Saturday, February 6, 2010

Palin is scaring the Left witless, but she could be their best friend

Is Sarah Palin eyeing the Tea Party Movement's nomination for 2012?

I thought THIS ARTICLE was interesting. Suddenly, as she gets more powerful, Associated Press writes about how much Palin's husband Todd had to do with her governing of Alaska. There are apparently many emails which show he was frequently included in decision making and gave suggestions. They quote him here:

"Have Meg take the news miner off the press release address list for a few days,see how long it takes them to realize their not on the list," Todd Palin wrote to his wife in an e-mail, dated June 21, 2007, after the governor questioned the fairness of an editor in Fairbanks Daily News-Miner."

Odd that the AP picked the one email with a grammatical mistake, isn't it? :-) My GOSH, the left is scared witless of the Palins, isn't it. BUT, they really should be glowing about her and making her look GOOD because she could do to the Republicans what Ross Perot did to them some years back and lose 2012 to Obama, throwing this country even more deeply into the hideous leftwingers' dream they're all hoping for. She could badly divide the Conservatives ... the Lefties should be happy. It's a great way to drive the final nails in the coffin of America.



christian soldier said...

It's time the R Party had "something" done to it ---again---
Back to the Constitution (the original one - not the 'living breathing one') R Party--and ...
we who have volunteered - walked precinct and given $$$ will do so again!!!

Anonymous said...

Choose any president, from Washington to Ă˜bama. Do you think that any president’s wife had a lot to say about how her husband governed the nation? Wilson’s wife actually ran this country after her husband’s stroke. How much sway did Hillary have on Bill … outside of the bedroom? Do state first ladies counsel their husband governors? So why all the interest in Palin’s husband?

Brooke said...

Ah, what can one say?

More of the same, or the proverbial tossed vote?

Opus #6 said...

I am with you on this, Z. No 3rd party fiascos.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Hillary Clinton was as quiet as a mouse during her tenure as first lady when she wasn't throwing vases etc. at her husband that is. After all, she was only assigned the healthcare bill planning, just a minor detail which cost the democrats the House and the Senate in '94.

If the tea party movement endorses Palin, I believe she would be running as a Republican. I don't see a third party coming out of the tea party movement, at least not for 2012, if ever.

I'm sure the left would be drooling in anticipation of a conservative third party. It would be a big mistake.

The left are talking this up now, to distract from the 2010 election IMO, and trying to split the grassroots movement with rumors and innuendo.

The tea party group Mr. Pris and I belong to says nothing about a third party. We're all focused on November, and that's as it should be.

If we as a national movement are sought out for endorsements of conservative candidates, that's a good sign. It means we have clout we might not have as a third party, which would narrow our choices and mobility as a viable force to be reckoned with.


Chuck said...

As others have said, there doesn't seem to be articles like this of MO or Hillary, although there was of Nancy Reagen.

As far as the Tea Party and the GOP. The GOP needs to get their head out of the sand and give the Tea Party supporters their due. My suspicion is they will by 2012

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the RNC is going to have to decide whether it wants to absorb or compete with the Tea Party movement in 2012. Their selection of candidates in the next two election rounds should be telling.

My money's on a break. The "David Brooks" pseudo-intellectuals can't stomache an "instinctive" conservative. Instinctive conservatives don't sell-out.

Anonymous said...

Sunset called me today, lectured me for nearly six hours about the Tea Party and GOP and party leadership. I finally do agree with him, if for no other reason than he wore me down and I needed him to hang up the phone so I could go to the bathroom. I’m old, you know.

In any case, Sunset argues that “party leadership” is the antithesis of the Tea Party movement. Tea Party suggests spontaneity, grass roots, and citizens expressing displeasure with parties, generally.

If Palin ascends to the level of a national candidate, then it must be separate and distinct from the Tea Party movement. That’s what Sunset says. I think he has a good point. The issue is, will the TP movement transform into a third party?

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

Mustang, I don't know about being separate from the tea party movement.

They worked for Scott Brown's election. Put up ads, worked the phones, and individual members like me, donated money to his campaign as well as the tea party express who put up the ads.

He had the support of the tea party movement. There's no reason Palin, or any conservative, would have to separate him/herself. If the tea parties choose to endorse a candidate, it means we agree on the candidate's positions.

Don't worry btw, I have no intention of taking six hours to write a short story.


