Friday, February 12, 2010

Rules for Media TV NEWS...

Pardon the little bit of bad language at the beginning.......this is really amusing and SO true. BUT, they forgot the biggest part, RULE NUMBER ONE of MEDIA INSTRUCTIONS ON GIVING NEWS...............tell me what YOU think I'm getting at then I'll tell you what it IS!
Thanks! Z


beamish said...

This is one of the most hysterically funny videos I've seen in a long time. :D

Rule number one of giving news? Find a way to blame Bush or Israel for something?

Elmers Brother said...

can you say formulaic and boring?

FairWitness said...

Talk about your eyes glazing over and your mind going numb.

It's every awful report on every evening newscast. You learn nothing, they've reported nothing.

No wonder practically nobody watches them anymore.

Chuck said...

Z, we're both sitting her laughing this morning. He nailed it

Beth said...

Good way to start this Friday, thanks for the chuckle, and have a good weekend, all!

Faith said...

I'd have to guess what beamish said. And yes, very funny.

Anonymous said...

In a similar vein today's confrontation between Marc Thiessen and Lawrence O'Donnell on the "Morning Joe" show should rank as a new low even by MSNBC standards. Thiessen pointed out that the Obama administration has made the country less safe by reading alleged terrorists their rights and entering them in the civilian court process rather than getting as much information from them in a more unfriendly setting. He used the Christmas Day underwear bomber as an example. That's when all hell broke loose ... with O'Donnell going off the deep end with vicious attacks that ultimately turned personal.

MSNBC has become the official state organ and propaganda machine of the Obama administration — not exactly a news flash — and it seems now it is treason to even offer reasoned criticism of Obama and his henchmen. I thought Thiessen handled himself well under the circumstances of the ambush by O'Donnell, who must have goose stepped into the studio wearing his jack boots again.

The bitch in chief, Mika Brzezinski finished up with the insight that Lawrence was just doing it to get a sound bite for the Ed Show tonight, "hahaha and he got it hahaha".

The most revolting part of this is that Ed Schultz, himself, was appointed by the Democratic Party to act as another mouthpiece for it on MSNBC. Journalism and freedom of the press and free speech has come to THIS — no one is allowed to disagree with the power of the state hen did Stalin reincarnate?


Z said...

WOW, Waylon, I'd have liked to have seen awful. EVERYONE at MSNBC seems to feel entitled in saying the MOST vile things and attacking as viciously as possible the slightest criticism of "THE ONE". I keep mentioning here at geeeeZ those 3 bigwig network producers the Obama thugs hired shortly after taking over the White House; probably, there's a connection there, maybe they're Schultz and O'Donnell and Matthews and Mika's bosses, when you think of it. Who knows?
Boy, when I think of the times the leftwingers accused Republicans of sending memos to talk show hosts in order to boost Bush and how so many Republican talk shows pretty much slammed a lot of Bush's stances, you'd have thought that the left could see that that was NOT the case, but they can't help themselves in perpetuating their EVERYTHING REPUBLICAN IS EVIL mantra.

I also believe it's those producers who are telling Obama JUST what to say (THE PARTY OF NO, etc.) and what to do (INVITE THE REPUBLICANS OVER TO TALK HEALTHCARE THEN YOU CAN SAY HOW THEY EITHER TURNED YOU DOWN OR ARE OBSTRUCTIONISTS...THAT WAY, AMERICA THINKS YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE INTERESTED IN HELPING THEM)'s pretty effective among the left and even SOME independents, thought the ratings numbers now who that FOX's viewers are comprised 60% of Democrats and Independents, which is pretty wonderful....

Glad you guys liked this video as much as I did....It's SO SO SO perfectly true. I've seen plenty of news stories in Germany, too, and they're just like this. I used to watch them wondering why they seemed familiar (how could that be?) and now realize it's FORMAT. France, too, but not quite so much.

I'll let more people guess and then come back and tell you what I THINK is missing.
I like Beamish's ideas...they're true, too, but there's a more BASIC one I kind of allude to above. :-)

Z said...

FJ just linked this:

..he linked it on a post below this one but I just saw it and I think it captures what I WAS TRYING to say in my last comment about the bigwig producers and how they're leading obama....check it out, it's absolutely astonishing and even a little scary.

