Friday, November 4, 2011

Republicans don't want JOBS created?......see any bias in this article? :-)

You'll love this one from The Atlantic Wire!!  I was looking through my Yahoo homepage news items and literally laughing this afternoon.   There are amazing ways Obama can be campaigned for in articles like the following and approximately ten like it just today!  WOW.  Here it is;

Asked, "Do you think the Republicans are intentionally stalling efforts to jumpstart the economy to insure that Barack Obama is not re-elected?" a poll found that 34 percent of Florida conservatives said yes. Conspiracy, political posturing, savvy strategy-- call it what you want, but the Suffolk University poll gives evidence that the theory is not just a partisan position. As Peter Scorsch, from SaintPetersBlog points out, it's the Republican answers that surprised:
 ...49 percent said they believe that the Republicans are intentionally hindering efforts to boost the economy so that President Barack Obama will not be reelected. Thirty-nine percent disagreed. As expected, most registered Democrats (70 percent) agreed that Republicans are intentionally hindering the economy and hurting Obama, but independents (52 percent) and even some Republicans (24 percent) also agreed.
 Kevin Drum from Mother Jones expands on the point:
What's interesting isn't just that half of all voters think the answer is yes, it's the breakdown: a quarter of all Republicans and a third of all conservatives also think the answer is yes. In other words, this isn't just a liberal conspiracy theory. Even a lot of conservatives recognize what's going on. I wouldn't make too much of a single state poll, but those numbers are high enough that they might represent a glimmering recognition of something that's only been Beltway chatter up to now.

(Z:  Wait, because Mother Jones believes it, readers are to read "what's going on" according to Mother Jones and believe it?!   Um.....Beltway chatter from whom?!)

Drumm's figures on conservative answers were gleaned from the poll's breakdown of the numbers. But it's also worth nothing that there weren't any followup questions if (perceived) Republican subterfuge would sway a vote. You know, questions like "Is this going to change your vote?" or "Doesn't that just make you really depressed and mad that they'd harm American jobs just for political gain?" (Z: my personal favorite in bias :-), or "Is this a brilliant strategy?" (end of article)

Oh, by the way!  Here's the title of that article:  :-)   Effective, isn't it, true or not true.

Even Conservatives Think Republicans Are Sabotaging the Economy to Hurt Obama

You can't make this stuff up... the mainstream media works hard and long at misrepresenting and misleading and even Conservatives buy itThe media almost never talks about the House and how many bills they've sent to the Senate (I believe it's 15) which have been ignored; no mention that Republicans trying hard to get jobs bills passed....HERE is only one bunch of information.  HERE is's pretty much ignored in the mainstream media.   And, Americans read articles like the one above, believe Obama's amazing insults,.........and answer polls........and vote.  

No mention in the article that REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS HAVE SEEN WHAT THE PRESIDENT WOULD LIKE TO DO AND PHILOSOPHICALLY DON'T AGREE,  AND ALSO DON'T AGREE BASED ON THE EXPERIENCE THAT MOST OF IT HASN'T WORKED.  Wouldn't you think that might be included in the article?    I guess not!  That sure doesn't promote the desired agenda this article and so many more articles like it are pushing and misleading with........



Always On Watch said...

The Democrats along with the mainstream media are effectively demonizing the GOP.

And the GOP is not effectively opposing the Democratic Party. **sigh**

Silverfiddle said...

The Democrat Socialist party must have a scapegoat for their multi-trillion dollar failures.

It's gonna be the dirtiest campaign in history.

Speedy G said...


The Left proves once again that they know absolutely nothing about human psychology. People don't destroy their own bank accounts as a means to signal their complaints with their neighbor's political views.

Ducky's here said...
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Fredd said...


I subscribe to the Chicago Tribune, and a headline like this one is above the fold almost every day.

If everybody really believes the MSM slant, then all Republicans (as portrayed by the MSM) should be lined up against the wall and shot, since they want our children to starve, and our elders to die in the gutters, and they are just lousy, mean baby-eaters in general.

Fortunately, not everyone takes these articles as Gospel. Namely, people with brains.

Speedy G said...

The failure in the Bush years wasn't the tax cuts they gave, duckmeister... it was ALL the spending increases they authorized in the name of "compassionate conservatism" and that Democrats in the House and Senate overwhelmingly voted FOR.

Z said...

AOW...No, the GOP is not fighting back hard enough.
I saw Paul Ryan last night and he makes such sense; but he, too, has been demonized.
That's the plan: Demonize Conservative leaders, demonize the platforms, teach against Conservatives and capitalism in schools, and the Republicans can never be perceived well. will be dirty and awful. It looks like Wisconsin might be the swing state after all and Soros apparently owns the company with which they vote.

speedy...wouldn't ya think? Good point about the Bush years, but who'll listen when all they read is the leftwing media?