Anonymous said...

The Tea Party movement should put the "new national political party" idea completely OUT of it's head.

ALL this jockeying for "national party organization" appears to be both a power struggle and an attempt to co-opt it's agenda, which appears to be largely aimed at REDUCING and LIMITING the size and power of the federal government, a force which has proven incredibly incompetent in its' attempts at "state managing" the economy and "reforming" the American culture.

The tea parties would be best served if they focused on building LOCAL and perhaps regional "independent-voter" information gathering organizations which endorsed candidates of either national party (and Independents) which committed to furthering an agenda of returning political control back to states and local municipalities.

As far as I'm concerned, the RNC blew all it's '94 Contract with America "small government" credentials with Bush in 2000. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...

Z said...

I hate to admit this, but I'm not sure what the heck LA Sunsett means, Mustang?
Third party or no third party? I'm not clear on this:
"If Palin ascends to the level of a national candidate, then it must be separate and distinct from the Tea Party movement"
You mean go with the RNC or a third freakin' conservative party?
I wish I was home tonight so I could hear her Tea Party speech...maybe I'll be able to hear it repeated some time tonight late on TV? Anybody know if it's going to get a rerun?

Christian my opinion, this is no time to teach US a lesson..we MUST not divide for 2010 or 2012. Once we get the country back, then we can quibble and teach the R's we want proper representation, no more RINO's..
I personally think the party's hungry for TRUE CONSERVATIVE LEADERSHIP.
Even some liberal loons would probably love to hear a Reagan tell us he's NOT apologizing for American goodness all over the world and that we should be proud of this country and that we do NOT treat terrorists like citizens, etc etc etc etc....

Anonymous and have such good points. Hillary was CERTAINLY involved... as were others.

But, LET A REPUBLICAN MAN SEND AN EMAIL and it's NEWSWORTHY? (only if he makes a grammatical error)

Brooke....we can't afford tossed votes, if I'm interpreting that correctly.....

Opus...Right! we need to FIGHT against the 3rd party and make the RNC wake up to the tea parties and that they're NOT "rogue", they're US, they're REAL AMERICANS who want to take this country back to its conservative values.

Chuck, I think your suspicion is right..the RNC isn't going to jeopardize winning...I hope you're right, anyway.

FJ...David Brooks (grrrr!) I love when MEET THE MESS has Brooks on as their CONSERVATIVE (As IF!!!) And Rachel Maddow as the liberal...
when they have Hannity on, I'll stop laughing at the ridiculous inclusion of an ideologue even meaner and MORE ideological than Hannity! You're SO right about Brooks.
And, I hope you're right about the coming elections. I want the RNC to GET OUT OF THE WAY and let the PEOPLE SPEAK...NO MORE backroom deals that put McCain in as our candidate...

I swear I think Americans WANT US BACK...they are FINALLY seeing it's kindergartners we have in the WH and they're scared, too. Finally.

Z said...

Fj, I agree. It's sort of what Palin said when she said she won't be running...she said she'd go into towns and help candidates she felt best represented conservatism....
The Tea Partiers should do the same, as you describe and ABSOLUTELY put the separate party out of its heads...

Anonymous said...

Well Z … Sunset is often smarter than I am, and he’s in the best place to explain what he means. Maybe he’ll come by later and check out your post.

I think what he means is that the Tea Party organizations are beyond political party. They are populist/grass roots. They differ by region. The things that draw TP together in FL may be quite different from the issues that attract Californians. They are not republicans or democrats, but likely both. Their concerns transcend party. They are likely conservative and moderate.

Therefore … according to Sunset, if Palin decides to enter the race for the presidency, she will have to do it as a Republican, not as a member of the Tea Party organization.

If you are still confused, send Sunset an email; it’s past my bedtime.

Pedaling said...

i heard a few of the speakers from the big tea party- and most (that i heard) were not promoting a 3rd party- they were just promoting true conservative principles from whomever in whatever party - i hope that's the message- i think it is and i think the republicans are listening- because like it or not- a candidate needs the political power of a major party backing them- not a division between the 2.
and the tea party patriots get that.

Chuck said...

I'm not a smart man but I would think that if the Tea Party became a true political party they would cease to be what they are now. They are the anti-party party. They, along with the rest of the conservatives, would be better served staying on the sidelines and supporting the right candidates.

