Sunday, November 20, 2011

The bomb is bad enough

THIS news tonight out of NYC....some guy was building bombs.
My above link doesn't have a lot of information; just about the amount that should be given in a case that should involve secrecy and some level of protection of facts.  But, no worries...CNN and FOX are at it now airing a press conference with Mayor Bloomberg and NYPD Chief Kelly who's showing America the bomb and demonstrating how it works, telling exactly where the would-be terrorist found the information on how to make them (just in case there's someone out there who didn't know, now he does),  and telling about how long he's been surveilled and who was surveilling him, etc etc., so the next creep knows what to look for and to be tighter lipped.  Ya, just in case some copy cat nut is watching, they've helped fill him in.
(and yes, I know that 'anybody' could get this information, so it's no big deal it's exposed on television; I just think it's a good idea NOT to)


Silverfiddle said...

Unfortunately, Z, the cat's out of the bag. If some dimwit can get the information, the really smart people already have it. It's a dangerous world...

Bob said...

I think the significance of this arrest is that it was a home grown, self-converted Hispanic to Islam. Apparently, the guy was originally from the Dominican Republic, and learned his stuff from an online terrorist magazine, Inspire, published by the former Anwar Al-Awlaki who was rendered into toast with the CIA drone attack in Yemen.

We learned from news conference that the NYPD has 1,000 officers dedicated to anti-terrorist intelligence, and they had been watching the would-be bomber for three years. They made the arrest because the guy had managed to build a bomb from instructions in Inspire magazine. The guy had been identfing targets and it was time to bring the party to a conclusion.

This was a NYPD bust, and the FBI was not involved, but knew what was going on.

I think Bloomberg and Kelly have been under a lot of pressure for using he massive resources in anti-terrorist activities. They needed something to show for their efforts.

Z said...

SF, I understand that..I still think it's foolish. And there are copycat killers who thrive on this stuff.

Bob, you got all the facts right from what I heard, thanks for reiterating them here...we know that he identified targets so the future nuts have that to be more careful about, too, don't they.
Maybe you're right..good to show NYC's efforts but not at our expense.

Bob said...

Z: I believe the decision to go public was strictly political. Otherwise, I agree with SF and you.

Z said...

Bob, probably.
And the media was clicking their cameras away at the bomb last night, remember?...this morning, the whole bomb and all its apparatus is shown on Yahoo's homepage/ Yes, one can find it on the net, but to me, it looks Z idiotic as if to give instructions on how to hit us next.
I guess I'm conflicted on this; I know people know where to find this information, but I thought their mentioning it's on the internet so many times at the presser might have been a precursor for trying to make sure that stuff is NOT on the internet..
on the other hand, FREE SPEECH keeps it all there and other countries can post it, anyway, even if we had the smarts and the decency to demand it was all removed, if bomb making info was illegal.

MK said...

I read something about a lone wolf, funny how so many lone wolves there are out there who seem to be working towards the same end and belong to the same religion. Mind boggling coincidence i tell you.

Ducky's here said...

He was making pipe bombs. You act as if this were some sophisticated device.

Z said...


Ducky, if your niece was in a cab that exploded, you'd think it was sophisticated enough.

What did you THINK we thought this was? The news is stupidly showing the picture everywhere they can.