Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Andrew Young tells all...........Should he?

A Mr.Andrew Young has written a book about John Edwards. Here is a timeline of what his life was like working for Edwards up until the present, when he is decidedly not working for (or speaking to) the Edwards anymore. Apparently, the liberal Huffington Post blog tried to belittle Andrew Young saying, in its article title, "Andrew Young's CRIMINAL RECORD and the John Edwards Scandal" The biggest problem with the title is it makes this man who had finally dared quit the Edwards imbroglio sound like he's a felon when, in actuality, he had some DUI's, a lien, and a traffic offense over 20 years. "CRIMINAL RECORD", well, technically, but you know how that headline is meant to sound and so do I. ANYTHING to slam an Edwards defector, apparently. So, sounds like I'm sticking up for this guy and I am not.

I know Yahoo and Google would never stick up for liberal causes (Ya, right), but I Googled "Andrew Young John Edwards Book" and was on page six of Yahoo's Search page and still hadn't come to an link! I found THAT odd :-) Finally, I put in the information I just mentioned AND and finally found it there on the second link down (!)...... HERE, if you want to get this book which most of the reviews say cannot be put down even if you don't want to read it.
I don't think I'll read it. My main purpose was to ask you all what you think of his having written the tell-all that REALLY does seem to tell ALL. I won't go into the details because many of you have probably seem him interviewed by now and we know most of the story, anyway, but what are your thoughts on it? He has a seemingly lovely wife and 3 children to support, he's out of a job and shunned by his leftwinger friends now (though, to be fair, many leftwing pundits are as disgusted with the Edwards story as any of us are), but .......even though it's a leftwinger and I should be having the glee and fun with it our leftwing friends have used against Conservatives, it makes me kind of queasy and I think he's gone a bit too far. What do you think?......Should he have done this?
By the way...I watched a bit of THE VIEW this morning where they interviewed the Youngs....Joy Behar can't understand him having written this book when the Edwards had lost a child years ago...."shouldn't that make them sympathetic characters?" I'm not kidding.



Law and Order Teacher said...

Edwards is a sleazy bag of crap. I don't need a book to tell me that. Where was this guy when all this was going on. He did nothing to stop it and now he's pedaling a book. Opportune, eh?

Elmers Brother said...

Joy Behar is a has been comedienne..and I use the word comedienne lightly

HoosierArmyMom said...

If someone wrote a juicy book about a Republican in a scandal, I dare say Joy Behar wouldn't know or care about any extenuating circumstances. That is how the Lefturds work.

I must admit, I thought of Elizabeth Edwards as the "victim" prior to hearing Young interviewed. Now that I know that she "knew" all along what was going on, well, it's kind of hard to think of her as a victim. I think Young has the right to put his side of the story out there. After all, Edward's didn't hesitate to "use him" to try to cover up his trashy behavior and possible wrong doing with campaign funds. I think the man needs to do what he needs to do to take care of his family and make up for their suffering through the embarrassing debacle. Just my thoughts on it.

And no, I make it a point to only read things that improve my mind, and I've been through enough drama in my life. I don't need a washed up politician's garbage floating around in my head. LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with LOT …

Now let us consider the difference between Edwards and Obama. Edwards served in the Senate for six years; Obama, less than three. Edwards cared enough about his corruption to hide it; Obama is arrogant enough not to give a tinker’s damn who knows it. Beyond that, both are sleaze. Bottom line: there is no substantial difference between Edwards, Obama, and Mao.

Semper Fi

HoosierArmyMom said...

OT: I think the liberals are in the process of "eating each other" like a bunch of fish! Anne really has a way of putting things that I like. LOL!

Matthews and Olbermann Now Openly Fighting Over Obama

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

John Edwards is SO inconsequential. He's quite Yesterday's News. That anyone would deign to write a book about him -- I suppose they simply wish to lose money.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

It's hard for me to stomach the fact that Andrew Young put his wife and kids through hell in order to stand up for Edwards and try to white-wash Edwards's abominable behavior. Shame on both of them.

Z said...

From Z's friend "Granny"....Granny emailed this to me and asked me to put it in COMMENTS. She makes excellent points.

"I have watched many interviews with Andrew Young and/or with wife. Someone asked me today about the View interview, "What is he doing?". My answer is "he's (they are) trying to get their life back. John & Elizabitch apparently took that away from them. As far as what Joy Behar said about the dead child, when did that accident happen? Of course, JE had to prove his manhood and have two more children to replace the one "he lost". I can't remember how many times during the campaign I heard the idiot say "I've never really talked about this before, but......(then the son dying story was told). Well, the second time he said that, IT WAS A LIE, cuz he had already said it once! Also thought that Baba Wawa was her liberal self when she acted like they were doing a disservice to John Edwards. Isn't it funny when she was a supposed "journalist making history for all the women" she didn't show her political persuasion, HOWEVER, now she can't be liberal enuf!!!!