Anonymous said...

The tea partygoers are an anti-RINO group. RINO's must be rooted out of the GOP. Tea partygoers have been effective in working towards that end so far. May they continue in that vein and not fall prey to the disease of self-importance that sooner or later seems to infect all politicians.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

By the way when it comes to linguistic faux pas, here's a beauty:

Obama pronounced Marine Corpsman as CORPSE-MAN twice in the same speech the other day.

ANY properly educated person knows the P is SILENT.

I can't wait for him to refer to the Marine CORPSE.


You may thank Mike Gallagher for this juicy tidbit.




Tut tut tut!

By the way the sainted Harry S. Truman said NUCULAR. He also said he lived in in the state of MIZURRA.


~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

FT: There is no such thing as a Marine Corpsman. They are Navy Corpsmen --among the finest people serving in uniform.

Semper Fi

Chris Denning said...

What happens with the Tea Party movement is up to the Republican leadership. If they don't listen and instead back their usual old, next-in-line, dues-payer candidate to the point that's who wins the nomination, the TPs will rebel and that may trigger a third party. It's an unstable situation.

Joe said...

A third Party is the last thing the country needs right now, unless we are willing to put up with 8 years of President BO in the hopes of finally reaching the Republicans with conservative reasoning.

The two Party system is supposed to be there to represent the differences of philosophy of government that exist: Democrats leaning toward an anarchial form of government that depends only on the perceived will of the people and Republicans, who are supposed to represent the basis on which the country was founded, that is: a republic.

By nature, Republicans should be defined as strict constitutionalists, while Democrats should be defined as populists.

Sadly, neither Party cares a whit about all of that...only about personal and collective power.

What we must do is to wake up enough conservatives to take over and lead the Republican Party back to where it never should have left.

Law and Order Teacher said...

The Republican party really exists no more. It is in the hands of Dem lites. If the Tea Party serves one function it should be to wake up the Repubs to the fact that they bear no relation to true Repubs a la Reagan.

If they fail to wake up they won't have my vote. I want the party to assimilate the Tea Party types, although this isn't a monolithic movement as some would have it. The Repubs have a lot of work to do.

The beauty of this movement is that the Repubs are out of power and have to listen to those of us with grievances. If they don't we'll be worse off than we are now with another four years.

Stop the spending. Stop the pandering. Start following the constitution. It's that simple.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

Z said...

Chuck says he's 'not a smart man', do I beg to differ.

TO ALL OF YOU: Excellent input and I thank you very much.

The thing is, Law and Order Teacher said that the Repubs wouldn't have his vote if they continue like this with the RINO business; BUT, at LEAST they're somewhat better (not much) than the Dems. AND, if there is only a two party choice, we'd HAVe to vote for the Repubs. Anything else is American suicide. And, what would the Tea Party folks do, not vote to make a point? THAT POINT WOULD BE "DEMS WIN"!! America is DONE.

I agree with most of you that the Repubs have to embrace and be buoyed by the Tea Partiers and STOP BEING RINOS.....
The beauty of the Tea Partiers will be when they attract more and more independents...that will give MUCH more credence to the cause.
Did you know that FOX's viewers are 60% Dems and Independents! That is GOOD NEWS! I heard it this morning on Imus.

The trouble, and something we MUST ADDRESS SOON (but HOW?) is that our kids don't even understand the founding of this country and haven't a CLUE of what the Tea Partiers are on to(I'm generalizing but let's face it, MOST kids don't)...we have to EDUCATE the kids to the kinds of things Palin was talking about in tonight's speech (which I DID get to hear in spite of my earlier comment saying I'd have to listen to a rerun tonight...e my dinner plans were later and I didn't realize she was speaking at 6pm LA TIME)...Anyway: small government, lower taxes, strong national security...

See, our kids don't even understand the concept of lower taxes because they feel if YOU'VE got a LOT, you MUST give it to someone without. We have to change that thinking; We have to make sure our kids know that if they work hard they'll be able to reap the rewards and , if they don't, they won't be getting it from their friend who did...AND, they have to be taught philanthropy so when they DO make it, they'll WANT TO GIVE on their own goodness of heart.

Oh, many things to say our kids need. Heck, I'd be happy if they'd just go back to thinking they might be bothering the guy in the car next to them with their music that's turned as high as it'll go. That's so indicative, says SO much about CHARACTER, that even that bugs me greatly!

