Saturday, February 20, 2010

If Republicans don't "finally" reform health care like Obama wants, they don't want Americans to have peace of mind??

Do you all get what Obama's doing now? Read THIS! He simply can't ABIDE with the idea that some Americans, many Americans, don't want government-run health care and he resents the hell out of Republicans not going right along with him, so it's important to tell America that our whole legislative procedures are falling this:

"What's being tested here is not just our ability to solve this one problem, but our ability to solve any problem," Obama said. (Z: what's he implying here? We need a new form of government?)

Then he says...."Next week is our chance to finally reform our health insurance system so it works for families and small businesses. It's our chance to finally give Americans the peace of mind of knowing that they'll be able to have affordable coverage when they need it most."

See? This is about Republicans just NOT WANTING TO HELP FAMILIES, to take away their 'peace of mind'.......right? (wrong) The Republicans have been clear that they don't want a government take over and I'm wondering why that's so hard for Obama to HEAR that.

One of my more liberal readers, the other day, commented that Republicans HAVE been involved in the health care package's development. Yesterday, I heard a Tennessee Democrat politician (I'm sorry I did not get his name or if he was a Senator or Congressman) tell an interviewer that the Republicans have not had one idea for health care. Which is it? What are people believing out there? Obama obfuscates, too, he doesn't have this many media people on the White House Staff for nothing: Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean, White House Research Director; Daniella Gibbs Leger, Director of Message Events; Macon Phillips, Director of New Media; Christina Reynolds, Director of Media Affairs; Dag Vega, Director of Broadcast Media; Dana E. Singiser, White House Office of Legislative Affairs, Amy Brundage, Regional Communications Director; Cammie Croft, Deputy New Media Director; Jason Djang, Deputy Director for Video; Corey Ealons, Director of African American Media and Coordinator of Special Projects; Shin Inouye, Director of Specialty Media; Jesse Lee, Online Programs Director; Katherine Lyons, Deputy Director of Message Events; Luis Miranda, Director of Hispanic Media; Moira Mack Muntz, Regional Communications Director; Katie Stanton, Director of Citizen Participation; Joelle Terry, Deputy Director of Message Events; Gannet Tseggai, Regional Communications Director; and Samantha Tubman, Assistant Social Secretary) Where else do you think he gets the phrases that are so well aimed at influencing Americans?....He says things so exquisitely, so condemningly, and he damns our whole legislative process and mischaracterizes because he's NOT HAPPY PEOPLE AREN'T GOING ALONG WITH HIM.
Instead of really listening, he insinuates Republicans are just angry and mean and not willing to help Americans.............and most Americans hear this and run with it. (except it appears that most Americans don't want government controlled health care either, so, there's some hope).

What a way to start that meeting next week, huh? Oh, and he IS listening to Conservatives.....finally.............get this: Next week's session WILL FINALLY be broadcast on C-SPAN!! Thanks, Mr. President....must be hard to finally live up to your campaign promises. But, really, finally you ARE being 'transparent' to those of us who see through've set up that meeting and the broadcast with the rhetoric I site above that if Republicans don't agree to all you want to do, this broadcast will SHOW how they DON'T CARE! Pretty darned good, Mr. President. I'd say those media-types you have there at the White House are worth their weight in.........our tax dollars. To you.


christian soldier said...

the Rssss we have now will waffle -you wait and see!

Anonymous said...

Z -

No question the W.H. spin is intense. And your long, long list of W. H. "spinners" is very illuminating. No wonder BHO needs a tele-promter to keep all that disinformation in some kind of order. Nonetheless, putting the Republican's alleged non-involvement in presenting ideas (which they actually have done only to have those ideas ignored)aside, most Americans do see Obamacare as another government fiasco. I think mainly because they don't want more spending and more deficit as opposed to actually understanding what is in the 1000's of pages of legislation. But, if they did know, they would be even more opposed.

MGM in Anderson, IN

Anonymous said...

Screw the WH. The RNC needs to boycott Obama's meeting. After all, how many Republican's helped him draft his upcoming proposal? ZERO. That fact completely puts to the lie ANY "good faith" claim by Democrats to be seeking ANY Republican input. To have "good faith" you've got to show it from the start, and not the "end," of the process.

Anonymous said...

