Sunday, May 1, 2011


We'll probably get a hundred different reports coming in and you've all heard anything I could write here anyway, so I won't.

9/11 victims:  We haven't forgotten you.  We will never forget you. We think of you particularly tonight upon hearing this news.  I hope you're up there cheering.  God bless you.  God bless our great country.


Ducky's here said...

I want to see the long form death certificate.

Z said...

Ducky! That actually made me laugh out loud, that IS funny, I have to admit.

Z said...

Holy COW, David Gergen (the jerk) just gave credit to Obama AND BUSH........go figure...on CNN. That stunned me, I must admit.

you kind of hate to be glad anybody died, don't you? But, how can we not be happy this horrid man who masterminded such a nightmare in America (SUCH A NIGHTMARE that started so much grief!!!,) is gone?

I just thought of the New York Firefighters and what they went and dead. They deserve to be cheering, don't they. Well, who doesn't deserve to?

Ducky's here said...

Well, it was kind of obvious, z.

Not that I'm not glad he got smoked.

Z said...

I'm glad you're glad, Ducky.

I was just sitting here wishing we could pull all our soldiers back home again now.......THAT would be a very very happy day. Perhaps some of the Afghanistan teams looking for Obama can return to their families. I hope so.

Z said...

you know, Ducky, you can be really perverse. I said I thought your remark was hilarious and you say it was obvious? No, it wasn't. You just can't loosen up, can you.
come on, smile, Ducky........let loose!

Ducky's here said...

Details are quite interesting.

He got taken down in a fire fight in a Pakistani garrison town. He was taken in apparently in a luxury home, guy was in plain sight, not in some cave.

Somebody dimed out the MOFO.

Z said...

I doubt that just because he was in a luxury home he was in 'plain sight' way

Z said...

Ducky, I hate to think what we paid Pakistan.

MK said...

Great news isn't it, they finally got that sonofabitch. Hats off to those soldiers, they have all our thanks. I'm celebrating today.

Z said...

us, too, MK! Thanks, and thanks for being the most Patriotic American Australia has :-)

Ducky, the news on FOX is that this mansion was extremely secluded.."8 times larger land area than the other homes around it" so I'm thinking he could have been snuck in there and hung there for quite a while.
3 other adults killed...let's see who they are.

I didn't hear all of Obama's speech, but what I heard wasn't bad, I have to admit.

Z said...

am also hearing the compound had hugely high walls and amazing security.
Well, who the heck did they THINK was in there? It'll be interesting to hear the details as they become fact and not conjecture.

FairWitness said...

President Obama deserves all due credit for this operation. He received actionable intelligence in August and the CIA and US Special Forces tracked him for the last several months. And when we had bin Laden located, President Obama gave the order to take him. God bless the President of the United States!

Beth said...

I did hear the President's entire speech and wondered if he really was Barack Obama.

Z said...

Ya, well, Fair Witness, I'll go so far as to say his speech was good :-)
But, you're where credit is due...

SADLY, America's in hiding now...the State Departments issuing warnings already about Americans traveling anywhere. I'm thinking our having this guy's body isn't going over too well in the muslim world.
Well, who wouldn't have thought we'd become a bigger target the day we got bin Laden?

But, we'll get through this.......WE WILL.

Z said...

Hi, Beth! He almost had a humble tone, didn't he? amazing. ...thinking of our servicemen and their families, of the guys who performed this great 'get'...
I'll try to hear the whole thing; what I heard impressed me.

beamish said...

Military Force: 1
Diplomacy: 0

Z said...

Oh...I am hearing that Obama even mentioned Bush in a positive manner...this speech, I HAVE TO HEAR!

Z said...

I just heard more of the speech...I like when he said "America didn't bring on this came to our shores... " Very good...

I have to say, however, it kind of bugged me to hear Obama say Osama 'killed countless muslims on American shores'....I'm not sure that 'countless' would be a term I'd use if he means the few killed on 9/11....??>

christian soldier said...

everyone forgets that there are muslim terror training camps in south america-our BEST need to brought home to man our own borders...

Always On Watch said...

Apparently, OBL's son was also killed -- as well as a woman used as a shield.

beamish said...

U.S. Joint Special Operations Command Special Mission Unit (SMU) from the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU — formerly known as Seal Team Six) did the shooting. There were other JSOC spotters on the ground, as well as two special operations helicopters and an unmanned drone overhead.

