Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Get it from others........that's the NEW AMERICA!

THIS is what America means to some people?....a free ticket to get all you can from the tax payers?  You simply won't believe this video.....begin at 2:12 minutes and stay with it for at least two minutes ...California's the best state to get stuff from....but we all know most states are going this way. "The parasites ARE devouring the host culture and have no regrets", as my friend Mustang said when he sent this to me....I think ANY thinking American would agree.

How many women feel like this?



Silverfiddle said...

Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you...

Always On Watch said...

Ye, gods!

No wonder California has budgetary woes!

FairWitness said...

Holy Toledo! "Who would want to work in America" she asks? Did you hear the pitiful, paltry amounts of money being giving out for each child? And that's an acceptable standard of living? And you can now use the welfare card at fast food restaurants, like that's so wonderful. What an imbecile!

God help us, we've become a backward country, populated with people we've failed to educate -- ON PURPOSE!!!

It's Mushroom Management:

Citizens kept in the dark, covered with dung, and, when grown big enough, taken for granted by the Left for their votes.

This is how the Middle East keeps control of their massive populations. Now here in America!!! It's insane!

Thersites said...

Yo! Don't y'all be messin' w/my EBT!

Thersites said...

Yo, yO! Give it up for the EBT Society!

Thersites said...

Infamy can earn you a LOT more money than hard work can... just ask Herman Cain's accusers.

Joe said...

How did she ever get into ANY college, let alone 3?

She is inarticulate, ignorant and certainly not an artist of any kind.

She keeps bringing up that which she says she is "past."

As for EBT...what is there to say?

Where do these morons think their EBT comes from? Don't they know it comes from people who DO work?

Chuck said...

Two thoughts (at least the publicly acceptable ones).

-The American public school system at work. This girl is as dumb as dirt.

-This is the attitude of a large segment of our population.

I take care of people like her every day in the ER.

I had a mother call outraged because we asked her (adult) son for a co-pay when he left the ER. We talked about this for 5 minutes and she would not understand that we were asking for a down-payment for his bill, the ER is not free. She refused to get it.

I will ask people why they didn't go see their primary care doctor. "They make me pay when I go - I come to the ER because it's free"

We are asked on a daily basis for free drugs. Or patients demand we give them a prescription for Tylenol and Motrin. It is really cheap over the counter I tell them, buy generic it's even cheaper. If we give them a prescription, their (free) insurance will pay for it.

I saw a woman put her roll of money under her pillow to secure it while in the ER. When I was discharging her she asked for us to give her the Motrin to her for free that we had prescribed for. I gave her my "it's cheap over the counter" routine. She said she didn't have the money. When I pointed out that she could use the money under her pillow she got pissed and left.

Finally, one last question about the woman in the video. Who paid for her nails and clothes?

This is a real pet peeve in the ER. Women with expensive nails. Men and women with expensive clothes, shoes, jackets, etc. People who smoke, drink alcohol. They all ask for us to pay for their prescriptions. We will tell them that a lot of the drugs we prescribe are either free at a regional grocery store chain (Meijers) or $4 at Walgreen's, Walmmart, and/or Target.

They are outraged that we want them to spend $4 of their own money (less than a pack of cigarettes) for their prescriptions.

Yes, this is common in the US. I see it everyday.

Bob said...


Anonymous said...

It is easy to condemn this woman; your commenters have adequately described her as disgusting, stupid, and idiotic. But now consider that this woman is a beneficiary to a system established and propagated by California legislators, and nauseating scum like Maxine Waters who bases her entire career on an entitlement mentality. Let’s not shoot the messenger; rather, I think Californians should be looking to decorate tall trees with state legislators.

Z said...

SF, did you know JFK got that quote somewhere? I think at his school?

AOW, as if it's only California? :-) It's worse here, but get ready.

FW, isn't it amazing to hear her so excited about TOTALLY living off others? Sickening. But, SHE'LL be rich ! How many times did she mention her name and her new CD's name? :-)

Thersites and Joe; yes, she'll be very wealthy while she suggests to others that they have babies and get their neighbors to pay and live in poverty.

And yes, she named her schools and speaks English like that. The only sign she HAS been in an AMerican school IS her love of the nanny state...

Chuck, that all should wake up every politician in this land; instead, they step up promising more just to get elected.

Bob, definitely.

Mustang...Maxine Waters should see this video

Ticker said...

It is the results of the message of
Victimology as preached by Jackson, Sharpton and the rest of the fools who oversee the plantation for their Masa, the Democrat Party.

Anonymous said...

"I think Californians should be looking to decorate tall trees with state legislators."