Berty -

Unfortunately, politics does not run on the kind of truths you cite, but on "perception." Insofar that the WH will manipulate Republican non involvement as proof that the GOP members "don't care," the Republicans have to go along but use tactics of their own to counter that false message. I hope they have an opportunity, in front of the "promised" C-Span cameras to enumerate their heretofore ignored ideas and also to highlight the most onerous provisions in the bill, many of which have nothing to do with healthcare but government control of our guarenteed freedoms.

MGM in Anderson, IN

beamish said...

You vill have socialized health care even if ve have to jail you first.

TOM said...

Again, all you have to do is read the HC bill, to know Republican amendments are part of it.
Why do you refuse to read it and find out for yourself?
It has been printed for the public to read for months, just Google it.
Why do you deny, that the HC bill has not been online for months?
I don't know (and you won't tell us) which Democrat is saying that, but they are wrong, and it's sophomoric that you use false talking points instead of facts, to make your point.
This is the third time we have gone around about this. I can only assume you don't want to know the true facts, or are intentionally lying just to make the President (falsely) look bad.
Just try using facts, to make your argument. There are plenty of true facts, to make good arguments against Obama's policies.

Z said...

Beamish, exactly.

TOM, what an incredible accusation for you to make. No, I do NOT "lie intentionally" at this blog.I've asked you twice now for the link. I can't find it, maybe you can.
And, why is Obama promising to put it on line MONDAY?

And yes, it was a Tennessee politician who assured America that Republican input wasn't on the bill. Perhaps he's absconded with what WAS a Republican item and called it Democrat, that could be....I wouldn't be surprised.

I don't have to LIE about Obama to make him look bad, trust me. This man has lied since the Bill Ayers days when the first thing Obama said when asked about their relationship was that they didn't know each other, they only lived in the same neighborhood. A blatant lie, we found out only days later and that set the stage..and nobody cared enough because of HOPE AND CHANGE. (and, of course, the mantra is "that was THEN, get OVER IT" I don't believe CHARACTER is a "THEN" thing)

Sorry, I refuse to stay quiet because liberals don't like the truth, either, TRUST ME.
I love to hear how FOX is biased and Wolf Blitzer isn't!! Rick Sanchez ISN'T? They're supposed to be NEWS PEOPLE, not editorialists, but oooh, they're not biased :-) Oh, neither is Katie Couric.

Your assumptions are insulting...

Anonymous said...

The Dems are adopting a scorched earth policy. A hail Mary attempt to justify passing a reconciliation bill with 51 votes, while blaming the Republicans.

Well, they've been blaming the Republicans for saying NO for months. However they had enough Dems to pass it for a year before Brown won in Massachussetts.

It didn't win the people over then, and if they do what it looks like their headed to do, the backlash in the country will be a tsunami of a rebellion at the ballot box in November.

What we have here is tyranny over the people. The polls don't lie about the opposition to government healthcare, and fiscal irresponsibility, but the leftist steamroller is still running come hell or high water.

The backroom plans are being done as we speak, without the Republicans. The Reps. should either boycott the "healthcare summit", or go, and have a planned walkout en masse. A real donnybrook of a demonstration.


Z said...

Pris, yes, but if they do GO, Obama's set it up to make them look like they DON"T CARE because they never EXPLAIN themselves correctly...and the media won't let it out even when they DO.
You saw his comments in my post...this is a win/win for him...he has very clever people who've set the Republicans up.
He didn't hire ALL THAT LIST of media types for nothing.

beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...


Why don't you tell us which amendments to the language and intent of the health care bill are "Republican?"

Do any of these "Republican" amendments substantively ameliorate Republican concerns and philosophical objections to the bill?

Or are you adopting the cross-eyed psuedo-empiricism of someone totally unversed in logical inquiry, or leftist for short, and saying "Republicans changed a comma to a semi-colon! See! They had input!"

Z said...

This quote "Romney said Democrats are against "tort reform," or the limiting of lawsuits. Actually, Obama has put this idea on the table in an effort to get Republicans to address the troubled health care system." is just precious.
WHO were those who originally cried for TORT REFORM? OBAMA 'PUT IT ON THE TABLE'? WHAT? That's from this ever-so-unbiased AP article (you have to read it, and remember CLINTON information which leaves out the Republican majority in decision making!!!)

Of course, every single 'fact' of Romney's is disputable....on both sides...but AP doesn't care!! :-)

Time to stop the partisanship and blaming Republicans for EVERYTHING and start doing things that are best for the people...and which are supportive of America's basic tenets...NOT SOCIALISM.