One of the special-ops helicopters reportedly suffered mechanical difficulties and crash landed onsite. It was destroyed by U.S. forces.

Bin Laden was killed along with two al Qaeda couriers and one of Bin Laden’s adult sons. A woman who was used as a human shield by one of the couriers was also reportedly killed. Several other women were wounded and are reportedly receiving treatment.

The compound was located in an affluent suburb 35 kilometers north of Islamabad and is being described as huge, with a central building many times larger than other houses in the area and ringed by a 12-15-foot tall security wall. The compound reportedly had no incoming or outgoing electronic communications.

Always On Watch said...

I really love the way you closed this post.

Never forget.

Z said...

CS, there are known terror camps all over this country; particularly the NE and the NW.......ask AOW about that!!

AOW....his son? And a woman shield...isn't that just like a bin laden, to have a woman shield?

Qaddaffi's son and now bin Laden's son.........
well, fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

But it's worth it.

Always On Watch said...

Wow! Somebody is shooting off fireworks nearby. Celebrating, of course.

Major said...

Well Ducky....even you deserve a modicum of respect. In as much as you might agree that a POS like the goat Fooker Osamma...the grand poobooo...of islamists everywhere has gone to his 72 virgins.

Not that the bastard didn't have a harem here on earth...even in the caves of Afghanistan or Pakistan.

I'm sure he was so revered that any true believing islamist family he came in contact with gladly offered their 9 year olds to him without hesitation.

You're not foolish enough to believe he eschewed the word of mohammed or the, do you?

Like I said before I was in Mosul in '04/05...and it was Mosul that caused me my ultimate grief. But...we killed Odai, and Qusai quickly. O an O were an easy kill as they were weak, cocked up an demanded lavish Attention right up to to when we ko'd them.
They were reall men in the sense that they wanted to go out with poosy ( 2 Virgins each for now ), drugs and possible escapee by masereati! or a Mercedes 500.
Yet what we finally offered them was full metal jackets, ARR45's M15's fully auto Sigs and concussion grenades.

We gave them the ultimate mascho out.


Punks they were....but heads of state...we gave them a way out.

Many of your truly...,some here,...were fully involved and dedidcated to the death oif Aaadamass' "lieutenants".

This is not the end of Islasmist barbarism folks. It's the beginning.

I'm getting a bit saucier with each JKD cause it brings back volumes of memories,

Pakistan...the corrupt shithole it is...needs some serious explaining. And that is...why and how the scummy bastard murderer was in their camp all along?

Whhhhhhhhhoooooo.....wahhhhhhh....whhhhhhhhhoooooo......the Pakis ar ethe real out.

Z said...

thanks, Beamish....great information.
God bless our expert troops ..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!

AOw, thanks so much...xx to you, too!...

Z said...

Major, you deserve to be celebrating...!!!
I'd imagine we paid big dough to Pakistan for this, wouldn't you?

beamish said...

It's quite a blow if it's revealed that Osama Bin Laden's been living large in a mansion all this time while mouthing off about Muslim duties to join the jihad.

Z said...

man, has anybody else shed a tear?

I have to admit.......this rips open that 9/11 wound again and even with this great news, it doesn't feel too good, does it.

I'm so proud of our troops.

Z said...

Beamish, GOOD POINT! Obama's a " limousine liberal?" :-)
Do as I say, not as I do, you backwards dopes living in caves!! HAAAA! GOOD CATCH, Beamish!

Major said...

Awwwww....Duck...aren't you really upset that you failed to get OBL to teach a class in video 102....into a chasm of filthy 50,000 year old rocks and pretend to be a goat melting into classic academia?

Major said...

"But, how can we not be happy this horrid man who masterminded such a nightmare in America (SUCH A NIGHTMARE that started so much grief!!!,) is gone?...

Unfortunately the real bastard murdering scum awaiting back in Gitmo...but KLH was offered a civilian trial in the completely incompetent majic negro...eric holder.

Anonymous said...

I thank God for our brave soldiers!
I hope that this can reignite our spirit of patriotism and unity.
It should send a strong message to any terrorist that the US will never forget.

RightKlik said...

better late than never

beamish said...

They're also chanting "Yes we can!"

