Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Guiliani again?? Or someone "too far right?"

Think GIULIANI should run for President?  I was surprised to hear today that he's seriously considering it.

If you would like him to run, who would be your VP choice for him?   

I think it's important to hear what ol' Rudy has to say:

"If all we are faced with are candidates that are too far right so that they can't win the general election, then that's when I'd reconsider doing it," Giuliani told the Palm Beach Republican Club.
The GOP underestimates Obama at its peril, Giuliani added.
"He is a very ineffective president but a very effective politician," the former mayor said. Obama will win a second term "if we put up a candidate that he can isolate as a right-wing candidate, too far-right."

You all know how Obama's people and the complicit media will arm him with just the right words to do exactly that, to "isolate a right-wing candidate as too far right".......we have already seen it in the media/leftwing's treatment of the Paul Ryan plan, the way the media painted the healthcare plan and that Republicans 'had no plan', the way the left still blames Bush for the economy when he was constantly warning about Freddie and Fannie, they're saying Republicans want to strip Medicare completely, are homophobic, xenophobic, don't care about the environment, etc etc.,  and they will stop at nothing, consider the amazing and admitted search by the leftwingers into Chris Christie's past, and he's not even running.  We all know that nothing short of 'too far right' (and who knows what that really is!?) is what this country needs to straighten itself out (fiscal belt-tightening, real attempts at being energy independent, realistic climate discussion, etc), but go with me here and tell me your thoughts because I do think Guiliani has a point.

So, Guiliani or not?    I happen to believe someone like Alan West could win, but I have real doubts about Cain now, sadly, and Romney will have to completely reinvent himself to become effective, in my opinion.

What do you think?



Z said...

Yahoo's already at it! Pawlenty must be tracking better in polls than I thought! :-)


The Born Again American said...

He's pro-choice, enough said... Hey Giuiliani sit down and shut up...

Herman Cain is lightyears ahead of any so far official candidates... Would love to see Paul Ryan run...

Z said...

Hey, BAA...okay: if Guiliani did get the nomination, would you stay home because of pro choice? You know I'm not pro choice but I'm curious about your thoughts.
We got Obama because Republicans wanted to show the GOP something..they sure did, but they showed the whole country and have really screwed it up because of it.
My opinion, anyway.

Sam Huntington said...

Michael Tomasky is painfully honest to say, “…Democrats in general still tend to think that you win political fights by having superior arguments. This of course is manifestly not true. You win political arguments by framing the question the media decide to take up. That means being aggressive in your framing, creating conflict (which the media love) …”

He is likewise true to form suggesting, “…Remember when Paul Ryan’s budget plan was ‘courageous,’ for about a week, before most people realized it was dishonest and/or nuts?”

And who would that be thinking Paul Ryan, one of this country’s leading intellectuals, is ‘dishonest and/or nuts’ –-that paragon of virtue, Nancy Pelosi or her younger sister Harry Reid?

What Tomasky is wont to say is that leftists can win political arguments by employing all the tricks published by the demon-seed Saul Alinsky in his book “Rules for Radicals,” who he of course dedicated to Satan. Tomasky says nothing about honest discourse … just the kind of tricks that cause people to give up trying to have a conversation; or better yet, to get them to sit down and shut up. If Tomasky thinks that Pawlenty lacks courage, what must he think of Obama? Never mind, I was only posing a rhetorical question. Tomasky is a leftist, so we naturally understand he is dishonest.

Scotty said...

Yahoo's already at it! Pawlenty must be tracking better in polls than I thought! :-)

He skewered the one of the green folk's sacred cows!

Guiliani's moment that put him on center stage was of course 9-11. Is that enough to carry him to the presidency? I can't venture a guess.

He certainly isn't a republican in the Reagan sense.....I don't know, it's something that I think is going to have to play out....

soapster said...

Don't be fooled by Pawlenty's rhetoric.

If you get duped, you'll get your comeupance.

soapster said...

As for Newt...

No thank you.

Ducky's here said...

How much did he spend for one electoral vote? Fifty million.

Guy better be able to raise about 20 billion.

Nah, he's been away too long and he has no real platform. But take note of his warning, The tea Party business is losing.

Check out the special election results in New York.

Scotty said...

Check out the special election results in New York.

I wouldn’t get too giddy, ducky; Hochul won 47% of the vote, to 43% for Republican Jane Corwin and 9% for Davis. That’s not a very big statement when you consider Davis sucked 9% of the vote and Davis was a “republican light” candidate.

The republicans deserved to lose that seat.

That’s my old stomping grounds and I watched it all closely. Most republicans in that area are pretty much muzak

FairWitness said...

