Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Net Observer!

Imp reminded me in his birthday wishes to you on my top post.  I had it on my calender and went to work early so I didn't see it and post.
Nevertheless, we at geeeeZ (especially me and Imp, and I know Priscilla will, too) wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Many more happy, healthy ones to you, my friend!  Do you know I think we've 'known' each other for about 11 years now?  Could that be!?


Speedy G said...

Happy BD, Net Observer!

Pris said...

Happy Birthday Net!

Yes, we've known each other a long time, and I'm happy to have this opportunity to wish you a great Birthday, and many more.

Anonymous said...

Reposted for Net

I wanted to wish Net O a very happy Birthday...Happy Birthday a great guy.

We Scorpios need to stick together.

Otherwise... We wouldn't have any other friends! / sacr off

Jan said...

Well, Happy Birthday, Net!

I'd sing to you, but I'll have pity on you, this time! :)

I hope it's been happy!

Brooke said...

Have a great birthday, Net!

Have a huge piece of cake for me! :)

net observer said...

Thank you, one and all =)

I credit this crowd, esp. those who go back as far as the FPM days, for my vast improvement (still a very long ways to go) in my ability to think and write critically. And I promise you, I am not exaggerating when I say that.

Z, you have NO idea how OFTEN you come up in conversations with my best friend during our weekly "guys night out"; but I never refer to you by name.

I usually say by "that lady on the west coast is a sweetheart but d@mned if she doesn't drive me nuts with her ideology!" lol I tell him how it's bad enough that I have to feel his blows from my left and later feel hers from my right =)

I also insist to him that "these people" (i.e., the so-called "far right") really aren't motivated by race, as he so staunchly believes. I'll say to him, "Yes, they might irritate the heck out of us, and yes, they might have a few seriously bad apples, but they aren't generally motivated by race."

And he dismisses my analysis out of hand every time lol

And trust me when I say this guy is arguably more reasonable than I am (for whatever THAT'S worth =)).

I tell him the reason he and I differ so much in our conclusions is because I actually KNOW people on "the far right" (meaning, "Z and the gang"), and that he only reads articles about "the far right".

And that's probably the fundmental difference.

Impertinent: Where the heck do I begin? lol

Dude, you are one extremely special case in my life. The notion that you and I, are/might be/could one day be, "friends", by ANY freakin' definition, is really a testament to the possibility of racial harmony in America =)

It also teaches me that two "essentially decent" people, who like to think, seriously, about the world around them, can dialogue, and over time, learn from one another, establish respect and even admiration.

But they must be willing to listen, AND be honest, AND be fair. That's a big lesson for me.

Pris, the calm, humble, brilliant one, even when she's p!ssed. Gotta show you some love. You have ALWAYS had my respect.

Speedy G, Jan, Brooke, thank you, thank you, thank you very much.

I even think about the participants I don't see any more. I HATE we lost "MIKE". I had a LOT of respect for him. Of course I remember uptownsteve, and while I don't really wanna catch up with him, he was still a part of this period of "philosophical growth", if you will.

There were others, far too many to name right now. I appreciate them all.

Lastly, yes, I definitely went out last night, and paid for it this morning by feeling slightly under the weather, but I'm good to go now.

I'll be around to irritate you guys for many years to come. Promise =)

Pris said...

Net, thank you so much, and may I say, you've always had my respect too, my friend.
It's so good to have you here, after too long a time.

And without Z, we may never have known each other, she was the first one at FPM, to welcome me.

I feel so fortunate to be in such good company.

Z said...

net, you said "I'll be around to irritate you guys for many years to come. Promise =)"

I hope so, buddy!

I don't consider myself "Far" right, by the way..interesting that you do.
You see, I have enough leftists here, and mean and ugly ones, who prevent me from being even slightly more reasonable on my stances because then they'd jump on it and use it...and I won't have that. So, I probably read farther right.
We also obviously don't have the space or time here in little 2" frames to REALLY describe all our feelings on positions, so it reads farther right.

I think I'd like your friend, believe it or not. Unless he admires Van Jones. Today, that's my limit and you can tell him I said so (that and Bill Maher adoration, I have to admit..or George Clooney). If your friend is gay, tell him I don't mean "admires because Jones is good looking" (then he and I'd have something in common! HA!)xxx

Glad you're feeling better this morning, m'friend. WHat's a birthday without a cocktail or two?

I love our blogoshere of's a good thing.
love to you ALL

Anonymous said...

"I'll be around to irritate you guys for many years to come. Promise =)"..

Net..I'll just be the ditto head as Z already articulated.

Dude...I'm humbled, gratified and for a very short time...speechless.

I've grown too, my friend. Thanks to people like you, Prisc and Z.

Be well , be happy and many thanks on your special day for a special man.

I'm beginning to sound like Vince Vaughn for Gawds sake.

Rita said...

Net: Happy Birthday.

But now I'm confused by your comment about Imp. The part of "really a testament to the possibility of racial harmony in America =)".

Not sure which of you I'm going to offend here, but I thought all of us conservatives were racists, so I'm not sure which of you is a different race. Since I'm a staunch conservative, I must know the answer to this as I make it my life goal to continue the fallacy of my being a racist. It makes the leftist so happy when I take exception to Obama's policies. God forbid that I simply disagree with his policies.

Especially funny since I have and love people in my family that are gay, black, jewish, hispanic and gasp, even liberals.

net observer said...

Well, let's face it, Rita. If you knew I was black, you would have stormed out of Z's blog long ago =)

Rita said...

Great answer Net. Yeah, that would have turned me off immediately.

Well, except for the fact that several years back by husband and I were jokingly (I think) talking about who would be our fantasy celebrity to spend one night with.

His was Demi Moore. Mine was Denzel Washington. Of course, you know what they say, "Once you go black, you....."

So, of course my husband would have just be content with one night with Demi, but Denzel? He still "makes my toes curl" as my mother likes to say.

Z said...

Rita, Denzel is one handsome man and he could be PURPLE or TANGERINE and be that handsome, right? mmmm!!

I really wish I could meet net some day...actually, I wish we all could meet some day.............maybe in blogosphere heaven? (if you don't mind my sayin' so, net :-) Your grandma'd be happy, right!?

Lisa said...

Hey Z Maybe you can post a Happy Birthday song of you singing!