Picture this: Sarah Palin writes a few words in her palm and gets THRASHED by the media after delivering a speech with what seemed to be scant and only outlined notes because she rarely looked down....obama can't give a speech and look directly straight AT us in the cameras because he's afraid to take his eyes from left/right/left/right, the teleprompter cues..............?? Something ODD HERE? Something a BIT skewed? :-)
it's like he's watching a tennis match, for Pete's sake.
And Sarah even keeps her CHIN DOWN, not the imperious HIGH CHIN he gives us.......looking waaaay down at us. Wouldn't you think one of the bigwig producers would point that out to him? "you're not KING, get the chin down"
And I keep saying maybe the teleprompters are set too high and that's why he does that but I can see from the photo I have on this blog that that's not the case. sad.

SO, folks....other than BLAME BUSH or ISRAEL (both true)...what't the MAIN THING this wonderful video forgets to mention in FORMULAIC TV NEWS?

I'm whistling the Jeopardy tune right now.............waaaaiting!!

Z said...

Ruhroh..if you didn't think the WH thugs were angry enough at Republicans yesterday, check out the link above and tell me how they might punish the Republicans tomorrow for having forced them to be WISE over their ideology ...Yikes...
Boehner, McConnell, all the rest of you guys...? LOOK OUT, THE SKY WILL BE FALLING ON YOU. And the media's going to be TICKED OFF, too.(except the lib journalists who also didn't much like the trial in THEIR backyard and even dared suggest that on lib news...barely, but you could sense it as you did when the lib CNN girls reacted so strongly to obama's "raise mammograms to 40 years old" stuff...they didn't like that AT ALL.."NOT IN MY BACKYARD CAN THIS LIBERAL STUFF BE IMPLEMENTED"... tsk tsk tsk)

Z said...

Our friend CUBE, whose blog address is on my sidebar, just published this terrific piece that ties in with our comments here:

(make sure you pick up the whole address above if you have the time to take a look)......more evidence of lib politicos saying whatever they want and lib journalists IGNORING IT. just read half the article, that's enough to back up our thoughts here. (thanks, Cube)

cube said...

Glad to help get the message out. Thanks for the mention.

I saw part of the exchange between Marc Thiessen and Lawrence O'Donnell on the "Morning Joe" show that Waylon cites. O'Donnell's attack on Thiessen's personal life must've taken hours of investigative work. He knew where he grew up, what schools he attended, and that he hadn't served one day in the military.

Clearly, investigative journalism is still alive, however, it is only employed against the enemies of Obama.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to most of the interview

And I do think the Obama administration has connections in high places at NBC in the form of both Jeff Zucker and Jeff Immelt. Also the "appointment" of Ed Schultz is an eye opener if you haven't seen it. It happened at the home of Senator Mary Landrieu (it's easy enough to find) and I think the evidence is clear that the nightly lineup on MSNBC adheres to the party line. Apparently Schultz was appointed instead of Randi Rhodes who leaked the details about what happened.


P.S. I agree that "The Party of NO" is just a simple slogan which can be recited by any brain dead leftist to point the finger at somebody else, and pretend that what has happened is not the fault of The One.

shoprat said...

Not a word about telling the truth.

Brooke said...

That was a fantastic video; I can't wait for Dave to get home so I can show it to him! :)

Z said...

Waylon, what an amazing interview.

I HIGHLY recommend everybody watches that...I may just blog on it soon.
Imagine O'Donnell needing to resort to Thiessen's wealthy upbringing to discount WHAT HE IS TRYING TO WARN AMERICANS ABOUT?

Is that typical leftwing, or WHAT? That was ALL O'DONNELL had for his last 30 seconds they allowed him after the first commercial because he'd been so outrageous earlier? THAT's what he GOT??? Why not Substantive?

And will somebody remind me how the Bush people were asleep at the wheel for 9/11? They knew planes might be the terrorist's choice...were they supposed to stop all planes until terrorism was conquered?


And,how did MIRANDA RIGHTS become a "political football used by the Right", according to Mika Brzynski (sp?)..isn't that a pretty darned serious thing? POLITICAL FOOTBALL!! ??? TYPICAL Saul Alinsky, isn't it?

Did you hear O'Donnell off screen at the very beginning of the tape when Joe called him and Mika Marxists say "Socialists.." WHAT???????

Z said...

shorpat WON!! Bing bing bing bing!

LIES! This video did NOT include the most important thing journalists include in the TV News reporting formula: LIE!

BB-Idaho said...

