Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Republicans: PARTY OF "NO"

I don't know about you, but I'm getting real sick and tired of the following Obama mantra of the last three months or so. He spoke today to Democrats and the AP covered it (link below) and it included this Obama quote:

“The challenge that I gave to Republicans, and I will continue to issue to Republicans, is if you want to govern then you can’t just say no,” Obama said today. “It can’t just be about scoring points. There are multiple examples during the course of this year when that’s been the case.”

You see, his idea of 'just say no' is different than Nancy Reagan's idea. Maybe he hasn't said 'no' enough to her subject over the years because the very idea that all Republicans do is say NO for "scoring points" is a pipe dream (see illustration :-) He kept going on and on about the PARTY OF 'NO" until only a week or so ago, when the Republicans finally held up a hard copy of their bill with which they'd tried to engage Pelosi and Reid for months; he seemed to either not know the ideas Republicans had for health care or he had known but didn't like them and couldn't allow anybody to let the public know they're there (with media complicity, of course), or he didn't want the Republicans getting involved at all for his own political conceit.... because they've been there, you all know they've been there (Portability, tort reform, tax benefits, etc etc). He still hasn't addressed their ideas...and that's "the party of NO". ??? Who's REALLY "Just saying NO" here?

Here's another fascinating quote from the article Associated Press printed about the Democrat meeting:
"Obama used the same language toward Republicans as he did toward extremists in the Muslim world in his inaugural address. Of Republicans on Wednesday, he said, "We extend a hand and get a fist in return." In his inaugural address, he said the United States "will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist."

MUSLIMS? He runs a risk here....most Americans hear MUSLIM and go negative and think even their hero president might have gone too far here.........but some Americans seem to think Republicans aren't too much better than extremist Muslims and so it'll resonate with them. Very clever man, our president. Do you all understand that his words are hollow, that he says these things about "NO" and "FISTS IN RETURN" for THE PUBLIC TO HEAR? It's important he keeps this up because his personality ratings are still fairly high, it's his agenda ratings which are down and, since people still like the guy, they hear this information about Republicans and continue the ridiculous generalizations the leftwingers have been perpetrating for years; these are the people who don't look so much into the veracity of what he said but they sure do like him, so.......... It's extremely effective to the huge majority of the American public which isn't schooled anymore in looking at both sides, that huge part of the population who don't even know there is another side if they're stuck on CNN or the networks. Of course, today, more and more, they are starting to SEEK both sides our mainstream media doesn't provide, which is why FOX is doing so unbelievably well in the ratings. Maybe it's the Tea Parties which awakened this interest. You have to hope that some Americans who weren't too interested see the thousands of Americans attending those gatherings and wonder "wassup?" I hope so.

"Some of the transparency got lost," Obama said. "And I think we paid a price for it. So it's important, I think, to constantly have our cards on the table."

GOT LOST? You mean in those Democrat closed sessions dealing with the business of all Americans? Those meetings you barred Republicans from, Mr. Obama? Those press conferences during which HELEN THOMAS complained about the lack of TRANSPARENCY in the WHITE HOUSE and got laughed at by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs? Firing Van Jones late on Friday night, etc.etc........... that TRANSPARENCY?

If that's transparency and that's how you're ruling, then let ME be the first to say "NO"


WomanHonorThyself said...


Brooke said...

With what the left is doing, a resounding NO seems quite appropriate to me!

beamish said...

As Mark Levin on the radio said yesterday, November can't get here fast enough, and the November of 2012 after that.

When we all get to stand up and say NO to this idiot.


HoosierArmyMom said...

The only thing "transparent" about this administration has been it's Constitutional Integrity... I certainly haven't seen it. Have you? Maybe it has been hiding behind all the lies and deception????

Anonymous said...

The tea parties are about saying NO! The people are awake. They know Obama's lied, and obfuscated. It's obvious.

The liberals and leftists think compromise is the Republicans going along with the democrat agenda.

What the Republican Party should say in response to the "party of no" tactic, is to say, "the people say NO to mortgaging their children's future, and No to losing individual choice and freedom". "We stand with the people and say a resounding NO" !!!


Anonymous said...

His repetition about how evil and manipulative the Republicans have been is the same tactic used in freshman poli-sci classes all over the country.

He's got a big 'ol bully pulpit, that one.

It's the liberal way of thinking that pulls in so many young people and sways uninformed voters (got BHO elected in the first place): be cool, think like us, or be outcast.

He takes it a step further by designating how far Republicans must go to be acceptable.

That is one enourmous ego.

Law and Order Teacher said...

The Repubs got their say in the meeting with Obama the other day. I don't think it will make any difference. It reminds me of what grown-ups do to little kids when they really want to get rid of them. Act like your listening so they'll feel like you spent some time with them and then send them on their way. This was publicity stunt. The media will eat it up.

Anonymous said...

What the Democrats foist upon the GOP is no more, nor less than what the GOP handed out to the Democrats in the opposite situation. I understand one cannot wield power unless one exercises power; but this power is supposedly share with the people and the several states. No one ever intended any party to create and maintain an oligarchy. This ‘gamesmanship’ among the ruling elite is not in the interests of the United States of America, or its people … and this is the primary reason why I have little to no respect for any politician. Every day we have young men and women giving up their lives in the service of their country, and our congressional leaders are acting like a bunch of idiots. This is NOT leadership.

I admit there should be disagreements among legislators, but moderated by what is truly in the best interests of the American people (as opposed to illegal Mexicans and overly sensitive terrorist wannabes). There should be no extra-constitutional platforms by any political party, and I cannot imagine that we have elected an ineligible communist to be our president and now suffer the outrage of blatant communists in the Congress of the United States.

But you were talking about the Party of No. I could settle for a Party of No Idiocy. I know, it is a fantasy.

Semper Fi

Mustang out

Z said... well said..."No idiots" would be a great step forward, wouldn't it.

MK said...

I find it hard not to say 'no' to anything coming from obama. The only thing i think i can agree with obama on is his blasting apart of terrorists in pakistan.

Odd that he wants to blow them to pieces in afghanistan and pakistan, but coddle them in gitmo, but hey, it's better than coddling them in pakistan right.

Always On Watch said...

BHO, continuing his meme of blame-Bush, is attempting to demonize the GOP in the hopes that he can rally his path of demagoguery.

He'll stop at nothing to extend his power and popularity.

Anonymous said...

As Nancy Reagan said so simply and eloquently concerning the misuse of drugs:

"Just say NO."

I second that, and hasten to add that it applies to any and ALL forms of evil, self-destructive, moronic, fundamentally belligerent ideologies or forms of behavior.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Great posts from everybody!

~ FT