Tuesday, May 31, 2011

JOPLIN........what can one say?

"We're homeless, jobless, and carless............"
"We'll just have to start from scratch...."
"We're alive, we'll be okay"
"I'm so grateful to everyone who's helped us.."
"This guy saved my life, I can't thank him enough...well, God saved us, but he saved us in the 'natural'!"
"God kept us alive, He protected us.."

Compare this tragedy with others;   I believe the tornado devastation in Joplin and in other States is even worse than New Orleans' Katrina.  These people don't have homes they will wait to have dry out;  these people are down to starting over, totally over.   I heard those sentiments above while watching a special on Joplin on CNN.   The video showed six miles of flat as far as the eye could see.   Just FLAT.  People have come home to a mound of toothpicks and they're grateful and will rebuild.  Like the man said....no home, no job, no car.   And they're grateful they're alive.  I am quite sure I've never witnessed such courage and strength before and I had to post on it.  THESE are Americans.........these are people with fortitude and faith.  May God protect and keep them and may those grieving for lost loved ones know we care and have them in our prayers.

I have such deep and abiding respect for these people I don't even know what else to say.  Maybe you do.



beamish said...

I was heading down to Alabama to visit relatives and get away from St. Lunacy for a while when the tornado hit Joplin. While in Alabama I went to Birmingham and Tuscaloosa and I gotta tell you nothing will make your life's problems seem insignificant and petty until you're standing knee deep in the rubble of other people's smashed homes and businesses.

I pitched in and helped with cleanup and scrap removal a bit while down there. Maybe this weekend I'll load up the trunk with canned food and drive down to Joplin and see what I can do to help. Even spending some money in a store down there will help out.

I gotta tell you, nothing encourages me about America than what I saw in person in Alabama and what I'm hearing / seeing on the news about Joplin.

Volunteers are truly America's strength.

Always On Watch said...

The American spirit of optimism! Sometimes that spirit of optimism causes Americans to stick their heads in the sand. However, that same spirit is what makes America GREAT!

Elmers Brother said...

My nephew and two if his friends drove from AZ with all they could load in a car. Delivered it and and spent a day cleaning up. American spirit at work.

FairWitness said...

Hi Z, not that it matters much, but Hurricane Katrina was far worse than the horrible tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri. Katrina ruined hundreds of square miles and hundreds of thousands of homes. The black mold that grows inside flooded homes condemns them. There is no drying out, they must be torn down. The area east of New Orleans, across the river was destroyed, some 70,000+ people in those towns lost everything. And that was just one area. Hundreds of thousands of folks were left with nothing to start over.

However, the destruction in Joplin is just awful. I feel so sorry for them.

Z said...

AOW, you said "Sometimes that spirit of optimism causes Americans to stick their heads in the sand. However, that same spirit is what makes America GREAT!"

That blew my mind; you are SO right. I've often said, in a less effective way, that Americans really believe "everything will always be okay" and that's why they do things like taking chances on people like Obama, with no experience, who said things proven false before the election, with shady connections; they really think America will always be the America as they know it so they stick their heads in the sand and vote for someone EXCITING! NEW!.... and look what we've got; a changing America that might just break their spirit when the truth sets in on healthcare, for example (It's already starting here and people are scared to death, as are our doctors)...

EXCEPT...that the SPIRIT IS SEEN as Beamish describes and Elbro tells us! THAT IS AMERICA!

Mr. Z would see tragedies around the world and AMericans sending Teddy Bears and money and food, and he'd say "It's just not the European mindset to do that; we just don't do that, it's not that we don't care but people aren't like that in Europe...what America's doing is amazing!" I'd be SO PROUD when he said things like that, really proud.

I'm SO happy to hear this in these comments....
Beamish, I knew you were going to Alabama but I also knew you'd do stopping along the way and helping, you'd said how you would have liked to have helped with Katrina but you were working then, so I knew you were doing something other than just the family time. THanks for your service. Heck, I'm gleeful you could FIND a story that had anything it left for you to buy!

You added "nothing encourages me about America that what I saw in person in Alabama...........this could just be what we need for revival in this country.
I heard person after person mention GOD and how He'd protected them...they're so grateful I was weeeping at the courage that always show, those Americans in difficult situations...WE DO HELP; AMERICANS COME TOGETHER.

It makes me feel so proud TO BE AN aMERICAN.......


Chuck said...

It's how a person (and by extension, a community) approaches life.

There are still some around that are self-reliant and believe in hard work to correct what is wrong with them.

Unfortunately there are far too many who believe they are entitled to having every problem fixed by the government.

We are rapidly heading towards a nanny state and if we do not get Obama out next year it will be possibly decades before we reverse the attitude that the feds owe us all a living.

Z said...

