Friday, February 5, 2010

Prayers to the Snowbound

I snagged this from Always On Watch's blog post on their situation with the snow storm coming in.
(COMING IN? What do you call THAT picture taken already? :-)
God bless all of you facing big snow falls...that you keep warm and safe and even find blessings in the quiet and in your homes with family, etc.
Special blessings to the Always On Watch household with their special needs. xxx Z
Now, please read the post below, THAT'LL get you FIRED UP in the cold!


Leticia said...

I for one I am praying for more snow in our area. I had so much fun with my little boys! I live in Arkansas and snow storms are very rare.

I do pray though, no one is injured in the DC storms and that no one will lose power, just enjoy the tranquil beauty of the snow.

christian soldier said...

ie" blogspot radio--enjoyed your take on the MSM - Z- :-)

Ducky's here said...

I hope you get a good two footer Leticia, they're freaking fun.

Especially watching you try to drive a controlled skid. Hope you get your wish.

Always On Watch said...

The picture was taking during last week's snowstorm, which pales in comparison to what we're supposed to get this time.

Last week = 5 inches

This weekend = 16-24 inches.

beamish said...

Finally seeing some accumulation here in St. Louis, but it's so wet and warm (33 degrees F) that the accumulation is due to it not melting as fast as it's hitting the ground. I doubt we'll see the 4 inches the weatherman dramatized.

I'd too rather have a nice deep snow than this wimpy passing drizzle. I love driving past all the idiots skidded out in ditches with their 4 wheel drive SUVs in my mid-sized front wheel drive car.

Anonymous said...

Boy, that looks cold. Heck I'm cold today here in California, and it's only raining! I know, I'm spoiled. It's all in what you're used to I guess.

"ie" blogspot radio--enjoyed your take on the MSM - Z- :-)"

Yes, Z was well prepared and did a great job.


Z said...

Ducky, what's with you? Leticia isn't used to snow, let her have fun.

You fearful of it or something?

Carl and Pris, thanks...I really enjoy going on The Gathering Storm..Always On Watch and WC put their guests at ease.
And, yes, I always get some notes together, Pris, and feel better prepared that way IN CASE Always and I run out of things to say (as IF?!)

Always On Watch said...

The snowstorm here is officially a blizzard.

So far, we still have electricity, but we've had a few short outages. In the region, tens of thousands have lost power.

Our backup for power is an inverter, which I'm fully charging right now.

Z said...

Always..we're having a RAIN BLIZZARD here! non stop.
Good luck with the snow...and keep warm. Hug TMW for me!

Mark said...

I live about 50 miles or so from AOW, and I posted pics on my blog this morning of what my yard looks like today...and it's still snowing, by the way, so now, it is worse.

Just a conservative girl said...

Oh yes, I have just under three feet at my house and about 5 more hours of snow to come. At least it has slowed down. We were getting more than an inch per hour for a while.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Much snow. Much shoveling. Much pain on old bones. Much more to come. Much *&%#&%#.