Let's hope the TPs can convince Michael Steele et al as to their causes and show him how popular they are; He and many Republicans need to WAKE up and it honestly scares me a bit that they're not....McCain scared me, too.....especially when his handlers hired katie Couric's friend and ex colleague from NBC to handle Palin! WHY? DID HE WANT TO LOSE? What's going on behind the scenes, folks?
Are we all being lied to by BOTH sides.

Ah, well..a whole other subject.

Long live the Tea Partiers and may they be swept up into the Republican Party and may the Repubs finally take Conservatism to heart again.........
Happy Birthday, Pres. Reagan...

God BLess America.

Anonymous said...

"What we must do is to wake up enough conservatives to take over and lead the Republican Party back to where it never should have left."

Joe, yep, exactly right!


Z said...

Hi, Pris!
And AMEN to that~!

LASunsett said...

Mustang pretty much got the bulk of my filibuster right. But don't let him kid you though, he is much smarter than I am about a lot more things than just politics.

My point is simple, this is not about needing a leader, per se. Tea Partiers are free to find candidates to support and get behind. But the wisest thing for them to do is be part of the primary process and keep it about spontaneity and the people who are involved.

One example where I split with Palin is her support of John McCain. She's just paying back a political favor, from what I read and gather Hayworth is the better candidate that fits the ideology and agenda of the Tea Party Movement.

But there is one thing I must stress to everyone, something that Mustang didn't mention. This may take more than one election cycle to fix. But it must start now and it must be bold and make the kind of statement that resonates very loudly and clearly.

Here is an article many may find interesting if you haven't read it already. I think it's working so far.

Ducky's here said...

I suppose she frightens me, in the same way I would be frightened by a blind man with a gun.

But she would certainly be the quickest path to the destruction of the basic economy and the ascension of the revolutionary comrades.

Anonymous said...

I didn't vote for Perot when I had a chance, and I'd most likely ignore any other third party candidate.

We have more power than we realize. Instead of taking cues from the GOP, we can dictate what happens.

Ducky's here said...

LASUNSett --- what is she going to fix? The budget.

Now about 30% of the deficit is due to reduced tax income due to the recession and job losses and capital gains write offs.

Another 30% is a carryover from the Bush tax cuts.

20% is for playtime for bonzo in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Of the remainder you've probably got 10% that is generated by the stimulus which has the tea baggers knickers in a knot. President Empty Suit sure ain't much of a Keynesian.

So just how do we start dealing with this without stimulating the economy to get revenue growth, stop the fiascoes in Afghanistan and Iraq and reduce health care costs, something President Emmanuel was unwilling to do when faced with industry pressure.

Now how is Sister Sarah going to handle this?

See what you have is a basic problem. We are caught between two forces.
1: The will to govern is really the will to rule. Very dangerous.

2: The market. Anyone talking about a self correcting infallible market is an absolute idiot.

No what we have had since St. Ronnie Raygun (and before to a lesser extent) is a union of these two. That's called state capitalism and it really only works for a small minority.

Now how to we at least put a wedge between the two? Not the tea baggers because those gibones basically want to go back to St. Ronnie Raygu and the creation of this mess.

So what do we do, my brothers and sisters in the egg? Talk trash about a ditz like Sarah Palin? Times wasting.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Ducky … you and people like you are the problem. The deficit isn’t about reduced taxes. It’s about politicians' failure to reduce spending.

What is so hard to understand about that?


beamish said...

If the Tea Party movement limits itself to endorsements or publicizing conservative and libertarian ideals against expanding government power (it's about time fiscal conservatism drew crowds demanding it) then I see them as a valuable ally in the Republican tent, which means they have to be co-operative with or subsumed by the GOP.

The left wing of the Democratic Party is small, yet rules the Democratic Party. The right wing of the Republican Party is huge, yet has a minimal voice at best in the direction and actions of the party.

The Tea Party is a REACTION to both party alignments (or misalignments, as it were).

Get candidates elected first. Then bring out the "we brought you into the world we can take you out" speech. But not before.

LASunsett said...

//what is she going to fix? The budget.//

Ducky, I have looked at my comment again. Honestly, I cannot find anywhere where I said that SHE was going to fix anything.

Next question.

Ducky's here said...