More wishy-washy middle of the road crap. Every time the Republican Party nominates a Center Right Rino, read weakling; we lose the election. We don't need a Centrist, we need a strong, true Conservative to the RIGHT. Rudy can go pound sand!

Thersites said...


Mustang said...

I think Mr. Giuliani is an excellent manager, but I have no confidence in him as a leader. The people who dealt effectively with 9/11 were under Giuliani, so he naturally received most of the credit. I might consider Giuliani if his “pro-choice” stance involved women keeping their knees together, but I will not vote for a man who thinks the murder of unborn infants is a personal prerogative.

Mike said...

Sounds like Guiliani is saying, "If I run, it will be because the other Republican candidates are homophobic, xenaphobic, mysoginist, racist right-wing kooks." Assuming that I don't find the other candidates to be homophobic, xenaphobic, mysoginist, racist right-wing kooks, I will take this as an insult by Guiliani and likely not support his candidacy. If,on the other hand, by not running for president, he says the Republican candidates are not homophobic, xenaphobic, mysoginist, racist right-wing kooks, there will be no candidacy to support.

Z said...

Well, looks like we're going to lose again.

The Born Again American said...

Perish the thought of letting this bastard have another term... Why don't we let Herman Cain, the "MAN" kick the "BOY" out of the Whitehouse... Don't scream racist, they're both black... The boy is referring to his childish behavior...

Silverfiddle said...

Giuliani is nuts if he thinks he can win. GOP field too right? Then vote democrat, don't stink up the GOP with liberalism.

FairWitness said...

What is it with supposed Conservative leaders and politicians who live in Liberal dominated big cities. How can they not know the there's a whole country out here that doesn't lean left? We don't need a Democrat-lite nominee, we must return to our core principles and values and run a candidate who will lead by them. If we do that, we will win.

Z said...

I WISH I could share your optimism that AMericans are smart enough in bigger numbers to realize the Left's sinking this ship.
I believe we're too into entitlement, victimhood, appeasement, and political correctness..

but we DID win November 2010, so.... I hope I'm totally wrong!

FairWitness said...

Z, the majority of us work hard to earn a decent living. We follow the rules, we go to church, we help our neighbors, we love our families, we do the right things. WE DON'T WANT OUR GOVERNMENT TO DICTATE TO US.

The ONLY real choice for change is to elect a Conservative government. We want to fix the serious problems this nation faces, we are ready to make the hard choices and sacrifices for love of our families and future generations and LOVE OF THIS COUNTRY.

Only through tried and true Conservative principles that made this nation what it is can this be done .... the Left's agenda is killing this country and every other nation that they dominate. WE ALL KNOW THIS. We will do the right thing. Have faith.

Z said...

Well, FW, I just hope that "we" is big enough. I have plenty of faith, but not so much in the American people, not after what I've seen especially lately.

WomanHonorThyself said...

I want Allen West too Z!!!

BetteJo said...

I would like a Ryan/West ticket - or a West/Ryan ticket. Too bad neither of them are running, doggone it!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You need a Name and you need a Cult of Personality.

The Republicans will NOT come together like the Demorats came together around Obaka.

It's their nature.

As my high school teacher, Mr Helms said in 1968: "Democrats don't win elections; Republicans lose them."

How true.


Lisa said...

The left would destroy Guliani. I want someone who can take Obama to the woodshed. West has the fire and Ryan has the logic.

How do you feel about Bachman as candidate for front runner or VP?
Yeah she messed up the shot heard round the world statement but at least she knows it isn't 2008 and the US doesn't have 57 states.

I can bet Obama didn't know where the shot heard round the world was either.

Z said...

Hi, Lisa, I am not as hot as many are about Bachmann, but maybe for VP?

I just WISH Paul Ryan would run.

I see nobody who can beat Obama today; he's slick, he's protected greatly by the media, he's lied and people ignore it, he's committed gaffes Bush would have been excoriated for...and nada.
I will say that many Americans might start disliking the very obvious media love fest...but, i don't know.
I remember hearing that he'd hired about 3 bigwig network TV news producers to work in the WH and I think they're doing a VERY good job. He's impervious.
WE know America's in trouble with him, but most people don't realize it's the good ol' America they're ruining through entitlement expectations and political correctness that has protected them and they won't know it's gone until it's really gone.

Lisa said...

Z I never saw anything like it in this country. Ans Soros also has ties to 30 different media outlets.
With this economy there is no way we can pay for the programs we have especially when all these baby boomers are up for retirement and unemployment numbers are dismal. I think people know something needs to be done and that other people's money won't last forever. We need logic not false "Hope".
It's too bad the democrats live in some alternate universe and they take some koolaid drinkers along with them.