FW, thanks for that information, I knew somebody'd come through with it; Man, I just took an Ambien and I can hardly type before I get back to bed! Having admitted that, let me tell you I truly appreciate your information about Katrina.
I don't necessarily wnat to computer and find Katrina wanting in comparison; but I doubt there were six miles of homes and businessd in all directions demolished down to piles of toothpicks //// and in Katrina areas, I thought the homes at least look upright

A nurse called into some Talk Radio Show I was listening to...a fundraiser for Katrina, and she said they taking buses of Mexicans INTO N.Orelans to clean up. she was furious because she saw minority teens smoking the free cigarettes on their because flicking ashers all over, burning the sheeting, etc., and the Mexicans came in to clean after them.,,,,,,,sweeping around these 22 kids sitting on cots at the dome, smoking free cigarettes and not lifting a single finger to HELP........

you won't see this in the Midwest..they're thanking the Lord and helping their friends and boy, if a little witnessing could be thrown into the mix, what's the downsside?

Z said...

CHUCK, THAT'S FUNNY. I was watching Imus this morning and he had on the seal who wrote a book called Dream Team Six or something like that.......he was telling Don Imus about what it was like training, etc.

Imus said "I played the bugle in the marinse" the SEAL said "We all have our calling..." And Imus said he was called to do 'real things' but he was scared and did the bugling instead.

Chuck said :"There are still some around that are self-reliant and believe in hard work to correct what is wrong with them." and there always going to buglers who do NOT want to fight.........I sure can't blame them.


LOOK AT WHAT bEAMISH SAID :"I gotta tell you nothing will make your life's problems seem insignificant and petty until you're standing knee deep in the rubble of other people's smashed homes and businesses."


The Born Again American said...

This is in such stark contrast to Katrina and the "why isn't the federal government here to help" I'm lead to believe (not sure if it's true) that when the FEMA people got to Joplin, they turned them around... If true, all I can say is "GOOD ON THEM"...

Please stop by TBAA today and help in this worthy cause...

Mark said...

This is simply one more shining example of the indomitable American spirit. Speaking as a former tornado survivor myself, this is not an isolated attitude.

This should give us all hope for our country. Regardless of what Obama and his people try to do, the American people will persevere, and in the end, Obama will be defeated. God bless America!

Leticia said...

Beamish's, and Elmers and the rest of the comments brought tears to my eyes.

Our town survived that horrific day. I just remember hiding in my storm shelter with my two boys. Luner, my 11-year-old, was shaking all over and deathly white, Wolfie, 9-years-old, sat rock still and never said a word. As we heard the howling winds and feeling our house shake above us.

I cannot begin to describe the power behind these storms and the terror they inflict. You feel so helpless.

And we just got the tailwind of the tornado.

God bless every volunteer going to Joplin and every person who survived but dealing with such tremendous loss.

Very moving post, Z. Thank you.

Z said...

FW, I suppose that Katrina was worse...and that's not the most important thing, you're right, but I meant all tornadoes that have happened, not just Joplin (.."and in other states")
Still, my title is JOPLIN, so...
There's no contest, I just can't imagine finding NOTHING when you come up out of the storm shelter into your pile of toothpicks and not even recognizing the streets because there are no more landmarks.

Leticia! I'm so very relieved you were all okay...and that your house was okay. WOW.

Mark, this should give us hope; you're right. I'm trying!

Bob said...

I watched most of the memorial service in Joplin over the weekend.

The Methodist minister, who gave the best talk, reminded me that those brave folks in the middle of the plains, and smack-dab in the middle of tornado alley, share a common heritage with all of us. They are the descendants and inheritors a faith that is indestructible

I believe it is that faith in God that marks us and separates us from the rest of the world. It is that faith that gives those people the courage to keep going. That faith is one of those things that is at the root of being American.

Seeing President Obama sitting on the first row, I felt that his presence was more than just a photo op, which it was. He, too, was swept up in the miracle of the people picking themselves up and starting over. It was at that point that I knew he needed our prayers, not only for leadership skills and wisdom, but for his salvation.

In our criticism of Obama, we are only doing our duty as concerned citizens. As Christians, we should also pray for the man, and for his salvation.

The people of Joplin will survive, not because of the help of governments, but because of the nature of their faith.

Spurious Missives

Z said...

Bob, thanks for writing what I think will be my Sunday Faith Blog this week!!. It's absolutely beautiful.

