Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day...a little anger and an uplifting video you MUST NOT miss

Memorial Day commemorates the memory of our soldiers who died for this country and for the flag for which it stands. But today..........
Some can't fly the flag on Memorial Day.
A little boy can't display his drawing of the flag in his classroom.
Another little boy couldn't fly the flag on his bike to school
Children don't have to recite or stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance anymore....that's now thought of as 'coercion'...

The fact that our hard-fought-for 'rights' protect the people who are imposing their viewpoints on those above who can't even fly their flag anymore is more than sad. The fact that people don't feel they want to respect our country is worse...that is the biggest rub....what kind of people would encourage that? And, is that supposed to be 'more enlightened?' Apparently, there are Americans who are afraid that flying the American flag will offend some who live here but apparently hate America too much to have to cast their eyes upon the symbol of her greatness...and some Americans feel that's just fine. The guys in the FABULOUS video link below don't and........

....I don't. People who can't bring themselves to look at the flag should be invited to go to their homeland where they can fly their own flag high and be proud of their country, even if it will not support them financially or politically as we do. Imagine there are those in this country who will sell out our flag for votes? I'm sorry to sound so negative on this Memorial Day; I usually do posts celebrating the great Americans who loved this country enough to fight and even die not only for its flag but for the right to criticize her, too. But, I do not believe they died to protect the rights of those few who can't bear to look at our flag over the rights of all of us Americans who love this country and would like to fly Old Glory high whenever we can, and encourage future generations to.

I have never said this at my blog, but if you don't watch this video, you're a damned fool! Here are people putting their money where our mouths are! If you don't get teary-eyed watching even as you smile, then I'm the damned fool! Please give THIS VIDEO a's amazing, it's not long at all, and gets even better at the end. I promise.

This country needs something, doesn't it. You might not think it's prayer, that's fine. You may think the Creator had nothing to do with this country, but our soldiers died for the right for me to suggest He did. Except I am insulted for saying it and those who disparage me are looked upon as 'cool' and 'above faith'...........we need to all grow up.

God bless our fallen heroes who fought so hard for our rights and God Bless America......we really blessings..... now more than ever.



MK said...

Here-here Z, we down under share your appreciation of your heroes. As for those other rats, the ones who loath your flag and everything it stands for, flights leaving the USA every hour people, pick one, @$%& off and don't come back.

Always On Watch said...

I'd be fit to be tied if I couldn't fly our nation's flag from our front porch here at the AOW household!

Today at 3:00 PM, all who are here in the household (A therapist may be coming) will pause for one minute to commemorate our fallen in uniform (info about that moment at my post today). At the same time that we pause, we will gaze at the only portrait on any of the walls in my home: the portrait of my Uncle Bill, who served on our front lines in WW1 and was grievously wounded. Never have I known a more patriotic man -- even though Uncle Sam reneged on paying Uncle Bill for his many disabilities resulting from the wounds he received.

Always On Watch said...

PS: The video you linked to is excellent, Z.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Thanks for the link to the video, that was awesome! As for our Old Glory, always flying here along with the Canadian flag as that is where my Dad was born and buried (U.S. Army Master Sergent).

Mind you Old Glory is bigger and flies higher as is protocol.

Joe said...

Great video!

I noticed that President BO's response to the tornadoes was that they are a "national" tragedy, not an "American" tragedy.

It seems like such a small thing, but it represents a mind set.

It would not surprise me to see the American flag flown lower than those of other nations at the WH.

Brooke said...

As we remember our fallen soldiers, I hope we all have a good Memorial Day.

Bob said...

I wonder how it is to wake up each morning, thinking about ways I have been wronged, and looking for ways to blame someone else for my problems. The guy in the video is obviously not one of those. His message of life is positive, and therein lies his success.

I don't know how Bd arrived at the idea that the Irish guy was part of an occupying country in a place where he was born. He cannot help the vicissitudes of history, as Bd has had no control over the enslavement of blacks in this country.

Bd may mistakenly assign his own values on his interpretation of history, but at least he recognizes service and what it means.

Ya'll have a restful Memorial Day. Fly the flag. It will make you proud.

Spurious Missives

Z said...

