Monday, November 21, 2011

THIS isn't a ticket to FRAUD?! :-)

A Minnesota congressman has proposed federal legislation that would impose his state’s type of voter registration – which leads the nation in voter fraud cases – on the other 49 states, according to critics who have launched online campaigns to make people aware of the dangers of Rep Keith Ellison's H.R. 3316 and its companion H.R. 3317.
“Our votes control trillions of public dollars, yet Ellison would have us believe nobody would ever steal them. We can trust everybody, right?” said a commentary posted on the Election Integrity Watch site.
“Would you keep your money in bank that allowed people to make withdrawals without checking their identity and verifying that they are entitled to the money?” the site wondered.
In a commentary promoting his H.R. 3316, which would banish all photo identification requirements, and H.R. 3317, which would allow people to walk into a polling location, register and vote immediately, Ellison said his intent is to curb “voter suppression.”
“The Same Day Registration Act would require states to provide for same day voter registration for a federal election. The Voter Access Protection Act would make sure election officials cannot require photo identification in order to cast a vote or register to vote,” he said. (end of article)

Z:  I'm thinking we want people who can plan ahead enough, like they could in the 'old days', and register properly and on time...? 
UNBELIEVABLE.   I should have added this to my post below about the dangers facing America today.   BIG DEAL:  Get a photo ID, register on time, vote once, and GO HOME.   What's the BIG PROBLEM?


Ducky's here said...

Got voted back in Maine last week.

Z said...

What does that mean?

Ducky, Maine voted that they don't need pictures and anybody can vote if they walk in?

Well, that's the new America. I NEVER thought Political Correctness would impeded honest elections, too. I really never thought things could ever get to where AMERICANS would give their voting rights away like those who don't think ahead, don't give a damn, and can take such advantage now.


Ducky's here said...

Yup, same day registration.

Lot of Americans in Maine who don't agree with voter suppression.

Z said...

So you think people are either too stupid or too lazy to register in advance like we all did for the last 250 years? Which?

Rita said...

They complain about the same thing here in Indiana, even though the state offers free legal picture ID's. Of course the problem is that you have to be a US citizen.

Shocking, ain't it?

Z said...

Rita, wouldn't you think some AMericans would put aside their political correctness and TRY to understand that America needs legal voters, voters who can register, voters who aren't fighting against an honest vote?

Anonymous said...

There have been very few instance of voter fraud in this country-since the 2000 election debackle, that is.

Making it harder to vote by imposing restrictions and ID's has always been a tactic of the right to prevent lower class citizens from showing up a the polls.

Ducky's here said...

Liberaldude, talk like that is going to make Andrew Breitbart sad.

He made a bundle convincing the hyperventilating right that A.C.O.R.N. was stealing elections.

Silverfiddle said...

Where is the evidence for all this supposed voter suppression?

Can't rent a movie at blockbuster or buy a deck of smokes without an ID, but exercising our most cherished constitutional right requires nothing, just walk right in.

I hate to repeat catchphrases, but liberalism really is a mental disorder.

Speedy G said...

Pay no attention to the voter fraud in ACORN...

Sorry, your Jedi mind trick isn't working, duckman.

Z said...

Liberaldude, what ARE you, 23? PLEASE read up on the voter fraud of the Obama/Clinton primary!

There's one post, videos included....they said then (the Hillary people who saw the Obama fraud) "WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!" (including bigmouth Gloria Allred who was a HIllary supporter and OUTRAGED at the Obama fraud)....well, they WERE silenced. $$$$$ I wonder how. :-)

Don't believe everything you hear, Libdude...

ACORN ... this story today is SO much bigger than the ACORN fraud or anything else they did to help ruin America

Ducky's here said...

Let's all help out Speedy G.

Voter fraud occurs when you illegally cast a ballot.

Having voter registration signatures rejected by the election commission is standard procedure and is not even a crime in most cases.

Remember, the left is here to help you live the life of the mind.

Straw man, Silverfiddle.

Ducky's here said...

Liberaldude, do watch the video z links to and tell me if you can find any proof that the interviewees attended a caucus, were registered Democrats or were referring to the same event or even identify the event the reference.

This is what passes as "proof".

