Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SCOTT BROWN: "Senator: VP comments "insulting"....they sure are

This post is a direct rip-off from POLITICO44, I'll readily admit that! And I thank Pris for having alerted me to it via email.
Joe Biden is telling BROWN that a defendant in a military tribunal gets a lawyer? The same Brown who has 30 years in the National Guard? Brown, the man who's currently the Guard's top defense attorney in New England?
But, this takes me back to my point in my blog about how this administration cares not for the truth....Biden knows that Brown's well aware of the facts, yet, as Brown says now, he 'insulted' him in this way on FACE THE NATION, an msm show, one which Americans from all sides watch. The Left knows Americans hear this, surmise that Brown's a dope for "not knowing this" (why else would the VP say this, after all?, and off they go. (except for Americans who look for the truth and don't form opinions or vote by sound bytes, of course, and I'm starting to think MAYBE there are more of them than we'd previously thought, considering that FOX is getting 60% of its viewers from Independents and Democrats.)
The insults must stop. The misinformation and mischaracterization should stop. But, they don't with this administration. Biden should apologize to Brown for this insult.............but he's too busy at the Olympics.
z (thanks, Politico, and thanks, Pris) Now, please come give us some input on THE POTATO! :-)


beamish said...

No honest discussion of Joe Biden can advance without full acknowledgement by all participants in the discussion that Joe Biden is an imbecile.

Let that sink in a moment.

This is a man who criticized President Bush for including North Korea in his "Axis of Evil" State of the Union speech in 2002, saying he was not aware of any treaty or agreement violations by North Korea. This not even a year after the Senate Foreign Relations Commitee, of which Biden was a ranking member, had found and reported that North Korea was in violation of the Agreed Nuclear Framework Treaty.

Joe Biden is an imbecile. A drunk asshole extraordinaire.

And, telling as it is, he's considered THE Democrat Party's top foreign policy expert.

Let that sink in as well. The top "foreign policy expert" of a political party vividly known to be deficient in foreign policy, is an imbecile.

And he's our Vice-President, in an administration run by a man who knows more about loading staple guns than leadership or making speeches without a teleprompter.

In an administration with a Secretary of State who presents a plastic "little red button" symbolizing America's nuclear strike capability to the Russians as a cutesy photo op.

Not much better than the last Democrat Secretary of State that gave North Korea's Kim Jong-il a Michael Jordan autographed basketball in exchange for the nuclear agreement they violated.

If knowing all that doesn't make you solidly convinced that Joe Biden is an imbecile, you're probably an imbecile as well.

Or a Democrat, but I hate being redundant.

Always On Watch said...

Why is Biden blabbing so much lately? There for a while, we didn't hear much from him.

Personally, I believe that Biden suffers from brain damage. He confabulates just as people with brain damage do.

Maybe he was an imbecile before his brain "attacks," but he does seem worse since that second surgery.

FairWitness said...

Talk about pure, unadulterated GALL! VP Biden thinks HE'S ALL THAT! And everyone else, especially Republican Scott Brown who just conquered the Left in MA and won the late Ted Kennedy's Seante seat, are cannon fodder.

Hey, ho, Joe? We're not stupid, we vehemently oppose your agenda, we vociferously disagree with your BS, mamby-pamby approach to handling captured terrorists.

News Flash: Terrorists have NO rights, aren't entitled to diddly squat! What they deserve and should get, after exhaustive enhanced interrogations, is a death by firing squad! Forget the damn trial!

On Sunday, Biden accused Dick Cheney of being misinformed or misinforming about how to combat and deal with terrorists. Talk about projection!!!!! Biden needs a shrink! He's gone completely mental!

Anonymous said...

Biden is an imbecile, as Bemish points out! Funny that this administration sends in "The Clown" to take on this serious subject and former VP Cheney isn't it??? More evidence that the inexperience and extremist views in the WH is leading us down the primrose path to disaster! Oh and after Biden's criticisms of Iraq and the Surge, he's taking credit for Iraq now... what an asshat!!!

I think the Democrat Party has become "THE PARTY OF WOE"!!!


Ducky's here said...

The same Brown who has 30 years in the National Guard?


And never deployed.

the malcontent said...