That would be one ugly Christmas Tree.

Love her 9 inch nails which makes her totally unsuitable for any meaningful work.

And they wonder how the stereotypes get started?

highboy said...

I was just talking with someone from cali on facebook about polygamy which according to her, had lots of emotional and spiritual benefits that went with it. Only in cali!

Jan said...

Z..I watched the entire thing, as hard as it was to do.

I think the name of her CD should be: "It's ALL About ME" with the subtitle "And YOU Gotta Pay, 'Cause I'M WORTH It, Sucka."

Sorry...that's not a good attitude, I know, but the whole thing just irks me, no end.

As a real poet, I'm wondering what you think of her calling herself an ARTIST? :)

Chuck...I know, exactly, what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

That's why CA is in so much trouble. She's not at all troubled by the fact that she's a parasite.

Lisa said...

Oh so that's how they came up with the name "BET" TV.

I used to live in a mixed neighborhood. One crack head woman had 8 foster kids and one day she tried to sell 100.00 worth of food stamps to a neighbor for 20.00.
The I used to bowl with this guy and he had 5 kids with 3 different women,of course not married to any of them and he was getting back surgery and was going to be laid(layed) up and I asked him,just to hear his reply,what about your kids? And this is what he said verbatim"The Government gotta take care of my kids"

This is a good one to watch:

Z said...

high boy said "I was just talking with someone from cali on facebook about polygamy which according to her, had lots of emotional and spiritual benefits that went with it. Only in cali!"

I wish. You think Mass and Illinois and FLA and about every other state's people wouldn't say that?
I don't know a SOUL who'd think that was a good idea in California.

I hesitate to post California posts and need you all to know that to say this is only a California thing is wishful thinking....If you only knew how many good Conservatives, many of them Black or Hispanic by the way, I know, I guess you'd be stunned..sadly.

Lisa, like I could watch that video after reading your comment? :-)
I just got home from work; GIVE ME A BREAK !(smile!) xx

Z said...

Off Topic; again, it's THE weirdest thing! A story about Murdock Corp spying on Prince William has been the headline on Yahoo Homepage's news for 2 days now.
Makes me laugh thinking how HARD the lame stream lib media's trying to screw Murdoch. Other MUCH bigger and more important stories last 2 hours.
Ya, I know...there is no media bias :-)
Thanks GOODNESS the National Enquirer doesn't spy on anybody or THEY'D be in BIG trouble in the media, too, right? (RIGHT? :-) If they were owned by Murdoch who owns FOX they would!! SO SO OBVIOUS AND SO FUNNY!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks polygamy is a good idea deserves poly "honey do" lists.

Anonymous said...

You're interestingly mute about yesterday's elections. No wonder. Nice to see the voters wake up and give a resounding NO to the draconian and crazy polices of the GOP yesterday. Way to go Ohio and Mississippi! Walker is next. Go OWS! Obama 2012!

Z said...

libdude, wake up...our country loses due to the collective bargaining crap (we'll never EVER be able to compete anymore) and wins BIG TIME as Ohio slammed the Obama Health care crap.

If you read more, you'd sound more informed!

Jan said...

"and wins BIG TIME as Ohio slammed the Obama Health care crap."

And I'm proud to say, "I helped! :)

libdude, I suppose you know, since you are so well-informed, that the unions spent multi-millions of dollars to assure that they got what THEY wanted.

Again, the poor misguided people are going to be left out in the cold, when they start losing their jobs because there is no money to sustain them.

Z, nobody with a brain could even believe that California is the only place this is going on, as far as the people like the one in the video.

They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, believe me, and they are in every state.

And speaking of the bizarre, a part time poll worker (a Democrat) almost bit the nose off of a voter here, yesterday.

The voter had come to the defense of a volunteer who was being verbally abused by the poll worker, and the guy actually tried to bite his nose off!

With workers like that, who needs the Black Panthers? :)

Pris said...

Well Dud, Ohio also voted down Obamacare, big time!

Go OWS? Yes by all means, these creeps, raping girls, vandalizing businesses, and hiding behind their own children in toy wagons to block streets.

Oh yes, real brave soldiers marching for Marxism. You losers are so typical of the left. Lemmings who can't even speak without someone telling you what to say.
You don't have the brains God gave a gnat!

Btw, you don't like Z's posts? Take a hike, we're just fine without dopes like you!

WomanHonorThyself said...

what a sad statement hun...what has happened to this glorious nation of ours.... Have a blessed week my friend.:)

Anonymous said...