I personally know someone who went to law school with him, is probably also a liberal, BUT, when this all hit the fan, she said she was very disappointed in him. Can't wait to find out what her take on Elizabeth is/was, if she knew her. Eliz is just like Hillary, they both wanted to get to the White House, no matter what the cost. John said Eliz was dying and this wouldn't last long and then he would tell the truth, WELL, that came back to bite him in the butt, didn't it! I don't have much respect for her, but may she live long enough to make is life even more of a living Hell!

And, isn't it funny that the day (or day before) the book was to come out, Pretty Boy went to Haiti????!!!!

You know I am basically a conservative, BUT, I'm all for the Andrew Young family and whatever they can get out of this to recover the family values they once had. Like he said, "Are we proud of this, NO"! They were taken in just like so many were for Jiminy Carter, Slick Willy, and The Messiah.

I would very much like to read the book - and I truly feel for this couple who were completely taken in by the "annointed one from NC. Bet SC is laughing like hell, 'cuz that's where the "Tarheel not" was born, and couldn't even win the primary there!"

Z: He does seem to be a well meaning fellow who got REALLy sucked in...possibly just to make enough for his family to live on, etcetc..And, of course, getting into an 'inner circle' of celeb politics is beguiling, isn't it.
I do see Pasadena's comment here just above this one...I really do.

But, for the most part, I'm hoping that Young family can get on their feet and escape the nightmare that was EDWARDS.

Now if the country can live having people like BOTH Edwards who were so intent on being in the WH that they'd lie and connive and risk REAL REAL problems in the WH if he'd been elected AND THEN all this had hit the fan. Apparently, they sure didn't CARE.

Law and Order and Mustang...there certainly is that side of it but you have to hear him to see the kind of person he is, and his wife seemed very lovely...I think they were naive, used to a certain lifestyle and got so entrenched they couldn't get OUT....but I can't really give HIM a total free pass; no way.

Elbro; Joy Behar is someone I can't even watch....if you ever see her, you'll see her LITERALLY TWITCH when any Conservative is on. She has THE most closed mind of any lib I've ever seen, honestly.

HAM...I had looked at Elizabeth as a victim, too. She's still to be pitied for her having lost a child (years ago) and having incurable cancer, but BOY, she must be some piece of work.

BZ....I don't think this Andrew YOung's LOSING money, I think he's selling pretty well $$$

Anonymous said...

You know, good old John Edwards made all sorts of money off hospitals and doctors by preying upon the emotions and grief of parents who had lost children in accidents during births , etc.

And yes, John was from S.C. so I am glad he packed up and went to N.C.

Back when John was the vp choice for John Kerry, his wife turned out to have cancer. Now, that is awful, but come on, it is amazing how they ran to the media and bandied it about for the pity value.

So sorry, but I always thought the Edwards were playing that up.

Elizabeth and John deserve each other .

Remember how the media kept sitting and sitting on Mr. Edwards and his love affair , and that baby story?

They would not have done it for many other politicans I can think of.

Guess my point is: whatever this man wants to do, he might as well do, for he sure took a lot for old John.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the lot of them are sleazy. They probably deserve each other and the slime they're rolling around in.

No one can take your family values away from you unless you're willing to give them up.

I don't read these kinds of books. I wouldn't waste my money or my time on it. I don't enjoy wallowing in dirt.

These four adults all have children and this book is not going to make things any easier for them. That's who I feel sorry for.

To think Young would get in the middle of Edward's mess, and live a lie just as much as Edwards did, is unbelievable, and doesn't say much for him either.

Young is another opportunist like his friend Edwards. I don't care a whit about what happens to any of these people. They're all beneath contempt IMO.

I'm just grateful Edwards is through as far as politics is concerned. Anyone could see he was a phony before we knew all this. All I can say is good riddance!


MK said...

I'm sure it's a good book, but really, why would anyone want to know the dirt on another liberal sleazebag. I thought we all knew what a douchebag edwards is. Maybe that ducky fellow can read it and surprise himself.

Ducky's here said...

Until they catch him in an airport men's room with Larry Craig, I'm going to pass.

Chuck said...

I, like you Z, am a little indifferernt to this whole story. The only real beef I have, and it's a big one, is the different approaches the media takes. It would be a huge story if the book were about Mark Sanford and the media wouldn't even give thought to his family.

I do think Hoosier nailed it in that the Dims are going to eat each other up.

shoprat said...

I have little or no interest in the content of this book about a disgraced never-should-have-been.

Z-man said...

He's as sleazy as they come but can't we do without the sex tape? BTW Nat'l Enquirer did some first-rate journalism in this case unlike the rest of the msm. In fact reading it has become one of my guilty pleasures.