Thank God we have patriots such as Dick Cheney.
You know in a way, Obama brought this on himself. Since he keeps blaming Bush for everything that is happening RIGHT NOW on Obama's watch, then it is not unreasonable for Cheney or Bush to respond. If you say things are still Bush's and Cheney's fault, then best step aside to let them fix it. And that is the problem, Obama has stepped aside from the beginning and seems desperately to need the guidance. Keep criticizing Bush and Cheney and you will keep getting these responses. Now I fully realize this is what Obama hopes for because in his view he is responsible for nothing he does, and it is all Bush's fault, so the more Cheney speaks, the more Obama can continue to blame all of his inadequacies on Bush. So goes Obama's thinking (I believe). But I think Obama is misguided in this effort (as with almost everything he does). The reality is, by having Biden do the talk show circuit to rebut Cheney makes Obama look weak, to afraid of someone that, basically, he doesn't need to be afraid of. If Obama was a strong leader, he would just ingnor Cheney and take responsibility for everything that is happening on his watch. He does neither and this just enshrines Obama as a wimpy weak leader. Sorry libs, only you guys view him as a strong leader, the rest view him as weak. But the first step to fixing a problem is recognizing it. That recognition is still eluding the liberals.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don’t know whether the new Vice President from Delaware understands, but everyone who isn’t aborted gets a brain. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, everyone gets a brain. So … it’s good if we begin to learn the facts; everyone get’s a brain. This doesn’t mean that everyone can use them with equal dexterity … but everyone get’s a brain. Unless you’re aborted … like Biden.

Mustang out.

Z said...

You all ought to be on network news...wouldn't it be wonderful if Americans could hear both sides of everything?
But, Biden's the gift who keeps on giving...imagine any American thinking Scott Brown doesn't know Military Tribunal defendants get lawyers, too?

Ducky, give us an essay on how deployment could help an attorney with 30 years experience in the military, their top lawyer now, in regard to my POST, not your apparent insistence that public servants be DEPLOYED (Obama? Clinton?...) .... this is about KNOWING THE LAW.

Mustang, it's sad, isn't it...

Malcontent, I wish the WH would have at least kept some of the advisers from the Bush years to keep them vitally aware of the threats ....let ALONE how to run a White House.

Beamish, I'll never forget that Madeleine Albright football and whiskey moment with Kim........Oh, HAPPY DAY, HE LIKES US KNOW!

I wonder how the WH will respond to the Iranian pipsqueak after today's threat........take some cognac there, or something? Take back sanctions in fear?

Brooke said...

It's clear that whoever is in charge of 'handling' Biden needs to reign the fool back in.

And as usual, Ducky shows his contempt for the military by bashing a man who has spent thirty years of his life serving his country by trying to invalidate that service by saying that he never deployed.

This from a leftist who wouldn't have the courage to join the military himself on any level, and who worships a president who is the same, has no experience yet had the audacity to apply for the job as Commander in Chief, and thinks the Marines are staffed by corpsemen.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Biden the man who can't count. This is about three letters, "J-O-B-S". I don't blame Biden for lying, he's done it his whole political career. The media has tanked for this administration in a big way and will never challenge what they say. Brown is a military lawyer. Biden is a mental midget who has BS'ed himself to a heartbeat away from the presidency. And Palin is an idiot? Really?

beamish said...

All of you should be ashamed of yourselves, expecting Ducky to compete intellectually here.

How many times does he have to tell you he's a leftist before you treat him like one?

Anonymous said...

The same Brown who has 30 years in the National Guard?


"And never deployed."

Ducky, it sounds as if Brown worked in the JAG office as an attorney for the Guard and worked his way up the ranks. Mr. Pris tells me since he was in there for 30 years he had to be damn good.

Since you know nothing about the National Guard, or the military in general, it might be best to try to find something you do know something about.

We're all still waiting for that day to come.

Biden should take this advice himself but he insists on putting his foot in his mouth.

If he had any sense he would have checked out Brown's area of expertise, before attempting to take him on. But, why start now? He is good for comic relief, I must admit.


Z said...

Pris, as I've said before, the left doesn't care WHAT they say, they just say it so Americans hear and don't look further to check it for truth or integrity.
But, I truly believe that ANYBODY watching him say what he did knows that ANY court or tribunal involves a LAWYER for the DEFENDANT!!?
Thanks for your comments.....xx

Brooke said...

"As a member of the Army National Guard, Scott Brown was deployed to Kazakhstan and Paraguay."

Where 'ya getting your info, the Kos?


Z said...

Brooke, where'd you cite that thing about Kazakhstan from? xx

Anonymous said...

I think Ducky is Biden; the reverse is impossible.


Anonymous said...

Joe Biden = Jen prays for Obama's safety each and every night

LASunsett said...

//And never deployed.//

But he served 30 more years than you have.... and the vast majority of your Communist heathen heroes.

You of all people have no room that say one damned thing about Scott Brown's level of service to this country, as he has accomplished more in the first four years of his adult life than you ever will.

Brooke said...

Z: Here are a couple of sources, one the NYT, hardly a 'right-wing' publication, and the other the Times Online.

Z said...

Brooke! thanks for that...I thought a commenter here had said that since you put it in quotes...and wondered who.
Great information.

Ducky...you really need to do your homework before you insult: but I know you get your example by the networks, CNN and MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

[Stated in reference to Ducky actually talking about a subject he actually knows something about!]

We're all still waiting for that day to come.... Pris

But we are definitely NOT holding our breath, as we are neither stupid or suicidal!!!


The Vegas Art Guy said...


JOBS has four letters not three...