Monday, November 21, 2011

Are we SAFE?

So...let's look at what we've got (in just this past week): 

A bullet hit the White House.

A top secret dossier about Obama's every step (including what car door will open) on an Australian trip was found in a gutter for all to see.  Who could have used it to attack him?  What an amazing coincidence that an Aussie journalist found it in the gutter!(what?)

We've found out that our CIA's had people captured and probably killed and Hezbollah's boasting about that and Iran's thrilled that they also found American agents. This should take major rebooting of our sources there and we haven't the outstanding manpower we had in the past even if we had the time. They're not afraid of us anymore; this is the worst American defense situation we could have ever imagined; and we didn't think we'd ever have to.

Experts are saying that deeper budget cuts than originally planned will reap "dire consequences" for America.

And the Feds aren't pursuing the NYC bomber because he's "mentally unstable" and "probably incapable" of having pulled anything off, anyway.  That's after the NYPD, one of the best in the world, says that they've been surveilling him since May 2009 and he was about to blow up a police station. 

Yes, I know, some liberals will think this is all fun and games,we deserve what we get, and there's no story here :-)..   But, this is addressed to my thinking readers who love their families and this country.   How safe are you feeling and do you feel different than you did almost 3 years ago?  

(oh, and none of these is a Yahoo headline, by the way...there is a headline about greenhouse gases and that some guy who's famous for making hot dogs died, however...)

(Think Chris Matthews feels safer?  Check out the video below; it MIGHT cheer you up!)


Ducky's here said...

That's after the NYPD, one of the best in the world, says that they've been surveilling him since May 2009 and he was about to blow up a police station.


With a home made pipe bomb? Get a grip,z.

Silverfiddle said...

"Are we safe?" is a very broad question. A better question would be, are we safer than we were 10 years ago? and the answer is no.

Technology serves the bad guys and the good guys alike.

Crazies can now easily get their hands on very sophisticated technology and use it to kill others.

We found years ago that bad guys were using Google Earth to plot mortar attacks on US and British bases in Iraq. 20 years ago such satellite photos would be the exclusive domain of government intelligence agencies and labeled Top Secret.

Disney was right. It's a small, small world.

Speedy G said...

Yes.... it's VERY safe...

Z said...

Ducky, try to think past the little things because there was more than that one tiny point you could diss again.
NYPD thinks it's important, DUCKY DOESN'T! FINE :-)

Silverfiddle, I think my list of today is pretty troubling and proves we're less safe than only 3 years ago.

Trekkie4Ever said...

Are we safe, to some extent I believe we still are, but if we continue to keep this ridiculous open border rubbish, not so much.

Honestly, there really isn't a safe place on this earth, but we just have to keep hoping that one day the government will open their eyes and realize that we need to have our nation protected at costs.

Z said...

I don't know; maybe the list I printed doesn't impress anybody else, but it sure is metaphorical to me.... absolutely is.

Ducky's here said...

Well z, if you want to be safe and stand up for democracy try Tahrir Square or areas in Syria.

aybe that will help you put your situation in perspective.

Z said...

Like I'm going to respond to that.
that's really something.