Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Republicans gone STUPID

I can't post the image I'd like to address here tonight because it's sickening and just plain WRONG, and I won't have it here.............so go ahead and click my link HERE and tell me what you think.  Let me add that I'm extremely proud of the Republicans who are condemning the awful thing but the excuse given by those who let it happen is so lame they should be fired.  I'm sure it'll be all over the mainstream news;  I've been out all day so I haven't seen any news yet.  Tell me what you've seen, please.  I'm interested in hearing how much the networks and CNN and MSNBC are making of this.  They have every right to make a lot of it, by the way.
We know the Left can be vile (remember how Huffington Post crashed under the weight of happy libs after Tony Snow died?  And you've seen posts about how happy libs are each time Dick Cheney's ill.....) and we know that the Right gets covered much more harshly than the Left......... but this thing is BAD and the people who created it are just plain STUPID.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'll bet Fox News was all over this, lol!

Z said...

you mean like MSNBC and CNN covered it when Huffington Post crashed from the thousands of happy emails after Tony Snow died? Or, like I said in the post, like they cover it when people do whole posts wishing Cheney would die?

I'm covering it; I don't give a darn if FOX is.

Brooke said...

Meh. I think the whole thing with the zombie Obama is really stretching as far as a death threat or whatever.

What I do have a problem with is this... NO outrage or nary even a peep from the left.

No double standard at all from the left again, I see...

Jan said...

As a matter of fact, libdude, Fox did cover it today, and I saw it, also, on my local station, and no one is happy about it, believe me.

It was an unbelievably stupid thing to do, and we're not rejoicing over it...unlike what happens with you guys when any tragedy involving a conservative occurs.

And in case you hadn't noticed, Z JUST COVERED IT!

Brooke said...




Anonymous said...

Only immature people finish their point with 'LOL'

Z said...

Brooke...come back! I can't get into your link.
If anybody else can, please tell me what it is :-)

Jan, yes. I DID! :-)
And FOX did, too.......good for them.
As I said, we didn't see CNN carry the horrid Tony Snow story about Huffington, did we.

Z said...

Brooke, thanks!
WHAT a link! Ya, the Left can stage "Kill Republicans with chain saws" but we all get outraged at our side using one stupid little poster showing Obama messed up?
Man, Brooke...put in context, things sure do change, don't they.

But, as we all know, the media won't show these things. And then they'll slam Glenn Beck for telling the truth. Go figure, huh?

FrogBurger..I know; it's almost pathetic.

Rita said...

I'm as disgusted with those pictures as I am with those that compare Obama to Hitler as I was as those that compared Bush and Cheney as Hitler.

There will always be those on the extreme on both sides and I find both extremes equally disgusting.

I call 'em like I see 'em regardless of which side they "claim" to be.

Z said...

MSNBC and CNN are on it about 80% of the time tonight.....
The Ed Show's poor girl he interviewed almost jumped out of her dress with excitement...eyes DAZZLED (or Coked up, I couldn't be sure, of course)..Oh, YES, they're going to GET THIS GUY! :-)

They're also suddenly saying this woman who supposedly wouldn't speak to POLITICO (the writer from there wouldn't answer ANderson Cooper and Cooper asked him at least 3 times "have you spoken to her?") now wants to talk publicly.

Well, the story would have been dead and gone had she spoken at first and everything was out.....this way, they drag it on; brilliant.

You cannot have a Black Conservative running or becoming Supreme Court Justice without the leftwingies going nuts....it'll get worse, it can only get worse.

Pris said...

Yes Z, it's inappropriate, and politically stupid, but not surprising.

MK said...

It is stupid and in bad taste. obama as a mindless and stupid zombie was enough.

I wouldn't be surprised if liberals get their panties all knotted up, they don't have any sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

It's stupid but freedom of speech is paramount.
As long as real threats don't happen, it's all good. Stupid but good.

My favorite image of Obama would be to see him naked on the throne in the morning smoking a cigarette whle Michelle is telling him how bad it is for his health. THAT would kill the myth.

And I think it'd be worth than the zombie.

Chuck said...

Z, not to shock you but I just posted on this. I found it disgusting. I don't like Obama but a President should never have his image with a bullet wound in the head.

Libdude, did MSNBC or CNN cover the Tony Snow hatred on HuffPo? Not likely. Keep trying to sell the lib bs that Fox is not balanced.

Z said...

Chuck, "not to shock YOU", but did you see my first comment here was all about the Huff Post and Tony Snow!?
Honestly, sometimes I think we were separated at birth :-)

Bob said...

