Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just an email......but so much more

This is an email that went out to a Christian High School volleyball team here in Los Angeles.  I was so touched by it that I had a feeling some of you'd want to see it.    This is what ALL kids need.  I like to think this Coach isn't the only teacher giving young people such positive, Godly encouragement:

Thanks for all of your work.
You have represented our school and our traditions well this year.
We started volleyball here in September of our 1st year, after we had convinced enough girls to play.
Now, 6 years later, we are one win away from our 5th straight league championship.
We compete and practice at a completely different level than when we started. That includes when we won our CIF title 2 divisions below where we are currently competing.
It has been an amazing journey with some amazing young women who have contributed to where we are today.
You guys are a part of that tradition. You are a part of an important history. The most important thing that happened tonight was how upset you were when you lost. Caring about your teammates and caring about your school (and your own personal pride) are the things that we hope you guys walk away with.
It will go a long way to adding to the woman you become.
Losses shape you. Victories are visible signs of your skill and hard work. But losses change who you are.
Don't run from it, welcome the lessons. That pain is good.
Young ladies with all the talent and potential you have could just put this loss off to the side and consider it  just another part of their day. But to deeply hurt means you deeply care. To deeply care, means you have substance and stand for something.
What you do, win or lose, is very important. You are helping build a program and a school that stands for something.
God leads the way in everything that happens at (this school). He wants a school that will have an impact on the world and stand for what is right.
This afternoon you represented that.
Coach X

Z: I'm proud to be associated with this school in many ways and you can probably see why!
What do you think?



Elmers Brother said...

Sports provide great object lessons, help keep us in shape, create lifelong many things. The coach and the team get it and I say amen.

Anonymous said...


Most of my life, I have had losing seasons in soccer and it stinks to lose. More recently I've been part of a team that wins. But this Sunday, we lost big and I got angry with a teammate. First time it happened to me in the 25 years I've played soccer. A real life lesson and I won't do it again b/c the guilt was atrocious. It really woke me up.

Silverfiddle said...

Amen. Our failure so often teach us much more than our successes.

Z said...

Right, all..We all know the lessons, don't we.
My biggest point is that a high school coach says things so well and how comforting it is to me that SOME KIDS are getting such good stuff :-)

Jan said...

Z..I get it.

What a great life lesson this coach is teaching the students.

You have every right to be proud of being associated with this school, and some very well adjusted people.

Bob said...

The coach is right. Loses do make you learn, especially if you want to win. Winning doesn't necessarily mean you are learning.

Vince Lombardi said, "If winning is not everything, why do they keep score?"

Losing sucks, but we have to use those times as a launch pad for winning.

Z said...

thanks, to Mr. Z and my family and friends, this is the biggest blessing ever to me.

Bob...that quote is a good one and hit me hard. It got me thinking:

We don't allow our kids to score in playground games anymore, we don't allow them to come to awards ceremonies it they're not the one who's getting an award......
...and not only are they losing character for that but America's losing.
Winning WAS everything in the America we knew and loved where there were people fighting for their independence and their success and fighting for injustices to others, fighting to be THE BEST like we WERE!
we don't keep score, we don't win.

Pris said...

This coach is a winner. She sets the bar high, and teaches the girls to jump over it.

When they do, they learn what accomplishment feels like. It takes that extra effort to win at many things.

A great life lesson to learn. It's also important to be a good sport, win or lose.

Z said...

Pris, what makes it even better is this is a man Coach.

They were such good sports and so supportive of each other.
and that's what's really important, isn't it.

Chuck said...

Great letter Z.

This is why the constant push by many in our public schools to make everyone a winner so as not to damage anyone's psyche is BS.

Losing teaches us a valuable life lesson.

As Bob said, it sucks. It teaches us to strive and improve.

If all we have to do to "win" is show up, all we learn how to do is to show up.

cube said...

Very inspiring. Sounds very much like my youngest daughter's crew team. Although it is co-ed, these girls and boys are dedicated in sports and academics. When they win, they revel in it; when they lose, they vow to try harder next time. Good life lessons.

Z said...

Chuck said "If all we have to do to "win" is show up, all we learn how to do is to show up."

Well said.

Cube, it gives me hope that other coaches are this amazing...I'm glad your daughter gets to benefit from wise coaches :-)

Beverly said...

Thanks for sharing that. God bless that coach. I hope she continues for many years to help shape lives of young women.

MK said...

You don't often get people talking straight like this, and encouraging at the same time. Those women are lucky to have such a coach, they will be better off for it.

Z said...

Bev, I'm assuming my birthday card didn't make it to your daughter's address but I sure hope you had a great celebration!