Z said...

t's amazing watching CNN and FOX and seeing SO MANY YOUNG KIDS yelling USA USA USA and singing the Star Spangled Banner, etc...

gad....this feels even better than hearing we got OSama.

Beamish...don't ruin the night, OKAY? :-)

Anonymous said...

Did you see that woman on Fox who has a son and husband in Afgahnistan?
People give SO much!!!

Major said...

"God bless the President of the United States!


Who the hell do you think started these CIA black ops? Not Junior...I'll tell you that.

I know that I was in there in ' that was my Boss...GWB.

Z said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Major said...

"O MANY YOUNG KIDS yelling USA USA USA and singing the Star Spangled Banner, etc..."

How many were muslims? Not one right?

Scuze me while I reload.

Z said...

Jen, no, but I got teary watching a firefighter with lung disease talking about HIS getting tears in his eyes thinking of the 343 firefighters who died and our finally getting OSama...that poor guy...retired so young because of illness due to the 9/11 after effects.

a husband and a son? my gosh

(Jen, I'm going to be arrested!!!)

Anonymous said...

I am laughing HARD!!!
U crack me up, Z!

Z said...

folks...I keep accidentally typing OBama instead of OSama at the most inopportune moments and poor Jen's been emailing me "HEAD'S UP!" and I've corrected my comments..yikes !!

Elmer's Brother just emailed me that Geraldo and another reporter have been saying Obama bin Laden and haven't noticed! Hilarious.
Well, the names are so close!

beamish said...

I'm happy we got the bastard all up in his house. Wooo ha!

Studying how Bin Laden eluded forces looking for him all these years will only improve the nailing of others like him more rapidly in the future.

Pris said...

This is great news. I echo all the remarks here.

The CIA has taken such a beating lately, but they are very instrumental as well, in this victory over a madman.

But the real heroes are our military. Our brave troops who gave so much for this country, are the ones we should be cheering for.

God bless them all. And major, you're part of this as well and others who made the ultimate sacrifice. God bless you too.

It was right for Obama to mention Bush. He had his hand in this as well.

Now though, we have to remember the war is not over. The world has Jihadists everywhere, who will regroup, and their planning and butchery will go on. We cannot rest, and must still be on our guard.

But tonight, we can celebrate. The war will continue, but this is a battle in this war was which was victorious. As always, the USA came through, and justice prevailed.

Joe said...

It IS good news that OBL has been found and doubt.

However, at this late date it will do little to asuage the horrible wars in which we are involved.

And in my mind, Pakistan should be wiped off the map...period, for having given OBL refuge and resources.

I am not celebrating as fervently as many, because OBL, while somewhat of an inspiration to his ilk, had become more of a figurehead than a leader. His death is almost anti-climatic.

We still have many miles to go before 9/11 is avenged, in my way of thinking.

It is time to win those wars and get out of the Middle East.

With OBL out of the way, it should be easy, now...right?

Probably not.

FairWitness said...

Good morning Z & all GeeZites;

A great morning to be an American! I thank God for past Presidents who looked forward to the future and gave orders to put in place the capabilities which brought about the demise of Osama bin Laden.

Major, thank you for your service and sacrifice for our freedom. Am I reading you correctly, that President GHW Bush, not W, is who you credit with the CIA Black Ops success?

I never did understand why GWB was reluctant to go after al Qaeda and the Taliban that fled into Pakistan. Instead he relied on the Pakistani government to go after them. We see how well that worked.

I'm glad President Obama had the guts to take the shot when we had UBL in our sights. That's more than we can say about former President Clinton, who passed on that opportunity.

Z, I, too, am disheartened that the killing of bin Laden will create more violence against Americans. But, this had to be done. We cannot accept someone in this world whose goals are to kill and terrorize free people.

Now we need to take out Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri, #2 in al Qaeda. That savage must also die.

I think President Obama is correct in saying that al Qaeda is responsible for killing far more Muslims than the USA is. Not on US soil, though. I think that was a misstatement.

I feel gratitude and pride today.... even for President Barack Obama. He did his job.

Susannah said...

Great day! Thinking of you today, Z. Hoping you're enjoying the celebration we all feel: moral victory, I'd say.

Ducky's here said...

The compound is a few hundred metres from the the Pakistan Military Academy, an elite military training centre, which is Pakistan's equivalent to Britain's Sandhurst, according to the BBC's M Ilyas Khan who visited the area.