Bob, thanks for responding to Bd, but I had to delete Bd; I never thought anyone would come here on Memorial Day with his sentiment...

By the way, BD, I'm sorry you "can't stand" those who "work hard to find articles about" the fact that the flag can't be displayed. Do you really think I had to 'work'? As if I Googled that intentionally!? No, sadly, no 'work' about it. They're THERE.

Now, let me tell YOU something; There IS no one who respects Veterans in this country more than I do. But, I have never been one to say that because they served I'm supposed to respect all they do or say. NO way.
Your service, I thank you for; the sentiments you expressed today aren't welcome here. ..not today.

Bob, thanks for saying "restful Memorial Day"...I've heard "Happy Memorial Day!" the last couple of days and don't really see much "happy" about WHY we acknowledge this day except for the burgers sizzling with friends and family with us and getting a good price on a mattress! :-)
I think it's a day to be mindful of the sacrifices of those who gave their lives, their families, and those who fought or are still fighting for our freedom.

Anonymous said...

" have never been one to say that because they served I'm supposed to respect all they do or say. NO way."

Good on you Ms. Z.

Especially when it comes from he/she/it!

I seriously doubt the claim anyway.

Thanks for all you're doing on this noble day.

Z said...

MK, thanks....I agree.

AOW, isn't that VIDEO AMAZING? It's the best thing I"ve seen in a LONG TIME. Very grateful to my friend Ron who sent it to me.
I'm so sorry our country let your Uncle Bill down. So sorry.
they need that money to pay for illegals, you know.

CHristopher! I wish Mr. Z were with me, our flag is difficult to install as we don't have a metal stand so he'd Gerry-rig something (his being German:-) I don't think there was a more patriotic immigrant. (Legal, of course, and never took a dime from America)

Joe...I'm not sure they'd fly the flag lower but one sure doesn't get that great feeling when we hear his choice of words, etc. I did notice that they're putting their hands over their hearts now for the Star Spangled Banner; that's an improvement.
I blame some of the Obama problems on their Chief of Protocol and have over these last 2 1/2 years as I've seen things done which invite criticism; there should be a law that says that Chief has to understand and respect our traditions.

Z said...

Impertinent...thanks so much.
Ya, it's hard to hear even everything McCain says or does met with "Well, he is a veteran and went through so much...." He sure is, and I respect his service VERY MUCH (he didn't serve because he was drafted, either, he chose to serve) and BROTHER, DID HE SUFFER!.....but he's done and said things I think aren't great in civilian life. I respect him and his service but I don't always respect what he says.

I really worked on this post because it felt odd not just doing my normal SALUTE OUR VETS kind of post; but I got to thinking how so many died never realizing they were protecting people who'd DISS the flag. One doesn't have to like this country, one doesn't have to like its flag, but Americans did NOT die for people who DO love this country and her flag to be told they can't. NO WAY.

Z said...

..and can't in a VERY public way if they feel like it, by the way.
Just had to add that because I could hear the leftwingers typing their insults as I pushed PUBLISH! it's not enough to celebrate in private because it insults some jerk...
Americans don't HAVE TO.

Pris said...

Our flag flies outside, on our home, everyday. Anyone who dared to come to our door, and complain, would get an earful, and that flag would remain there.

When it becomes faded from the weather, we replace it with a new new one. I haven't the heart to dispose of our faded flags, so they're folded and put away.

Years ago, during the late sixties, we went to a school function at our childrens' elementary school. We noticed the flag was not displayed at the side of the stage, where it had always been before.

After the program Mr. Pris approached the Principal, and asked why the flag was not there. He was told, some teachers there who were members of the newly formed teachers union demanded it be removed.

Well, Mr. Pris, proceeded to admonish the Principal in no uncertain terms, and said the flag had better be put back where it had always been.

I went to the school the next day, and into the auditorium, and there on the side of the stage, was the flag, and there it remained.

If we care, and most of us do, we have to speak up, and fight for what we know is right, for our American traditions, and respect for this country we love.

If we don't, it will fade from sight, and eventually, from the heart. We can't let that happen.

Z, the video was truly so uplifting, and heartening. Thanks for sharing it.

