Friday, November 25, 2011

Your FAVORITE dish from Thanksgiving dinner......

I usually post something like this on my food blog, but even non-foodies might find it fun to hear about a special dish that knocked your socks off yesterday, so I thought some of you'd be more apt to tell us if I posted it here!  Was this DEEElicious dish something a relative or friend made, something you made with a new recipe which out performed your expectations.......WHAT REEEEALLY DELICIOUS THING DID YOU EAT?

I hope you all had a really nice day.



Brooke said...

The most awesome thing we eat every year isn't a complex dish. It is my Grandpa's from-scratch-lumpy-goodness mashed potatoes. Heck, I skip dessert just so I can have a little extra. That, and my Granny's cooked broccoli.

Who needs turkey?

sue hanes said...

Z - I've already talked about my to die for rich and delicious Spinach Casserole so for today I will say that it was the Cranberry/Orange/Pecan Relish.

Hardly anyone ate it so I am getting a box of raspberry jello today and one of orange and use it in that.

Scotty said...

Call me odd.....While all the goodies that are offered at the table are fine, if you were to give me a choice between Thanksgiving dinner, with all the stuff and a sandwich slathered with Miracle Whip and lots of pepper, I'll take the sammich!

Oh yeah, I also like my pizza cold the next day for breakfast!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Had a really nice spiral-cut ham with a home-made brown sugar glaze! Nom nom nom.


Opus #6 said...

My family has an excellent recipe for turkey stuffing. We ate around 4pm, and by 8:30 I was craving more stuffing. Good thing for leftovers!

beamish said...

I just awoke from a turkey-induced coma.

Anonymous said...

I made and created my first stuffing. Corn bread, celeri, chesnut, prunes cooked in wine. Was very good. French twist on an American dish.

Z said...

Brooke, what's Granny do to the mashed potatoes that make them that good (did I say that? I have NEVER met a potato I didn't LOVE!)...I think lumpy mashed potatoes are highly underrated! It all tastes good!
what's she do to the broccoli?

Sue, sounds delicious.

Scotty..I love cold pizza the next day, too!
Not a big Miracle Whip fan here...California's is Best Foods..mmm
Slathered on a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce...THAT'S GOOD!

BZ, sounds great! I love those glazes!

Opus, what's special in your recipe!? DO TELL!

Beamish..I slept better and longer than I have in A LONG TIME...ya think it's the turkey!? Maybe it is!

FrogBurger, that sounds great. I love prunes in anything. I'd like to taste chestnuts in a stuffing though I'm not a huge fan of them.
I'm glad it was so good.

Brooke said...

Z: My Grandpa is the mashed potato king. He cuts them into big chunks, sometimes with the skin on if he's in a wild mood, but usually not. Then, he boils them until they are soft but not too much. If he's making a small batch he'll use a hand smasher (I'm not sure what that thing is really called) and if it's a big batch then one of those stainless steel mixers with the big bowl attached.

Then, he throws in some pepper, some heavy cream, some milk and some melted butter, and mixes until it's not QUITE smooth. You get to salt to taste, and it's to DIE for. :)

Granny's broccoli is easy: Get a couple pounds, cut off the florets and put them in a pot, throw a half stick or so of butter in the pot and boil on medium for a couple of hours, until tender. Mmmmmm!

Dave's boss gave everyone a turkey this week. The bird should be thawed by now and since we're having unusually warm weather today, we're going to put it on the grill, and have a fire in the pit! :)

Bob said...

I have always thought Turkey tasted fowl.

One of my favorite dishes is sweet potato pudding. Melt some marsh mellows on top, and you have a real desert. Don't forget the cinnamon and stuff for seasoning.

Always On Watch said...

We had a traditional meal at our neighbors' house. Everything was delicious! Especially those green beans cooked with bacon grease. To hell with my cholesterol count on Thanksgiving Day.

But my favorite of the day came later when we went to a Chinese homeschooler's house. The family is from mainland China -- and so grateful to be Americans now. They are also Believers. The best dish that I ate there? Chinese fungus! It tasted somewhat stronger than shitake mushrooms and was absolutely delectable.

Always On Watch said...

BTW, we had the best Thanksgiving Day EVER. See my comment at my "Thanksgiving 2011" post.

Z said...

Bob, we had marshmallow-covered sweet potatoes but I have to admit I scrape the marshmallows to the side, then take some!

AOW, I heard that part on Gathering Storm (your wonderful radio show..on very Friday, easy to find through your blog! \..a shameless PLUG from Z)!
I adored the idea of you having Chinese food for Thanksgiving after having had American food!

Brussel sprouts, finely shredded and cooked in bacon grease are DELICIOUS too, but you add a touch of red wine vinegar to break the richness. Perfect.

REALLY glad you and Mr. AOW had such a fun day.
No politics like last year's>.am going to your blog now, thanks!

Mark said...

My wife's specialty is corn pudding. It is very good, but I am always surprised when guests always emote enthusiastically over it.

Always On Watch said...

I'm not sure why the two Obama supporters at the dinner at my neighbors' house were so quiet about politics. Never before have they been silent on those issues at the table -- and even afterwards. We've been having Thanksgiving dinner with that family since 1987.

Z said...

AOW, I wondered about what happened between you guys this year.
That's VERY interesting ... maybe even they are starting to see the light and knew they couldn't defend the man anymore?
I mean, how long can you BLAME BUSH?

I think his staying completely out of any talks Congress is having and just going out campaigning and blaming Republicans is wearing thin to any thinking man, even a Democrat.