Friday, November 4, 2011

Birthday Wishes!

It's one of my favorite commenters' birthday:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IMPERTINENT!

We thank you for your service to this country and we thank you for  your love of America and capitalism!

Most of all, thanks for being MY friend and the friend of so many here at geeeeeZ!

Love and big hugs.............Z and geeeeeZ!
How's that for a birthday cake for an all-American flier?  



Anonymous said...

Aw Geeeez Mz. I am blushing big time. That made my day...Wow.

For once...I'm lost for words!

Z said...

You deserve it!
Happy Birthday, ...(I almost wrote your name! oops!)
And here's to many, many more. xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Ms. Z.

heidianne jackson said...

wow - so that makes you what, 25, now impertinent? i hope that by the time i reach that advanced age of a quarter-of-a-century i will have one quarter of the knowledge you have...

happy birthday - i hope it's been a great day & is an even better night...!

Anonymous said...

Joyeux Anniversaire.

Jan said...

Happy Birthday to youuuu...
Happy Birthday to youuuu...
Happy Birthday, dear Impy...
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu!!!

I hope it was wonderful!

Elmers Brother said...

Happy Birthday Compadre!

Beverly said...

Happy birthday to you, Mr. impertinent.

Pris said...

Imp, Happy Birthday my friend!

I raise my glass in a toast to a great guy!

net observer said...

Happy Birthday, Imp.

Never in a thousand years did I expect THOSE words to emanate from THESE lips lol

So you're a fellow Scorpio, Imp? No wonder we clash so much!

My birthday is the 18th, Z. How 'bout that coincidence?

Anonymous said...

....thanks for the kind words. 25? That was way too long ago and wishin' will never make it happen again! Trust me...I knew very little at 25.

Merci mon ami.

Love the sound of your voice. It has been made a better day already.

Thank you sir.

Thanks...You can call me Imp, OK?

You and Z are always there. Thanks...and I'll raise you two.

Thanks Net. Really. I'm as surprised as you. But we've come a long way and I hope it stays that way. We're both mellowing...and making great headway.
Maybe it is the Scorpio thing / attitude . great minds? You'll tell me, I know I can count on it.

Ticker said...

Happy Birthday Imp, from one old Fly boy to another. (28th Bomb Wing SAC)

Z said...

It is quite a coincidence, net! deserve all these great comments and more!

Anonymous said...


Wow SAC? Serious stuff. I was a lowly TAC guy. 26th Tac Recon.

Thanks, fellow airman.

Rita said...

You mean Imp isn't his real name???

Happy Birthday, Imp.

Of course, to make it an even more special day, perhaps the Duckster can troll past and insult you.

Z said...

Rita...good one :-)
Yes, one would think anybody in frequent contact with someone would put the gauntlet down, but......not him.

Ticker said...

Imp, Nothing lowly about the 26th. They use to do TACROTE duty at Cigli,AB Turkey when I was there. They were at Ramstein at the time and had been at a French base shortly before that.

Great bunch of guys.

Bob said...

Happy birthday, Imp. Where's the cake, Z?

Z said...

Bob, that IS a cake! The plane ,...:-)
Sorry we can't all have a piece of it!

Anonymous said...


Thanks. But Z let it slip that that's my real least my wife thinks it is!


I was at Ramstein. Yea...I thought we did OK.


Thank you very much. The cakes in my refer....and it's all mine!!