-FJ said...

G_d Bless America!

Silverfiddle said...

If someone is offended by the American flag they shouldn't be here.

Michael G Miller said...

Great Memorial Day posting Z. Your sentiments speak for many. I am familiar with David Fehrety from his work on the Golf Channel. He is a former PGA Tour Professional who had notable success as a player but his sense of humor was mostly hidden from the golfing pubic at that time. As an announcer, he is quite entertaining and very successful as his knowledge of the game, his experience as a player and his obvious wit have all come together. Nonetheless, even I, who was an "insider" in the golf world for many years, was unaware of his American citizenship and his deep love and affection for America. As is so often the case, people who have lived outside America, appreciate what America stands for more than many here who just take her for granted. And that is to say nothing of those (that you mentioned earlier), that go so far as want to destroy her. Americans have died for us and what our Flag represents. I have no problem fighting with whatever means necessary, against those that would now destroy us (mostly from within) if it should come to that.

Blessing from Mike in Anderson, Indiana USA.

It'll be 4 years in October.

Z said...

Silverfiddle, AMEN.
I hope you find the time to watch that's amazing till the end

Z said...

MGM, I knew you'd know Feherty!
Some day, you need to tell your hilarious Arnold/Riviera story here :-) remember?
And I'm glad you liked my post and watched the video, isn't that SOMETHING?
have a good day, J, too.

The Born Again American said...

I thought it inappropriate that I posted today on this special day something our 912 group is doing, but it has an old glory theme... Please check in tomorrow and see what it is...

beamish said...


And learn.

Z said...

"WASHINGTON – Americans from Washington to California marked Memorial Day with parades, barbecues and somber reflection in a holiday infused with fresh meaning by the approaching 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks."

I've been reading this sentiment in various articles on today's Memorial Day goings-on and it stops me every time....
Who needs 9/11 to consider how meaningful Memorial Day has always been?
I find it you? Are there really people who've forgotten the meaning of Memorial Day so much that they look on it as only a day of patriotism and caring about what happened to our country on 9/11?? wow

David Schantz said...


You have out done yourself. The video was great but my eyes are still a little damp. God Bless the young patriots that had the courage to display their flags.

I'd like to thank everyone that is now serving or has ever served in the United States Military. Thank you for the part you played in keeping our country free.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Z said...

David, that is so nice of you ..thank you very much.
I felt so strongly that this is NOT why American heroes died; not to champion those who can't stand to look at or stand for our flag...
God Save the Republic, indeed.
thanks, David.

Debbie said...

God bless them every one and their families. We celebrate that they gave all.

Right Truth

shoprat said...

I fly not only the American Flag, but also the Gadsden Flag, the Christian Flag, Navy and Marines and MIA flag as well (plus our state flag). Let them I can't fly them.

shoprat said...

oops let them say I can't fly them

shoprat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bd said...

Only eight percent of the general US population can claim veteran status, but about one-fifth of the homeless population are veterans. A huge percentage of our "fallen" vets are still alive but we don't see them nor support them. where's the honor, dignity and thanks...

The right drags them out on holidays as such to wrap themselves in their supposed patriotism and exploit them while the cow tow to the corporatists every other day of the year.

Z said...

Bd, people on the Right honor and respect servicemen who signed up to fight for this country.
You really stoop to anything to attack, don't you.
If you think ANY of us doesn't think our vets who still aren't getting help TODAY should be getting help, you are even wronger than you usually are, which is quite an accomplishment.

Pris said...

"The right drags them out on holidays as such to wrap themselves in their supposed patriotism and exploit them while the cow tow to the corporatists every other day of the year."

Bd, how dare you come on here, and say such a thing. What do you know about any of us? Do you know to whom we donate our money?

Do you have personal knowledge of each of us? No you don't, and as long as you don't you have no right to besmirch anyone here.

So please, take your hate, and your bitterness somewhere else. Perhaps a leftwing site which hates the military would be more appropriate for you. Ask them what they do for our vets!

Anonymous said...

Pris.....didn't you know he / sheet / it "claims" vet status? During Vietnam? I'm thinking it was with the VC.

Jan said...

