Friday, November 18, 2011

The Pope and an Imam.........gad

Continuing from my post of yesterday, check THIS out.  
"The company defended the campaign, saying its purpose 'was solely to battle the culture of hate in all its forms'."  
As if things between Catholics and Muslims will REALLY improve now, right?  ......
And things between Obama and China, and Netanyahu and Palestine's Mahmoud Abbas, the other couples in the photos?   Yes, this will stop the hate :-)


Bob said...

This is as dumb as those "Coexist" bumper stickers. There is no such word in Islam.

The only kiss you will get from Muslims is the kiss of death. Bombs, more likely.

Silverfiddle said...

Bob: I hate those damned "Coexist" bumper stickers too. All they do is make the sanctimonious driver feel superior, I suppose.

They should go drive around Saudi Arabia with that ridiculous crap. We don't need it here. We obviously already know how to coexist. They need to take that and their "Diversity" crap on the road to Sudan, Pakistan and the Middle East.

As for Benetton, this is about money, nothing else.

Brooke said...

I'm surprised the Muslims aren't firebombing over this. They like their gay encounters to be with nubile young boys, not crusty old infidels.

Anonymous said...

People do not hate homosexuals; they simply find their behavior disgusting. Benetton joins with faggoty cinematographers in an effort to shock society into accepting abhorrent lifestyles. For what purpose, do you think? Does it have anything to do with the left’s agenda to destroy traditional American culture or western values? One wonders how far down this road we will travel before the new normal will demand acceptance of pedophiles, you know … because they’re people too.

Ducky's here said...

Mustang, people find a lot of behavior disgusting, so what?

Just because your delicate sensibilities are offended? Snap out of it.

Anyway, the Vatican sued over the ad and it was withdrawn. Odd it wasn't a Muslim organization that complained.

What faggot cinematographers are you referring to?

Are you still conflating homosexuality and pedophilia? Come on, someone with your brilliance shouldn't keep making that mistake.

Z said...

Ducky "Are you still conflating homosexuality and pedophilia? "

Are you still intentionally misreading comments to suit your hate?

Z said...

Brooke, excellent point; suddenly it's the muslims who aren't going nuts over this?

You know, I hadn't thought of that. They go NUTS over the slightest normal teasing and THIS isn't bothering them?...they, who hate homosexuality (until they marry a woman, of course)...where are they on THIS?

Ducky's here said...

Here's the excerpt from mustang's post, z ...
"One wonders how far down this road we will travel before the new normal will demand acceptance of pedophiles, you know … because they’re people too"

I don't see how that was misread.

Fredd said...


I thought the title of this article was the start of a joke, but I guess not.

You know, 'The Pope, and Imam and a Rabbi go into a bar and order drinks....'

And in a few versions of this joke, I seem to recall that one of them had a parrot on their shoulder.

Thersites said...

Mustang, people find a lot of behavior disgusting, so what?

Just because your delicate sensibilities are offended? Snap out of it.


or don't

Some of the sayings of Edmund Burke:

There is, however, a limit at which forbearance ceases to be a virtue.

Vice itself lost half its evil by losing all its grossness.

One that confounds good and evil is an enemy to the good.

But what is liberty without wisdom, and without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils; for it is folly, vice, and madness, without tuition or restraint.

Pris said...

What is offensive is what seems to be a desire on the part of many homosexuals, to display exhibitionism. Otherwise, why do they feel they need to have parades celebrating their sexual preference?

Well, I'll say it. Homosexuality is outside the norm. Do I hate homosexuals? NO!

I accept they do exist, and have the right to their proclivities within legal behavior, and preferably in the privacy of their homes, like the rest of us.

Do I think we should have to celebrate their behavior? NO I don't. Acceptance, and celebration are two different things.

This portrayal in Z's post is just another effort to be in our face, as if they're special. They are not.

It will attract attention, and satisfy the exhibitionist bent, which is used to shock people, and eventually make us shrug our shoulders, and be politically correct creatures, which has broken down every decent behavior, and tradition.

You snap out of it Ducky! There is such a thing as decent public behavior.

We all know the left's penchant to break down society's traditional belief to behave in a civilized manner, and to practice restraint out of respect for the greater good.

Anonymous said...

Can we have a photo of Ducky kissing Beamish?

Lisa said...

