Friday, February 12, 2010

.Lawrence O'Donnell ..a leftwinger reveals himself

Sadly, the above video does not show the second half of the interview. If you're interested (and you will be), here's the link for that: (that's the whole video...move it up about halfway if you've seen the video above already... you won't be sorry)

Also....Joe Scarborough jokingly calls his sidekicks, Mika and Lawrence O'Donnell, "you Marxists.." O'Donnell, off screen, says, very seriously, "we're Socialists..." Anybody catch THAT? Or is that unremarkable these days? Make sure you catch the second half of the video because you'll see what the Left so frequently does when they don't like the message..........see what O'Donnell says about Marc Thiessen, the man who was supposedly being interviewed.
(thanks for getting me the link, Waylon)


Anonymous said...

Ø'Donnell is an ass.

"The purpose of socialism is communism." Vladimir Lenin

Øbama cancelled a program that was working for one reason, and one reason only: he seeks the destruction of the United States of America. This is not an unusual sentiment among leftists. To prove this, simply go back and read every one of Ø'Ducky's written comments over the past five years. I don't even think Øbama hates America as much as Ø'Ducky, but I admit it is a close race.

Mustang out

Z said...

Mustang: WHY? So many of us wonder WHY the Leftwingers seem so blind to terror, to evil...heck, they don't even believe in the word 'evil', it seems.
How could 9/11 have not shown them that evil exists?......(altho it's okay to use that word in association with anything relating to Bush)

How CAN leftwingers sit by and see a terror suspect given Mirandas? How can they approve having CIA programs shut DOWN by Obama which kept us safe for 9 YEARS?
They have children...what are they thinking? How can the Obama administration threaten taking past presidents to court but do NOTHING about 35 muslim terror training camps across our country?

"Destruction of the United States of America" sure seems like it...WHY?

Anonymous said...

I would simply note that at the cited link, the entry for the USA reads "DSA - Not Applicable" and remind people that during President Obama's Illinois Senate Campaign, The "New Party" claimed Barack Obama for a member and that in 2006, Democrat Barack Obama campaigned in Vermont for the "Independent" (Socialist) candidate Bernie Sanders, leader of the "Congressional Progressive Caucus"

The Cold War may have ended when the Berlin wall came down... but the Socialist Internationalists will NEVER stop worming their way into the leadership positions of any and every powerful organization they can.

Anonymous said...

btw - When the USA finally fails, don't worry. The U.N. will be there to "catch" us.

Ducky's here said...

Here's the solution

"Girard's wife said her husband had recently told her: "Don't talk to people, shoot them instead," and "it's fine to shoot people in the head because traitors deserve it.""

Conservatives are such delightful people. z, now here's a level headed fellow who knows that evil exists. Real Sermon On the Mount type.

Z said...

Gosh, Ducky, you last commented so long ago I knew you must be trying hard to find something.

UHOH..ONE GOOFBALL is a TEA PARTIER, better stop the whole amazing movement that's finally waking Americans up!
This man is INSANE, Ducky...what's your point?

Oh, I insanity among leftwingers....sure :-)

Now go back to Google and find something bigger and better ! THEN, maybe you can wrap your brains around the kind of wake-up call this incredibly unethical and ridiculous interview showed about msnbc, the channel your party's depending on.


Anonymous said...

I would remind idiots like O'Donnell and Ducky, who would have everyone believe conservatives and patriots are knee jerk gun totin' torturing nuts, about Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the Elian Gonzalez fiascos.

These actions were conducted by our government. Waco, 86 American citizens, men, women and children, dead at the hands of our government, with the participation of Delta Force. President Clinton and Janet Reno justified this action because of alleged child abuse in that compound.

They could have arrested Koresh on his daily walk to town if they had probable cause to do so. They didn't.

Ruby Ridge. Two American citizens killed by the FBI with the backing of the government. A boy, and a wife and mother while holding her baby. This was carried out during Bush senior's tenure. The father was later compensated monetarily for this injustice. However, his wife and son were dead.

Finally, Elian Gonzalez a seven year old having an automatic weapon shoved in his face during the scuffle to take him into government custody. This was done during which time his case was being heard in an American court. Clinton and Reno justified this by stating the Cuban father's rights, after Castro raised hell about the case.

I didn't hear any screams from the left about these actions. But, when it comes to terrorists and training camps in the US, they cite these groups rights, and how they're protected by the constitution. Huh?

So, now Ducky, when Obama stated in a speech he want's a national civilian security force, is it so far fetched to be wary of what his intentions are and might do to impose their power?

Yet enemy terrorists are given Miranda rights, no interrogation, and although they're foreign nationals committed to war against America, they enjoy constitutional protections and trials in civilian court.

I ask this question, who is seen as the enemy here?


Ducky's here said...

I would remind idiots like O'Donnell and Ducky, who would have everyone believe conservatives and patriots are knee jerk gun totin' torturing nuts, about Waco ...


Yeah, Pris, I would ask why a psychotic child molester who killed federal agents serving a valid warrant is one of your heroes.

Your kind of old time religion?

WomanHonorThyself said...

Z..they don't even deny their terrorist sympathizing ways...maddening!
Valentine hugsss! :)

Anonymous said...

"...why a psychotic child molester who killed federal agents serving a valid warrant is one of your heroes."