Breitbart wouldn't have tried something that shabby.

Rita said...

You know, I may be a little gal, but if that ignorant Black Panther thug had been waving his baton towards me trying to intimidate me into not entering the polls, either he would have been doubled over crying like a little girl or I would have had a concussion.

When it's clear voter intimidation, let's all scream voter suppression for showing my ID.

Meanwhile at age 52, I still have to show my photo ID to purchase alcohol at a grocery store.

Ducky's here said...

No Rita, there was no voter intimidation.

A call was made to police that a man was outside the polls with a baton (please not the singular).

A passerby made a call to the police who arrived and had the man leave.

No complaint of intimidation was ever lodged and the Bush administration justice department declined to prosecute.

The case was dropped by the Obama administration and a retired member of the Bush justice department took the matter to rabies radio to get the right wing in a lather over a non story.

Damn, the Patriots run defense stinks tonight.

Jan said...

Z..well, of course they'd like to have it where nobody would have to show any kind of ID, to proove that they're who they say they are, or even whether or not they're legal.

They're interested in getting all the votes they can, in order to keep their man in office.

No Conservative would be involved in that kind of chicanery.

Everything else requires proper ID, so why shouldn't the thing that most affects our entire nation require the same, even more so?

Anyone who believes that an election can't be stolen are really living somewhere in La La Land.

I would love to know all the details concerning Hillary Clinton/Obama during the last election...but we never will.

Z said...

WATCH THIS...don't take my word for it. Yes, Ducky, this does stand for proof.
predictably, the best 3 videos I had on my blog embedded in articles are removed...can't access them anymore. (big surprise)

DUCKY...odd that you deny my video I linked because when I found the other 3 are gone, I tried the original link to liberaldude and that video's gone, too. :-)

Man, the left is in overdrive preventing the truth, isn't it?

Please don't compare me with Breitbart; I could NEVER do the good that guy's done. I'll never forget your saying he should be in a bodybag....I'm surprised you haven't tried to label him as gay, like you do most Republicans you hate! WHy not?

Rita, there really are AMericans who don't care who votes; they don't understand the rules, the laws and have little integrity. This is what we're facing next year in the elections. scary stuff.

Z said...

"The incident - which gained national attention when it was captured on videotape and distributed on YouTube - had prompted the government to sue the men, saying they violated the 1965 Voting Rights Act by scaring would-be voters with the weapon, racial slurs and military-style uniforms.
a prominent 1960s civil rights activist who witnessed the confrontation and described it as "the most blatant form of voter intimidation" that he had seen, even during the voting rights crisis in Mississippi a half-century ago.

The lawyers also had ascertained that one of the three men had gained access to the polling place by securing a credential as a Democratic poll watcher...

The career Justice lawyers were on the verge of securing sanctions against the men earlier this month when their superiors ordered them to reverse course, according to interviews and documents."

good work, Ducky :)

Z said...

Jan, I'd like to know that, too...I just went through my voting posts and I had 3 really good videos with Democrat operatives from Chicago, all Hillary supporters, were outraged at the conduct of the Obama primary workers; they said they'd done that in Chicago but didn't expect it outside Chicago.

My link just above this is compelling....get past the 30 sec spent on the intimidation of the two black guys at the precinct and then see the amazing video by a Democrat who was ashamed at what she'd seen and heard. Tough stuff to imagine there are Americans who don't want people to legally vote, to know how to register,etc.

i'll never forget my friend who worked at an eye doc's in the Inner City for 35 years...she told me that during elections the elderly black folks would come in and rave about the nice young people who had them send for absentee ballots and then be so nice they'd even come vote for them. Imagine that? THere's more than that I was's hideous stuff.

Rita said...

Oh Z. I have a story to tell you but I KNOW I'll get blasted from your commenters from the left because it has something to do with Breitbart.

Let me check to see if I can send you an email from you blog.

Nothing earth-shattering, but surprising non the less.

Z said...

Rita, I RARELY look at that email address listed on my profile page but I'll look for your email..thanks!

Bob said...

Keith Ellison is the lone Muslim congressman in the US. I don't know whether he converted to Islam in prison like many nutcakes, or not.