TOM said...

I don't believe you cannot Google "Health Care Bill."
Where have you been, while blogland has been debating the health care bill line for line, for months?
Yes, it is 2000 pages.
I and millions have read every page.
Your anger is false, since the facts are at your finger tips.
If you are to lazy to study the bill, you should not make false accusations about what it says.


I guess you have not read the bill either, or you would know that tort reform is part of the bill. Selling health insurance across State lines, is part of the bill.
But now I am repeating myself again, for the 4th time.
Don't get the facts. do your own homework. Live in your delusion. Pretend you are serious debaters on any subject.

Z said...

You've lost your credibility here, TOM, with your anger and insults.

I am quite good at Googling, thanks very much..
us senate health care bill ...brought up nothing.

Finally, I found it on a Republican site. 2000 pages and "'millions' have been discussing it!" It changes constantly, so I'm sorry you've wasted your time.

Obama's working on something now that will push it through....if Republicans don't go along with it, you can read my post to see what Americans will be believing.

Odd, that Obama's taken over TORT REFORM, isn't it? Republicans begged him to for months......also, on portability...if they're there somewhere now, great. Let the Dems take credit, they're the only two tenets I firmly do believe in.

Suddenly, we're not 'serious debaters' on ANY subject, is that right?

I'm sorry I'd incorrectly pegged you and previously complimented you as a civil and polite debater; or believed the political independence you said you espouse...I was so wrong.

Anonymous said...

It's common knowledge the Republicans were locked out of participation on writing the HC bill. You're beating the proverbial dead horse.

Now, what Republicans have called for is tort reform, buying private insurance across state lines, and a suggestion for private MSA's.

The Republican answer for reform has been attention to these aspects of present regulations or laws which inhibit or prohibit the free market approach to insurance.

None of that is in the bill. Furthermore, the bill you refer to has been diddled with, rewritten, added to, and generally made even more confusing. All behind those Democrat closed doors. None of us now know what's in the damn thing, including you!

In the first place there are two bills. The House version, and the Senate version. Republicans had no participation in writing them. They were locked out.

Where in either bill does it say, "this is a Republican amendment"? Get real.

And why are the Democrats calling the Republicans the party of "no", if it was a bipartisan bill?

Here's the straight skinny from a conservative perspective. If indeed you were correct, though you are not, it wouldn't matter.

If Republicans were part of this boondoggle, we would remain adamantly opposed to it regardless.

Any 2100 page bill or however many pages it is now, is one of regulations, mandates, fees and taxes. Whether it contains the words "public option" or not, the government is all over it, which makes it inherently, government run. It is not 2100 pages of "have a nice day"! Think about it!

Nice try Tom. Give it a rest!


TOM said...

You proved your lack of sincerity and honesty by continuing to insist that the HC bill was not online for months (which it was) then saying Obama was putting it online for the first time this coming Monday, That is a lie. If you are not lying, then your are unacceptably lazy, and have no business criticizing something you know nothing about. Tort reform was a Republican amendment to the bill, passed 9 months ago. One of the earliest amendments passed.
I laugh at the fact that I'm all wet, because you could not find the 2000 page HC bill online. Try White House site, the Senate site, the House site, any news site, Google, C-Span site, it's everywhere.
It's so easily found, my accusation is not baseless.
You proved you were not credible the first time you claimed it was not online.

Anonymous said...

I have a copy of the original House HC Bill in my files, and have had it for months. There's nothing in that bill about tort reform.

Now, you tell me what page tort reform is on genius.

How many times do you have to be told, that bill doesn't exist any longer in the form it originally was?

They've been writing and rewriting it like it's a bad novel that needs editing, and none of us knows what's in it today. Including you.

Z is right, Obama did say it would go online Monday.

Now, we here, have responded to your crap enough. How about addressing the fact that, Democrats are planning to bulldoze the American people whether we like it or not, and planning to blame Republicans.

Frankly if they do that, it's political suicide for them no matter who they blame. You're a kool-aid drinker Tom, and believe only what your told by your exalted leader and talking points you are given.


beamish said...


Selling insurance across state lines (repealing provisions in the McCarran-Ferguson Act) is a good idea, but it was proposed and pushed for by House Democrats and progressive lobbyist groups and absent from the Senate bill. Nice try though.

