Monday, February 15, 2010

Black American Commercials...and THE BEST VIDEO!!

Have you noticed how many commercials have Black Americans in them these days? I think it's a terrific sign because advertisers don't appeal to anybody if they can't SELL.

I say this is terrific because all we hear about is how Black America's falling apart, Black America's kids are nothing but Hip Hoppers, Black America needs entitlements and affirmative action, Black Americans.......blah blah blah.........Sure, they have problems, and SO DO WHITE AMERICANS and ASIANS and every group has its problems, but this catering to Black America in ads (print and TV) seems to indicate something important.

WHY would American advertisers, in this economy, waste a cent if they didn't think their ad's going to attract PEOPLE WHO CAN BUY, or who need to manage their funds, like Fidelity Investment's ad featuring a Black couple? Maybe the best kept secret is something most of us already know: There are plenty of fine Black Americans who don't fit the media's depressing characterizations................Seems to me like every Black kid in America who's brutally killed was an HONOR'S STUDENT or the principal at the dead child's school will say how he was loved and respected and helped think that's an accident?...that they're only killing GOOD KIDS? Of course not. The fact is there must be plenty of them, right!?

I'd like your thoughts and I'd so appreciate your commenting. Thanks.
AND, not too far from my post's subject: Kids of EVERY COLOR (and adults) should see the following video...ENJOY! Smile, be optimistic....there is REAL HOPE!!? (yes, you never thought I'd be FOR something with 'diversity' in the headline, but, how bad can that story be!?)

Isn't that GREAT?


Boudica said...

“Why in the world would we need another stimulus when Obama told us that his first one was so successful!”

And a lot of the money not spent.

“But they just want a black president. This is sad, I understand their need to identify, but to be so mis-informed of the facts and be willing to risk theirs and their children’s future, their religious freedoms and their financial freedoms for a president that is the same color as them.”

He is no more their color than mine. A person’s skin color has no place in deciding an office as important as the President of the United States, or a person in Congress, a Governor or any elected office.

Ducky's here said...

Seems to me like every Black kid in America who's brutally killed was an HONOR'S STUDENT


Stop now. If you don't think gang bangers are being shot then you really need to pay more attention.

the malcontent said...

You have to love these leftists. When presented with facts, liberals will always revert to the race card.

Anonymous said...

Important post Z,
This video lauds excellence and sends out the message to kids that getting an A is a good thing.

It's about time that the right role models are highlighted. For far too long, it hasn't been "cool" to be a good student.

It's fine to point out that gangbangers get shot Ducky, but there are kids singled out BECAUSE they're good students, or the star quarterbacks on their HS teams who are good kids.

In the black community it's called "acting white", especially among kids, which is ridiculous, and it's time to dispel that myth.

I don't see how anyone could find fault with this message. It's long overdue.


Brooke said...

"There are plenty of fine Black Americans who don't fit the media's depressing characterizations...."

Exactly. If only the left would stop victimizing a demographic of people for their political gain.

Anonymous said...

Good video, I'm a sucker for the upbeat, I guess.

Also thought "The Blind Side" was a good movie dealing with a similar topic but also showing the difficulty one encounters leaving the grip of the tribe.


Joe said...

Liberals have a stake in perpetuating the idea that racism is thriving in America, when it is actually on the steep decline.

Because they have a stake in it, they will do what they have to to perpetuate it, just like they ALWAYS have.

Z said...

Boudica, I'd like your comments also to the post, thanks. I think this is a good thing. And no, this blog strongly believes skin color has no place in deciding anything....elected or not. We're all Americans and, the sooner we all start thinking that, the better.

Ducky, ..sorry I didn't cite how many gang bangers ALSO get killed but it isn't part of my piece, obviously. Most of us bloggers exaggerate to make a point when we write and I'd hoped most people would see the point I was making...And yes, MANY kids ARE Honors Students and no, gang bangers don't represent all kids of ANY color.

Pris, thanks...remember Chris Matthews saying he forgot Obama was Black while he gave the State of the Union? There CAN be no other way of looking at that than we all took it; the media couldn't even spin it away so the msm never reported on it, really.
"acting white", that term, gives me the creeps....but it fits Matthews' sentiment, whether he admits it or was like "GEE! I forgot he was Black!" WHY?

And I'm not SO sure that the great kids ARE singled out when those shootings ocur, I think they also get caught in the line of fire,proving there are many more great kids than we think.

Brooke....there are many Black Conservatives with blogs; I think many have always been awake to the Left's using them, others are waking up now because of Obama.
I went to dinner with a younger (than I!)and hipper (than I!)friend Sat night who regaled me with how her gym trainer voted for O and is NOT happy now, her boss did and is NOT happy now.. I think plenty of black Americans who did the same are also very not happy. Black or white, you're entitled to your vote and to believe what you will, of course,
but this wholesale dependency thing our left's put on blacks for years is being noticed by more and more; it's got NOBODY ANYWHERE. These ads I discuss are not geared at dependent Blacks, that is FOR SURE!