From the BBC.

This is fascinating. How could the Pakistani intelligence agencies not have known his location for years?

defiant_infidel said...

Best Monday morning I've had in years...

Z said...

Susannah, yes...a great day,

Have missed you Def.Infidel....yes, it is a great day.

Pris, right...the war's not nearly over, sadly, and we'll probably get hit again in retalitaion.

Joe, I don't think it can ever really be avenged but it felt good to see young people who were only 12 or so when it happened holding flags and yelling USA USA!

FW..."than the USA has?" Is that what he added? I didn't hear that but he's right there, certainly.
I'm curious that he's giving Medal of Honor awards just this morning on all the channels...hmmm.

Ducky, you think we'd installed him that Pakistani Four Seasons? what are you getting at? We have to understand we paid for this get, and at least he's smoke.

Z said...

or fish food, from what I hear.

Z said...

actually, I just saw pretty good pictures and footage of the place where Osama was looks like so obvious a choice for him to be hunkered down in (barbed wire, satellite dishes, etc.) that's the first place anybody'd think couldn't be housing him! Too obvious.
We'll know soon.

Susannah said...

"Studying how Bin Laden eluded forces looking for him all these years will only improve the nailing of others like him more rapidly in the future."

"How could the Pakistani intelligence agencies not have known his location for years?"
I believe they DID know -- and have a lot of 'splainin to do.

cube said...

I'd like to send Khalid Sheik Mohammed a fish wrapped in newspaper, but it would be a waste of a good fish. He wouldn't understand the reference.

Z said...

Susannah...we don't know how long he was there yet, do we? The coming info will be interesting if we get the truth.
I just know our debt ceiling will probably now have to be raised just to afford the amount of money the Pakis demanded for Obama to get OSama.

Z said...

Cube..put a dead fish head in his bed maybe!? :-_

Z said...

"Obama himself had delivered the news of bin Laden's killing in a dramatic White House statement late Sunday. "Justice has been done," he said."

I'm glad he used the word JUSTICE because it so clearly evokes Bush's comments after 9/11....we will bring them to justice. How many times did he say that?

So, we apparently wrapped bin Laden in white linens before he was disposed of..."per islamic rules" Maybe David "Holy Koran" Petraeus made sure the islamic rules were adhered to. I don't blame them, I guess..anything else would have lit the world on fire;
A distinction between Islam and Judeo-Christian values is nobody lit anything on fire when they beheaded our Jews and CHristians........

JINGOIST said...

God bless the Navy SEALS!!

Anonymous said...

Now that the devil incarnate is dead....I believe there will be backlash.

And I'm disappointed that even in killing this animal, we bent over backwards ( PC ) to give him his islamist burial?! WTF!!!

For what reason? They'll come after us we should have fed his carcass to a horde of feral pigs.

And we'll just have to take it on word alone that we really got this cretin too.

Since they literally blew his head off....even pictures won't be recognizable.

Z said...

Imp..ya, I mentioned his disposal in the comment above yours..imagine?
As if the islamists will like us more? But we're all about bending to them now..that's the new American M.O.
Of course, we have to appear respectful even if they behead our people..........
and I have yet to see an ounce of respect to us, have you?

Joe Conservative said...

You people do realize that now that he's dead, every sixteen year old kid in the Muslim world will soon be wearing a tee shirt with Osama's picture on it.

He's an official martyrdom poster-child for jihad.

Killing Osama the man was easy. Killiing Osama (ala Che Guevara) the legend will now be nighe on near impossible.

Z said...

Well, Joe, at least we can do the killing.
Hard to accomplish the other with our leftist appeasing islam and promoting socialism for Che.

Joe Conservative said...

Sorry, but it's time to face FACTS. The war is over for America as of now. The American people no longer have a "legitimate" reason to maintain their will to power and do the killing in the Middle East that needs to be done to oppress the jihadi's. America will now declare "Victory" and bring our military home, leaving the fight to the next generation, a generation that will have forgotten the cause spawned by the WtC attack and the perfidy behind the Islamic cause.

Obama can now meet his withdrawl timetable, and the American people will be perfectly happy to let him do it.

Our former allies in the region are now, officially, "toast". Can you say "Saigon, 1975"?