Tort reform? Where?

Don't blow smoke Tommy. Give us the section and clause numbers. Something.

FrogBurger said...

The RNC should go and tell him they won't change their mind. I think not going is a mistake. I am personally growing tired of the bickering between the 2 parties and any politician these days.

RNC should go and say "this is what we want. period."

They've been complaining their solutions aren't heard. That's the moment to let those solutions be heard.

Otherwise it looks puerile.

Anonymous said...

Z, I know they've planned a trap to make Republicans look bad, but, Reps. have been saying no for months and it's not news. Let them try.

If the Dems pass this in reconciliation there'll be a huge backlash, so the Dems are going to try the "cya" routine.

It won't work. All the people will hear is that it passed against the protests of the people. The fact the media will try to blame the Republicans is secondary to the reality of the Dems going around the people's wishes.


Z said...

"Tort reform is on the bill"...REALLY?"


Howard Dean: Democrats Left Tort Reform Out of Health Care Bill Because They Feared 'Taking On' Trial Lawyers
Wednesday, August 26, 2009
By Nicholas Ballasy, Video Reporter & Edwin Mora

( - Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, a medical doctor who served as governor of Vermont, said at a town hall meeting on Tuesday night that Democrats in Congress did not include tort reform in the health care bill because they were fearful of “taking on” the trial lawyers.

“This is the answer from a doctor and a politician,” said Dean. “Here is why tort reform is not in the bill. When you go to pass a really enormous bill like that the more stuff you put in, the more enemies you make, right? And the reason why tort reform is not in the bill is because the people who wrote it did not want to take on the trial lawyers in addition to everybody else they were taking on, and that is the plain and simple truth. Now, that’s the truth.”

From THIS article:

"Thus, the Pelosi healthcare bill essentially only funds "demonstration projects" likely to do little - and in the process creates a powerful fiscal incentive for state legislatures to ignore alternative reforms that might actually improve medical liability outcomes. As of this writing, the Senate bill was not yet passed, but its most current version contains no liability reform provision at all other than a toothless "sense of the Senate" provision. The trial bar could hardly have designed better bills for protecting its interests."

Z said...

Tom, There is no final bill and you know it. And, the House and Senate haven't even agreed on anything.
Yes, Obama DID say something's being posted MONDAY. After researching, it's not clear but looks like it's what HE thinks is bipartisan...Inferring (as you can see from my post) that "if the Republicans don't come along now, they just don't care"
At this blog, we can argue facts and figures, we don't insult character.

Pris and Beamish, let's see what we get back now.
And, Pris, I hope you see the insults were to me, and not to you, as it might have appeared.

I'll take my lumps if I deserve them, but for anyone to say a bill static enough to read and consider has been there is ridiculous. We all know it's changed very, very frequently, we know that tort reform was a Republican measure and portability, too. Suddenly, as the success in Iraq is Biden's, so is the inclusion of Republican ideas in the bill.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I sent to every congressperson I could reach via email:

They'll never read it, of course, (it's both LONG and TRUTHFUL), but at least it's been said in print.

If you agree with the points I've made, why not copy this, edit it as you see fit, and send it to available congress creatures, yourself?

I'm a taxpayer who votes in your district, I am disturbed and frankly disgusted at the various plans in Congress to regulate health care.  I am writing you to flat out OPPOSE the "Affordable Health Care for America Act," or any other legislation that produces greater government control over health care.  I ask you to do everything in your power to STOP any legislation that cuts Medicare Advantage, raises taxes, creates new federal bureaucracies, or otherwise increases government involvement in health care.

As of January 19, 2010, passing legislation to regulate health care seems less likely than before.  I want your assurance that the legislation is DEAD and that it will STAY dead.  

I agree that our health care system is in need of improvement.  Medical care is too costly -- largely because government intervention and burdensome regulation has driven costs skyward ever since the initiation of Medicare.  In some cases Americans lack the basic care they deserve. Stopping ILLEGAL ALIENS from receiving medical benefits courtesy of the US Taxpayer would help contain costs. So would making health insurance PORTABLE, and making every cent spent on insurance and medication TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. 

STOP LAWYERS from ADVERTISING and inveigling people into thinking they are victims, thus encouraging them to SUE doctors, hospitals and laboratories. STOP these FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS.  Restore, instead, the rule of common sense and common decency.