The American way of life as we know it...knew over. It's in the hands of the anarchists, loons, multiculturalists, PC addled, illegals, transgenders, atheists, commies, Black tribalists, NBBP, parasites, the Muslims, Cair, Seiu, Nea, Naacp, Aclu, SPLC, BET, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, MSNBC, AFL/ CIO,
welfare queens & kings, illegitimacy, uneducated, illiterate, less than a GED, McDonalds employed & Burger King idiots, queers, Fags, Rainbow coalition, CBC, lice ridden, drug addicted, pot smoking, BFA's, BS in gender studies, women studies, political science majors....BS's in surfing, screwing and apparently in the case of OWS/NYC/Oakland...rape, assault, chaos...and I'm waiting for the murder.

Me and Ticker and Mustang....well...since Friday is 11/11/11....are ready to pop these POS...

And keep in mind and never forget...these vermin...these pukes...these scum...think they're "american". These freaks...these degenerates...these animals...need to be put down.

Come on libdudes. You'll never live to even regret it. You comical losers. You girly Obama ( and this is his constituency ) following scum.

90% of America...hates your guts. We hate your guts.

highboy said...

I guess liberaldude is just copying and pasting the exact response and repasting it on every blog he comes across. The mere fact that Obama tanked the entire country and quacks still think he's a competent president is concrete evidence that people don't take this country seriously. Its an "us" vs. "them", like a football game with bragging rights. Never mind the catastrophe that follows.

Z said...

FOR THE RECORD: as I said above, Yahoo's Homepage still has the UK news that Murdoch's corp was spying on Prince William.
Again; think this isn't about FOX?

other stories of FAR more import have come and gone within hours of being put up as a headline, but NOT an anti-Murdoch story..!!

Always On Watch said...

Liberal Dude loves to copy and paste. See this comment that he left at my web site.

Z said...

Always, I know; I've seen him all over. :-)
I hope whoever's paying him to disrupt realizes he's doing this!

Also, he still thinks Ohio's the BIG WIN....(don't tell him about Virginia :-)

Z said...

the Murdock/Prince William story is STILL on the headline news at Yahooo! But I"M SURE there just aren't any MORE important stories with which to fill those normal ten headlines, right? (unbelievable!!)!!!! HA!

Z said...

I just read this thread over to see which liberals commented......none (I don't count liberaldude a commenter, i leave him for comic relief)

No Ducky, No Craig, No net observer, No Marxist, no Dave Miller, no whatever the other names who visit here are......fascinating.

Lisa said...

Z-I think you will like that video

MK said...

I couldn't watch too much of that irritating f***wit.

Sometimes i think instead of whining about taxes and what not, maybe we should all starting demanding the government start buying people BMWs and 6-bedroom homes, free drugs and porn to boot as well.

That way the whole bloody place will come crashing down and we can start the process of rebuilding it all again and most of these useless parasites would simply perish in the process. It's frustrating because no matter how much we rail and complain, our taxes never get lower and these sniveling bastards keep sponging away.

I know it's probably not the right way and it would be more painful to usher in the meltdown, but unless we repel sniveling parasites like these, we're heading that way, only slowly.

Z said...

I sure DID love it, LISA! And I MIGHT BLOG IT, if you don't mind!

MK...SOMETHING's going to happen; we can't carry on giving everything away in's just not going to work and our leftwingers STILL don't ask "Where will the money come from?" They're just as dumb as frickin' DIRT, sadly...
and they vote.

Lisa said...

Please do blog it being you get alot of traffic

net observer said...

Well, first of all, Z, it might help us both if you to tell us your definition of "liberal". Then, I honestly want to know how I, solely from your point of view, earned that term.

Just to be clear, I don't take offense at the term "liberal". So I'm not mad at you for labeling me as such. I just don't see how the term could possibly be used to accurately describe me. Perhaps you can enlighten me with your perspective on the word.

For what it's worth, I openly admit to being socially liberal; but I'm probably more economically conservative than you and most self-described conservatives. People like me used to be called conservatives. Later on, we became "libertarians". So I guess now that there's no singular term to describe socially liberal and economically conservative individuals, people like me get lumped in with Michael Moore. Doesn't make a lotta sense, but c'est la vie =)

In any case, I have zero affinity for this woman's reflections on EBT. And to my knowledge, I have never said anything that could lead someone to think I had a different view.

Z said...

I think you're right, net, I shouldn't have included you there and was frankly surprised I did when I read your latest comment and wondered what you were referring to.

I wouldn't expect you to applaud anything this woman said. You are especially fiscally conservative.

But, you're also puzzling to me because just when I think I have a grip on your thinking, you scoot the other way, and I'm befuddled again! When I see an example of that in the future, I'll let you know.