The zombie caricature is accurate, but the bullet hole goes a bit far. After all, Obama is, politically, a dead man walking.

There's always somebody at a party that gets out of control. I don't see this as a continuing meme, though.

Greywolfe said...

I'm sorry, but I can't get worked up over someone making cartoons about the marxist in chief. Bullet hole or not. Is it tasteless? absolutely.

On the other hand, if someone did put the traitorous bastard out of our misery by pushing the marxist ass-hat down a flight of steps in the west wing, would I throw a block party? Absolutely.

A bit over the top? Sorry, having trouble with the fact that our nation is doing the snowball in hell routine and people are getting their shorts bunched up about a frigging cartoon.

net observer said...

Frankly, I don't find this terribly surprising OR offensive. It's was a Halloween thing, right?

Sick? Yes. Stupid? Yes.

I could easily see a rebellious no-nothing apolitical kid being responsible for this. It's not necessarily a sign of a right or left political agenda.

Z said...

net, this was no kid, this was a Republican group.
And I find it highly offensive when a president has a bullet in his head.

Bob said...

Z: you are correct. We need to put the kibosh on even joking about killing a person. When I was a youngster working on construction jobs in Memphis, I would occasionally hear some smart-ass comment about Rev ML King, "Somebody ought to shoot that son-of-a-bitch".

I don't remember who those people were, but I don't think any of them would ever dream of shoot anyone, themselves. They were poor people who had been brought up in a racist society. Like our liberal friends, they were repeating the things they were taught.

Words mean things, and nobody knows when or if you are joking with a photoshop picture of a President where you have placed a suggestive bullet hole.

Anonymous said...

And I find it highly offensive when a president has a bullet in his head.

It is offensive.

So is a crucifix in a jar of urine. Or the Mohammad drawings. Or burning a flag.

Dave Miller said...


I too saw this... and I even saw some fairly conservative blogs criticizing it. Your was among them, and for that I say BRAVO to you!

But I noticed some of the comments both here and elsewhere, that while rightfully were critical of this, did so in a congratulatory method.

They seemed to believe that their criticism was proof that they were more high minded than us more liberal leaning folks.

Let me explain.

As I perused the sites, I was frequently reminded of the response by liberals on the Huffington Post when Tony Snow passed away and yes Cheney's health. Conservatives were rightfully upset at many of the comments that seemed to have a good riddance quality to them.

This, and the general tenor of liberal critiques over the last few years of conservatives as unthinking, racist, poor hating bigots has only served to further poison the formerly bi-partisan well that sustained our political system.

However, let’s not be so quick in our understanding.

As mean spirited as the attacks and comments were towards Tony Snow, a man I had always respected, they were from individuals.

As wrong, broad brushed, and stereotypical as many comments are towards conservatives, they have been from individuals.

Not all conservatives are racist bigots anymore than all liberals are pure at heart. All conservatives are not unthinking dolts anymore than all liberals are pointy headed intellectuals. And plenty of libs can be, and are, stupid racist idiots too.

All of that being said, there is still a difference in the types of mockery that we have seen from the conservative side of the ledger, and this mailer is a good example.

Like the watermelon patch e-mail, this latest affront has come from a GOP official, a bona fide representative of his or her party.

The simple fact that an elected official, and make no mistake, leaders of state and local political parties are elected, has been the genesis of a large number of these hideous expressions, is much different, and in my opinion worse than individual democrats making equally horrible comments.

As leaders, people are held to a higher standard.

Many of us when speaking of Islam, have frequently said the absence of official condemnation of terrorism proves the entire religion is evil.
It is not unreasonable to extrapolate that absent a public rebuke from GOP leadership, their party approves of this type of material.

Ticker said...

It was very poor taste and should not have been published. Having said that.. When the LEFT apologizes for this then maybe I'll take the rest of their rant over the picture serious.


Dave Miller said...

Ticker, Interesting that the site you referenced spent a great deal of time on wanted posters saying they were essentially targeting President Bush.

It's too bad there were not people on the conservative side referencing this belief when Sarah Palin defended that very type of imagery.

With the possible exception of the John Kerry interview, and it hard to get context without hearing the actual dialogue {like when Michelle Bachman was joking] I dod not see any mailers from Democratic offices or central committees.

Don't get me wrong, what was said, and done was horrible and yes, even anti-democratic in my opinion, but it was not from official sources, as the current examples from Conservatives has been.

Z said...

Well, Dave, as usual, you just can't see that the Right isn't always wrong, can you :-)

By the way, 'individuals' actually CRASHED the Huffington Post with the weight of their emails...that's a LOT of 'individuals'...
Do you honestly think anybody thinks they represent ALL Democrats? Of course they don't...