Well LA, I notice that neither you nor mustang want to go near the issue of state capitalism.

It would be potentially beneficial to throw this mess back into the right's lap and watch their failure to clean up except they'd simply say they inherited it from the dems, you betcha. Dead heat on a merry-go-round and no ability to frame the question in a way that gets to the root of the issue.

Oh mustang, lower spending? Let's stop that Punch & Judy show in Iraq and Afghanistan. Boy, that was a real sound investment.

Anonymous said...

State capitalism was inheritted from FDR. Fannie/Freddie and all those other mortgage bundling operations and trading into securities would have NEVER been possible without our "progressive" banking friends.

But the Obaminites want to "expand" state capitalism to all sectors, health care and energy (green jobs). Let's face it, state capitalism is but another form of Merchantilism (which Adam Smith vehemently condemned)! The invisible hand doesn't work well when powerful government actors start rigging the scales used in the game.

Anonymous said...

...and YES ducky, the government needs to stop trying to cure Plutus eyesight. The IRS is NOT the gate to the Temple to Asclepius...

Anonymous said...

Aristophanes "Plutus"

CARIO. What an unhappy fate, great gods, to be the slave of a fool! A servant may give the best of advice, but if his master does not follow it, the poor slave must inevitably have his share in the disaster; for fortune does not allow him to dispose of his own body, it belongs to his master who has bought it. Alas! 'tis the way of the world. But the god, Apollo, whose oracles the Pythian priestess on her golden tripod makes known to us, deserves my censure, for 'tis assured he is a physician and a cunning diviner; and yet my master is leaving his temple infected with mere madness and insists on following a blind man. Is this not opposed to all good sense? 'Tis for us, who see clearly, to guide those who don't; whereas he clings to the trail of a blind fellow and compels me to do the same without answering my questions with ever a word. (To Chremylus.) Aye, master, unless you tell me why we are following this unknown fellow, I will not be silent, but I will worry and torment you, for you cannot beat me because of my sacred chaplet of laurel.

Anonymous said...

"But she would certainly be the quickest path to the destruction of the basic economy and the ascension of the revolutionary comrades."

Ducky,I'd mostly agree that Palin hasn't been specific on her vision for economics or free market capitalism. But she is an outsider who has got the insiders from both parties in a snit. Are they worried that she might expose their little game?

Speaking of the ascension of revolutionary comrades — say WHAT? Are you implying that President Obama isn't a revolutionary comrade? He seems to have too many of that sort of foaming and frothing leftist lunatic fringe in his inner circle? What do you consider them to be — expendable useless idiots, or what?


Ducky's here said...

Farmer, Fannie and Freddie were not private entities at their inception and did exactly what a well functioning agency should do. They smoothed the risk in the mortgage market and made mortgages more affordable.

Now their privatization and the necessity to play the high risk game in order to increase their stock price and satisfy Kapital is an example of state capitalism. Government as just another arm of the "free market"(LMAO).

Ducky's here said...

Republican teleprompter

We are so far down the rabbit hole.

Anonymous said...


Ducky, she didn't use a teleprompter; the woman can think and talk ...she only had notes she looked down for only for the next subject as you could have seen had you cared enough about this country to watch.
I recognize she is to you what Keith Olbermann is to me but I watch everything so I'm really aware of what's going on.

If America's media and gov't had listened to Bush and CHeney when they were warning about what had happened to Fannie and Freddie, we might have beat today's economic nightmare, you're so right. But, was Bush, and 'what did he know?' Plenty, apparently. BUt, there was Daniel Mudd (Ibelieve his name is) telling the Black National COngress (Obama in the crowd) that ANYBODY could get a MORTGAGE!!! "YOU are the CONSCIENCE Of our GOVERNMENT" he told them. And, here we have it...too bad they had to conscience.

Ducky's here said...

z, you are symptomatic of the group that can only see this as the right (good, has all the answers) vs. left (evil, atheists, destroyers).

Now such a dichotomy is patently ridiculous and that is why the tea bagger movement isn't going to resolve anything.

I have never watched Keith Olbermann . Sarah Palin is a bimbo.

HoosierArmyMom said...

"Sarah Palin is a bimbo."

