogspot comment setup section, and if you approved anonymous comments, it would also accept name/url sign in. You may not want anonymous comments, but you probably moderate all comments, anyway.

If I could use the name/url sign in, I could sign in with my primary blog.

Just saying...

Z said... agreement. what's with her? I frankly thought a bit more of her seeing her be HUMAN for a change.

Mustang..well said! Yes, didn't she say she almost died there? They were being shot at?
but they weren't :-)

Bob...I don't moderate or you wouldn't see your comments until I 'let them out of the moderation waiting station' (see what a grasp of computerese I DO NOT HAVE? :-)

I don't want Anonymous comments for a while more; that's a long story but I hope to return to it fairly soon. If need be, I'll change it back. But for now..this is geeeZ...
I hope you stick around in any case!

Ducky's here said...

When do the conspiracy theories start?

Anonymous said...

FairWitness said it better than I could have.

Jan said...

Z...I wondered about the necessity of an explanation, too.

I don't think it was to suppress a cough, judging from the expression on her face.

She looked tense, and the gesture looks like when one is watching a horror movie, in anticipation of something awful about to happen.

The President looked like he was frightened, and almost like he was going to be sick.

whatever they were viewing was awful, or they're all pretty good actors.

Always On Watch said...

She made up the story to make Obama look better. Not that my theory makes much sense, I know.

Z said... doesn't make sense, but why why why?

Jan....thanks for saying that; that's no more a cough-suppressing hand gesture than if she were standing on her head to suppress a cough. I thought the same thing.
They're clearly wigged...why can't they admit it??

Jen...high words of praise!

Ducky...seems like it's the left coming up with conspiracy theories. I'm just pleased the guy's gone, I choose to believe it, and that's that.

cube said...

Hillary felt the need to come out and explain the photo because she thinks she looks WEAK. Can't have a big, tough feminist like her looking weak.

Z said...

Cube, I think that, too.
Frankly, it had made me like her just a tad more..(which is about 1 on a scale of 10 anyway!)
Now I'm back to a 0!!!

Anonymous said...

"I'm sorry but that doesn't show weakness, GeezMen, it's lack of ever having experienced that. That doesn't disqualify her from her job. I thought it was human."

You're not being objective FW. They have no business in serious affairs with respect to the DEFENSE of the US. They have no COMBAT experience...they have NO knowledge of what killing your enemy is all about. They've never tasted blood....never seen guts....yet have always lived in Glory without earning it.

This isn't time for some feminist , AA crap....this is about DNA and differences between weak kneed pampered feminists in charge of serious matters, that MEN ( over the centuries ) have experience with.

She and nappy are no Joan of Arcs. They're in their positions because we're afraid of offending them lest we question their credentials. Of which they have NONE....compared to a McCrystal, Petreaus or an Alan West.

When we get a woman who has the cred of the latter or even a Patton...I'll change my mind. Until then...these clowns in skirts don't belong in a war room.

These are jobs that MEN do...and Have done...we don't need to muddle the positions where we have two useless, inexperienced bobble heads to satisfy the hairy armpit crown of feminazi's.

Matter of fact...if they feel these two are capable....let them advocate the draft for women too...and front line combat positions. With no exceptions for the gender. Let's see how many fox holes would be filled by the "un butch".

But in hillary's can be said that she wears pants cause when she bends one can see her balls. Certainly her "husbands" are in a glass jar in the museum of natural history...or her freezer.

Z said...

I like "GEEZMEN"..FW said that?


I'd tell you what I think of your comment, Imp, but I'm safer emailing you :-)
The women would take pitchforks to this GEEZWOMAN!

Anonymous said...

"I'd tell you what I think of your comment, Imp, but I'm safer emailing you :-)"

Well I do like reading between the lines.

But like too many, I'm totally sick and over... this PC garbage, nonsense, lies, disingenuous bovine excrement that we're all "equal".

Maybe as a free people... but MEN and WOMEN dammit are NOT THE SAME!! We need to get over this role model BS, bra thumping , drivel and realize that we need experience in combatting terrorists...WHO ARE ALL MALES with minute exception.

Only another man will be able to look into the eyes of another male adversary and read his signals.

It's primitive all right...but we can sense the kill or the time for it much better than any woman who's been under the protection of men all their lives. will be and has been our nature to protect the weaker sex.....Period.

Now...go me the usual expected expletives cause the "poor" women don't have blood and guts and notches under their belts.

Z said...

Imp, we're not the same, but women are every BIT as intelligent as ANY man, sometimes more...
There are differences, however, and it's better to heed them.

Also, Viva la Difference!

beamish said...


My cousin flies Army medical evacuation helicopters into hot LZs in Afghanistan.

She's bad ass.

FairWitness said...

Imp, I wasn't supporting HRC's Secretary of State position. She's cut from the same cloth as the rest of the Obama Administration. I was taking issue with your assertion that NO woman could fulfill that role. You are dead wrong about that.

The strongest bad ass in the Bush Administration was VP Cheney (former Defense Secretary under GWH Bush) and he saw NO personal military service at all. The same goes with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

There are plenty of competent, capable, strong women who can make wise & tough decisions. NOT those of progressive political views, though.

I daresay a President Sarah Palin would be awesome!

Z said...

FW, I was Palin's biggest fan, and if she won now, I'd take my own life.

When she accused the GOP of being whiners about her November campaigning for Conservatives with "I'm only a soccer Mom...what did they think I COULD do?" i knew that was maybe the most disingenuous remark I'd ever heard.

Something's changed in her....I'm the first person to say how sorry I am about that.

You're going to HATE my post for tomorrow if I do decide to publish it:!!