Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bias and very funny Balderdash! Get this!


That's one of the few Yahoo headlines tonight.   Well, if she didn't, why have a YAHOO HEADLINE, right?  Who'd even bother to read the linked article?  Americans who see that now think she divulged classified information.  How couldn't they?   But, as surprised as I was when I read the headline, I thought I'd better see what the heck she did NOW!!   And the first many paragraphs make it look like (yikes!) she DID!
But the 8th paragraph is finally this:   "Well, apparently, the answer is no."    oh.  oh, my.
No media misleading going on there, right?  No bias, right? (ya, right :-)  sarcasm.
On the lighter side, from Russia, believe it or not...there's THIS!! :  On REN-TV--the host, Tatyana Limanova, reported that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev had been named chairman of the Asia Pacific Cooperation, a position that "has (previously) been held by Barack Obama." Limanova was then shown looking down and raising her middle finger.  
This part is HILARIOUS if you watch the video!  The article goes on to say that "REN would not publicly comment on the incident. But, according to the London Telegraph, the unofficial explanation is that Limanova thought she was off-camera giving a voice-over--and that the gesture "was intended for studio technicians who had been trying to put her off her stride."  Look at the video HERE and see how obvious it was that she was ON camera and giving our president her opinion of him!!    It's pretty sad when you're not terribly upset that a Russian feels that way about an American sitting president, isn't it.    heh


Ducky's here said...

I read "Bachmann" and I figured it was about the Jimmy Fallon show music controversy.

Sort of a hipster digit.

Z said...

It wasn't.

sue hanes said...


The Conservative Lady said...

Definitely misleading on the Bachmann headline, but nothing new with the LSM.
That Russian news reported flipping Obama the bird is just doing what we're all going to do to him next November.
Hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Z said...

Conservative Lady...FABULOUS catch! I didn't think of that :-)

Please all come by tomorrow for my Thanksgiving post.


beamish said...

I read "Bachmann" and I figured it was about the Jimmy Fallon show music controversy.

Heh. I don't begrudge Bachmann for not knowing a Fishbone classic. She doesn't strike me as ever having had a skateboard under her arm.

Look at the video HERE and see how obvious it was that she was ON camera and giving our president her opinion of him!! It's pretty sad when you're not terribly upset that a Russian feels that way about an American sitting president, isn't it.

Reminds of an old Reagan joke about how in Russia, the people are free to criticize the American government as well.

Kid said...

Oh, that's funny.
Otherwise, I never read stories that have a question mark at the end of the headline. Let me know when you're sure OK.

Anonymous said...


She's not even close to the amount of secrets, classified information and treasonous seditious release of state secrets that the POS Grey lady has divulged over the years.

Without one jackass NYTer going to jail.

And so far...Bachmans "disclosure" hasn't killed one American soldier. Can't say that about the NY Slimes...can you?

Amazing...the crap , lies and double standards keeps on mowing down the truth.

Anonymous said...

"flipping Obama the bird is"

Practically what every ally and country on the planet have gifted to the Magic "One" since he stepped onto the stage. His act is foul, amateur, pathetic and sad.

The world hasn't been fooled by his jive ass rhetoric...yet half of America is.

Kid said...

Practically what every ally and country on the planet have gifted to the Magic "One" since he stepped onto the stage. His act is foul, amateur, pathetic and sad.

The world hasn't been fooled by his jive ass rhetoric...yet half of America is.

Now That say's it all. Yea, we've been the laughing stock of the world since Nov 4, 08

Z said...

Kid and Imp, that's true.

I remember Mr. Z telling me, after reading the German papers about Obama's campaigning in Berlin (WHAT???!) how most of the people thought it was nuts and intrusive. He begged to speak at the Brandenburg Gates but they don't allow their OWN campaigning there because those gates are kind of special to them.

SO I said "Well, there are thousands there listening to him, honey" to which my German answered "Z, Berlin's weather's usually bad; give Germans a nice warm night, food, music, and beer, and they'll come out for ANYBODY"

THe media was NOT flattering to Obama AT ALL, but our media said they did.
But, heck, our media's STILL not had the guts to tell Americans they do NOT HAVE FREE HEALTH INSURANCE IN GERMANY, either. If it goes against their plans (obama, and socialized medicine), they'll obfuscate every time, won't they.

Anonymous said...

