Sunday, November 20, 2011


Be still, my silly corazon!   OLE!



Anonymous said...

Means not much I believe.

Europeans don't know what they want. It's so unmanageable that they'll vote for the socialists the next election b/c problems can't be solved.

Same will happen in France. Hollande may win it after Sarkozy.

They're screwed and nobody knows how to fix it because Europeans don't want their welfare to go away.

It's like a drug addict that knows the drug is bad for him but he doesn't want to stop.

FairWitness said...

Froggie, why so pessimistic? You always can change and go in a different direction, as long as you're alive. It's true for all of humanity.

Lisa said...

Maybe they know what they want now.
I like to go the optimistic route,you know like the democrats always do.

Anonymous said...

Europeans learned their lessons from the 1920s: Democracy is too much work. They tried it for a couple of years and decided that electing socialist regimes is a good way to avoid personal responsibility. Freedom-loving Europeans all became Americans, leaving the old world in the hands of loutish citizens, at the mercy of corrupt socialists and dedicated Marxists.

FB is quite astute; were he pessimistic, he would have suggested the American people are on the same path to self-destruction —which they are.

Opus #6 said...

Hey, every step in the right direction is a good thing.

In other words, "Gracias a Dios!"

And, "Hasta la vista, socialistas!"

MK said...

Let's hope that it's not too little too late and more importantly, that they voted for conservatives because they've really shifted away from the idiot left and not because they just want better-managed socialism.

beamish said...

They're screwed and nobody knows how to fix it because Europeans don't want their welfare to go away.

Not so different from Americans after all.

beamish said...

Except perhaps that America has a military to scrap to delay the inevitable another 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Froggie, why so pessimistic?

Because I've seen it too often and know how those people think.

Maybe things will be different this time. But that means people accepting cuts in welfare. Let's see if they do.

Z said...

fb, ACTUALLY, I thought the article did include how welfare's become too big ..and that's what these people ran on.

I keep hearing how FREE everything is in Europe and remembering that my stepdaughter pays $1000 cash for her health care. please, if our media didn't have so much invested in believing THEY get THEIR healthcare FREE, they'd have also reported how Schroeder was begging Germans to buy their insurance because it had become impossible for the German coffers to pay...that was his last year in office.