Z said...

Joe, I absolutely see your point and mostly agree but I don't think Americans are QUITE that naive to think it's all over now and we can go home; though I wish that was the case, that we COULD go home without passing on terrorism to our children.
Sadly, I don't think islamist terror will ever stop; not until I'm wearing a burqa and you're filling out sharia paperwork for your next home.

Something's odd about all of this, there is NO doubt about it...and yes, Obama will be naive and muslim-loving enough to say "See? We got Obama and NOW WE CAN LEAVE THE MIDDLE EAST" That's another reason we MUST win in 2012. We need to protect Israel and our childrens' futures.

Beck's on ....I rarely watch him but man, he's making scary sense today questioning all of this.

Quick typed notes as I type and transcribe: Beck talking:
ARe we done in Afghanistan? Was this the objective? obama said we would get out, now he has the excuse. what will the world look like if we do?
Mus brotherhood..."with osama's death it's time for obama to end the occupation that has harmed muslim countries..." Watch if you can...I was typing as he was talking, but it gives you a feeling for where he's going..

Thersites said...

Are you kidding? Do you think that independent voters in the middle of America are going to vote for more war when Obama is calling for an end to it? With the economy in the shape that it's in?

The war is over. We LOST.

Joe Conservative said...

Obama was planning this "coup d'grace" to Osama bin Laden when he made the following commitment.

The man's "on schedule" to re-election in 2012 and THIS will be his signature/winning issue.

Joe Conservative said...

David Petreus has been handed the CIA. It will be up to him to continue on the "asymmetrical" fight as best he can w/o American boots on the ground.

Joe Conservative said...

...and with CIA fully engaged abroad, nobody will be minding the store. The DNC will be free to pick our pockets whilst the Mainstream media concerns itself with covering the latest Lady Gaga CD release.

Joe Conservative said...

Well played, mr ducky. Well played.

Z said...

Thersites, don't be so sure; Americans are also savvy about what Islam has in store for us.

Joe, David "HOLY koran" Petraeus is the worst pick for CIA director I can imagine. Remember him dressing in Arab garb and even some Conservatives saying "That's showing respect"? He should have been in UNIFORM when addressing leaders of other groups...not in their dresses. And I really admired him until lately.
And PANETTA, who most thought did a LOUSY job at HIS position, is now DEFENSE? The only good thing about that is Gates is gone.

Ya, have a point. Obama can be criticized for pulling out now but his crowning glory will be "But I did get Osama". To me, that's a great 'get' but to think Al Qaeda's still not powerful is silly.
Like someone said on FOX this morning in comparing Osama to Hitler or Mussolini..." this is not a regional/country leader...this is a leader of monsters in OUR BACKYARDS planning our demise." true. And, because of that, we can't leave the ME. NOt until they've closed down the training camps, and those HERE, too.
Why haven't we done THAT?

Thersites said...

Petraeus was the "bone" thrown to the RNC and the war party for the coming sell-out to dhimmitude.

Susannah said...

Z, darling~ re: how long OBL was in his compound...I have heard today that it was built about 5 years ago, financed by his $$. So, he has been there less than a full 5 years. Re: $$ to Pakistan...consider that our taxes built a compound that has housed our worst enemy for 5 years running, and then we had to pay to get permission to attack it?

OK, I'll say it, "Geeeeeeeez!"

Z said...

Well, Sus, nobody knows for sure if it was built FOR him, but your analysis is certainly a valid guess, no DOUBT about that.

That people didn't wonder WHO IS IN THERE? is an insult to America's intelligence.

Susannah said...

Insult to intelligence, yes indeedy.

Mark said...

Obama didn't kill bin Laden. The Navy SEALs did. And, they were under a standing order to locate and neutralize Osama which was ordered by President George W. Bush a decade ago.

Obama didn't need to "authorize" this operation. The SEALs know what to do.

Obama is just trying to take the credit.

Don't give it to him. He is a traitor to our country, and should be impeached before he is hanged.

Z said...

Mark, I think Obama has to give an order, or at least that's how it's being presented..NO? I mean, there are diplomatic situations that arise, etc etc...look at it now.

Do you notice how WE look like the bad guys even in OUR press? Now they're saying Osama wasn't armed as if some kid on the street took after an unarmed saint and killed him. (#*&RE(*&#$@