Waylon, I didn't know Blind Side dealt also with "the grip of the tribe", so to the kid had black friends who made it hard for him in re to his white adopted family? Well, that's going to happen, I suppose.
I just can't understand why that STILL happens.

Joe, they do have a big stake; But, Black voters are drifting to the right as they get stronger financially...and THAT is why I think THE POINT OF MY POST ROCKS...I saw two more TV ads this morning with blacks in them.......this is a good thing.

I sure hope one of our black bloggers comes to comment; I'm a big one for 'walking in someone's shoes'...and then talking about the walk

Anonymous said...

Z, you know Charles on the business segments on Fox Saturday mornings? He's black, a really nice guy, and has said he liked to carry a briefcase to school. It was a big deal to him as a kid.

He was hassled, beaten up, and generally unaccepted because he was a good student.

Yes, there could be a crossfire case occasionally, but those kids are not liked, especially by gangbangers. They don't like being shown up, at least that's how they see it.


Z said...

Yes, I know him well .... (he's one of the guys who got it SO WRONG about the financial future a couple of years ago on that panel I think I mentioned to you when I was explaining about the wonders of my economic HERO Peter Schiff who EXACTLY got it right and nobody'd listen..he's running for senate of CT now!!!)
But, I digress...Yes, I generally DO admire Charles' comments and I believe the smart kids are're right.
All I'm saying is that there are enough honor's role kids who just happened to be in the line of fire,wrong place at the wrong time, and that does say something about how many more great students there are in that community than we hear.
Your point is well taken; we've got to turn minds around about doing great in school, but we have parents who aren't interested much anymore, we have HOMER SIMPSON telling kids they're dopes if they do well (there are even T shirts of that sentiment and have been for years), etc etc.
Remember that inner city Chicago school where some black principal had REALLY strict guidelines and rules and the kids did FANTASTICALLY WELL?
We need to be encouraging educators like that. LIke Jaime Escalante here in the LA inner city (from the film STAND AND DELIVERY) or that woman in FREEDOM WRITERS. I think there are many good stories and we should hear more about them and try to get more teachers willing to believe all kids CAN do well.

But, it rests mostly with the parents, which should worry us ALL.

Meanwhile, just yesterday, I heard of a teacher in the area near LA which is very upscale who told a friend of mine that the White rich kids threaten their teachers with "Dad will SUE YOU" if they do things the kid doesn't like....
I swear, those teachers are just as harassed as we think only inner city schools are in the way they push around and talk back to THEIR teachers....only in an even uglier way, when you think of it.. These kids have no ax to grind and just grow up snotty little kids with another kind of entitlement mentality than the one we know some Black kids are being sold in their schools AND BY THEIR GOV"T TODAY.

JINGOIST said...

Z, living in a large southern city(Jacksonville, FL) I see that there is a growing social and economic divide between the capable/ambitious blacks and the rest.

The former are "moving on up" in the last 25 years as never before, while MANY of the others are stuck on Uncle Sam's plantations, aka "Da hood."

Believe it or not, this growing income disparity is a GOOD thing because it means that a HUGE number are leaving poverty and all that that entails.

The DISPARITY itself is evil to leftists because EQUALITY is their highest ideal. They are backwards as usual.

Anonymous said...

Yes Z,
When it comes to an entitlement mentality, it knows no color. Spoiled brats or welfare dependents, it's all unacceptable and ugly.

Whatever happened to self respect, and a sense of personal responsibility?

IMO, it comes from indulgence, permissive upbringing, and negligence on the part of parents. Character building begins at home when a child first learns what NO means.


Z said...

Jingo, you said :

"The DISPARITY itself is evil to leftists because EQUALITY is their highest ideal. They are backwards as usual."

And their EQUALITY is everybody equally POOR.

I'm so glad to hear what you say about the situation where you sure does prove my point about the ads, doesn't it.

Pris; it's ALL PARENTS. If parents weren't too busy to take care of their kids and REALLY lay down the law, we wouldn't have the problems we have today.
I can't believe the stories I hear of young punk kids screaming at their parents and the parents TAKE IT!
Or the story I heard just last night about a dear friend who's grandchildren have no boundaries...their folks just let them do what they want! It drives her nuts as she was quite a caring, responsible parent and so was her husband.

Man, I know what would have happened if I screamed at MY parents...and the truth is, I never DREAMED of it. It didn't occur to me. And, trust me, they were strict and made me plenty mad enough from time to time:-) But, show that kind of disrespect to them? NO way.
And, they didn't need to TELL ME to respect them, either.

Anonymous said...

Z, exactly!


cube said...

Blacks aren't inherently unable to achieve the goals anyone else on the planet can achieve, but their culture puts impediments on them that they must learn to overcome.

Hey I'm a geek, I love seeing any children grooving on learning, especially black children who are going against the grain of the liberal masters. This must make them quake in their jackboots.

Anonymous said...

"Believe it or not, this growing income disparity is a GOOD thing because it means that a HUGE number are leaving poverty and all that that entails."

If it puts the two biggest poverty pimps out of's a good thing. But that's not likely to happen to fat al or jesse it?