""Z, Berlin's weather's usually bad; give Germans a nice warm night, food, music, and beer, and they'll come out for ANYBODY"

Ha very German father and grandfather used to tell me the same...only they added....give a German a uniform and he'll follow you anywhere.

My Grandfather having been in WW1...and my Dad in WW2...I guess they knew.

Anonymous said...

Geben Sie einem Deutsch eine Uniform und er wird Ihnen irgendwo folgen.

Ja? Nein?

Notice I used "sie" not du.

Lisa said...

just doing what we're all going to do to him next November

hahahaha CL that was a good one!

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving one and all!

Kid said...

Z, The way I heard the story about oblabber's Germany speech was that they had a free rock concert and free beer and oblabber came out at intermission while the audience was juiced.

The dems were balls to the wall at this point and have been ever since, so I absolutely believe that.

I also believe American taxpayers paid for it.

The Dems lost running gore, then they lost running that piece of garbage j fing kerry. They'd had enough. I'll bet they paid billions to some think tanks to come up with how to guarantee to get elected and this is the result.
-black man
-stop the oceans from rising
-promise to clean up DC.
-promise to end all wars and kiss the muslims asses
-election fraud
-have the media pick mcLame to run against him
How could they lose? Seriously.
The DNC paid for the Nobel peace prize in advance.
They promised to pay trillions to the unions who screwed the pooch and were about to have their number 1 son union the UAW crash and burn by putting GM and Chrysler under the table.
That's where oblabber got his billion dollar campaign and that's where ALL the stimulus money went.

To know that there are still young homosexual men and dust bunnies for brains women masturbating every time he comes on TV because they think he has an IQ of 8 million just sort of turns my thoughts to despair. There is a good chance this bile filled meat puppet will get another 4 years.

Z said...

Imp.. sort of :-)

Kid...WELL! Quite a commentary there! And you're pretty darned 'right on', sadly...
"-have the media pick mcLame to run against him"

And they're doing it again this year, believe me. @(#$*&@(*$&@#

Z said...

did anybody watch the video of the Russian? It's hilarious!
and the way she did the gesture RIGHT when she mentioned Obama and was very professionally giving the news and now says she was gesturing to the crew and didn't know she was on the air?


Oh, and tonight Russia's threatening us militarily for continuing to build a shield over there.
I guess every country in the world will be getting on the "threaten America" bandwagon now, since we have a government intent on breaking us and making sure everybody knows about it....................crap

Kid said...

Z, I have my moments..

No doubt the Russian presenter knew exactly what she was doing.

Can you believe the red team people are letting the democrat media pick romney for them????

Worse yet, they're ready to jump in hook line and sinker for ANYone who makes a conservative sounding comment. Take Newt for example. His history and voting record paints him as more liberal than oblabber, yet because he scores a single point against a libtard debate moderator they're willing to go all in for the guy.

This is no better than the mindless slugs that voted for oblabber because (fill in the blank) and they did zero research into the person.

it Is depressing.

Z said...

Kid, you said "His history and voting record paints him as more liberal than oblabber"

That's hard to sure?
He's been milquetoast on some Conservative stances but more liberal than Obama?

Kid said...

Z. Yes. Very Liberal Newt

I would ask to keep in mind what oblabber has actually Done.
Iraq sitll going.
Afghanistan still going.
Libya Initiated.
Gitmo still going.
Nothing happening with Cap and Trade.
Missle defense being deployed in Europe.
Just to balance against Newt.
This should in now way be taken as Any kind of positive endorsement of obama.
I believe him to be racist, anti-American, a Socialist at best, Fascist at worst, evil Chicago thug politician working toward only self enrichment and that of his friends and those he is obligated to - mostly union people, worthless piece of evil slime.
An imbecile who can't speak in complete sentences without a teleprompter, and because of his hate for America, was not able to ever learn and comprehend Anything good about America.
Newt is more palatable to be sure, but in the end what would Newt actually DO in the White House?
Personally, I liked GW Bush because of his love for America, but his only domestic accomplishments were negative. TSA, DHS, Medicare D.
My read anyway.

net observer said...

Yahoo! News is in many ways the online version of MSNBC, similar to the way Drudge is the online version of FoxNews. If you know all that going in, the results will always make sense.

Z said...