Z...the video was so touching, and uplifting at the same time. It is heartbreaking, thinking of all of the young people coming home, without limbs, and so many with brain damage...their lives changed forever, and feeling less than human, in many cases.

The fact that ANYONE could forbid the display of OUR flag, in our own country is almost beyond comprehension.

We fly a large flag in the front of our home, and in the back, and both have a light shining on them, after dark.

For this Memorial weekend, we bought a huge American Eagle statue, which is for flag display, so we had not only our regular two, but a third one, sitting right at the top of the steps to our front porch.

We fly them, proudly, recognizing, fully, all that they represent.

If there is anyone who should be offended, it is we, who love our country.

It is we who should be offended at seeing other flags,and symbols, other than our own, being given more reverence.

God, give us wisdom, guidance, and direction...

christian soldier said...

Mr. Fehrety - thank you for the introduction - Z

beamish said...

Only eight percent of the general US population can claim veteran status, but about one-fifth of the homeless population are veterans.

Actually 13% of Americans can claim veteran status. There are some 40.3 million veterans in the United States.

Some more facts for you:

As many as 3.5 million people experience homelessness in a given year (1% of the entire U.S. population or 10% of its poor), and about 842,000 people in any given week. Most were homeless temporarily. The chronically homeless population (those with repeated episodes or who have been homeless for long periods) fell from 175,914 in 2005 to 123,833 in 2007.

80% of those who experience homelessness do so for less than 3 weeks. They typically have more personal, social, or economic resources to draw upon.

10% are homeless for up to two months. They cite lack of available or affordable housing as responsible for the delay.

10% are so called "chronic" and remain without housing for extended periods of time on a frequent basis. They typically struggle with mental illness, substance abuse, or both.


With the above in mind, the chronically homeless number in America is currently around 75,000 people. The 10% of America's homeless people who stay perpetually homeless amounts to roughly 0.02% of the entire US population.

One-fifth of 75,000 is 15,000. Fifteen thousand chronically homeless vets? Uh, no.

Veterans benefits and state and federal government hiring preferences almost completely assure that a "homeless vet" falls into the 80% of the homeless that remain homeless for less than a month.

Still, even if there actually are currently some 15,000 chronically homeless vets, be they either blissfully ignorant or too drugged out to realize the social advantages former military personnel have in hiring and public assistance to get themselves somewhere to live, 15,000 is still 0.04% of all American veterans. Four one-hundredths of 1 percent of American veterans are possibly homeless right now.

Straining to hyperbolize much?

Let me tell you something, Bd. If it were not completely absurd and asinine to consider leftists capable of rational thought for longer than half a second or outside some sick joke, I would advise you that mastery of math and proportional comparisons would be your ticket out of leftist stupidity.

But that would take the fun out of being an imbecile for you, wouldn't it?

gramma2many said...

Great video. It did bring a tear to my eye as I thought of my nephew Rory. Found out today that he is to be the recipient of the first fully functional bionic leg.

Bd said...

Lol, Notice beamish doesn't source his 'facts.'

Z said...
Only eight percent of the general US population can claim veteran status, but about one-fifth of the homeless population are veterans.

tHAT'S YOUR QUOTE, bd......


Anonymous said...

Yes, God bless our Veterans, those who gave all they had to give, and their families who suffer from their loss.

This was a very heart warming video, Z ... thank you for posting it.

Semper Fi

Lisa said...

What a beautiful video Z. Thank you for sharing it with us. Coming from a family of a long line of veterans with a niece and nephew enlisted now , and losing a cousin in Viet Nam I thank you for such a heart warming tribute.
PS-Nice to see another mindless left wing s---stirrer getting schooled by intelligent conservatives. There's alot of that going around these last 2 years.

Mr Z. would be so proud of you carrying on his legacy. God Bless.

beamish said...

Lol, Notice beamish doesn't source his 'facts.'


My figures and percentages come from Wikipedia's "Homelessness in the United States" article.

The conclusions drawn from those figures and percentages require only basic math skills to check.

The statement that all leftists lack the capacity for rational thought is so ubiquitously demonstrated every day by leftists such as yourself, Bd, that it is solidly indisputable.