Z said...'s pretty sad when the National Enquirer does better journalism than many mainstream magazines/papers, isn't it.
Is it true they won a Pulitzer recently?

Ducky, thanks for the reminder. Gee, none of us remember any Republican scandals..(as if)
Please stick to the point....I know it hurts you that your liberal idols are scumbags to the nth degree, but the question was about yet another lib scumbag and whether or not he should write a book about yet another liberal uber scumbag and his wife.

Chuck, if the book was about Sanford, Joy Behar, instead of reminding us the liberals with children have died should be treated forever with kid gloves, would be yelling "HANG THE REPUBLICAN, SCREW HIS FOUR YOUNG SONGS AND WIFE"

It's the hypocrisy we're seeing that is sickening..that's for sure.

I'll be talking about this on Gathering STorm Radio tomorrow at 3:30 EST (12:30 LA time)..the MEDIA.

Elmers Brother said...

Until they catch him in an airport men's room with Larry Craig, I'm going to pass.

You're right duhkkky sin affects us all regardless of political ideology.

beamish said...

I remember the 2008 primary season when Ducky was an Edwards man.

Of course, that was before Edwards' over-the-top moves to prove he isn't gay.

Z-man said...

Z the Nat'l Enquirer hasn't won the Pulitzer yet but many folks are pushing for them to win it. IMHO I think they deserve it far more than a Maureen Dowd let's say.

Ducky's here said...

I think all American political commentary should be restricted to The View, Entertainment Tonight and American Idol.

The national press corps should be relocated to the National Enquirer offices. It's a shame that the Weekly World News stopped its print edition, no stories linking Obama and the empty casket in Lenin's Tomb.

Any one notice that the day after Sister Sarah got on Rahm Emmanuel for calling leftists retards (hell, I figured she'd applaud), Talent on Loan from Synthetic Morphine used "retard" over 20 times on his show? Come on, let's get into the real issues of the day.

Elmers Brother said...

The national press corps should be relocated to the National Enquirer offices.

smartest thing I think I've heard you say duhkkky, there's hope for you afer all

Elmers Brother said...

Any one notice that the day after Sister Sarah got on Rahm Emmanuel for calling leftists retards (hell, I figured she'd applaud), Talent on Loan from Synthetic Morphine used "retard" over 20 times on his show? Come on, let's get into the real issues of the day.

Polly want a cracker!

Yeah Limbaugh quotes Rahm Emmanuel, prophesies that the MSM will do what they did and act like he's the one who started it. He called it himself duhkkky, you're as predictable as the MSM. of course if you listened to his show then you'd know that. Instead you're running off your mouth because you saw it on Media Matters.

Nice try...Charlie Mccarthy


Elmers Brother said...

strike that...

make it Mortimer Snerd

Elmers Brother said...

Until they catch him in an airport men's room with Larry Craig, I'm going to pass.

You're right duhkkky sin affects us all regardless of political ideology.

then again you wouldn't know that unless you read after the gospels

like the general epistles for e.g.

Romans 3:23

Romans 6:23

Elmers Brother said...

or does your brand of Catholicism not emphasize those either?

Elmers Brother said...

and the word retard appears 9 times in the last version of the recent health care bill

any other words you want to ban duhkkky?

Z said...

Ducky, did you ever wonder why the media made such a huge story of Palin condemning Rahm for the word 'retard'?
I thought she was RIDICULOUS, personally, in doing felt like opportunistic behavior that so often stinks from the Left and I like it even less from the Right.

"Retard" is pretty vague and has become a word that evokes a nerdy looking unthinking dope...
If he'd said "You stinking Democrats are all like Down Syndrome KIDS" then I'd BE REAL REAL REAL REAL UPSET and be right there beside Palin.

Elbro, it doesn't emphasize the bible at ALL according to my catholic friends...the ONE BOOK which informs the faith and they don't teach it.
I wish Law and Order Teacher would come by and elucidate because from his great big heart and excellent values, I'm thinking he IS a Bible reader and a Catholic, God bless him.

beamish said...

I too am a little wrinkled by Palin objecting to "retard" used as an insult. There's certainly larger issues than trying to make certain words off-limits, and besides, Democrats ARE retards. Rahm Emmanuel deserves praise for his candor.

Elmers Brother said...

I wasn't trying to bash Catholics...I was trying to bash duhkkky who pretends to be both a Catholic and an intellectual

Z said...

Elbro, I absolutely didn't think that..just adding what I know to the subject xx

Beamish...I agree. And good line about Rahm!!

beamish said...

I'm one of Al Gore's "extra chromosome right-wing" enemies.

Gore's statements campaigning for Chuck Robb in 1994 were a direct use of Down's Syndrome as an insult.

I remember Gore's "apology" was hilarious theatre, trying to explain basically that he was trying to come up with an intelligent way to call people stupid.