MK said...

Seems to be slim pickings from the republican side. Maybe they haven't heard of the election coming.

I wouldn't be too frightened of the media though, i'm sure that Americans aren't stupid enough to swallow the BS put out by the democratic party's propaganda arm.

Pris said...

My niece voted for Giuliani in the last presidential primary, through absentee ballot, and not long after, he dropped out of the race. Her vote was wasted. She won’t make that mistake again, and I doubt she’d vote for Giuliani again. I wonder how many people wasted their votes the same way.

I’d like to remind everyone, that the prevailing wisdom for the 1992 election was that Bush Sr. Was a shoe-in. The seven democrat primary candidates were referred to as “The Seven Dwarfs”. So much for punditry.

As for referring to conservatives as far right extremists, have we come to the point where, loving our country, wanting a future for our children to have the same freedom we’ve enjoyed, and keeping the government of, by, and for the people, is extreme?

When Reagan began his campaign, did we know how great he would be? He was called “Bonzo”, “just an actor”, and an “amiable dunce”.

The media was not on his side, like the media will not be on the side of any conservative now. Is it possible we can let conservative candidates begin their campaigns, before we tear them apart? Isn’t it enough that the left will?

The pundits are no different now, than they were in 1980, or 1992. They don’t know what will happen in the next few months, anymore than we do.

Let’s keep our eye on the prize, shall we? Leave the naysayers behind, and look ahead, and for heaven’s sake, please, let’s stop the hand wringing!

Speedy G said...

This election will hinge upon what the Independents do and how angry they are at Democrats in November, NOT who the Republican candidate is or how "moderate" he is.

Proof... they elected Obama because they hated Bush and the Wall St. bailout. The RNC candidate (McCain) was the MSM annointed "middle-ground" choice. He LOST.

Bob said...

There is no reason to worry about how the Obama spin doctors will think about any particular candidate. It is a mistake let the opinion of morons influence the selection process for Republican candidates.

As far as a Giuliani candidacy, Rudy may have missed his window.

I would vote for Rudy over a Pawlenty, Santorum, Bachmann, or Palin. Why? Because I like him. Giuliani is a proven leader.

Some people would not vote for Rudy because of his position on abortion, but I don't think that should be a deal killer. We cannot reverse Roe v Wade, so why pretend that we can?

Spurious Missives

Brooke said...

Even if Guliani gets into the primaries, he has proven himself to be ineffective at campaigning. Will he pick another state like Florida to focus on and let everything else go to pot again?

That said, if he would make it out of the primaries, I would vote for him over Obama. Hell, you could point to a rock and say, "At least it isn't Obama" and I might go for that.

As for someone too far right, HELL YES!!! Conservatives won't want to vote for a lukewarm candidate. If a rock-ribbed full bore conservative who isn't afraid to tell it like it is entered the fray, (and the Dems don't screw up our primary process) I believe he/she could win with a landslide!

People want REAL 'hope and change', not a Republican Obama light.

Z said...

Brooke, we have to vote and vote for ANYBODY but Obama...we just can't afford another 4 years.

Bob, I think you're right....I don't see Roe being overturned, either.

Pris, I'm afraid we have to hand wring....which is find as long as we VOTE on that fateful day.

Ducky, you'll be deleted again and again; it's a total pleasure, believe me. You've got some nerve

Imp.......I deleted him so I deleted yours. But, you were right.

Impertinent said...

No Problem Ms. Z.

I wish he'd take a week off without pay too.

cube said...

I know the spin is in and I don't want the liberal media choosing our candidate for us.

Z said...

Imp, I may be giving him a lot longer than that with no pay..

Cube, we don't have much choice; they're going to do it unless we get a mighty guy who can articulate the platform and finally make people understand what a treacherous situation America's in right now.
If ONLY they'd listened to Bush when he was warning us all.

beamish said...

who would be your VP choice for him [Guiliani]?

Lady Gaga.

Dan said...

So Guiliani's campaign slogan would be "Vote for me, I'll take you to hell much slower than a super-lib?" The premise that a real conservative can't win is admission of defeat leaving us with only a choice in how fast we self-destruct. I don't buy it personally, and I think it programs us to accept and select jelly fish candidates like McCain. The "fiscal" conservative is a joke. They will select "moderate" judges in keeping with their "moderate" persona. We need CONSERVATIVE judges or it simply won't matter who wins elections, the judges will simply filter out all conservative legislation, kind of like Wisconsin, Arizona, and any other place conservatism blossoms. Backbone is born out of social conservatism, not fiscal conservatism. If this country want to toil under communist oppression, then it might as well get on with it rather than dither around with people like Guiliani.