Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Black, angry Conservative woman: She ROCKS

You won't want to miss this:

I'd love to hear the facts refuted.........but, the people just walk away..............typical.
Lisa, thanks for getting this to me.  great stuff. xx


beamish said...

She's everything Herman Cain is not.

Always On Watch said...


She does have her facts in order.

I've seen what LBJ's War on Poverty has done to the inner city of Washington. Hideous results.

Good find, Z.

Ducky's here said...

Marx didn't say anything about children being controlled by the state. She's thinking of Georg Lukacs.

But anyway she presents a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

Brooke said...

Preach it!!! That lady is spot-on-it!!!

Also, is that old jerk SERIOUS?!? He's rather a kid be dead than poor?!?

Liberalism is truly a mental disorder!

tha malcontent said...

We must not let them pick our candidates.

Silverfiddle said...

But anyway she presents a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

Yeah. Doesn't that woman realize that's the liberal's provenance?

Regardless, she confronted people with some cold, hard reality and nobody but that one guy even wanted to deal with it. And her point on the war on poverty was a good one.

Bob said...

Can you believe the guy who tried to argue that because someone didn't adopt children, they were hypocrites?

Liberals believe killing a fetus is justified because there is a chance the resulting child would be born in poverty. This is what is masquerades for morals in the Democrat Party.

It has been demonstrated by this attitude, and the writings of Paul Ehrlich and John Holdren (Obama's science adviser) that genocide is a legitimate solution for a number of social ills.

The Democrats see genocide as social justice, as contrived an idea as there ever was.

Bob said...

Ducky uses his Latin, " post hoc ergo propter hoc " in an effort to pose an argument without a subject.

Which outlandish statement illustrates the fallacy for which Ducky so ardently searches?

1. Abortion is genocide.
2. LBJ's welfare has contributed to the dissolution of the nuclear family.
3. If you don't adopt children, your anti-abortion position is hypocritical.

If you chose #3, you would be correct , but it was not the conservative lady who proposed this idiocy. It was the white, liberal doofus in the crowd.

Speedy G said...

Marx didn't say anything about children being controlled by the state.

One class... all workers... all producing what the State tells them to produce.

Anonymous said...

But anyway she presents a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

Thanks Ducky for my intellectual Viagra of the morning.

Speedy G said...

...and worse, all being indoctrinated with a "free education" oriented towards serving the State's needs.

Speedy G said...

Blacks are liberalism's "canary in the coalmine". Well, the canary is dying. So who's to blame?

Z said...

Aow, firsthand information is always good to 'hideous' as it is. I'm so tired of the lies.

Ducky, never let us down; ignore the message for a detail. Marx didn't have time to control our children; obama and hillary are.

Brooke, my jaw dropped, too.

mal..sadly, they are.

SF.. facts beguile them.

Bob, Ducky either can't or won't grasp the points of our posts in order to keep his fallacy alive.

Speedy...who do YOU think's to blame?

Speedy G said...

The guys who dug the mine.

Pris said...

This woman is great. She does rock! The others walked away because they couldn't refute what she was saying. Denial is a thought killer!

Ducky, let's focus on who did want to control the proliferation of who she thought were inferior human beings.

The mother of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, who was a eugenecist and a racist of the first order, and still today is a heroine of the progressives.

Marx isn't the only tyrant in your bag of tricks.

Elmers Brother said...

Amen Pris Amen.

beakerkin said...

At least Ducky didn't resort to his usual racial epithets. A person that calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah is capable of anything.

Facts and logic make no sense to the Duck who frequently calls me a Kahanist. A Kahanist with Hindu family is an unlikely advocate of a theocracy.

Elmers Brother said...

And duhkkkys tin foil hat conspiracy about Calvinism doesn't cut the mustard either

Jan said...

Wow..that woman deserves a medal for speaking the truth!

After learning the facts, she chose to believe the truth, rather than to ignore it.

She chose to do something to help, rather than to keep supporting the people propagating the lies.

And she was not afraid to speak up!

Bravo, lady!

To you, too, Z, for posting this!

"Thanks Ducky for my intellectual Viagra of the morning."

And thanks, FrogBurger, for giving me my best laugh of the day, so far! :)

net observer said...

I liked her last statement or two. Reminded me of David Horowitz when he used to say (paraphrased), "These terrible inner city public schools are 100% under Democrat watch! How do conservatives get the blame?"

It's a question I never hear anybody bring up, regardless of their politics.

Z said...

net, the worst cities in America as far as being run down to the ground are also run by Dem mayors and have been for years; that's not discussed, either.

If anybody has that list I've been emailed many times, please link it. thanks

MK said...

Well said, just too bad the liberal racists in charge of the media will only slime and smear her away as some sort of nut.

Maybe one day enough blacks will realize that exterminating them in the womb is not actually good for their people.

Lisa said...

Thanks Ducky for my intellectual Viagra of the morning.

FB love that,lol!!!!

Glad you posted this Z ,it's up there with one of the best.

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