You are shameless, Ducky. Not even your illiteracy and ignorance mitigates your complete idiocy.

Mustang out

Joe said...

It astonishes me that people like O'Donald have the idea that good journalism is simply outshouting the opposition and not letting them speak.

Good way to prove a point? I don't think so.

Ducky's here said...

So mustang, you thought he was sane?

You thought he wasn't molesting the children of his converts?

The warrant wasn't valid?

Just what was it about this freak that you defend?

cube said...

Thanks for posting that. I had only seen the last half of the "interview".

Anonymous said...

Presumption of innocense until convicted by a jury of his peers.

That wasn't hard ... what else, you communist?


Anonymous said...

Ducky, what an ass you are. I repeat:

"They could have arrested Koresh on his daily walk to town if they had probable cause to do so. They didn't."

And the fact that 86 people including children, were murdered, was what, collateral damage?

Focus Ducky, focus!


Anonymous said...

I have to say, It's so predictable, the personal attacks by an O'Donnell, or Ducky for that matter.

They avoid whatever the subject matter is and go for the throat. They think their clever, but it's old hat by now.

Now, they look like fools, and don't know how to stop because they can't debate the facts.

We all know about "the boy who cried wolf". Well they're crying wolf. Is anyone listening to them anymore, or are we all just bored with them, and sick and tired of these children who have lost their marbles.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Let me see. MSNBC is a wretched mess. O'Donnell interviewing? That was an unhinged rant from a psychotic jackass. Really. What was the point of Thiessen being on that show?

Z said...

Wait, Pris thinks David Koresh should have been arrested but Ducky says he's her hero?

I don't get it. I didn't follow Waco that closely, but....whaaa??

Anonymous said...

"Wait, Pris thinks David Koresh should have been arrested but Ducky says he's her hero?"

Hi Z, evidently Ducky can't read very well, and I thought I spelled it out so clearly too.

However, as I said in my subsequent comment, he'd rather cry wolf. If he has to make something up, he will.

The question is, if the government had the evidence they said they had, why didn't they arrest him? They had every opportunity to do so. I think if they had, that tragedy wouldn't have taken place.

Instead they chose a spectacle of government intimidation and ultimately, all those people were killed. I guess Ducky condone's that, I don't.


Z said...

Glad you cleared that up, Pris....I thought it was me. You're so right about that, at least from what I remember (which isn't much). I admire your grasp of facts and figures and the way you lay them out here, thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Z, yes we watched that entire episode and news reports. It was terrible, and I kept thinking, it didn't have to be that way, given the circumstances leading up to it.

There are some things that one can't forget, and that awful event was one of them. At least for me. It was shocking.

And now, a puny brained little twerp like Ducky boils it down to an ad hominem attack on me. What else can we expect from someone with no grasp on reality?


beamish said...


So mustang, you thought he was sane?

I personally thought David Koresh's religious views were eccentric, which is no reason to curtail his 1st Amendment rights.

You thought he wasn't molesting the children of his converts?

According to investigations by the Texas Child Protective Services division, these allegations were all unfounded, fabricated whole cloth by a disgrunteled Branch Davidian.

The warrant wasn't valid?

The warrant to be served by the BATF had nothing to do with child molestation charges.

If the government was monitoring the BD's extensively, why did the BATF have to stop to ask for directions to the compound?

The Branch Davidian compound was assaulted for not paying federal taxes on machine gun licenses that were in fact paid.

Just what was it about this freak that you defend?

Two hours before the compound was gassed and burned by the Reno Gestapo, the FBI called local hospitals asking how many beds they had in their burn units.

Smell that? It's fishy.

Z said...

Beamish. "Fishy"? that is darned CREEPY.. is that right?
Boy, you sure know a lot about that.
You and Pris

beakerkin said...


Of course Odumbell did not let the viewers know this when he went postal
trying to save Gomer Kerry. It seems
that Odumbell went postal on anyone who was critical of Kerry's lies about his record in Vietnam or his participation in a well known communist front group VVAW which presented fake veterans and fake testimony about war crimes.

beamish said...


The Clinton administration's handling of the Waco Siege was a clusterf_ck from start to finish.

The BD's lasted longer against Clinton's unprovoked assault upon them than Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi Republican Guard....

The BATF even lied to the Army claiming their was a methamphetamine lab in the BD compound so that they could secure military equipment and personnel for their raid. (Posse Comitatus violation)

The BATF even had an undercover operative infiltrated into the BDs, and he reported that their reaction to finding out that there was a raid coming was... to gather together and pray.

Now, whatever you feel about 7th Day Adventists and their cornucopia of feuding personality cults, it doesn't sound to me like the BD's were gearing up for war with the US Government.

Much evidence was destroyed or disappeared after the compound was burned. But there is film evidence that the BATF attacked the compound gun blazing like a bunch of amateur commando wannabes before the BDs repulsed them, and during the fire set by FBI use of incendiary tear gas canisters at the end of the standoff, people trying to escape the flames were fired upon.

Janet Reno killed nearly a hundred people, mostly children, to save face.

That's your Democrat Party, America.

beamish said...

Leftists have never had any regard for human life before, why would they start?

Anonymous said...

"Janet Reno killed nearly a hundred people, mostly children, to save face."

Beamish, yes, with Clinton's blessing. Thanks for fleshing this out. Good info.