This is exactly why I think Ducky speaks from stupidity. I am not a fan of Sarah Palin. I won't go into my issues with her, but one thing she is not is a "bimbo". She is a bright woman who says what she believes to be right. She has a family and has served in public office. Unless you can find a real issue or failing in her character, you are best off to stop resorting to name calling, especially when the name does not logically fit. Paris Hilton is a bimbo, Sarah Palin is not. If you can't make a factual argument, just act like a moonbat and start calling names.

Ducky's here said...

Sarah Palin/Paris Hilton --- perfect Hoosier. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Fannie and Freddie were not private entities at their inception and did exactly what a well functioning agency should do. They smoothed the risk in the mortgage market and made mortgages more affordable.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, isn't it, Mr Goldbricks?

Anonymous said...

Now their privatization and the necessity to play the high risk game in order to increase their stock price and satisfy Kapital is an example of state capitalism.

Ah, from Public to private and then BACK to Public. LMAO, mr. Inequitable Distribution is the flaw that capital must be cured of!

Anonymous said...

btw - I never knew that ever increasing mandatory HUD "targets" to banks and bond-bundlers for lending to increasingly poor credit risks could be considered a desire by Kapital to increase their stock prices... until just now.

Anonymous said...

When you look up the word nonsense in the dictionary, you discover Ducky’s photograph.

He, like most leftists, is mean spirited and small-minded. Ducky cannot discuss anything without resorting to personal attacks, and I think it is revealing that he appears incapable of crediting any female of note. In all the years I’ve been blogging, I have never once seen where he complimented AOW, Z, or any other female blogger. Perhaps a woman abused him when he was still a child; maybe Ducky is simply a typical Bostonian: crude and uncouth.

But one thing is clear: he won’t go away and he refuses to learn anything. Now it would seem to me the left would take a person like this, one who has no redeeming value to society, and have him shot ... which does seem to be the epitome of justice, when you think about it.

Ducky's here said...

Lots of competent women out there, mustang.

Lets have a debate between Elizabeth Warren and Sister Sarah. You want to handicap that one?

HoosierArmyMom said...

Ducky, you only show ignorance when you levy insults that don't apply to people you disagree with. But don't worry, strong women will continue to make accomplishments in this country inspite of your insults that don't hold water, but rather, show your angst toward women. In fact, I'm sure they will be laughing at your ilk.

JINGOIST said...

Sarah's not going independant Z. It just won't happen. She's too smart to think she could actually win by splitting the conservative vote.
She WON'T be running on the Tea Party banner.

LASunsett said...


//Well LA, I notice that neither you nor mustang want to go near the issue of state capitalism.//

That's not an answer. It has nothing to do with what I said the first time, nor does it have anything to do with my question.

Where did I say Palin was going to fix anything?

You love to pull the old bait and switch too often and I am not buying into your silly little games. If you are so smart, show me.

MK said...

So the left are pouring over Palin's email eh, just like they do over democrats email right.

Ducky's here said...

One example where I split with Palin is her support of John McCain. She's just paying back a political favor, from what I read and gather Hayworth is the better candidate that fits the ideology and agenda of the Tea Party Movement.


So let's see, LA, you mention "one area" where you disagree with Palin. Now, that indicates there are areas where you agree with her.

Agreeing implies she has solutions or at least improvements.
I suspect they don't go much further than supply side economics and some fever dream ramblings about the 10th amendment.

I'm not sure what the specific ideology of the Tea Party is because the movement clearly isn't monolithic. I think it goes something like this:

1. American exceptionalism means we can whack anyone who doesn't give us their resources or refuses to finance our debt.

2. Tax cuts. But spend like Bush and Reagan, deficits are irrelevant.

3. Stop the homos.

4. Stop free expression.

5. Figure out how to deport the illegals.

If you would like to correct me I'd be willing to read it since this "movement" is nebulous at best

LASunsett said...


It's obvious that you really don't understand the crux of the Tea Party movement. You are right about one thing, it is not monolithic. But as for the rest, I am not sure I have the patience to teach you.

LASunsett said...

But as an addendum, I may post something that may address the topic further, soon. Not sure I will get you to understand, you are well indoctrinated in progressive beliefs.

Chuck said...

Ducky, I've pretty much taken to ignoring you because, well, because your an idiot. This did catch my eye though.

Figure out how to deport the illegals.

What exactly is wrong with this?

Did you read this before you posted?

You yourself used the word "illegals", implying they are doing something wrong. Are you so far around the bend that you now condone breaking the law?