As for Conservatives, I wonder if you noticed that the blogs about Edward Kennedy's desk were all respectful, kind to the family?

I have no idea what you're talking about with a watermelon, so I'm sorry that wasn't the widespread Republican faux pax you'd like to think it was.

I don't have the time or energy to list all the things the Democrats have said but a few are your leadership saying Tea Parties spat on some of the Black politicians about a year ago/ the truth is they did NOT. It was a lie.
It was Dick Durbin who compared Bush to Hitler.....
How about Nancy Pelosi calling the Tea Parties ASTRO TURF?

But, this is silly.
Dave, I'm sure you're a nice guy, but your hubris and constant attempts at belittlement are really unhelpful and so unpleasant....

No, I have never seen Republicans as vile as the Democrats but I certainly will condemn Republicans when need be; and this was a time.
Let's leave it at that.
Funny that STrom Thurmond's got a nasty cloud hanging over his head but Bob Byrd, ex K K K recruiter's background is ignored.
That sit well with you?

I wonder if you even realize the tone of your comments...? And if you expect us to blindly accept what you find is your truth? And, really, something I've been wanting to say to you for a long time is "How dare you?"

I don't know how much psychology you've studied, but there are people who are what some call 'Crazy makers'...talking in circles, insulting in compliments, confusing issues...and, frankly, I've felt that about you for quite some time, no offense!

God bless...and please, I don't come to your site and insult, I'd really prefer you stop it here, too. Thanks!

Lisa said...

"It's too bad there were not people on the conservative side referencing this belief when Sarah Palin defended that very type of imagery."

A little vague there Dave.

I think what Dave means is when Sarah Palin put targets on certain districts which has been done by both parties for years but the media being the vile a-holes they are withing 10 minutes after Gabby Giffords was shot blamed Sarah Palin for it.
No sympathy just politics.
I don't see the buck ever stopping in the democrat party, Obama's adoring media,or Obama himself.

Z said...

Lisa, you nailed it, honey.
You always do.
Thanks. xxx

Chuck said...

As mean spirited as the attacks and comments were towards Tony Snow, a man I had always respected, they were from individuals.

Dave, you are grossly understating this. Clearly the views at HuffPo do not reflect all liberals but there are a couple of facts you are ignoring.

-In these circumstances, Tony Snow's death and Dick Chaney's health, the comments were almost universally vile with virtually no dissenting or moderating voices from the left.

-You almost never hear an outrage from the left when a lib makes a hateful comment.

An obvious example is Hoffa

"Let's take these sons of bitches (the Tea Party) out and give America back to an America where we belong"

Obama refused to condemn it (even though the remark was for him) and no one else from the left came out and spoke out against it.

Read Z's post, note the outrage from the GOP and others on the right, and then explain why the left does not do the same when something like this happens.

Bottom line, there are idiots on both sides. The difference? We on the right have the class to condemn these remarks from our own, the left does not. You just fall back on the "yeah, but the right does..."

net observer said...

Z, that's bad. But I have to say, not shocking at all.

Z said...

net, I have to tell you my teeth grit when you say things like that.
You just don't listen sometimes.
NOTHING the Republicans could say about the badness of this thing could count, could it.

It's not shocking for people to post Obama with a bullet in his head? REALLY? What experience, what actions from the past, remotely suggest that's normal?

Greywolfe said...

Z, for me personally, and I'm sure that by now you know that I've been in a state of rage since the last presidential election, I personally am not shocked simply because the level of anger and frustration at the direction this republic has been forced down, and our inability to change it is finding unfortunate outlets in people.

It has nothing to do with past experience, more a realization of where mood and sentiment is among many patriots in this nation.

Ticker said...

Dave would have done better by doing some research on origination of the pictures, IE who sponsored them, rather than shot off at the mouth before his brain was cocked.

No reference to Dems or their organizations huh Dave?
Topplebush.com connected to VERMILLION COUNTY DEMOCRAT HQ, as well as Moveon.org, Air America, Media Matters JOHN KERRY,Common Cause and of course we know who funds these-- Soros and the DNC.

nogw.com funded by Soros and DNC

MOPaul funeding by Progressive Commission Soros and DNC Progressive Caucus

evergreen.edu a progressive liberal school with many highly suspect links and supporters.

It's real easy Dave to simply google, do a reverse IP number trace and BINGO it's all there.

Now please show me the links where Palin condones such BS. I don't want to hear the crap about a target either, that myth has been debunked so many times it ain't even funny.
So what ya got Dave?