Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"The British are Cunning! The British are Cunning!"

We are fighting a war, whether we like it or not...is THIS HEALTHY? What good does it do at this point? Would you want a leftwing president to be in this situation? Is it good for America? How? Is it bad? How? I'm a bit stunned and eager to hear your input. Thanks.


MK said...

It is healthy in the sense that it'll keep those who lead our nations accountable and honest.

However it's most unhealthy because the true motivations of those conducting these farces is not accountability but doing everything in their power to ensure that people are never freed from tyranny by westerners or anyone else, not that anyone else is willing to do it or anything.

Something quite sick about such people.

Joe said...

Liberty is in the lunch line and may starve to death.

FairWitness said...

The article points out that the inquiry has no authority to compel the testimony of non-British persons. Therefore, I believe those in the Bush Administration should tell them to pound sand!

There's a war going on in civilization; one side believes mankind can achieve peace through negotiations and education. The other side (my side) believes that there are times we must be willing to fight to defend our freedom.

It's strange that when the doves gain power, instead of governing, they spend their time trying to further discredit their opponents. They're in power, why not pay attention to the job at hand, rather than continuing to fight the foe you've already defeated?

Ducky's here said...

Is it good for America to know the truth about the Iraq fiasco?

Yes and no. No, because a large part of the country will just ignore it. Yes, because little by little the right is taught that their imperial privileges are eroding.

Z said...

MK, this is about insanity: People who are living in a city full of mosques and troubled 'youth' who've made "no entry zones" for non muslims, etc etc..........and they believe it's a good idea to bring the ones fighting that idiocy to court. wow

Joe's so right.

FW..you have a good point. The liberal doves can't abide war so now they're going to bring the warriors DOWN. Imagine what a message this sends islamists?

Ducky, remind us when America was imperialistic. I'm hoping and praying we DO get some of that oil the left was bitching about "this war's about OIL" Boy, would it help... but, no. No land, no oil, just cash outlay beyond our wildest dreams, the end of Saddam for Iraq and our kids dead in protecting Iraqis and our interests.
Would that we could tell them to pound sand, like FairWitness said; but there will always be training camps, always be islamists ready to kill, etc etc....and there will always be liberals who support that because we shouldn't be imperialists. man.

King Abdullah was on CNN Sunday morning telling the world that, essentially, Iran will stop supporting terror if the Palestinians get Jerusalem. SURPRISE! Even HE's an islamist thug who can't see truth and doesn't want to....hiding in the guise of a British-trained, caring muslim monarch! That interview made me shudder because people buy into it; "forget Israel, they don't DESERVE Jerusalem! The scourge will ALL GO AWAWY, FOLKS!" it's unbelievable. And, boy, did HE know his audience...playing to the dumbos who actually believe that.
The interviewer (to his credit) said "YOu really think that's going to do it?"
Abdullah's answer: "It might not but we can't let history decided that good men did nothing"

Translation: I'm a muslim and I care about muslim affairs and if we DON'T do this, I'm going to CAIR and maybe bin Laden and make such a stink you'll ALL be sorry. dope.

Debbie said...

They had better be careful what they wish for, because once a precedent has been set, no one will be off limits.

Right Truth

FairWitness said...

"Imagine what a message this sends islamists?"

Well, Z? Iran has announced their plans for space-based missiles and production of predator drone aircraft yesterday, I think. They're emboldened by the Obama Administration's weakness.

Ducky bemoans imperial privilege, BUT only the imaginary, nonexistent brand he sees on the right. What about the imperialist occupying the Oval Office signing Executive Orders like mad. There's the real imperialist -- Obama is a Dictator. Imperialism is rampant on the Left.

Where's Ducky's outrage now? He's exactly the liberal I was speaking of in my original post, he's still trying to beat the defeated Right. This is the Left chance to govern and advance our nation. They have the power. Why aren't they governing, why aren't they using their political power for the greater good? All they seem hellbent on is punishing & discrediting the previous Administration.

The same can be said for these inquiries in England. They don't know how to move forward.

Z said...

Debbie, that's the very worst part but they're too short sighted in their HATE BUSH HATE BLAIR HATE WAR stance. We're so close to being defenseless now that all of this will only make it worse.
And what good men will EVER want to rule this country with this kind of hammer hanging over their heads? Look what we have now, is that any sign of the times??? God forbid>

FW, you're right ."beating the defeated right" isn't enough..they have to kill them now, and our country's integrity along with it. Look how scared WITLESS they are of Palin. A Yahoo headline yesterday was about "What did she have written in the palm of her hand during that speech!?!?" they can't get enough of ANYTHING about Palin...in their attempt to discredit this women our leftwingers here write off as a bimbo.
Man, you want to talk bimbo, give Boxer and Pelois a look.