Allowing on site, same day registration offers opportunities for voter fraud, and that is why Ellison and his liberal friends want that kind of uncontrolled voting. They have no morals, and voter fraud is what they do. Lying and cheating is in their DNA.

Same day, on site voter registration could be managed provided you have the rock solid, instantly verifiable documentation. With the possibility of the voter being in a database, this would still require detailed identification, including a picture ID and finger prints, preferably in a US passport.

You don't get value in uncontrolled situations, and Maine will be getting a distorted vote. Democrats did not invent voter fraud, but they wrote the book on it.

Maybe Ducky can tell us where voter suppression has been documented. The cases that arise on election day always wind up being bullshit to keep the polls open so the Democrats can manufacture more votes. The accusations are always baseless.

Voter fraud is real, and ACORN's stooges were trained to register as many as possible. There are a couple of dozen indictments against them, right now.

By the way, Obama's job with ACORN was training operatives to cheat on voter registration. That's his kind of community.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Z said...

Imp, I'm taking off the end of your comment and reposting the rest; I didn't build the blog to be closed down...sorry.

By the way, had you read my post below this before you wrote yours? I mentioned that exact thing about the NYC bomb maker; they'd supposedly surveilled him since 2009 and they NOW figure out he wasn't capable of pulling this off when he was ONE HOUR from having pulled it off/ WHAT THE HELL?

Z said...

Blogger Impertinent said...

We are finished as a Nation.

Our borders are meaningless.

Our vote is meaningless.

Our Congress is impotent...thus meaningless.

Our FBI doesn't consider a muslim POS making pipe bombs a criminal...cause he didn't kill anyone yet. Even though after 3 years they monitored and taped him making murderous statements.

The aclu ( I'll never give them the dignity of capitalization ) wants this terrorist released.

The only mudslime in Congress doesn't believe in the sanctity of the voting process.

The ignorant still believe that ID ( that they have to collect welfare, food stamps and benefits) is a burden to them. To prove who they really are.

Once more Congress has proved how incompetent, criminal, partisan and useless they are. How fraudulent, unconcerned, decadent and corrupt they truly are.

What's left kids? You still think a vote at a poll on election day will do it...when your legal and legitimate votes are nullified by unions, illegals and soros and the OWS scumbags..t.o name a few.

Do you really think your vote.... matters at all?

November 21, 2011 7:27 PM

Rita said...

Just sent it Z. It's not earth-shattering, just a fun little story.

Yeah, I never read the email connected to my blog either. I don't want some kook getting my real email address.

The one I sent to you is my real email address and name.

Ducky's here said...

Maybe Ducky can tell us where voter suppression has been documented.

Well Bob, let's start with the purge of the Florida voter rolls that eliminated valid voters while purportedly purging convicted felons.

Remember that one? Of course you don't go look it up.

How about Blackwell dropping polling places in Ohio in heavily Democratic districts so that the wait was two to three hours in some districts.

Remember that one? of course you don't. Look it up.

Rita said...

NAH. Voter fraud NEVER happens in Indiana.

Rita said...

And God forbid someone google, "Dead votes". Makes me think that Norman Bates was probably still voting for his dead mother sitting in the rocking chair.

Move along, nothing to see here. These are not the droids you are looking for.

Z said...

Rita, can you imagine being an American and doing VOTER INTIMIDATION OR FRAUD?

I don't care WHICH party does it, it's WRONG.
Odd, I tried to Google your story for a NY Times rendition, but it's not there! FANCY THAT? :-)

By the way, I believe it was in PA where their leftwing governor wouldn't allow military votes in, remember? THAT really frosted me BIG TIME.

Silverfiddle said...

Hardly a strawman, Ducky.

Voting is important, and so is stopping fraud.

If someone is too stupid or irresponsible to possess a photo ID then I don't want them voting.

Of course, having strict photo ID laws discriminates against the natural democrat constituencies of stew bums, welfare wards of the state, the dead and illegal immigrants, so I understand your concern.

To be fair, we also must recognize that the rich vote overwhelmingly democrat as well, showing that money and brains don't necessarily go together.

Lisa said...

