Saturday, February 13, 2010

"What's worse than health care overhaul? No changes"

Very clever little headline from AP at Yahoo's homepage (up in my title line), don't you think? Read HERE and see the bias. You all understand that the Republicans didn't want to DO NOTHING ( "The Party of 'NO NO NO!'") about health care, don't you. But, apparently, because Reid and Pelosi and Obama, et al, didn't listen to their ideas, Republicans HAVE NO IDEAS and want the worst for all Americans. Does that make sense to YOU?

No, not to us...but Americans who don't think further than headlines HEAR IT. GET IT?
VERY clever.....really very clever.
Everything about America lately has me sort of stressed out so I figured I deserve a little cartoon and you probably do to. Enjoy xxx Z


Linda said...

It really makes one wonder who is in control up there on the hill?

Anonymous said...

Expected taxes will so raise the cost of private insurance and medical costs, as to make government healthcare seem palatable. In other words, we will be forced into it whether we want it or not.

Just this morning Anthem (blue shield) which coincidently is what our supplement insurance is, announced a two month postponement of their premium increase of 40%.

I believe they're doing this to see if the healthcare bill passes. If it does, the taxes will kick in, and medical insurers and providers will have no choice but to raise rates and reduce care options as originally planned, in anticipation of passage of the bill.

To see the list of proposed taxes included in the healthcare bills to pay for government healthcare check out this link.

If for no other reason, this bill must be defeated. This is a must read.


JINGOIST said...

No surprises there Z.

I just heard Brian Williams' news broadcast for the first time in years because it came on after the Olympics. Brian described the protestors at the Vancouver Olympics as a having "varied concerns." That was the end of it. What a joke!

I saw pictures and videos of them. They were PURE commie/leftist/"social justice" lefties and they were on a violent rampage throwing things through store windows etc.

They wonder why their viewership is waaaaay down...

Z said...

Linda...kindergarteners! :-(

Pris, I'd heard that about Anthem. You're probably right about the reason for the delay. FORTY PER CENT!!??

What irks me the most is that Obama STILL telling us "IF YOU LIKE YOUR INSURANCE, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO KEEP IT" When he knows DARNED WELL they'll have to CLOSE very soon after his awful thing goes into affect.
"Higher taxes than France", huh?
I LIVED THERE, it's AWFUL....we'll be done as a great nation...completely DONE. (#$*(#&@

Everybody MUST READ YOUR LINK, thanks for posting that.

Jingoist..."varied concerns", huh? TYPICAL obfuscation by NBC....thanks for telling us about STINKS.
Darn, I forgot to watch today and I think ice skating was starting...or ice racing (i forget what that's called but I've always liked it)...and I'm going out tonight :-(

Tom said...

The politicians feel that they need to pass legislation, no matter how bad, in order to justify their jobs. That's why they seem to come up with "crises" all the time that need new legislation to solve/correct the problem, which usually causes more problems, which requires more legislation, which....

You get the idea.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 40%!

No problem Z, the article from Heritage is an eye opener.


Z said...

didn't ANYBODY like the joke? :-)

Susannah said...

This all makes us KNOW who's in control 'up there on the hill...' and in the Media - the LEFTists.

Linda said...

I laughed out loud with it!

Anonymous said...

It seems that with Pelosi and Reid, any lie is a good lie if it promotes the far left agenda. The mainstream media has been all about pushing socialism for years, and they aren't about to change course now.


beamish said...

One of my big issues with Republicans in the forming of this "health care reform" legislation is that they HAVE offered alternatives and input. Mind you, those alternatives and that input has been totally ignored, but Republicans SHOULD be the party of "no" on this.

If I were a Senator, my filibuster would include reading the St. Louis Metropolitan phone book directory in to the record, names and addresses, as a list of people who will be shafted by the legislation.

I think my filibuster would last around 6 months, but I'd yield time to another Senator for cigarette breaks.

Z said...

beamish, you have quite a mind...:-)
amazing, MONSIEUR! xxx

beamish said...

"Aaron Aardvark, of 123 Main Street, just down the street from the neighborhood grocery store, would be screwed by this health care reform effort. Abraham Aardvark, over in Ladue next to the coffee house that will have to let employees go to cut costs due to this health care reform, will also be screwed. Then there's Bennie Aardvark, of Fenton. I'm not sure he's related to the previous Aardvarks, but I do know he'd be screwed by this pugnacious law...."

[four months later]

"I yield my time to the other Senator from Missouri while I smoke a cigarette, as he has some important words about the effect this crapulent legislation will have on the people of Kansas City."

Punk the system.

Anonymous said...

While health is wealth most of our people no good health and it is the reality that they have no wealth to keep health well. To keep good health we also need wealth. Health is wealth? Not always that!