Can we have a photo of Ducky kissing Beamish?


Anonymous said...

I wanted to wish Net O a very happy Birthday...Happy Birthday a great guy.

We Scorpios need to stick together..LOL.

Otherwise... We wouldn't have any other friends! / sacr off

Z said...

I stand by what I said about Mustang...and I believe he's right.

Fredd, before I read your second sentence, I was laughing my head off, you are SO right! Yes, the parrot's missing in this one :-)
What did you think of the article, anyway?!

FrogBurger, hilarious!

Thersites, that is one astonishingly cogent quote for this and many subjects. I'd never read that. I liked Jan's remark the other day...and thought you might, too : "It is getting to the point where if one does find anything personally offensive, that they should be ashamed, and not the other way around."

similar, eh?

Pris, how the heck can any thinking person disagree with your excellent comments?
Don't you love Jan's comment which I quoted again in this comment's box..and Thersites' quote?

Would that we'd learn from these and WAKE UP and save our children

Rita said...

These marketing compaigns get exactly what they want, lots of discussion on the news, even if they have to pull the ad later.

Personally, I refuse to buy anything from Calvin Klein after their suggestive child clothing (or lack thereof) ads.

I'm not sure why CK would think that ad would result in increased sales. I mean other than from people like Jerry Sandusky.

Anonymous said...

"This portrayal in Z's post is just another effort to be in our face, as if they're special. They are not."

Oh but they are. They've managed to totally destruct and desecrate any iota of civility and modesty in America. They've waged a war against decent society. They've spread disease, sickness and death to untold thousands of Americans...who's only wish was an untainted blood supply or a simple transfusion.

In their quest for acceptance they've cowed and blackmailed schools into teaching "fisting...anal sex, oral sex" is natural And that sodomy is normal behavior...and that is one man desiring another mans rectum for intercourse. ( I'm not going to hold back cause the details are disgusting to average people...they are..yet we don't talk about what this disgusting behavior really is. )

We've allowed our media to guffaw, giggle and laugh while they address millions of Americans as "Tea-baggers"...which is another in the long line of perverse, disgusting, immoral those "elites" in the Know.

It's code word among the "sophisticated", educated masters of our universe.

Even religious leaders have forsaken their vows...the Bible...their beliefs to accommodate...."gays" in the ministry.

WTF? This isn't anywhere near a "civil rights" movement folks. This is an in your face assault against any kind of decency whatsoever.

You've all seen the pictures of the "Gay pride" ( shameful ) events in SFO. Disgusting filthy scum, perverts and animals.

Then we sit around and tsk tsk about whether or not it's "decent" for a mother to breast feed in public? WTF. While thousands of queens are roaming the street of a city with their c..k rings...

Oh...the poor things. Whatever happened to the laws that prohibit this shit?

Then a woman who decides to sunbath topless on a beach is led off in handcuffs?

Do I hate queers? Tell ya what. Who'd ever know they were queer if they didn't shove it in your face...our kids faces. Me...I think the Muslims have a better idea. They just don't get "down" with it. Good on them. Bring on Shiria in California...the US...why not?

Only the nuts will have to worry.

Sorry Z...that I'm NOT so ...OH...tolerant.

Z said...

Imp, it's hard for me to comment to all that you wrote.
Let me just say that what people do in the privacy of their own lives isn't something that should concern any of us...."chacun a son gout", as you know. And I've loved and respect gay men who lived dignified lives; some people didn't even know they were gay and they didn't care if those people did or not..they just lived normal lives. We don't talk about OUR sexuality, do we, after all.

And, yes, this picture photoshop thing isn't right. This is definitely pushing an agenda nobody should have to be exposed to. And WHY SHOULD WE? Why do people with traditional values have to be the ones to constantly swallow the ugliness of those living on the fringes? Let them LIVE...just be honest, dignified, and respectful.

and don't try to make US feel ashamed for not wanting to SEE IT???

Anonymous said...

"Let me just say that what people do in the privacy of their own lives isn't something that should concern any of us.."

Agreed...BUT it's not in the privacy of their own it? It's in the the our our our the lousy the the universities as "Transgender, Lesbian Gay studies" that "prepare" kids for what? Selling sex paraphernalia in a head shop?

In our states constitutions...that now...decide that marriage is no longer between a man & a woman? That queens, queers and gays can now jump into the armed services...and the showers?