My problem is why do the polling signs have to be in spanish as well as english?
If you know the letter "D" you should at least know the letters V-O-T-E

Z said...

Lisa, exactly!

Z said...

there's more Dem fraud......heard about it? (thanks, Imp)

Rita said...

Just to add fuel to the fire here. When Indiana passed the picture ID regardless of age for alcohol purchases a couple years ago, wanna guess which group screamed, "Discrimination."?

BB-Idaho said...

My state switched to voter photo ID
a couple years back. This month when I voted, I told the registrars
that my photo was pretty ugly...
would they take cash instead?
...they thought about it for awhile. :)

BB-Idaho said...

"showing that money and brains don't necessarily go together."
Explains why 90% of scientists
vote democrat....

Z said...

BB, I thought you were a Democrat!?
And I think the gag's cute but is there really a state that requires a photo ID to vote?

Rita, no kidding? Democrats didn't like that either? By the way, don't people just use their driver's license to show they're old enough to buy booze?

I will say it makes me mad when conservatives want so hard to avoid photo ID....Yes, I know most of you hate Europe! (geeez!) but they have ONE MAN/ONE VOTE show a picture ID, you vote, and it immediately goes out that YOU HAVE precinct hopping like the young woman I saw do at the last big elections. It turned my stomach.

Rita said...

It was the "regardless of age" thing that some people complained about. I mean, it IS pretty funny that while checking out at Kroger I have to show them my ID to buy some Amber Boc.

The Democrats complained about voter ID law, the Hispanics complained about the alcohol law.

It was just a few years ago, there was a big stink in Indiana when it was discovered that several DMV employees were charged with issuing illegal photo ID's to illegal aliens in exchange for cash. That's when Indiana cracked down on the documents required to get a legal driver's license or photo ID. Of course, the Dems complained it was discriminatory.

Now you need one document that is a legal birth certificate or passport to prove you a legal resident. One document to prove your SSN. And two documents with your name and address, which could be a utility bill, pay check, medical bill, credit card bill, etc.

Bob said...

Duckworth said:"Well Bob, let's start with the purge of the Florida voter rolls that eliminated valid voters while purportedly purging convicted felons. "

No evidence, just bad reporting. No indictments, and no foul.

Then the Duckmeister opines, "How about Blackwell dropping polling places in Ohio in heavily Democratic districts so that the wait was two to three hours in some districts."

Ducky: I can find no record of any wrong doing by any Republican organization or state official. All I have found seem to be random, unsupported accusations.

I am not saying that it would be impossible for someone to be guilty of some sort of voter law infraction. But, we read of no big, burly, billy-club brandishing Republicans standing menacingly in the door of any polling place.

After all, that would be voter intimidation.

Perhaps you can furnish me with valid links. By the way, Mother Jones and Huffington Post are not on my credible list.

Bob said...

And Z saud, ""is there really a state that requires a photo ID to vote?"


Z said...

Rita, couldn't you just strangle people who'll sell our country to illegals for a profit? dayum.

Bob, I think that was Ducky's problem for not linking: Mother Jones, Huffington, Daily KOSS....:-) not much credibility (then they whine about FOX?!)


BB-Idaho said...

There are 12 state
that require voter photo ID, some
more strict than others. KNOW I vote Dem :)
..converted after Ike left...

Z said...

BB, you DO know that there are more rich Dems than Reps, statistically, right?

Thanks for the info re voter ID. I wish every state had admirable. IMagine thinking legal voting that showed you're smart enough to know how to register beforehand and have a picture taken is now considered oppression?
And you STILL vote Democrat? Does that attitude represent you?

You seem informed; why DO you vote Dem?

BB-Idaho said...

"In Ohio, where such a law is pending, roughly 940,000 citizens lack valid IDs, according to a study by a nonpartisan voters group. Or take Wisconsin: Less than half of Milwaukee County African-Americans and Hispanics have driver's licenses, according to a study from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the figures are worse for younger voters. Indeed, the Wisconsin law is especially pernicious, specifically not accepting student IDs, even from state institutions. Texas's voter ID law is even more blatant in who it's aimed at. State gun permits are acceptable, but student IDs and government employment cards are not."
..quit college and buy a gun..and
you ask why I vote dem? :)