Friday, November 11, 2011

Cain insults ANITA HILL? Say it ain't so!

PLEASE read THIS article and look at the picture!   The title is HERMAN CAIN CAUGHT ON CAMERA JOKING ABOUT ANITA HILL.

Sounds awful, huh?  He must have made some crass remark about her allegations and about her character, right?  How inappropriate.  Except he didn't.  Here's the exchange.  Yes, this is ALL he said:

"We walked into this room and ... one of my supporters said, 'Anita Hill was trying to contact you' and my response was, 'Is she going to endorse me?'" Cain told New York Post columnist Fred Dicker, per Politico. "He said it in a humorous way. I gave a humorous response."

The article says he wasn't TRYING to insult her.   Does that sound at all insulting to YOU?   I'm reading this wondering what part I'm missing?   ??  WHAT?    

The picture at the link is quite something, isn't it?   I know people snuggle into a candidate or anybody who's the 'star' of a photo being taken and BOY, the media couldn't resist using that HUGE picture on the article :-)

I love pointing this stuff out.......I'm hoping the false inferences in titles and pictures that I like to highlight here at geeeeZ make a big impression on a lot of people because we need to be aware of this.



Ducky's here said...

I thought the "Princess Pelosi" crack was more indicative.

Silverfiddle said...

It's a good thing Herman didn't gesture with his hand and ask if she comes up to his chin. They'd a had a field day with that one!

net observer said...

The economics of Internet click-through. Similar to those "teases" in TV.

Hint at a bigger story to get the reader to click the actual innocuous story.

Pris said...

"I thought the "Princess Pelosi" crack was more indicative."

Indicative of what Ducky? That's probably the nicest thing I've ever heard anyone say about Pelosi!

Ducky's here said...

I am among the leftists who have dropped a few bucks on his campaign.

We want this guy.

LibertyAtStake said...

All she wanted was a pubic hair to superglue to a coke can. She's an abstract artist, you know.

“Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

Anonymous said...

Princess Pelosi was a compliment. B---h Pelosi would have been more appropriate, especially when you read what 60 minutes uncovered.

As far as this one, what the hell?

Who are the true racists? The ones that really want African American and other minorities to stay in their place?

Those people are sick in the head.

Z said...

Never heard of Princess Pelosi..I've been gone all day.
OH!!! Just Googled and I see what happened; GOOD FOR HERMAN.
Dick Durbin inferred Bush was Hitler....I'd prefer PRINCESS, wouldn't you? (and no, that is NOT a loaded question :-)
But I'm betting this Cain remark will get a LOT MORE NEGATIVE PRESS! how's about $1000 bet? you see an insult in the phrase about Anita Hill? Am I missing something?

net...ditto the above question to Silverfiddle. This is WAAAY more than 'teases'....this is an article. that sucks. But, talk about teases, I'm hoping that SOMEDAY, just for a change, Yahoo's homepage infers in a headline teaser that a Democrat made a major gaffe, too. (they do, believe it or not)

FB, I just don't GET the whole panic in this article.. Look at the headline and ask yourself how many would actually believe it without bothering to click on the linked article? MANY. Yahoo succeeded. Again.

LibertyatStake...great screen name.
good comment! I'll visit your blog soon, thanks for coming by. is a nice thing for that woman, isn't it!

Average American said...

That HAS to be the nicest thing anyone has EVER called Nancy Piglosi!

Z said...

with that headeline that he INSULTED Anita Hill.

Okay, the short article; is it ME, or is that NOT AN INSULT? Am I missing something?


Average American said...

I think it was in jest. It's Fox news we're talking about. Follow their link and read that part. It may clear it up for you.

Z said...

AA, thanks, but this is ALL HE SAID!! "Is she going to endorse me?" Cain joked, as he and the crowd laughed heartily.

how insulting is that? Are you seeing something I'm not seeing? Did he say more?

Pris said...

" is a nice thing for that woman, isn't it"

It sure is Z, I can't repeat some of the things I've heard her called.

As for the Anita Hill remark, I think it's funny, and kind've cute.

How could anyone call that an insult, except someone with no sense of humor whatsoever! Bending over backwards to make something out of nothing.

Really, if this nonsense keeps up people will hate the press even more than they do now!

Anonymous said...

How could anyone call that an insult, except someone with no sense of humor whatsoever!

The left, very often, has no sense of humor when it's about them.

Goes back to the self-esteem, the self-centeredness, the feeling of being the anointed.

I laughed at jokes made about Herman Cain the other day.

Dave Miller said...

Maybe not an insult, but Gingrich felt it was an inappropriate joke...

At least that is what he said on the Laura Ingraham show...

Anonymous said...

So Gingrich is a reference for humor now?

I'm kind of getting tired of him being the grand pa and telling grandchildren how to behave.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Making jokes about forgetting what you're saying mid-sentence in a debate and making jokes about women after it's revealed you're a serial sexual harasser made executive via threats of affirmative action lawsuits from Jesse Jackson are two different types of humor.

One's humanizng, the other just crass.

Z said...

Pris, of course it's not an insult.
Imagine Anita Hill supporting CAIN?

It's hilarious and absolutely not in bad taste.

