Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You might not have heard about this and you must........And OH MAN, check out this new logo!

I'm linking you to HERE because you all need to know this and consider it. Seems that we've got another man who didn't tell the truth in the White House....Rashid Hussain. Perhaps this man is totally misquoted, totally misunderstood, etc. etc...but my bet is that he should have been very carefully scrutinized by Senate hearings if ANY appointment should have been and he was not.

HERE * is the article on the NEW LOGO for the US Missile Defense Agency....and HERE And here is their website with the NEW LOGO already there.

Got any comments after seeing the original logo in the link with the * next to it above? And what do you think of Rashid Hussain??

What's up?


Anonymous said...

Screw Obama and his minions. I have seen enough to know, this guy won't stop until he has destroyed "the enemy of Islam". That's what I think.


Z said...

Man, HAM, THAT is a very scary way to put it.........yikes.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the new logo for the US Missile Defense Agency AOW posted a link to??? It tells me what is behind Obama's BS. I have been fuming since I saw it.


Tom said...

Coincidence or just more hope & change? You decide...

beamish said...

It's okay, we've got our eye on them.

Anonymous said...

Tom, it's not a coincidence, and it depends on where you stand if there's anything hopeful, or meaningful change in this assault on our country by interlopers.

Hope and change for whom?

You tell me. I've decided. It smells to high heaven.


FrogBurger said...

Well, that's good. Because a missile is supposed to explode at some point. Like Obama. Even though it's supposed to make a lot of damage. Like Obama.
Metaphore complete.

Z said...

HAM, check out the second half of my post...I added it probably after your comment :-) I'll go see AOW's right now..thanks.

Tom, SOME 'coincidence'...huh?

Beamish..what is that?


christian soldier said...

found it and posted it --then- I some here and see that you have too-
and AOW too-!!!!!
it is going to take the blogs to get the word out!

christian soldier said...

I come here--

John said...

That's incredible. I was always under the impression that the folks over at that agency are no-nonsense types with military backgrounds who would not even think of poiticizing the agency in that manner(especially on behalf of Islam and the Hope & change gimmick).

Anonymous said...

And here's another mosque ... which also happens to be where this country is heading under the radical Muslim Barack Obama.


Deborah on the Bayside said...


beamish said...


My link is to a pic of the seal of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency's (DARPA's) "Total Information Awareness" project.

Just having a little fun with the spooky government agency symbols theme.

Ducky's here said...

And what do you think of Rashid Hussain??

Never heard of him. Is he a left hander who can work out of the bullpen? Sox could probably use him.

Anonymous said...

I think anybody who carries a name like Rashid Hussain or Muhammed Ali Baba ought to have been DEPORTED starting 9/12/2001.

I think all sheetheads should be airlifted to the deserts of Arabia and dropped by parachute.

Do I believe in discrimination?

You bet your sweet ass I do!

Ducky's here said...

z, you'll love this

You need to post it for comment.

Z said...

Ducky, you're getting to know me too well :-)
You bet I'm posting that..thanks!

BB-Idaho said...

Ever seen the S. Carolina
state flag? Hmmmm....

Z said...

bb...good point!
But, that was back when moons were in the sky and didn't represent terror!

Anonymous said...

A little more hopey-changey in the gov't.? This gets more frightening every day. And Biden had to drop out of the campaign years ago just because he was caught RED-handed for plagiarizing a speech!