Fredd...I'm not sure there are enough people with brains left to get us out of the debt abyss Obama's striving to put us more and more into......

Bob said...

About the poll.

1. You are dealing with a liberal press, and a poll done jointly by a liberal school and a TV station.

2. The question about the Obama jobs program was thrown in after the first day. There were only 662 respondents to the question as opposed to 800 for the entire poll.

3. Most respondents were over the age of 45, and 78% had no children. The poll did not represent a cross section of Florida or the nation. This was an older crowd.

4. Very few respondents self-identified as liberal, even though 36% said they were Democrats. I view this as a confirmation attempt about Party affiliation, and some of these people lied. Of course, I could be wrong.

Dem 41%
Rep 36%
Other 23%

Conservative 44%
Moderate 36%
Liberal 13%
Undecided 7%

5.Only 29% said their values were similar to the Tea Party values. This was not a conservative crowd.

6. The respondents always responded very positively to questions about Hillary Clinton. They LOVE Hillary. These people are mostly Democrats, regardless of what they told the pollsters.

The poll is not the best poll I have seen. The questions are interesting, but the respondents are not representative of, well, anything but a bunch of older Democrats who are sorry they voted for Obama.

By the way, Marco Rubio is very popular. I think the voters will give Rubio a pass on the timing of his parents immigration to the USA.

Speedy G said...

but who'll listen when all they read is the leftwing media?

You're certainly part of the solution, Z. ;)

Ticker said...

No mention of the 17 Jobs bills passed by Republicans AND Democrats, but then what's new? Harry(Dead on Arrival) would just kill them in the Senate.
Meanwhile "job killer in chief" continues to campaign in France blaming the Republicans for his failures. Again What's new about that. LSM can only report on Herman Cain and some blond bimbo who is but isn't going to jail this time, or what is it last time or ... who knows or cares... except the LSM and the morons with a 30sec attention span.

Pris said...

"No mention of the 17 Jobs bills passed by Republicans AND Democrats, but then what's new? Harry(Dead on Arrival) would just kill them in the Senate."

Ticker has it right. Those House bills are DOA in the Senate.
When Obama blames Congress, it seems the public has amnesia about Dems having the majority in the Senate!

I have little confidence in polls, and don't give them much credence. They can be skewed depending on the questions, how they're worded, and who participates.

cube said...

I don't have much confidence in the polls either. My main concern is that the republicans aren't fighting back hard enough against these bogus claims.

Brooke said...

Ugh, what AOW said. If the GOP had any sense they would counter this nonsense with both barrels. Instead, we get milquetoast responses.

Anonymous said...'s true. The GOP won on jobs in 2010 and have yet to create a jobs bill. They have blocked Obama's jobs bill. They have also done nothing to help the economy except present ludicrous bills that only favor the rich. Mitch McConnell said it all when he said "...the first priority for the GOP is to make sure Obama doesn't have a second term."

Yeah, they'd rather see the economy sink further and hurt average Americans than see an Obama success.

Anonymous said...

Things Congress passed this week that had nothing to do with jobs:

The House passed:

House Concurrent Resolution 13 reaffirming “In God We Trust” as the official motto of the United States;
The Wireless Tax Fairness Act of 2011;
The Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act of 2011;
The Civilian Service Recognition Act of 2011;
Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2011;
H.R. 1965, which raises the monetary threshold for banks issuing securities;
The Small Company Capital Formation Act of 2011, which exempts other securities from regulation;
Access to Capital for Job Creators Act, which exempts some security issuers from regulation;
and The Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act, which reduces regulations on yet other kinds of securities.

The Senate passed:

Appeal Time Clarification Act;
Removal Clarification Act;
Federal Courts Jurisdiction and Venue Clarification Act;
Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development, and Related Programs Appropriations Act;
Wallowa Forest Service Compound Conveyance Act;
Sugar Loaf Fire Protection District Land Exchange Act;
Fort Pulaski National Monument Lease Authorization Act;
Box Elder Utah Land Conveyance Act;
Utah Land Conveyance Act
Uintah Water Conservancy District;
Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act;
East Bench Irrigation District Water Contract Extension Act;
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Cards Act;
and the America’s Cup Act

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Looking at those lists all the Republicans have to do is the opposite of everything Obama has done.
Libdud the Republicans proposed 15jobs bills that are tied up in the senate. All the dems want is higher taxes and more government.
I saw Paul Ryan last night on FOX. I think I want him to run. He is not afraid to speak up against how Obama is pitting people against each other and how unhealthy it is for America. When asked why Republicans are so silent about Obama he said they are afraid of the bully pulpit. So different from when the dems had control under Bush. Pelosi,Clinton and Reid were sure quite outspoken.It just goes to show who the real thugs are.
My Company had a trade show today and one of the vendors was from France. During lunch my boss asked him about the situation over there and he said the EU feels that Mr Obama is making things worse especially with all his rhetoric and blame games.See it's not just us who say it.