It would be a good idea also to STOP DOCTORS and PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATIONS from ADVERTISING. The COST of this self-serving, distasteful process is unconscionable, the practice UNETHICAL and UNNECESSARY.

Congressional debate seems to center on RAISING TAXES, INCREASING REGULATIONS, and MAKING DRACONIAN MANDATES threatening our liberty. This is CONTEMPTIBLE. Much of what you have proposed is very possibly UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Instead of passing legislation to strengthen government's hand in our nation's health care system, I hope you will INSIST and DEMAND that your Congressional colleagues EXAMINE and then ELIMINATE the many perverse incentives and insidious elements in healthcare that drive costs higher, diminish quality and limit access.

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT TAX DEDUCTIBILITY for ALL health-related costs should be your STARTING point. 

If you don't take DRAMATIC, DOGMATIC, even DRACONIAN steps to STOP Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and that WITCH Nancy Pelosi from perpetrating this disgusting, financially ruinous, fraudulent POWER GRAB, you will never get my vote again, and it is entirely possible you will soon face a full scale INSURRECTION. “We the People” are FED UP to the TEETH with the arrogant antics and unbridled hubris of this demented administration.

~ FreeThinke

Oso said...

Both Reps and Dems see something in Obama's HCR that IMO isn't there.

Reps use "govt run HC" as a partisan club to whack their followers over the head with.

Dems feel Obama has been fighting the good fight against an overwhelming Rep 40-60 (41-59 now of course)minority who are mean and unethical compared to the naive and trusting Dems.

Again IMO, a Public Option was never going to be part of any HCR package but rather has served as a negotiating tool. This may be why Obama-Big Pharma reached a compromise which was very beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry.

I think it's quite possible for elements of the HCR to eventually become law. It's an industry friendly package which will move affordable/accessible health care even further away from the American public.

Sadly, that appears to be the goal of the finance and insurance sector, the Democratic and Republican parties and the Republican base who oppose HCR for reasons which always seem to me to be really contrived.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Z said...

FREE THINKER...I'd take "Witch" out to be more effective, but I sure do like your letter.
Doesn't it make you cringe to see all the lawyers on TV "If you have a cough and once took this us...."$$$

Z said...

Oso, there was something about not allowing any private insurance policies to be written in two years from you remember hearing that?
The idea that we can keep our insurance when the companies (one of which saw me and my husband beautifully through his sickness and untimely death in October of 2009) will be out of business because the government's plan is cheaper and companies will go to that instead of the really good big companies is ludicrous.

I don't believe 'government run' is a club because there are too many instances of Obama saying he's for SINGLE PAYER but I really don't want to argue much until we actually see something which is definitive and going to be voted upon.

I honestly can't tell which side of it you come down on....
You may not be wrong in any of your assumptions but one thing Republicans are absolutely right about is believing the left wants to give government way too much power in our individual health care and I'm against that.

Anonymous said...

"Again IMO, a Public Option was never going to be part of any HCR package but rather has served as a negotiating tool. This may be why Obama-Big Pharma reached a compromise which was very beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry."

Oso, the entire bill is a public option. I referred to this in an earlier comment on this thread.

Once the taxes in the bill kick in, the cost of private insurance and medical providers' costs increase, the cost of private healthcare will become prohibitive, and people will be forced into government healthcare.

This is the goal of the administration. I believe some of these taxes may already have been passed in the budget and stimulus bills.

The camel's nose is under the tent. If this passes, he'll fill the tent in no time.

Obama did not say he wanted government run, single payer healthcare, because he didn't want it.

This is about power and control, and nothing more. The left is nothing if not about power.

If this seems to be contrived by me you'll have to explain how.

If those in power wanted lower costs, this is a hell of a way to do it, don't you think?

Since when does raising fees and taxes, and adding thirty million to the government trough lower costs? It all comes back to the taxpayer one way or another.

The debt is unsustainable, even as it stands now. Medicare is broke, Medcaid is broke, social security is broke. All are unfunded entitlements, which come out of the general budget. And we're going to add trillions more?

Some contrivance!

We stand to lose freedom and control over our lives, and to rob our children and grandchildren of what we have always known as a free people.

These debts will be passed on and passed on for generations, while our healthcare will be rationed and quality of care goes down the rathole.

You go ahead and stick to your story, we've been listening to fairy tales ever since Obama was elected!


beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...

