Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chuck Thinks Right.......Our Country doesn't

Sometimes I see a blog post that REALLY bothers me....THIS was one of them, by excellent blogger and my good buddy, Chuck, from Chuck Thinks Right. When that happens, I think I'll just put some music on that helps me mask what's happening to our country. That's all. Enjoy the music. Read Chuck's information at your own risk. Maybe with alcohol. :-) Boy, are WE up #(*&#*(& Creek, or what?

The music helps. It's better than putting your hands in your ears and saying "yadda yadda yadda" for the rest of the day.


Sue said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Levon Helm!!! Thanks for posting. I agree. I need a break, too. Especially after the study which found people who do a lot of internet surfing are depressed. WHO KNEW???? LOL

Getting close...gotta say...


Z said...

Sue; Number Two Rule at GEEEEEZ : NO FOOTBALL (smile)
And I'm SO SO glad you know THE BAND, I should have known you'd have great taste!:-)
DEPRESSED? (I'm not sure what NUMBER ONE RULE at GEEEEZ is!!)

Debbie said...

History has been twisted in our schools over the years, given a PC slant by teachers and text books.

I heard that many school districts are changing their curriculum, leaving out a lot, entire courses.

Yet they want more money for education.

Right Truth

Elmers Brother said...

that global studies *hi* is the same thing they're teaching in college...integrated cow dung

Law and Order Teacher said...

I heard this story. The problem is that the curriculum is aligned to the state tests students must pass to graduate. It's tough to test past the test. You only have so much time and they need to pass the test.

I teach Advanced Placement US history so I have a lot more leeway and it's a survey course starting at 1492. I don't have a problem with testing but it does dictate what's taught.

Levon is good to listen to. Love The Band.

Chuck said...

Thanks Z. The biggest compliment is that a blog makes people passionate about the topic.

BTW, I like the Band.

HoosierArmyMom said...

Love The Band, Levon Helm rocks! (a good ole boy from Arkansas!) and I was impressed with his acting when he played Loretta Lynn's father in "Coal Miner's Daughter"!!!

I left my thoughts on how stupid "Progressive Gooberment Education" has become at Chuck's place. Pathetic!

beamish said...

[at the risk of being banned for life from Z's blog, to me the Band is just "okay."]

There will always be a failure in summarizing 200+ years of American history in nine months of schooltime, much less 120,000 years of human archaeological / biological evidence and history in nine months.

Even limiting the teaching of history from the rise of civilization and written records to the present (~32,000 years) is going to be compressed in nine months without severe specialization and specificity.

I don't know what the solution is, save perhaps teaching history every year in school, building knowledge. Much better than not teaching history at all, or finding Elvis Presley more historically important to teach about than say, Marco Polo.

Anonymous said...

Breaking Rule Number Two — I miay get the boot for breaking the rule but I just can't resist the urge to post this.

Are you smarter than an NFL Super Bowl player? At first I LOL'ed when I saw this but it may not be it's not funny, after all...


Z said...

Beamish, you're walking a VERY thin line on that Band comment...
(Please, everybody, go hear Beamish's music at Crank Files! :-)
Ya, SOME of it's the BeeGees...He DOES put the BeeGees up there. (heh heh)

As for your comment: they're planning to cut OUT everything before 1877, Beamish...THE FOUNDING OF THIS COUNTRY: the WHYS, THE WHEREFORES, THE GOALS...that's HUGE.

Omit the Louisiana Purchase, we didn't need it anyway (heh again)...cut out other things..NOT THE FOUNDING! Somehow WE managed to get it all, altho I'll admit there's been a lot more history that's happened since I was in school!! But, making way for ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES and GLOBAL STUDIES! ONe world ORDER is what they want to teach our poor American kids.

WAYLON! That is AWFUL, now I'm SURE I won't watch the game...what dunderheads!!!

beamish said...

As for your comment: they're planning to cut OUT everything before 1877, Beamish...THE FOUNDING OF THIS COUNTRY: the WHYS, THE WHEREFORES, THE GOALS...that's HUGE.

And the Civil War.


American history began with railroad workers strikes?

Z said...

Beamish..and the Frankfurt School, etc. Karl Marx was born in 1818..SURPRISE!