No wonder 45% of our enlisted men say...screw this. I ain't serving any more.

Talk about the dismantling of our military.

Beats me...but I don't think women are one bit threatened by this outbreak of of perversity. Maybe cause the queens....act like a woman? But men...and the men that I know...don't like it at all.

For what? I'm sure there's a few old queens that want to be dignified. Rather than IDENTIFIED by the scum that now....screams GAT "pride".

How about Heterosexual PRIDE? See any parades like that?

Z said...

Imp, I'm totally with you on this.
Mr Z and I used to laugh when we knew the West Hollywood GAY PARADE was going on..he'd say "you know how fast we'd be arrested for a STRAIGHT PARADE?"
That's the PERFECT metaphor for all this CRAP, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

"That's the PERFECT metaphor for all this CRAP, isn't it...."

Yup...that being said I'll stick my neck out. I hate queers....queens...sexual "professors"...gender studies...AA studies....KKK studies and parades...Nazi's...demorats...OWS....bankers...stock brokers...wall street...goldman sachs...lehman brothers...fannie and fooking freddie too....corzine....barney and chris...maxine and barbara...feinstein and schwarzenegger....greens and peta shits...john f'in kerry ( cause he's a traitor )...shit on ted kennedys's lawn and all his inbred clan.
The naacp...frauds...CBS SPLC...sharpton, jackson and every other black fraud ( rangel included....Alcee hastings ) poverty pimp that dresses in aramani suits while their asswipe constituents still eat gog food...or rely on food stamps, section 8 housing ( ghettos ) while their elected scumbags ride around in NEW Cadalliacs.

I'll think of some more.

Rita said...

Dang Imp. I think you just caught me in one of those groups that you hate. I'll let you guess which one. ;)

sue hanes said...

and me.

Anonymous said...

"I'll let you guess which one. ;)"


Don't tell me we all don't "hate". Of course we do. Especially those who will cause this country to fail. As it already has...except for those in Congress....they get rich. While we accept it and pay for it.

I forgot to add...that 88% of America...hates, distrusts, dislikes and have no confidence in these shitty "leaders" either.

In any other country...a government with a 12% "approval rating" ( mainly the government workers...would be elections held and sent packing.

Our broken and no longer works for 99% of us.

Anonymous said...

Yea Sue....I don't belong to the commie, decadent fawning BM club. Your misogynist lover and hero. Don't kiss him on the lips either. He's been on the "down low" too often.

Rita said...

PETA? Well, you seriously don't know me very well.

I'm wondering if when a PETA freak gets a fatal disease that is curable with treatment if they refuse treatment if it developed using a rodent for testing.

Nah, please don't label one of those dingbats.

I spent about 30 years being one of those "evil" bankers. You know, the ones that foreclose on houses because someone no longer pays their mortgage even though the banks lose a ton of money on the foreclosures?

Why we even had meetings every week plotting to "steal" worthless property from people who refused to make even their first payment. It was all a big conspiracy, dontcha know?

Z said...

good one, Rita :-)
I had a feeling you weren't any of the other things!! xx

Anonymous said...

"the banks lose a ton of money on the foreclosures? "

Really? I always thought that the banks just didn't make tons of money on a foreclosure. Since all their profit is up front for the first 10 years or so of a mortgage in interest and very little towards principle.

Banks...are at the very least marginal criminal enterprises. Charge huge fees, interest

Rita said...

Imp: Banks are forbidden by law to use the rule of 78's for any loan term longer than 61 months. I'm sure you would agree would exclude virtually every mortgage. The interest on a mortgage is based on the outstanding principal. If you pay a fixed payment, of course there is more interest up front and less on the back end, it's based on the balance of the loan.

The fees collected up front hardly make the banks a fortune, many are third party fees and those that are not recover the processing and operating costs associated with originating the mortgage.

The points added on are generally associated with higher risk buyers, meaning that if you haven't paid your bills on time, you'll end up paying more up front. It's entirely related to a risk assessment. They can also be added to reduce the current rate of the loan.

I have never, and I do mean NEVER seen a foreclosure where a bank did not lose tens of thousands of dollars. And nowdays with the decline of the property value, I guarantee you they do not want to have a worthless property on their books.

As far as the current crisis, sure you can blame the banks, but they are no more culpable than FannieMae, FreddieMac and the sub-prime borrowers.