I'm guessing Tommy who has read the 2000+ page bills and knows them like the back of his hand is now having trouble finding the sections that will bring tort reform.

I guess we'll have to wait until Monday when the current bill version is online. I'm going to go ahead and just openly bet the millions of dollars the Nigerians are holding in a safety deposit box for me that tort reform won't be there either. If it was, Republicans would be out there selling this health care plan louder than Obama.

And... they're not.

Anonymous said...

"Pris and Beamish, let's see what we get back now.
And, Pris, I hope you see the insults were to me, and not to you, as it might have appeared."

Aw heck Z, and I was having so much fun!


Chuck said...

Z, you can't argue with liberals, they don't have the capacity to understand logic.

As far as Obama's message, this is largely the fault of the GOP. Why aren't we seeing them on TV every time we turn it on correcting what Obama's lies? As usual our current GOP "leadership" is sitting in the background pissing their pants. They are making some points at CPAC but they are squandering other opportunities. We need the leaders of the House and Senate out in front of cameras playing the game by Obama's rules and beating him at it.

Anonymous said...

Bammy needs to go. His whole "health care" debacle is geared for indigents, ghetto dwellers and of course...12million illegals! But...we...WE...have to pay for the ones who's very existence as tax paying, contributing members of society is in doubt. Remember...50% of "Americans" ( which means the ones who are on our soil ) pay taxes! KafkaFornia does America? Unfortunately for Californians...they live in a 3rd world nanny state...that's over, done and a has been.

Anonymous said...

Oh..I forgot to add. If your not a member of "Oath Keepers"...join now. It's far better to join with cops, fireman and ex military rather than having to fend one off in the streets.

Someday soon people....we're going to have to fight the Marxists, "progressives", anarchists, criminals and traitors amongst us.

Z said...

"Once the taxes in the bill kick in, the cost of private insurance and medical providers' costs increase, the cost of private healthcare will become prohibitive, and people will be forced into government healthcare."

Pris, you're so darned smart :-)

Chuck, I know....I wonder why they DON'T? I don't watch Glenn Beck because he gets me onto the ledge with his facts and figures and I have to talk myself IN again :-), but there's a red phone I remember on his set; he's told the White House to call and refute anything he's said. So far, no good.
Why aren't the Republicans giving facts and figures instead of calling Obama cutesy negative names? That's all the media's playing, not the important stuff....we're giving the liberal media red meat.

Beamish, I guess that's true about looking for tort reform; Did you see my links?

Anonymous...we've got to do SOMETHING, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

"Now, we here, have responded to your crap enough.

Tom...please...go over to huff post or daily kos....and kiss jeannine garafolos dark place if she's not busy with the gross pig...roise.

Z said...

come ON, guys...let's try to keep it aboveboard...not sure what the 'board' is, but I'm sure you'll recognize it...thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked the letter, Z. Pelosi IS a witch, but it should be spelled with a B. Of all the bad eggs in DC, she is probably the most rotten of them all. But by all means take out "witch" if you think it weakens the letter, and use the rest of it or any part.

FUNNY! I'm very critical of Glenn Beck's style, as you know. Normally, hee drive me NUTS, but I just saw him make a presentation to CPAC and ACU on C-Span, and he was MARVELOUS. After listening to that speech today, I'll never doubt his sincerity again.

We desperately need FORCEFUL, UNCOMPROMISING, PERSISTENT, UNYIELDING individuals speaking on behalf of conservative goals. We do NOT need mealy-mouthed game players like ORRIN HATCH, LAMAR ALEXANDER, JOHN McPAIN, and the New England RINOS.

~ FreeThinke

Oso said...

I am so sorry to have read you lost your husband.Please accept my condolences.I hope that memories and friends, and culture and books comfort you.

Regarding my post,I may have not have explained myself well. The second and third paragraphs of my post were sarcasm directed at both parties.

I was trying to make the point that both parties see in Obama what isn't there. They both seem to see a big govt leftist. IMO he is a corporate centrist who does what is best for the finance and insurance industries. No single payer,no public option,no big govt.


"Since when does raising fees and taxes, and adding thirty million to the government trough lower costs?"

I don't know, you tell me. Where did I write anything about it lowering costs? I wrote it was industry friendly,not taxpayer friendly.

Z said...