I guess Obama is the only one who thinks he is loved around the world.
How about that huh?

Z said...

The Senate is stonewalling so none of the Republican ideas get broadcast as Republican ideas...don't forget the Senate isn't passing anything, either! :-)....and the media won't give the Republicans the time of day on all their 15 solutions for jobs...


Speedy G.....that might be the nicest comment ever, thanks.

Pris said...

Lisa, I agree, Paul Ryan is great. He's not intimidated, and more, he's brilliant.

Don't expect libdud, to understand brilliant. A dud, is a dud!

Z said...

Pris, and Lisa...Ryan's terrific.

Lisa, you "think" you want him to run? I WISH HE WOULD but he's got small kids and says he won't right now :-(

He's smart, young, extremely articulate; we couldn't have done better, but alas.........
Wasn't he fabulous on FOX last night?

Average American said...

Don't kid yourselves, Republicans WANT to see people lose their jobs!

You heard/read me right, they want to see NObama, Biden, Reid, and at least 10 more Senators lose their jobs. No sense denying it, the American people see right through you, and hopefully are on the same wavelength next November!

Average American said...

After reading my comment above, I thought I might want to expound on it so as to not be misunderstood.

The Republicans are doing their best to get jobs bills passed, but without raising taxes. This is, and has been their ideology. While I can understand why some people may perceive this as trying to destroy the economy, I do not think it is for that purpose.

I will say that the statement from Mitch McConnell concerning the number 1 priority being to make sure that NObama is a 1-termer was NOT the brightest thing he could have said. He gave the LSM a lot of ammunition with that dumb remark.

Bob said...

Average American said, "Republicans WANT to see people lose their jobs!"

I know you believe what you say, but you need to think about what is really going on. You can confiscate all the wealth of the top 10% of the people and not even make a dent in the annual deficit. Raising taxes does not accomplish anything economically or fiscally.

Raising taxes will kill jobs. That is a proven fact. The more you tax an economy, the less economic activity will take place. Even funding billions in infrastructure projects will do little in the job creation area because you are stimulating the wrong sector of the economy, the public sector.

So you see, Mr Average, the President is doing the exact wrong things, and it is all our responsibility to make sure he is a one term President.

Since I am currently unemployed, I would very much like to see the dummy Obama come up with something positive. Like most conservatives, I don't confuse fouling my own nest with vengeance politics.

Z said...

average, I love your comment about wanting people to lose jobs...yes we do want certain people to, the ones who are ruining America, that is.

For that reason, I think Mitch McConnell was right! We MUST get rid of him not for acrimony sake but for survival sake!

Bob, I had lunch with a sis today who is not usually political and she said "Has any president been so disdainful toward the Republican party in so obviously demeaning and goading and insulting them? I know parties fight but I haven't seen this kind of comments before, have you?"

I told her no president has...not a sitting president, anyway. I have told the story here about seeing Clinton BADLY BASH BUSH at a Labor Party convention he spoke at in England...I saw him on Paris TV, live. Tony BLair was ashen as he listened to an American president so badly insult Bush. I looked for days through the internet news to see what the American media was saying about that but nobody covered it. I literally had tears in my eyes as I listened to him and felt such embarrassment for our country.

This is a whole new vengeance politics...Chicago thuggery

net observer said...

Well, no one should be allowed to litter the landscape with outrageous conspiracy theories. But is it really all that illogical to think that a few GOP-ers out there see the unemployment rate as Obama's main obstacle to a second term, and that a significant decrease in that rate by election day could very well obliterate any GOP-er's chances?

I recall conservatives like Hannity accusing Dems of privately cheering on the 2008 banking crisis because they saw it as boost to Obama's candidacy. His assessment made sense to me then. And frankly, the similar, reverse accusation makes sense to me now.

Would this description fit most GOP-ers? Absolutely not. But a few, tunnel-vision, self-serving scumbags? Almost certainly.

And who, besides a bona fide traitor, would admit publicly that they wanna see our economy fail?

Average American said...

Bob, you should have read the whole post, in fact, both of them. We are on the same page.

Z, of course Mitch was right, but he should not have said it out loud. They have enough ammo without our side giving them even more.