Kid, you don't need to convince ME Obama's been a bad president!
I'll look into the Newt stuff later...thanks

net...Is DRUDGE a homepage for millions of online readers like I am?
You have to look into DRUDGE.
Every time I turn on the internet, I have Yahoo staring me in the face.
Big difference.
and, by the way, DRUDGE is known as a Conservative site; Yahoo is not.
Sort of like the label FOX gets as Conservative but nobody calls CNN Liberal ! :-) That's a riot

Z said...

net, this morning is

write off Pakistani American voters :-)
I wonder how many days after the debate they'll bring things up.
Did they say KENNEDY BASHED RUSSIA back in the day?
OBAMA BASHES BUSH back in the day?

it all gets pretty amusing....would that most Americans would actually THINK about that Pakistani title.

next, they'll have

Anonymous said...

"Every time I turn on the internet, I have Yahoo staring me in the face."

You can always change your home / startup page and website when IE boots any thing you want.

Z said...

Imp, I could but don't know how. Plus, it has all the stuff I need there; weather, top news stories broken down to national and Los Angeles(like them or not) and that's it..!
Think AOL or any other homepage is any less lib? :-)

net observer said...

I don't know about all that, Z. First of all, every conservative alive, or so it seems, calls every media outlet out there, besides Fox of course, "liberal". More importantly, Drudge has been the Web's perennial destination site for current events for well over a decade now; even non-conservative journalists acknowledge that; and on the Internet, that's arguably a MORE influential position.

But has the Drudge Report ever described itself as a conservative or right-leaning news site? I don't think so. They just act like they are reporting "the news".

Which makes them just as misleading as anything on Yahoo in my opinion.

Moreover, NOBODY beats Drudge when it comes to misleading, overstated, biased titling of its linked stories. Not to mention its bias in choosing which stories to cover. Not to mention its overwhelming preponderance of linked conservative columnists over liberals and/or centrists.

I go to Drudge every day. EVERY time the stock market falls significantly Drudge makes it a headline, even if its a relatively normal move. And every time the market soars, Drudge basically ignores it.

And whenever Drudge links to news sites they don't normally link to, particularly non-conservatives sites, you will likely read commenters who will notice, accurately, "Hmmm, there must have been a Drudge link on this story. All the right-wing hounds are here en masse."

Drudge is just like Fox in that their main objective is to serve the market of political conservatives, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, except that they will never acknowledge that fact.

Now, if you want to say that liberal-leaning news outlets behave the exact same way, I readily agree with you. But that just means BOTH sides are guilty of biased news reporting under the guise of unbiased news reporting. It stinks in both directions to me.

I'm still waiting for the C-SPAN version of the news -- online OR offline. An entity that is at least TRYING to be serious and fair and balanced. Hopefully it's on the way.

Z said...

Z said...

net, I don't know about that.
I go to DRUDGE twice a year, max, on someone's prodding to see an article.

Yahoo is on most of this country's homepage for the internet the MINUTE those of us with Yahoo (Or AOL, by the way) open our internet! VOILA, there it is! MIsleading titles, a questionable choice of items headlined.... I'd say that's a big difference.

DRUDGE is what? Is it SO upsetting to you?
the New York Times and CNN are far far more they announce that they are?

Yet FOX is saddled by the left as RIGHTWING as if they have no liberals on every single day, if not hour. When, in actuality, they have approximately 70% more libs than CNN ever dreamed of having Rep opinion...and that's only since CNN started waking up about a year ago and realizing they'd just better or they're looking pretty bad.

Drudge won't acknowledge they're rightwing? How would you like them to do that? And how would you like the NYTimes to do it, too? Or Huffington? Just curious.

And CNN....think they ever EVER will?
msnbc, by now's, a total joke...and I watch from time to time; I've never heard them announce they're leftwing, tho one would have to be from Mars not to recognize that.

I don't know why we keep arguing about this. it's the same darned old thing.
I'm SICK of 'mainstream' things posing as 'mainstream' and being at least as left as FOX or Drudge are right, but not being nailed for it.
It's like the L.A. Times has an editorial side was Right, one was Left, for YEARS. Suddenly, there were two leftist articles......most people dropped the Times, but it's coming back a bit more even handed.

