Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stimulus Check? You can ORDER new checks with this on them?!!

I'm ordering bank checks today and was on line looking at the different selections of specialty checks. Next to the typical Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon photo patriotic check choices, the kitties and kites and hot air balloons available for check backgrounds, I saw the one above. Don't you think that's a little ODD?

Don't forget to see how you can help your desk stop being so messy! Read the post below, you might be glad you did, I can't tell you how that SPIRAL NOTEBOOK's helped me :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Z, that version must be for your tax payments. After all the Government needs love too!


Linda said...

Well, that is weird!

Ducky's here said...

Your checking account carries a higher positive balance than Treasury's.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think this is odd at all, if you look at this from a liberal perspective. You know, Z … we can save our economy if we borrow our entire GNP for the next 150 years. Yep. That’s the plan. Thank goodness, none of us looks to the government for positive modeling any more.

Z said...

Linda, isn't that weird? right there among the panorama check choices???

Pris, good one!!!

Ducky, EVERYBODY's balance does! Can you imagine these weird checks?

I'll be eager for you all to read Jingoist's site ....he said on another post here that he's writing about how Neil Boortz is showing it's US that Obama wants to get money from now....from OUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS!!
Jingoist's PUT IT UP:


Tom's Place said...

Just spreading the hope and change, aren't they?

JINGOIST said...
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JINGOIST said...

Thanks Z! Now I know what you meant by "Checks blog" :-)

Anonymous said...

WOW! I didn't know they were printing checks on rubber for ordinary citizens yet.

Since the stimulus checks we've all heard so much about have nothing of intrinsic value to back them up, I'm sure they MUST be made of rubber.

So, if you choose this model it must give you carte blanche to be totally unapologetic when your checks bounce, because -- after all -- you're only following the example of your ever-lovin' GUBMINT, ain'tcah?

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Tom and Jingo...everything is GREEN and everything is STIMULUS!

Who ever HEARD of radio commercials saying "President Obama's plans are to make sure you can get a better mortgage.." (for example, I can't remember what the ads are for but they start with HIM!..WHY?)

Or I get phone calls saying "Mr. Obama would like you to know that you can get help with your mortgage if you need it.." blahblah...WHAT?? WHY OBAMA?

I never got a BUSH or CLINTON call, did you?
Is he paying for this kind of campaigning???

And these checks...? THIS IS NUTS!

just so so so strange...and is anybody else questioning all of this?

Z said...

FT..RIGHT! that's funny :-)

LIke that line in the email we've all probably rec'd by now:

The old lady got her check mailed back for INSUFFICIENT FUNDS and she called and said "MINE, or the BANKS?"

Well, that WOULD have been funny five years ago, right? :-(

Joe said...

That's funny money.

JINGOIST said...

Z, it's not just radio commercials. It's all over tv and the internet. On Comcast I keep getting these pop-up ads saying "President Obama wants moms to go back to school. Here's how YOU can do it,,,"

The government needs to back the HELL OFF!!!

Z said...

Jingo, what other president's NAME was so much in EVERYTHING?
New programs, new availabilities..they never called them by a president's NAME

JINGOIST said...

Roosevelt. He was EVERYTHING for too many years, and the only time he did a good job was during WWII.

beamish said...

"When the stank nasty tarlets at the White House flood over, Obama calls Roto-Rooter."

Anonymous said...

Could be someone's idea of a "joke"??
I would think the average citizen wouldn't want to be associated with that crap??? LOL!!!


Z said...

HAM, it was right there on those boring pages and pages of choices for new joke! I could NOT believe it!

Ducky's here said...

But the question, mustang, is how do we save it if we don't.

Haven't been any good ideas floated.

MK said...

I'm surprised there isn't one that says Totus.