Who wouldn't have said that to anybody who said "Anita Hill is here!"?
There's nothing sexist in it, there's nothing unkind in it, there's nothing racist in it.....

Dave, I'm so surprised that Cain's opponent finds it wrong :-)

FB, no...when it's about the left, nothing's too funny to them, is it.

Anonymous said...

Z, some people didn't like the South Park episode about OWS.

Anonymous said...

"We want this guy."

Yeah, I'll bet. You want the house Negro...the Oreo....against the GD Kenyan, commie, community organizer, agitator, phony POS, opposed to a man who has impeccable credentials, executive say nothing of the fact we know everything about his background. Especially where he can trace his roots back in our history as a descendant of true American Blacks.

Can't do that for the Kenyan...can ya?

Anonymous said...

"I can't repeat some of the things I've heard her called. "

I can. Want me to?

Anonymous said...


"South Park"

Je ne peux pas chiffrer pourquoi n'importe qui regarde cette merde.

Anonymous said...

No way to spin out of this; Cain is a sleazebag.

Anonymous said...

South Park is funny for the few episodes I've watched. Vulgar often but funny. I don't mind that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Cain is a sleazebag.

Most politicians are. Either for sex or money.

That is why small gov is key. You don't want the sleazy to run your life.

But you libs haven't figured out that one.

Anonymous said...


I knew're in to fisting. Figures.

Anonymous said...

"Cain is a sleazebag."

Guess you need a little history lesson to refresh your memory on who really invented "sleaze" fist boy?

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

I can agree that Herman Cain is a sleazebag on the merits that he's never faced an employment challenge his affirmative action lawyer buddies and fellow left-wing black activist clergymen in Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition couldn't overcome.

Do you really think Cain flipped Whoppers at Burger King so well that he made it from the grill to the corporate board of directors in 9 months and much faster than his more experienced, more senior co-workers and Jesse Jackson's affirmative action lawsuit against Pillsbury to force them to hire more black executives going on at the same time had nothing to do with it?

Cain is the nightmare that occurs when political imbeciles decide to back a candidate first, then vet him later. Why does the Tea Party keep doing that?

So now we know the National Restaurant Association paid off Cain's sexual harassment accusers to spare themselves the nightmare of defending a sleazebag in court.

Seems pretty clear "lawsuit waiting to happen" should be the summary of his resume.

Always On Watch said...

Beamish said:

So now we know the National Restaurant Association paid off Cain's sexual harassment accusers to spare themselves the nightmare of defending a sleazebag in court.

But the reality may not be that at all.

Years ago, Mr. AOW was sued for a car accident he caused. The police didn't file charges for various reasons, but the $2 million law suit was nailed to our front door. Our insurance company settled out of court. Believe me, going to court is a risky business for both defendant and plaintiff in a civil suit. Guilt or innocence has little bearing in a civil court. Furthermore, both defendant and plaintiff typically take the advice of their attorneys when it comes to a settlement.

In sexual harassment cases, the victim is never silent with her friends. Did these accusers of Herman Cain share the alleged incidents with their closest confidants? If not, I give the accusers no credibility at all.

I do find it very strange that none of Cain's accusers actually took him to court.

Mark said...

Yeah, I read that, too. I don't see how Liberals can see an insult in that.

Of course, Anita Hill is a joke herself.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

I do find it very strange that none of Cain's accusers actually took him to court.

I find it very strange that Cain's NRA legal team didn't look at a false case being built against Cain and have a field day with it in court.

They must not have been looking at a false case against Cain.

Yes there's a cost-benefit analysis in the decesion of going to court or settling. But a big part of that is a gauge of the strength and merits of the case being brought, and a calculation of probabilities of whether or not the defense can win the case.

It's rather obvious that the NRA legal team looked at the strength and merits of the case(s) against Cain and the probability of defending him to a favorable verdict in each and figured the likelihood of losing was too great. They would not have reached that decision if Cain were squeaky clean and above reproach.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

i.e. Cain's legal team didn't have enough Janitor-in-a-Drum to polish that poop.

Bob said...

Anita Hill is the caricature of the bimbo who files false harassment charges. She followed Clarence Thomas from job to job for years, and then decided to stab him in the back. Typical of a bimbo.

Thomas had a relationship (of some sorts) with Hill, but Cain had no relationship with his accusers, and arguably, no contact with some.

Bimbo's abound, but real men like Cain are rare. There are always bimbo's around who will tattle false stories for a few bucks, or for a chance at publicity.

We are seeing this, now.

Z said...

AOW...give it up. no listening going on.

Bob, it's a timeworn tradition and I hope it ends some day...
I'm hoping for "you sue and lose, you pay" That should stop some of the suits.
The many companies who pay off to avoid further problems don't help

net observer said...

No, I didn't see any insult there, Z. That was my point. That there WASN'T anything there.

And Web links are often like that: Very misleading teases. Drudge does it on a daily basis. Almost always from the other end of the political spectrum.

Z said...

net, glad to hear that; I wasn't quite sure from your first comment...

Yes, this is misleading and I see it very, very often; people don't get the information, they believe the hot title Yahoo (or AOL or GOogle) wants them to see and draw conclusions from.

MathewK said...

It reminds of that Tea Party protestor who held up the sign saying - whatever it says you'll call me racist.