Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Supporting Terror in America

The headlines this morning are about the Supreme Court deciding whether terror groups can be supported in this country.

Is there a word in the above sentence that might have called this a 'done deal' only thirty years ago? Know which one? Hey, I know.....then they can decide if that support should be tax deductible? (oh, BROTHER)



Ducky's here said...

A coherent discussion free of hysteria

Just a Concerned American said...

Schmucky here is still as I left him 3 months ago.....

Ducky's here said...

Thanks so much. Ducky loves hearing from his fans.

Z said...

Ducky...that article's ridiculous..
The whole point is TERROR. What don't some people understand? We could define it within twenty SECONDS just fifty years ago, now we have to be VERY VERY Careful and make sure nobody's sensitivities are disturbed...........

Just a Concerned American...I've never told Ducky how many bloggers haven't come to my blog and emailed me that Ducky's the reason why but I do want the left here, it helps us sharpen our rhetorical skills and it helps conservatives know the kind of thinking we're up against in trying to save this country.
Please come back, read everybody's BUT his if you have to.

Anonymous said...

Ducky doesn't care how many women and children are slaughtered because Islamists here send cash to terrorists overseas! It doesn't concern him at all! As long as they support our socialist regime, he loves to see them get tax deductions for supporting murder!


Anonymous said...

WE ARE AT WAR! Don't talk to us about a coherent discussion free of hysteria.

We used to call people who provided support for, or even social companionship with the enemy, collaborators. They were personas non grata. Sometimes they were simply shunned or worse, killed.

This argument is based on criminal behavior, not an enemy who declared war on us.

I wonder, would Ducky consider it legal to provide material support to an American militia group? You know, a coherent discussion free of hysteria.

I don't remember his being particularly coherent or free of hysteria when it came to the Waco murders at the hands of our government.

In fact he condoned it justifying that govt. attack based on alleged child molestation. No presumption of innocence there.

I say again we're at war. We have an enemy. Not merely dissidents who have a disagreement with us but, a murdering, hatefilled enemy, who has already killed 3000 innocent people on our soil.

I can't believe there's even anything to discuss. This is suicidal madness not worth legitimizing through a court analysis, let alone a ruling.

Z, bloggers stay away because of our little Duck? Why, he can't even bite. All he can do is flap his wings, quack and molt!


MK said...

Pretty soon they'll be giving extra tax breaks and such if the terror group in particular is warring against America.

Ducky's here said...

The whole point is TERROR. What don't some people understand?


Or maybe they do, z and YOU are the one who doesn't understand.

Ducky's here said...

HAM, my guess is that you don't know squat about terrorist financing.

Or is it that Palestinians are the recipients. Is that what bothers you?

Anonymous said...

Ducky, you are the one who doesn't know squat about financing or the evil that is done in the name of a bogus religion.

As far as Palestinians go, One of Obozo's first Presidential orders was allocating close to 3 million stimulus dollars to help Palestinians relocate to the US. Some of the same people who were partying in the streets of Gaza when close to 3,000 people were murdered on 9/11. So don't go playing games with the issue. All a Palestinian is, is a reject that the other Arab nations didn't want.
Get a Cluebat Ducky. And I'll put Z's knowledge against your incessant, ill-informed babble any day of the week.


Z said...

thanks, HAM.

Ducky, yes, it should bother us all that Palestinians are getting it...or are they, Ducky? You on that payroll? I'd have thought you would have said ISRAEL is the terrorist.