Googled 'BBC leftwing bias' and found 1,650,000 articles. Glad you conservatives are watching..what a break from Mr. Beck. :)

Z said...

BB....I'm not sure I see your think leftwing bias is a good thing?
As for Beck, I rarely watch him..he's got so many facts and the information he's uncovering is so hard to take that I find myself turning it off because I feel so helpless as I see our country losing ground and nobody's paying attention because leftwingers discredit HIM instead of addressing what he's saying...

Unlike many liberals I know, I watch ALL the media...I can't help it, I have to, because I think it's so important to know what some Americans are being sold.
I used to get upset by Olbermann and Maddow but now I just laugh because they never have anybody from the other side on and they've become kind of caricatures of themselves!
Thanks for coming by.

Anonymous said...

Well, there's no doubt about it, the WH is spinning up the DNC netroots political attack machine that worked so well for them in 2008 and putting it on MSM steroids.

They've got to take on the tea party message and shout it down through their MSM amplifiers... because the DNC agenda is daily losing popularity and Obama's rapidly losing the political capital that came with his office.

It's our job in the rightroots to expose to the rest of America the fact that the MSM is merely a Leftist political amplifier with an "eleven" setting on the dial. And an "eleven" setting on the amp doesn't make actual support for the policies they advocate any "truer" or "more efective" or even "louder," it just means that they have them.

Z said...

that's it, FJ.
The message is souring badly, so the leftwingers have to insult those exposing them.
Look at that video I just posted, how O'Donnell SLAMMED Thiessen, suggesting he has NO knowledge or right to talk on his subject, because he attended expensive, good schools and didn't fight in the military. DID OBAMA? (that part about Thiessen's schooling is only on the second half of the interview which isn't in the blogged video but above in WAYLON'S comment)

Anonymous said...

Anybody remember "Filegate"?

...and so, Hillary Clinton's political database program began... and with the internet, there's no doubt that they are daily collecting info on everybody now, even you, Z.

Z said...

FJ..the worst things get, the more I'm going to stand UP.

I just saw the above article and thought America is SO OVER.....
China talks and WE COWER.

If we don't start producing something soon, where will we be?
I remember being surprised at my CRINGING years ago when I heard producing steel in Pittsburgh was about done feels now like a harbinger of what was coming and something inside me inherently knew, though I wasn't political in those days.

BB-Idaho said...

"BB....I'm not sure I see your point..."
Oh, mea culpa! You exhibited a BBC
clip. Conservatives hate BBC (one informed me it was the most liberal of all MSN). But here all you conservatives were seemingly
taking it seriously, admiring etc.
(I really like BBC sitcoms, and yes, still an anglophile..There Will Always Be..Vera Lynn, Fighter Command, pip pip cheerio and as they are wont to quip, all that rot!)

Z said...

But, don't see the humor in the total conformity in how they produce news and we do, too? This isn't left/right, this is just about the production values and recognizing that every news story is shown in just that format.

BBC isn't always leftist, at least it's not as biased as CNN Int'l ....

By the way, you won't meet a bigger anglophile than I am...though I'm SO SO sad about the muslim takeover and the political correctness which allowed it that the Brits are losing my respect..and, of course, the Prince with his whacky GREEN mentality drives me NUTS......
KEEPING UP APPEARANCES is a particular favorite show of mine, do you know it? HYACINTH BUCKET!(Bouquet!) (crap, I just saw the time and I MISSED IT TONIGHT..I forgot :0()

Glad you like that BBC stuff,'s great! thanks for coming by.

beakerkin said...

Actually it is funny, but in a sad sort of way. It shows the assembly line mentality as opposed to the dedication to the craft.

FairWitness said...

How awfully funny, Z! One of my all time favorite TV shows is Keeping Up Appearances, too.

"The Bucket (bouquet) Residence, the lady of the house speaking." Cracks me up every time.

Also, entering the front yard at Daisy & Onslow's, "Leave it, leave it." And the dog in the car that always barks at her and startles her into the hedges. Hilarious!

Her candlelight suppers.... that poor vicar and his long-suffering wife. The neighbor Liz spilling coffee and her divorced brother Emmett. Sexy sister Rose, Violet married to Bruce, the cross-dresser.

What a great show!

JINGOIST said...

LOL! Talk about funny! The "dowdy kitchen man" and the "obligatory pipe hanging out of the window" had me howling!!!