FT...not one minute ago, I emailed Pris in response to her having told me she watched Beck's speech and it was so good. I asked her "did he go all goofy or did he stay pretty moderate in his demeanor because the five minutes I saw were quite wonderful"...You just answered and I couldn't be more delighted.
He apparently knows his audience and knew the media would LOVE for him to go a bit more passionate than he might have, and mock all that because they can't address his facts and figures and love of this country! Thanks!

Oso, thank you very much. It's been very tough. The blogging helps a lot as Mr. Z loved my blog and the people have been have my family and
'real life' friends, including some of these wonderful blogger buddies.
I would very much like you to read some of Obama's viewpoints before he campaigned; they're highly more liberal than he's acting now, but rest assured, he'd like a huge government take over or he'd never have brought so many czars in, gone into this much debt and he wouldn't be threatening to even raise taxes on those BELOW $250K, which is the rumor now. Sure, he might not raise taxes per se, but he's talking about a VAT tax, etc's BAD, Oso and I hope you look into his stances previous to national 'fame'.....
Plus, he was so eager to get Van Jones hired ,,"we're so excited as we've been following his career"..his career includes communist organizations!
Exactly 8% of his advisors have real business experience...etc's BAD, Oso.
I've seen videos of him, not too far back..I think in 2003?...saying he absolutely wanted a single payer plan for healthcare....he advocates and voted 4 times for not helping infants survive who somehow lived through abortion attempts, he's insulted people like Joe The Plumber for just having asked a question, he lied about Bill Ayers right from the get-go, ...well, there are people more able to tell you than I am........but, I hope you look into him more because he seems to be taking us in quite a different direction than most Americans want...

Also, sarcasm doesn't come off any better in comments sections than it does in emails....we've all taken to having to write "Sarcasm here!" " :-)
you're a good guy, Oso..thanks for sticking around. xx

Anonymous said...

"FUNNY! I'm very critical of Glenn Beck's style, as you know. Normally, hee drive me NUTS, but I just saw him make a presentation to CPAC and ACU on C-Span, and he was MARVELOUS. After listening to that speech today, I'll never doubt his sincerity again."

Ft, I agree. Beck's speech was impassioned and sincere. It was a barnburner of a speech IMO. Just stupendous. Standing ovations. Great!


Gramma 2 Many said...

I do not understand why ANY Republican would attend the meetings.
They have made it perfectly clear that they are not interested in Government takeover of the Health Care system. They have even put forward ideas that would work. If they attend the meeting and are not willing to bend and mold into the Dem's way of doing things "O" will then be able to say "I tried, but the Republicans are just the party of NO."

Z said...

But, Gramma..if they don't go, they'll be said to have not cared enough about American health care....Obama can have it BOTH WAYS, right?

beamish said...

It's a staged media event, but only one side (the Dems) has a script. It'll be good to beat the robots on national television. I wonder if Obama's teleprompter will actually say "bang your fist and point your finger" and if Obama will read it out loud.

LASunsett said...

//Don't blow smoke Tommy. Give us the section and clause numbers. Something.//

And so it goes that Tommy was not heard from again. It was just another case of a liberal whiner who tried to act big and important, but fell far short of his goal.

Join us next time boys and girls when Tommy claims that Obama fixed Iraq.... just like Al Gore invented the internet.

Z said...

I saw this morning that the Reps were only allowed one amendment on the health care bill...and the Dems ARE taking credit for tort reform and a few other things the Reps had suggested....

I think Mitch McConnell is right when he says they need to sit down and start over again...and that we can't allow such sweeping change without real bipartisanship.
It's amazing to see intelligent Democrats on the morning shows saying things like "but we have to do SOMETHING, so let's do THIS" if that makes it a good idea.

Anonymous said...

"I saw this morning that the Reps were only allowed one amendment on the health care bill...and the Dems ARE taking credit for tort reform and a few other things the Reps had suggested...."

Hi Z,
I'll be interested to read the tort reform wording. I'll also be interested to see if it remains in the bill. This is a show the dems are planning for next week on CSPAN.

What is said there, or written into Obama's bill, is not necessarily what the end game will be. But, it will probably sound good as long as the cameras are rolling.

As I've said before, don't listen to what they say, watch what they do.

Btw, I understand as of this morning, they're fighting over seating arrangements for the big show. But, not to worry, the govt. can administer healthcare!


LASunsett said...

//I think Mitch McConnell is right when he says they need to sit down and start over again//

I agree, but let's start with Congress.

Vote them all out!