I agree about Obama; I actually do think he is finally getting a taste of loving our land because he's been around the people who ARE our land and sees amazing, astonishing courage and strength and good there, and ZERO racism. I actually do think he might be waking up from the Dreams of His Fathers, the book in which he bemoaned the white blood in his veins.(and still got elected)

As his Chief of Protocol has made HORRID mistakes in the gifts to England on that first go-around, and on the way they hadn't given the British band at the State Dinner his toast, and the way Michelle hugged the Queen (the one thing you're told to not do is TOUCH HER...tho I think the queen is warmer than we think and she reacted beautifully and with generosity toward it)... etc etc., I believe whoever's behind Obama's 'curtain' is giving very bad advice and has played on Obama's worst character traits and I am hoping Obama's beginning to see that and not like it;

The Obamas have said they can't go to a church due to security problems when I know personally that Reagan had no problems attending the local church here, Bel Air Presbyterian...Bush had no problems attending church and we all know what kind of nuts were after him...........BUT, when Obama DID finally go this Easter Sunday, he went to a FREED SLAVE church whose pastor is a Jeremiah Wright Light. Another horrid faux pas, particularly if the media'd been honest and curious enough to have told the country. They barely mentioned it; remember the big thing they made of the CLintons every time they went to church on every Sunday? Pictures walking in, pictures walking out..

Anyway, I have considered emailing TD Jakes, who's supposed to be a mentor to Obama ...I sure don't see anything great coming out of that asssociation but we can never know. And I hope something's moving in him. What I mean to say is we're not seeing it in public.

For example...Obama has referred to the Koran as "the HOLY Koran" many many times, but I have never heard him say "The HOLY BIBLE"..

Also, you'll laugh: During a Prayer time with friends, one of the girls said "And Lord, we lift up President Obama..." And I couldn't help chime in "..and we'd appreciate it if you'd leave him up there for while!" We all cracked up.

We do have to pray for him. If he gets the faith stronger and stronger and truer and truer in him (not the Jeremiah interpretation), America may have some hope.

Bob, Please let me know if I may print this for Sunday...I will certainly link to you and your blog.

blessings, me

Z said...

FW, was thinking that the homes in New Orleans stayed under water long enough to be pretty thrashed, you're right about that.

I still think the emotional devastation of seeing NOTHING in your own hometown is particularly hideous and it's not just in Joplin, but I also see the resilience of these people in spite of the horrid devastation, the miles of nothingness.
that, to me, is astonishing.

Brooke said...

Government isn't going to fix this; it's going to be everyday people helping themselves and each other.

I even saw a picture of the circus that was slated to come to town and of course had to cancel bringing in their elephant to help haul off debris!

A far, far cry from the entitlement population in the Katrina disaster sitting around waiting for their trailers and free stuff when not looting.

Anonymous said...

There are some things that governments do well; not too many, but there are some things. Eisenhower’s interstate highway system was a godsend to the communist left because they saw this as one way to usurp the sovereign rights of states. And of course, any time the federal government “gives” public money to states or private citizens, we soon learn that more than the camel’s nose is inside the tent. New Orleans is a good example of why the government should focus on the things it does well, as enumerated in the US Constitution.

Americans helping Americans is what God intends, and what our founding fathers intended. I am proud of the people of Oklahoma, the many people in Mississippi, and in Alabama who confronted a natural disaster with optimism and resolve. I’m glad to see our people repudiating this idea that only government can save us …

Pris said...

This is the greatness of America. Her people, and it always has been.

People who aren't rich, or privileged. Instead, they are the salt of the earth. These are the people who make things work, neighbor helping neighbor.

They will find a way to succeed because they believe they can, and because they have faith in God.

It's through Him that they derive their strength.

They will help each other, and they will rebuild. They call this the heartland, and I can see why.

God bless them all.

Bd said...

Man Mustang, you are one uniformed warped individual. Helping poeple is exactly what our Constitution is all about.

Interstate highways were "godsend to the communist left?" Lol, you're a moron!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, BD ... the United States Constitution establishes a legal framework for the organization of the federal government, and its relationship to the several states and the citizens of those states. The Constitution does not apply directly to US citizens—no, not even the Bill of Rights, which required incorporation by the states before they could apply directly to citizens.

Therefore, "helping poeple" is not what the Constitution "is all about."

Before you begin talking down to others, be sure you are at least their intellectual equal. The fact is, you are not the intellectual equal of anyone who comments here—with the possible exception of Sue.

The other day, someone observed that you seem like a college freshman; I disagree. I think you write and construct your arguments much like a high school freshman —one with an equivalency of a 5th grade writing and reading comprehension level. One example of this would be your spelling of the word people.

Hang in there, though BD. You're always good for a laugh.

Mike said...

If you had paid attention in U.S. History class, you might know that the preamble of the Constitution states:

"We the people of the United States, in order to help people out, do establish and ordain this Constitution for the United States of America."

--big fat tio mike

Bob said...


Print and link as you wish.


Z said...

Mustang, excellent, thanks.

Tio Mike, ola!
I cracked up when I read your comment...it DOESN'T say that? :-)\
I was hoping the new commenter the other day "MIKE" was you...I'm glad it is.

Bob, thanks....I think you'll like what I do with it; but your words will remain yours :-) It was excellent.

Leticia said...

Z, I need to explain, I am from Jonesboro, we experienced the horrid storms and tornadoes, but they must have grown in strength while they moved north. We experienced loss but nothing of the magnitude of Joplin.

I hate tornado season.