Still, this leaves us with nothing but partisan anger and one-upmanship; some way to run a country, eh? While terrorists are licking their chops at American liberals forcing America to implode with the hate and ridicule and, now, taking past leaders to court? My GOSH

FairWitness said...

Z, I taped the Sarah Palin address to the Tea Party convention and watched it twice. Her most powerful statement was in regard to the Christmas Day thwarted bomber.

She said in a time of war against terrorist we need a Commander-In-Chief not a Professor of Law.


Talk about hitting the nail square on the head????

Anonymous said...

Perfidious Albion!

Only an out-of-control Brit Peace at Any Pricer would attempt to criminalize the drafter of a casus belli against Saddam.

This witch hunt deserves the Neville Chamberlain (aka- Nobel Peace Prize) for efficacy in foreign diplomacy.

Anonymous said...

This must be the highest form of self-flagellation.

For the British government to try to get retroactive justification for punitive action regarding the war, is so self defeating and capricious as to make them nothing more than fools.

None of this is necessary, and is an effort which will cause them to be weaker than they are already.

Private correspondence between leaders in the future will be chilled, if this is carried too far, and I would think this kind of communication with an ally is vital to have a cohesive approach to fight and win a war.

This is the same government that, as we speak, is countenancing interviews on tv with Al Qaeda members who are in their own country.

Whose brilliant idea was this, to give the enemy a forum? How about looking into that? Why aren't these enemies cooling their heels in a prison cell as enemy combatants? I guess this is that nuanced war Kerry used to talk about. Kind've like giving battlefield enemies miranda rights!

I'm sure the private conversations betweem Churchill and Roosevelt, would have been interesting and perhaps at times shocking, but, we won the the damn war didn't we?

We now know some of it, but did not while we were fighting the war, and I would think if it meant risking losing, and/or aiding the enemy, we wouldn't have wanted to.

Finally, in order to know everything that took place before we went into Iraq, we'd have to be privy to classified info.

Since we're still at war, do we really want that info released? Do we really want the sources and methods to be released, knowing it could put people's lives at risk who do this work in places which are full of danger?

Do we really want the enemy to know what our capabilities are while we're at war, just to satisfy Bush and Blair haters?

Sometimes I think we are living in a kindergarten playground with infantiles who don't have the brains God gave a gnat!


Leticia said...

Funny how they still want to lay the blame on the last administrations. There is a time for peace and a time for war. The correct course of action in this instance is most definitely war. Talking is irrevelant and futile when dealing with terrorists.

BB-Idaho said...

The Brits? Churchill? We all know there ain't nuttin\' new under the sun...

Z said...

BB: Thanks for that link...part of it included "It concluded that the expedition was poorly planned and executed and that difficulties had been underestimated, problems which were exacerbated by supply shortages and by personality clashes and procrastination at high levels."

You might say the Iraq war was poorly planned and executed and that difficulties were underestimated...I'd say BECAUSE difficulties were underestimated....personality clashes? Probably....procrastination on the UN's constant giving in on sanctions?
Very interesting information there.

of course, Winston Churchill was not PM when all that happened, was he.

Pris...wouldn't you THINK that this stuff should be NOT DONE NOW if EVER? Everything you point out is SO clear and should be obvious to everyone.
But, alas...
Sometimes I wonder how much Arab/Muslim money IS involved and who they're paying for this? I really do

Anonymous said...

Z, well there is the possibilty there is money involved. Who knows? They seem to have alot of it to throw around.

I'm more inclined to think that the Brits, having appeasement down to a science by now, cave in to muslim and leftist demands out of fear, and hope that complying will satisfy them at some point. Good luck with that.

It's like hoping the left would be satisfied with each step we tolerated, and look at us now.

You can't satisfy a hungry wolf once he finds out you'll feed him to make him go away. He'll be back for more, until you are the only food left!

Of course you're right, this investigation is totally unnecessary. But, there are those who want their pound of flesh, so now the Brits are going through the motions to appease the left, and the Islamists. A pox on all their houses! They deserve each other, small little men that they are.


Z said...

And I used to be SUCH an Anglophile...but England isn't England anymore...
remember "There will always be an England"? I loved that. Not so much anymore.

oh, my

Anonymous said...

I remember Z. I feel the same way you do. So sad.