Ever seen La Cucaracha, the cartoon? I'm an avid Crossword Puzzle fan and neighbors give me the puzzles every Sunday night from their Times...they collect them for me. So, I read a couple of cartoons that are attached to the puzzle page and would love to find ONE that was conservative.
La Cucaracha insults everything Conservative, candidates, stands, insults, belittles, CONSTANTLY.. and it's right in there with all the other strips as if this WERE mainstream thinking/humor about the one by Couric's husband..DOOMSDAY? Right in there like a mainstream cartoon on a mainstream cartoon page, but even handed? Ya, RIGHT :-)

Net, I just don't get the inability to recognize that.

I'm TIRED of the smug late night shows (ALL of them) acting as if the conservatives are the 'lesser people'...I'm tired of college kids (and adults) telling me how biased the profs and texts are, I'm tired of day time Talk shows giggling over Conservatives.......

And, it's really not their fault.
Where IS the Rightwing answer? And why isn't it there?

I am a member of a very large group of people in the entertainment business who are Conservative..names you'd be VERY surprised about, and they'll be coming forth in about another 1000 members, from what I'm hearing.....
so, maybe we'll get some conservative thought in entertainment, I hope so.

We need to stop the demeaning ... treat everyone as just "the other party"........I'm SICK of smirking smugness of Conservatives with excellent ideas and how the media doesn't expose them (like the healthcare info they were trying to push, or the debt ceiling ideas, or this last Pat Toomey budget presentation...) then we have a president constantly dissing us in insulting terms and even suggesting "They have no ideas"

Yes, he can COUNT on that because America's not hearing those ideas UNLESS they're watching FOX or the WS JOurnal. That's wrong and un American no matter WHAT party you're from.

Kid said...

Z, You said you're using IE I believe for the internet.

FWIW, I have my home page as There you can see all the source of liberal propaganda on one page :).

If you want to change you home page in IE, do this:
-Click on Tools on the top of the window.
-Click on Internet Options, you be on the General Tab of Internet Options.
-Type in the home page you want.

Have a great weekend.

Z said...

I didn't see what you see when I click on TOOLS and all, but thanks for trying :-)

I am using Mozilla, does that make a difference?

Kid said...

Yes, do you know what version of Firefox? If not click on Help, the About Firefox

Kid said...

I have version 8.0 Firefox. Here it is Toos / Options / General Tab
And there is a box where you can type in your home page address.

Kid said...

Z, I will not rest until you are satisfied with your browser.

Firefox has some nice add-ons too. For instance, Colorful Tabs (I know how the ladies like to dress things up) and ReminderFox, where you can setup up reminders with lots of options, and very easy to use. But one thing at a time.

Z said...

Kid, I'm really no technie.
I think I have 8.0...yes.
And what WOULD I type in there? Which would you suggest that isn't biased but has the weather, etc.?

Kid said...

Do you know how to cut and paste? Highlight by holding down the left button on the mouse and running the mouse over it.

When it is highlighted, type the Control Key, then the C key - Both at the same time. Release.

Go to Tools / Options.
Remove what is in the home page box
Click in the box and put your cursor there.
If you did the copy, type Control key and hold it, then V, Both keys are now pressed down.
What you copied will now be pasted into the home page box.

Or you could just type in:

Give it a try.
To get the weather also, do this

Restart Firefox, make sure comes up. Click on the + just to the right of the Tab and open a new tab.
Type in the web address box -
When it comes up, enter your zip code.

Go back to Tools / Options/ The very fist thing on the General Page says: When Firefox Starts and there is a selection box just to the right of that. Click it.
You'll see 3 options: Show my home page, Show a blank Page, Show my windows and Tabs from last time.

Pick Show my windows and tabs from last time.

Close Firefox and restart it. When it come up now, you will get two tabs. One for and one with with your zip code already selected.

You should have gotten this comment in an email too right? So you can have the email open while you're fooling around in the Firefox options window.

Kid said...

By the way, the Control C to copy and Control V to paste works in any and every program on your PC.

MK said...

LOL that's a nice one.

Bob said...

A Wishgiving Poem

I like Romney
And I like Newt
I'll take Herman Cain to boot

You can have Michelle
And Huntsman, too
Ron Paul's an idiot
Perry's a goof

Obama's a loser
His karma is hide'n
Let's get rid of this jerk
Along with Slow Joe Biden

I'll take anybody
Anybody at all
Just heave Obama out
And we can have a ball

This is getting kind of silly.

Z said...

I'd vote for ANYONE
to move into OUR HOUSE,
Anyone but Obama,
not that socialist LOUSE :-)

Ya, getting silly now, Bob..
SUPER poem, thanks for that!!