You can debate whether the big banks should have been bailed out, but did you realize that five of the ten big banks did not need or WANT the bailout money? Five of the banks were forced to take the bailout money so there would not be a run on the other five. They were not given a choice, they were placed under the same restrictions as the banks that needed the money and they were not allowed to pay it back until the government gave them permission.

Now imagine if you were in some business, the government insisted you take money you did not want, restricted what you could then pay yourself and your executives and then publically declared you were the enemy.

I don't resent Bill Gates for being part of the 1% and I don't resent Jamie Dimon for being one either.

What I do find reprehensible is that Dimon bought into all Obama's bs, so I figure he got what he had coming to him.

Banks, like all corporations are there to make a profit. If they did not, they would have no investors.

If I wanted to complain about companies that make huge profits, I would be down at OWS complaining that I should be given Jamie Dimon's bonus money or Bill Gates' net worth.

That just fundamentally goes against everything I believe and have worked my whole life for. I started working full time at 18 making $2.45 an hour. Thirty-four years later, I get called "rich" and selfish because I worked my tail off to be more than just a clerk.

Banks are not the evil guys here. Yes, they did take advantage of the corrupt practices of FreddieMac and FannieMae and we all know whose pockets those institutions were lining. The banks lent to ill-qualified buyers because the government was not only insisting upon it, but incentizing the banks with higher profits on selling the loans after funding.

Z said...

Rita, thanks SO much for that firsthand information. I'm with you on this.
Have you seen Fannie Mae's Daniel Mudd video...Oh, I found it:

unreal...look how nervous he looks...what's he been pushed into doing?

He brags about how Fannie's given more money to the poor than any other company in history. And, of course, they're the first to suffer when their homes they bought with no down payments nor hope of paying the mortgages were taken from them in foreclosure.]
He welcomes Obama in as a MEMBER OF THE FAMILY and calls the Congressional Black Caucus "the conscience of Congress"

We are getting SO FAR from the TRUE American dream of working hard and EARNING our homes and feeling that great independence, it's frightening.

MK said...

I saw one of these somewhere, i thought it was just a joke someone put together.

Yeah, it's not my thing, looks like a couple of homos or something. The one i saw was obama and chavez, well i know at least one of them takes his time picking up the soap. lol

Rita said...

Mortgage Logic Quote from one of the OWS idiots.

Simon OccupyEverything Andrew
Please SHARE!

"A mortgage for 200,000 at 5%, will cost you 833.33 per month in interest alone - 666.66 at 4%. Yet when you take out a mortgage, you are actually drawing into existence (from nowhere) your own credit/money, backed by nothing more than your ability to pay. Despite the bank having lent you ‘nothing’, you are taken for an extraordinary amount of interest; all the bank does is facilitat...e this process. There is therefore absolutely no reason to charge borrowers interest on home loans, indeed, doing so is terribly damaging to our economy and is the principle mechanism for transferring wealth from working people to the same undeserving financial elite who have plunged the whole world into debt and economic disaster."

And they wonder why we don't take them seriously.

If you have $200k in the bank just sitting around doing nothing, why would you then go and borrow money from a bank to buy a home? The $200k comes from SOMEONE else who has deposited that money in the bank. That $200k isn't sitting in an non-interest bearing account. And the bank takes a risk the borrower will not pay it back.

Fine, let OWSers shut down the evil banks and I wonder just how they are going to like that when they can't use their Dell credit card, because those credit cards are called, "private label" cards and actually are financed BY BANKS.

Merchants inventories are financed by BANKS, new and used car lots inventories are financed BY BANKS.

OK, I'll get off my soapbox now. I just get sick of hearing how evil bankers are.

Z said...

Rita, I do, too........we're BUILT on banks and most are fine and I think it's extremely dangerous to continue the HATE BANKS stuff.
Thanks for your input, oh wise one! :-)

Z said...

by the way, I was out today in the car and thinking "if they're not making building loans anymore, why the HELL are all the new buildings they are making loans to all around MY neighborhood..the traffic's bad enough already!" W(R&*@(#*&@(#&*$(@*#&

beamish said...

Can we have a photo of Ducky kissing Beamish?

Ducky will never attend CPAC because they're "conservative."

I'll never attend CPAC because they're gay.